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Vidna Obmana - Noise/Drone Anthology
Vidna Obmana - Noise/Drone Anthology Quantity in Basket: None
Code: vidna10
Price: $15.99
2005 compilation of early, experimental works by this ambient master.

Noise/Drone Anthology 1984-1989 is the 2nd release for vidnaObmana's Ikon label in conjunction with Projekt. After the well-received 20th anniversary anthology, vidnaObmana selected and re-mastered rare and unreleased pieces from his obscure and unfamiliar noise and experimental phase between 1984 and 1989. All pieces were taken from old cassette masters and unreleased studio sessions, thus a lot of time and energy was invested in securing a high sound quality for this CD release. Expect a provoking combination of early drone and atmospheric pieces with sonic assaults of noise and vocal experiments. The collection includes collaborative pieces with cassette-network pioneers Kapotte Muziek, PBK and Big City Orchestra. An essential compilation that re-confirms vidnaObmana's significance in the independent electronic and experimental music scene. It also shows the listener vidnaObmana's early foundation in meditative music, the path that followed over the next 20 years.

1. Sin, believe and religion (previously released, from ‘Untitled’ cassette, Ladd-Frith – USA, 1986) 2. Proto anguish (previously released, from ‘The face that must die’ cassette, self-released – Belgium, 1988) 3. Sediment (with PBK, previously unreleased live improvisation at the Pbk studio, San Bernardino – USA 1989) 4. Cools the blood for six (previously released on ‘Cortisol’ cassette compilation, ZNS-tapes – Germany, 1987) 5. Cry of despair (previously released on ‘Hope and Die’ cassette, V-tapes – Germany, 1984-1985) 6. Bring out your dead (previously released, from ‘The face that must die’ cassette, self-released – Belgium, 1988) 7. Techno-toxic embryo pt 1 (with Kapotte Muziek, previously released, from ‘Techno-Toxic Embryo’ cassette as part of the ‘Death Pact International’ series, self-released – Belgium, 1986) 8. The dark beast (previously released, from ‘The Beast of Non-discipline/Desire’ cassette, Therapie Organisatie – Belgium, 1985) 9. Hope and die I (previously released on ‘Hope and Die’ cassette, V-tapes – Germany, 1984-1985) 10. Hidden voice (previously released, from ‘The face that must die’ cassette, self-released – Belgium, 1988) 11. In the mouth of the reptile (previously released, from ‘In the mouth of the reptile’ split cassette, ZNS-tapes – Germany, 1987) 12. Life of joy - excerpt (with Big City Orchestra, previously released, from ‘untitled’ cassette, self-released – Belgium, 1988) 13. Blood of others (previously released, from ‘Only Fear will survive’ cassette, Ladd-Frith – USA, 1985, enhancement by Brian Ladd) 14. Sight to deadly accident (previously released on ‘Hope and Die’ cassette, V-tapes – Germany, 1984-1985)

A review from Vital Weekly
"The career of Vidna Obmana started twenty-one years ago, and to many of his more recent fans - say those who came to know his work in the last twelve or so years - the early works should be a real mystery. They probably knew that Vidna Obmana wasn't playing the nice ambient music, but they also had no vivid imagination of what the 'noise' was that he apparently did back then. Many of the early works were released on cassette by labels long history, like Ladd Frith, V, Death Pact International, Therapie and so on. This fourteen track compilation does tell a story, but not the complete one of course and rightly so: it wouldn't be of much interest to hear the entire 'old' works, since it also contains moments that aren't worth keeping for the future (other than perhaps in Vidna's archives). This compilation is already a lengthy experience with it's almost seventy-four minutes of noise and drone. Rhythmic pulsation's, screamy vocals, piercing feedback and synths pushed to a single, dark note. Including three collaborations with PBK, Kapotte Muziek and Big City Orchestra, because Vidna Obmana was already doing that in those days. Everything is there from the old days, lovingly re-mastered from hissy cassettes and thus adding another piercing layer of sound. It might raise an eyebrow or two with the new fans, but it made me happy: having known Vidna Obmana for such a long time and owning some of those hissy tapes, I am most happy to replace them with this anthology."
--Frans De Waard

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