A Smooth Surface, 1994 (EP -- out of print)

Track listing:

a smooth surface (deep meditation version)

heart of the dunes (extended version)

it comes in waves

Reviews for A Smooth Surface, 1994

"In the truest Eno fashion, it might appear that little development occurs throughout the duration of "A Smooth Surface"'s twenty-four minutes, but there is subtle emotive motion between the languid tones that truly allow the piece to breathe and unfold, like tossing a pebble into a pond and watching the ripples slowly fade into oblivion." i/e, 9/94


"A Produce's previous release Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo was a vivid blend of ambient, ethnic and cross-cultural fusions. This, in contrast, is far from being vivid. It's a tranquil and sedate excursion very close to the quietest Brian Eno. Drones punctuated by semi-percussive bell or piano-like tones, doing very little, but flowing very nicely. Indeed, A Smooth Surface is an apt title for such a sedate tranquil album." Audion (England), 7/94


"The sounds and music here are meditative and abstract, a soundtrack, perhaps, for watching a drop of rainwater caress down the windowpane. Simple, uncluttered, and unhurried chords and drones offer the opportunity to let go of troubling thoughts and touch the pulse of pure consciousness. Everyone in the office has commented on its radiant beauty." NAPRA Journal, 4/94


"The excellent title cut is the full-length, 24-minute version of the very abbreviated opening cut of his last CD. Now it's fleshed out beyond just the long drones of the synthesized finger cymbal to include background sounds and pulses, creating a stronger, trance-inducing effect.... This is a strong EM release which sets the state for his wonderfully diverse "Land of a Thousand Trances album." Dream's Word, 3/95

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