A Produce - Travelogue 02

Mono Lake



Standing silently like a dark sentinel, this is a backlit tufa spire photographed at Mono Lake. The world of the tufa towers is somewhat unworldly -- even Pink Floyd used the image of the tufa on a postcard that originally came with Wish You Were Here. There's a whole eco-system surrounding Mono Lake which is why the county there finally won a hard-fought legal battle a few years ago that prevented L.A. County from siphoning off water from the streams that feed the lake.




A common sight in Southern California around Malibu. It was late afternoon and there was something wonderful about how the light was hitting the water. I thought this was a good image to use for the Reflect booklet for "A Smooth Surface."

Canyonlands National Park


This is probably not what he had in mind, but when I see this photo I think of the title to Walt Whitman's book, Leaves of Grass. This was taken in Canyonlands, a national park in Utah. I've only been there once but hope to go back some day. Normally, I don't get too excited about grass, but the textures and color of this grass blending together caught my eye. It has sort of a wistful quality for me.

Corona del Mar



Down by Carona del Mar in Southern California are some tidepools that provide an interesting environment. In particular, I found these water-washed, worn rocks to have an interesting abstract quality. When the tide is out, the rugged rocks surrounding the area form natural aquariums for sea life.

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