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Dom. F. Scab - About a Tree
Dom. F. Scab - About a Tree Quantity in Basket: None
Code: groove112
Price: $11.99
"With his growlingly recognizable style, synthesist Dom F. Scab creates amazingly impressive orchestrations of synthesizers with which he develops very expressive melodies and wondrous rhythms. His use of sequencers, far from the so frequent traits in so many musicians, makes of rhythmic structures an inseparable component of the very architecture of melodies. This, together with his excellent natural skills to imprint constant variations in all the elements that constitute the structure of the compositions, including the rhythmic sequences. "About a Tree" is a superb album, brimming with impressive, innovative ideas, which will appeal to the followers of Space Sequencer Music and other risky avantgarde trends within electronic music."

-Jorge Munnshe

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