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squaremeter - 14id1610s
squaremeter - 14id1610s Quantity in Basket: None
Code: micro17
Price: $13.99
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a collection of electronic minimalism, pure-tone synthesis and computer-generated sound. this music explores the inner-workings of sound and synthesis and often involves the use of ultra-modern synthesis techniques, in this case, sampling and sound generators. this is experimental post-techno, an up-and-coming genre of sound, and it is intended for the listener who can appreciate its bold sense of exploration, as well as the surreal beauty of the world it evokes. it's the fragile line between dark and light, between noise and silence, between infinity and nonentity. complex digital sound-samples are immaculately re-constructed to feature a subtle interference of sub-tone minimalism. pushing the envelope while keeping full control and animate the auditory senses.

a scientific bridge between sinetone minimalism and sonic mega-sampling which could be visualised as digital ambient.

89% of all samples are taken from various ant-zen releases. sampled, de- and reconstructed by panacea.

spectrum issue 4
this is an extremely great example of cutting edge sampling and studio trickery, creating astounding glitch-orientated soundscapes (created, manipulated, de-constructed and assembled by the artist panacea). taking 89% of sound samples from ant-zen releases, most are only fleetingly recognisable due to the scattergun approach to melding them together. static burst of beats, blips, bleeps and other random sounds spit and gurgle from the speakers housed and delivered in a crystaline sound production. the breath of sound exploration ranges from scattered hyper beat-driven atmospheres to minimalist electronics, and represents a fantastic cornerstone of appropriately descriptive words solidify, the sounds of the cd have already surged off on a totally different tangent. however this is not to say that this lacks focus, for it is a very engaging listen. not quite digital abstraction (due to the many beat-oriented samples), this is also not flowing enough to be able to be played in a club. rather, it is more appropriately viewed as a digital canvas masterwork to be appreciated by connoisseurs of experimental digital soundworks. the packaging also deserves special mention with its minimal print, transparent cover and inlay card housed in a clear jewel case creating a very nice visual effect. lastly, referencing the title, the cd equates to 14 tracks (14id) and an astounding 1610 samples (1610s). to even imagine collating that many samples into a cohesive and listenable whole is an astounding feat within itself. ant-zen does it again! (richard stevenson)

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