Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo, 1992 (original, out of print)

Track listing:

a smooth surface (short version)

reflect like a mirror, respond like an echo

healing touch


near and far away

slow voyage

clear pools

native pulse

speaking in tongues

rousseau's jungle

Reviews for Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo, 1992

"Overall, this creation is haunting, almost unsettling, probing hidden mysteries of the soul. Many cuts are very long, and very hypnotic, with an organic shimmering sound like random molecular movement. Its otherworldly ambiance brings to mind the devic kingdom. Great for deep journeying." Heartsong Review, 11/92


"Each piece is polished and deep, an evocative marvel inspiring an alert state, sometimes a let's-go-bye-bye state in others.... This heartfelt and intelligent creation is a worthy successor to Harold Budd/Brian Eno's Plateaux of Mirror." NAPRA Journal, 11/92


"Absolutely entracing and mood-seducing, this is active ambient music, and, although electronically derived and motivated, results in an abundancy of lush, warm sounds that invite, beckon and entice. Keyboardist Ruben Garcia assists on the title track and the achingly beautiful "Clear Pools," where the dark hues of A Produce's electronics mesh seamlessly with Garcia's striking digital chords. Captivating." i/e, 7/93


"This fascinating CD combines the best of Eno, Budd, Hassell, Roach, Rich, and Borden. The result is a meditative trance journey the like of which I haven't heard since Michael Stearns' Planetary Unfolding.... an utterly subline tour of outer and inner space..... This CD covers a lot of ground and will cross many listening genre boundaries, as is evidenced by its reviews in all the other alternative music publications." Synthesis, 10/93


"Eno/Hassell fourth-world ambiance and Harold Budd styled keyboard atmospherics..... The most distinctive tracks are the last three, all of which have a strong invented ethnic flavor..... Other tracks are nicely (and even beautifully) done, but have a more generic meditative quality which hovers somewhere between background and foreground." Option, 1/93


"Well away from the melodic-based Eno ambient explorations, this is much moodier and strange music where often the sounds are unidentifable and the mood elusive. A kind of uneasy ambient music, I suppose, that reveals itself more with each listen." Audion (England), 6/93

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