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Hafler Trio - Seven Hours Sleep
Hafler Trio - Seven Hours Sleep Quantity in Basket: None
Code: soleil57
Price: $11.99
"Originally issued as a set of two vinyl EPs, Seven Hours Sleep is very similar in spirit to other early Hafler Trio recordings, such as "Bang!". Chris Watson and Edward Moolenbeek are still part of the group, and the original release had the assistance of ROBOL Sound Recordings. Watson brings a strong interest in field recordings to the studio, and there are snippets of radio broadcasts, movie music, dog barks, laughter, stadium cheers, creaking doors, and many other recognizable sounds scattered throughout. Moolenbeek's presence and the concomitant affiliation with ROBOL (whether or not either or both of these entities are fictional) signals an overt dealing with perceptual issues, which manifests itself through rapid cuts from one type of material to another as well as the use of found sounds. Of the seven tracks, only "Four Hours" and "Seven Hours" have recognizable identities. "Four Hours" comprises for the most part a single loud, high-pitched drone that increases in intensity and pitch during the course of the piece. "Seven Hours" is also a drone piece, with foghorns and wind and water sounds playing a predominant role before a romantic interlude to close the album. Much of the remaining material is a jumbled collage -- disorienting, disconnected, and dreamlike -- but the album's progression from the early disorientation to the closing drones succeeds in putting the listener in another state, making this one of the Hafler Trio's more effective collections."
--Caleb Deupree, All Music Guide

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