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Nipomo Dunes



This dunes shot was taken on a weekend day trip with Pierre Lambow near Santa Maria, CA, several years ago. Though one doesn't normally associate sand dunes with the ocean, in fact the Pacific is just a few miles away and can be seen from some of the taller dunes. I can't really say why I'm so taken by sand dunes. Perhaps it's their massiveness, stillness, and the silence.

Canyon de Chelly



Another shot taken on a trip to Arizona with Pierre in September, 1989. There's a two hour hike that visitors to the National Monument can go on that leads to the bottom of the canyon and to the White House Indian ruins. I snapped this on the way down and later used it for the booklet and on-disc image on Inscape and Landscape. Unfortunately, neither captured the subtlety of the colors and texture of the original photo shown here.

St. Andrew's Priory

Valyermo, CA


This photo was taken at a monastery in the Mojave Desert north of Los Angeles called St. Andrew's Priory. There's a beautiful contemplative pond filled with ducks behind the chapel there. In the fall, the liquid amber trees are aflame and losing their leaves since it gets quite windy up there at that time of year.

Yellowstone National Park


As with the leaves on the pond in the previous photo, I've always been fascinated by objects floating on water. This shot was taken in Yellowstone Park in 1984. It was just a pond along the road between points there. One cannot help but be taken by the peacefulness, simplicity and beauty of such ordinary things.

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