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Gianluca Becuzzi [In]visible Fields (2CD)
Gianluca Becuzzi [In]visible Fields (2CD) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: silentes49
Price: $11.99
"Invisible Fields is collection of tracks created in order to non-compositional works: sound and video installations, theatre performances, live set. The first CD includes five tracks from various installations and theatre pieces: FOR E.A.P. is a reworked audio section for a theatre piece based on Edgar Allen Poe novel, "The Pit and the Pendulum." "The Cage" is a performance made for the art exhibition "Strade Bianche". Gianluca Becuzzi played into an etruscan barrel, a big empty aviary, scraping and beating it. "Radio Trans It" was composed for an installation by Pietro Riparbelli / K11 entitled "Camera Sonora for 4 Radiodramas" presented at eXperimenta 02. "Water Memories" is the title of a site specific work presented at eXperimenta 03. "Breaths" is the soundtrack of a series of video portraits by Francesco Arena. The second CD includes the long title track (In)visibility, a semi-improv electroacoustic live set. The performance was created with a laptop playing a backing track (field-recordings, processed frequencies, concrete sounds) and objects (paper and stones of different form and size.)


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