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Alison Wait - Dove Esistono Solo I Ricordi
Alison Wait - Dove Esistono Solo I Ricordi Quantity in Basket: None
Code: misc83
Price: $7.99
Digipak Release

"Alison Wait is the gift of the past. Remembrances of long gone days. Childhood memories amplified through the glass of melancholy. A journey hand in hand with what has been and will never return. Dark ambiences melt with guitars & lush synths - come with us to the place where Alison Waits…"

Review by Richard Gurtler:
"The name Alison Wait probably wouldn't catch my eye, but fortunately I was pointed to this release by one of my friends on Discogs, thanks Eric! Let's start straight away, because we have here another mastepiece "Made in Italy". Alison Wait or just Alison is most likely a woman's or child's name, but behind this project are hidden Filippo Spadoni and Alessandro Tusino. Highly evocative dark minimal ambience is beautifully supported with ethereal guitars, numerous samples and field recordings (dripping water, bird calls, child's or adult's voices and cries...) and processed vocals (some sounding like radio walkie talkie transmissions... or are they samples?). This is exactly a kind of album when it's a pity I don't understand the native language of composers, because the track list (most of it), liner notes and most of the voice samples are in Italian language, but this must be a story about long forgotten memories and beloved toys from a childhood. There is a lot of melancholy, intimacy and warmness in each of the 8 pieces on this album, with precisely balanced gentle synths, occasional strings and always suitable voices, samples and field-recordings. Pieces like "Tu Sei La Luna", "Senza Fiato", "Quando Non Ci Sarò" or "Last Words Settembre" are not only very nice examples of this, but also my most favourite pieces on the album along with tranquil "Un Fiore Nero Pieno Di Profumo". "Dove Esistono Solo I Ricordi" is well composed ambient album deserving a high recommendation. Very nice and personal work, Filippo & Alessandro!!! Not to forget, the CD comes in glossy 4-panel digisleeve with inner sleeve featuring some really beautiful paintings and photographs from a childhood."
--Richard Gürtler (Feb 02, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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