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Hypnos T-Shirt (series 01) - SIZE M
Hypnos T-Shirt (series 01) - SIZE M Quantity in Basket: None
Code: hypts01m
Price: $7.99
Only a few "Medium" shirts left! the last few shirts will be sold at this closeout price!

The first in an intended ongoing series of several "limited-edition" t-shirt designs. Each subsequent edition will vary in design and color, and will only be offered once... available until they're all gone. These first shirts are simple white-on-black with a Hypnos logo on the front, short-sleeved. The shirt itself is an extra-heavyweight 100% cotton t-shirt. A small number of Medium and Large size shirts are available, so if you're petite, slight, or otherwise diminutive, you'd better order quickly (see links below for adding M or L sizes to your shopping cart). T-shirts have always been the most commonly-requested non-music item by our customers, so we're pleased to finally have these available.
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