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Stephen Philips vs. Austere - Faded (video DVDr)
Stephen Philips vs. Austere - Faded (video DVDr) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: austere13
Price: $4.99
2007. A DVD-R video release, which contains custom-designed computer graphics to go with the original CD musick release. Contains all the same tracks, etc. as the CD but provides a visual backdrop to enjoy along with the musick.

The musick was mystically demixicated by Stephen Philips in autumn of 2003, produced and mastered by Austere over the course of winter 2004, this new release has been waiting patiently for enough loving time and attention to bring it to fruition. Well-aged to a refined state, it takes the beauty and essense of fade (2000) one step further into the realm of gentle ambient drone.

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