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Hypnos News Archive, 2006


Our next release will be Shift to the Ghost by Numina, his third release on Hypnos. Here's a preview of the finished cover artwork, though it's not dramatically different from the "rough draft" version posted here a month or two ago:

We think this sounds like one of Numina's best works ever, and we'll have audio clips available here soon to help convince you!

In other news, the email-related problem mentioned here yesterday seems to be alleviated now, and I'm working through some of the email that accumulated since last week. The situation should be better soon, but if you're waiting for a reply from me and haven't heard back yet, feel free to re-send. Thanks for your patience.


Well, it seems to happen a couple times every year. The company that hosts the hypnos.com domain has been having outages these past few days, mostly limited this time to email, and not the web site. I've been getting through for a few minutes at a time, a couple of times per day, but there are several emails I'd like to answer but can't get them out at the moment.

All but a couple of the Hypnos Online Store orders have been sent, so there should be few "where the heck are my CDs?" type of issues pending, but if you're waiting for something for me, please be assured that I'll be back to you as soon as our hosting company gets its act together.


Newly available from the Hypnos Online Store.... it's a new thing for us, a "CD single" release.

This limited-edition CDR single includes 2 tracks from The Pulse Meditations, plus two extended remixes. Almost 45 minutes of music at a great "give it a try" price, for those who haven't heard The Pulse Meditations or other work by M. Griffin, and also cheap enough to add to the collection, for the sake of the extended mixes, of those who already purchased TPM.

Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. Speaking From the Dream (Pulse Meditations version) 04:48 MP3 sample clip
2. Warm Submersion (Pulse Meditations version) 08:42 MP3 sample clip
3. Speaking From the Dream (Extended Meditation Mix) 11:06 MP3 sample clip
4. Warm Submersion (Deeper Still Mix) 18:48 MP3 sample clip

Direct link to purchase this CD single, packaged in a thin vinyl sleeve with booklet, for only $5.99 here. Depending on how this is received, it may become a regular practice to release low-priced CD singles more often, as a sort of companion release to our full-length CD albums.


Just added 4 new items from Ian Boddy's own DiN label, to the Hypnos Online Store....

Ian Boddy - Elemental Surface 10 - Surface Tension Radio Massacre International - Septentrional Various - Index02
Ian Boddy - Elemental
Surface 10 - Surface Tension
Radio Massacre International - Septentrional
Various - Index02

Coming soon, a re-stocking shipment of Umbra discs, including work by Oophoi, Klaus Wiese, Seren Ffordd, Busso de la Lune, Netherworld, L.E.M., and more. Remember, these Umbra discs always sell out in a hurry. I'll try to keep re-ordering and re-stocking them (as well as adding new titles from the Umbra and Penumbra's catalog), but you never know when these limited editions will be out of print, so don't wait too long if there are some items your'e interested in.


Here's a fairly recent interview with Hypnos artist Numina, in which he discusses his musical influences, his own evaluation of his sound, some of his specific recordings, and even good old Hypnos!


Thanks to Kristen Tilbury for conducting the interview, and to deepintense.com for the outlet. I hadn't seen the www.deepintense.com web site before, but it looks like it may be worth investigating.


Here's a preview of a new recording in the works here at Hypnos HQ. It's from Lena, an artist new to the ambient genre, a female multi-instrumentalist (cello, viola, violin, guitar, ukelele, harmonica, voice, and possibly a few others that haven't been discovered yet) who is concentrating on cello for her first foray in the field of ambient minimalism. The recording is called, at least tentatively, Extended Gestures for Cello and it will be released by the end of 2006 on the Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint. It's being recorded and produced by M. Griffin so the "feel" is relatively to Griffin's recent release The Pulse Meditations. Cover artwork:

Audio clips coming soon. This one's beautiful, and we're really looking forward to introducing this newcomer to the Hypnos audience!


Travel complete! We're back at Hypnos HQ, and have sent out all but a couple of the many orders that came in during our absence.

Oh, and regarding the Sept 12 update... it's "Busso de la Lune" -- BUsso, not BAsso.


PLEASE NOTE: Hypnos mail order HQ will be in travel/vacation/hibernation mode between Friday September 15 and Friday September 22, 2006. If your order was placed by the evening of Sept 14 or earlier, it was almost certainly shipped before this vacation. The online store will remain "open" during this period, and orders will be held safely until we start processing and shipping your orders again the weekend of Sept 22-24. Thank you for your continued support!


Here's some cool and nifty new stuff we're very pleased to be able to offer to our customers. Oophoi's own Umbra label has been busily releasing a ton of music by Oophoi himself, as well as Seren Ffordd, Basso de la Lune, and various collaborators. These have just been added to the Hypnos Online Store....

Oophoi - Signals From the Great Beyond (ltd 3cdr) Oophoi - Aquos, The Complete Drones (ltd cdr) Oophoi - Amnios (ltd cdr)
Oophoi - Signals From the Great Beyond (ltd 3cdr)
Oophoi - Aquos, The Complete Drones (ltd cdr)
Oophoi - Amnios (ltd cdr)

Oophoi - Dreams (2CDR version) Basso de la Lune - With Your Ear Down to the Ground (ltd cdr) Seren Ffordd - Arhythmia (ltd cdr)
Oophoi - Dreams (2CDR version)
Basso de la Lune - With Your Ear Down to the Ground (ltd cdr)
Seren Ffordd - Arhythmia (ltd cdr)

Seren Ffordd - Floating (ltd cdr) Basso de la Lune - The Path at the Parting of the Ways (ltd cdr) Oophoi & L.E.M. - The Sacred Orbit
Seren Ffordd - Floating (ltd cdr)
Basso de la Lune - The Path at the Parting of the Ways (ltd cdr)
Oophoi & L.E.M. - The Sacred Orbit

... and a few more in addition to these. Of course click on through to the Hypnos Online Store if you want to buy.... Every time we get a shipment of Umbra and/or Oophoi discs, they sell out as fast as just about any non-Hypnos music sold here, and we didn't get large quantities this time (though more will probably be on the way soon), so grab ahold of them while you can.


Yet another change to the quickly-evolving Hypnos Online Store. A number of people have requested the ability to pay for their order via PayPal, and in the past these payments have been handled separately from the normal checkout process.

Now, an automated PayPal payment module has been added to the store so that customers may simply select PayPal as their payment method when checking-out, just like they'd select "check" or "Visa" in the past.


Here's another batch of price reductions on the Hypnos Store. This time, a set of items that are overstocked will now be sold at great prices, to thin out the shelves a bit. These items include:

projekt18 | Steve Roach - Early Man (2cd version) | $13.99
man16 | Rapoon & Birds Of Tin - Monomyth | $11.99
man04 | Maeror Tri - Meditamentum II | $7.99
bl12 | Brannan Lane & Ashera - Sextant | $11.99
groove51 | Various Artists - World Wide Kind | $11.99
man05 | Null - Terminal Beach | $5.99
man06 | Illusion of Safety/Life Garden/Voice of Eye - The Nature of Sand | $7.99
man07 | Illusion of Safety/Hands To/Beequeen - Guru Means Slayer of Darkness | $7.99
rel14 | Deutsch Nepal - Comprendido…Time Stop! | $5.99
man18 | Aube - Howling Obsession | $7.99

These items (and others) have been added to the store's Closeout Section, though some are not technically "closeouts" in the sense that we don't intend to completely stop selling them, just to reduce the number of copies on the shelf.


A bunch of additions have been made to the Hypnos Store this holiday weekend, primarily to the "Last Copy and Used CDs" section. For the first time, used copies of Hypnos CDs have been made available. When you own a record label, you frequently open copies of your own CDs for listening, or to refer to something inside the booklet, and sometimes you end up with more than one copy of a given CD. Eventually, if you're trying to clean house, and make room on the CD shelf for an always-growing collection, you realize it's probably OK to have only a single copy of each CD available for listening, rather than two or three. Gradually some of those extras and duplicates will be added for sale here, so it's a great opportunity for a few listeners to pick up copies of interesting stuff for a few dollars off the new CD prices. In many cases, these CDs have never even been played, or maybe played once or twice, so they're as close as you can get to new CDs, without the shrink wrap. Some of the titles already added include:

Viridian Sun - Perihelion
Oophoi - Athlit
Markus Reuter - Digitalis
A Produce & M Griffin - Altara
M Griffin - Sudden Dark
Saul Stokes - Fields
Robert Scott Thompson - At the Still Point of the Turning World
Richard Bone - Etherdome
Richard Bone - The Spectral Ships
Robert Rich - Sunyata
James Johnson - The Butterfly Chamber
David Tollefson - Near and Far

Also a couple of other non-Hypnos items were added to that section of the store, so check it out if you're interested in rarities, closeouts, odd stuff, or great deals. Go directly to the online store's "Last Copy and Used CDs" section here.


Lots of changes and updates happening to the Hypnos Online Store this past week or so.

Some of these updates have been cosmetic (changed color scheme, which will continue to evolve as I'm not entirely happy with it), some structural (added/removed various categories), and the biggest changes have been related to content. A big effort has been made to add cover artwork scans for every CD, and while a dozen or so are still missing, this is a big improvement from the 100+ CDs that had no cover graphics last week. Also trying to add better descsriptions and reviews when possible. Lastly, there have been some price reductions for some items that are being closed out. If you haven't seen the store in a while, stop on by and take a look.

The volume of orders coming into the store has been heavier than we've experienced in a while, due to the recent new releases. Response to The Pulse Meditations has been very nice, which gives me a good, warm feeling! We're getting orders processed at a solid clip (especially now that I've been able to get enough copies of The Pulse Meditations printed to deal with demand, which was a problem last week... sorry, to those of you who ordered early and didn't get your CDs right away), thanks in part to some new, part-time help in this area.

More improvements and enhancements are coming... thanks again for the wonderful support and interest and ear-time!


Now available! The latest from the Hypnos Secret Sounds label, and also the newest work by M. Griffin, is now available. This new work, The Pulse Meditations, is a set of deep, hypnotic recordings made entirely of improvised bass guitar, with electronic treatments. It's soothing, slow-moving, and sedate.

Griffin, founder of Hypnos Recordings, is best known for his minimal ambient/drone solo works, including last year's two releases on Hypnos Secret sounds: Sounds are Hidden Inside Objects and "I am breathing dreams out of the air." He has also collaborated with A Produce (Altara) and Dave Fulton (both The Most Distant Point Known and Imprint), and he's also 1/2 of Viridian Sun, along with David Tollefson. This album represents a departure for Griffin in the sense that he is best known for his use of synthesizers and location recordings, with computer processing and editing featuring prominently in most of his work. The Pulse Meditations was performed entirely "live in studio" without overdubs or multi-track recording, using only a bass guitar and electronic effects. Here's the cover artwork:

...and here's a track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. Warm Submersion
2. Thoughts From Another
3. Pulse Meditation 1
4. Pulse Meditation 2
5. Pulse Meditation 3
6. Speaking From the Dream

Read more about The Pulse Meditations, or just go ahead and buy it, over HERE.


Hypnos has just heard an interesting bit of news from Vidna Obmana, regarding the next installment in his An Opera for Four Fusion Works project. For those of you not familiar with this, it's a four-part recording installment, with each of the four parts being released separately over the years, to gradually be combined into a single four-CD set. "Act One" was released in 2002 and included the special 4-CD (with only one CD inside, obviously) which will house the entire set. "Act Two" and "Act Three" have been released on Hypnos subsequently, including only a CD and a booklet, to be inserted into the 4-CD case along with "Act One." Each of the four "Acts" involves Vidna Obmana re-working audio source material from a different musician. First was Dreams in Exile, then Bill Fox, then Kenneth Kirschner, contributing (respectively) guitars, saxophone, and piano.

So... having caught everyone up to date... Vidna Obmana has just announced that his collaborator for "Act Four" (due out later this year on Hypnos) will be Stephen Wilson. Wilson is best known among the musical "mainstream" (OK, not really mainstream, but mainstream compared to the ambient world) as a member of Porcupine Tree and No-Man. Ambient genre listeners are probably most familiar with his Bass Communion side project, under which he has collaborated with Muslimgauze and Jonathan Coleclough, and also Vidna Obmana.

2006.08.14 (later)

A ton of new stuff was added to the Hypnos Online Store today. That is, some of this stuff is just back in stock, and another dozen or so are brand-new titles.

Roach/Vidna Obmana - Well of Souls
Lustmord - Heresy
Rich/Roach - Strata
Roach/Rich - Soma
Roach/Reyes/Saiz - Suspended Memories Forgotten Gods
Lustmord - Monstrous Soul
Roach - Slow Heat
Roach - The Dream Circle
Amir Baghiri Rooms (3cd)
Roach - World's Edge (2cd)
Roach - Day Out of Time
Roach -Texture Maps
Roach - Life Sequence
Roach - Possible Planet
Roach - New LIfe Dreaming
Michael Mantra - Sonic Alter
Oophoi - Rustling of Leaves
Lustmord - The Place Where the Black Stars Hang (reissue)
Vidna Obmana - River of Appearance (2cd reissue)
Vidna Obmana & Alio Die - Echo Passage (reissue)
A Produce - White Sands
A Produce - Reflect Like a Mirror

Roach - Kairos - roach25
Roach - Storm Surge - roach26
Roach & Loren Nerell - Terraform - roach27
Amir Baghiri - Yalda - baghiri01
Amir Baghiri - Ghazal - baghiri02
Seamus (Amir Baghiri & Nimh) - Forever - baghiri03
Amir Baghiri - Exosphere - baghiri04
Amir Baghiri & Nimh - Entities - baghiri05
Amir Baghiri - Planet X - baghiri06
Shuttle358 - Chessa - 12k24
Taylor Deupree - Northern - 12k25

Some of these have goofy (or missing) cover artwork scans but I'll get these fixed soon. Just wanted to get the items added to the store ASAP. There's a new section dedicated to Amir Baghiri added to the store, as well, in light of his many recent releases.


More news from Vidna Obmana, this time an announcement of a radio broadcast:

7 hours vidnaObmana radio special
Monday August 28th - 29th 2006, 1 - 8am

It's with great pleasure to announce that Dutch radio Concertzender will broadcast a 7 hour special about the music of vidnaObmana. vidnaObmana himself selected 7 hours worth of unreleased studio and live music, from the early industrial music till the very recent fusion of styles on the Dante Trilogy for Relapse Records.

The broadcast is either available on cable in The Netherlands or directly as streaming on the internet (click on "listen live").

Click here to get access to the special :

And to make it even more special... on that same evening there'll be a small portrait of Fear Falls Burning as well, focusing on the recently releases vinyl release on Tonefloat and Ikon.

Don't miss out on this unique time document and vidnaObmana's new alter-ego Fear Falls Burning.

www.fearfallsburning.be / vintage guitar drones
read the blog : http://fearfallsburning.blogspot.com/

Sounds like an interesting event, and as it's streaming, anyone with a fast internet connection should be able to check it out, regardless of proximity to The Netherlands.


Here's a new review of the latest from Vidna Obmana, An Opera for Four Fusions Works (Act 3, Reflection on Scale), reviewed by Stephen Fruitman:

"Belgian electronic experimentalist Vidna Obmana dedicates the third installment of his putative "Opera" quartet, "Reflections on Scale", to Morton Feldman (1926-1987). The commitment to pay respectful tribute to the late American "proto-minimalist" is further shored up by his choice of collaborator: Kenneth Kirschner, a composer of "indeterminate music" who himself draws heavily from the legacy of Feldman and the New York School of the 1950s.

On each volume of the "Opera", Vidna Obmana has engaged in dialogues with other instruments - acoustic guitars on the first, a saxophone on the second. Here he hardly attempts to transform the sound of the piano, surrendering centre stage to Kirschner. Kirschner usually plays a note or chord or two, in patterns which repeat long and often in all four sombre movements. His playing is so sparse it makes Harold Budd sound like Liberace.

Vidna Obmana lays down synthesizers, electric guitars, Ebow and as always, his patented "infinite recycling". The CD opens with the crackle and hiss of ancient vinyl, sounds I do not believe I have heretofore heard on a Vidna Obmana recording. The project´s instigator makes himself as small as possible, quiet looping sounds for seeming infinities and, with that famous Obmanian patience, shifting and shaping the entire ambient wash in the most gradual ways, like water eroding rock.

While fitting perfectly with the concept and execution of the project, it is also perhaps the best of the quartet thus far. Only one more to go."
-Stephen Fruitman

Thanks of course to Stephen Fruitman for the review. Here's a direct link to purchase the CD for $10.99 today: Vidna Obmana - An Opera for Four Fusions Works (Act 3, Reflection on Scale)


This very "news" page you're reading hasn't changed, but a major redesign of the www.hypnos.com domain has been in the works for a while now. The first glimpse of it has been made public today, the main Hypnos Index page at www.hypnos.com. The rest of the pages will be updated soon to reflect the redesign. Hope you like, everybody.

Also, the graphic mentioned in the last update for The Pulse Meditations has been revised and is now pretty much "final." Here it is again (even though the graphic file has the same name as the one from Tuesday, and thus the 08/08 news update will show the replaced image)...

Again in the name of "sneak peaks" here's the first draft of the cover design for the upcoming Numina album, Shift to the Ghost.

It's very preliminary, in fact this doesn't even originate from here in ChromaStatic Studio, where all the Hypnos art and layout and design gets done... this is just a mockup created by Numina himself to demonstrate the artwork he wanted to use, and a potential title, which ended up being the finally-final title.

Back to the web redesign... it may be subject to further revisions and tweaks, but I've been getting more confident about CSS design, and also wanting to do a 3-column layout which would allow the promotion of new Hypnos releases (and whatever else makes sense) on all the various pages of the Hypnos site), and lastly to move away from the "white text, dark background" look that's prevailed for so long here. Hope you like it OK, and that it doesn't hurt anyone's eyes!


Just a quick little "what's up?" blurb from the land of Hypnos...

The latest Numina album will be called Shift to the Ghost. A little bit more production work to finish before it's released, but it's another great one from Numina.

Hypnos founder M. Griffin (the person typing these news updates, though I hesitate to just say "I" and assume that everyone knows who's talking) will release an unplanned and unannounced set of recordings on the Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint. The Pulse Meditations is a set of deep, hypnotic recordings made entirely of improvised bass guitar, with electronic treatments. They started out as nothing more than playful experimentation in the studio, but the result was so enjoyable it seemed like a good idea to release them in some format. This will happen very soon! Preliminary cover artwork, subject to change:

Coming later this year, Hypnos will release our first "various artists" compilation project since Weightless, Effortless. It's something a lot of people have asked about for several years, and as we build up momentum and activity here, the time seems right. A more formal announcement will be made here, such as the project's title and unifying theme, as well as instructions for those who wish to submit tracks.

Believe it or not, work is also ongoing on M. Griffin's Fabrications. I'll say no more about this until it's done, but it really will be released some day, and probably in 2006.

The first Hypnos release by Stephen Philips, following on from his Dagboken on Hypnos Secret Sounds, should see release soon as well, and that album will be called Into the Dark. It's quite a departure for Philips to these ears, and it will undoubtedly will be the beginning of a growing relationship between Philips and Hypnos.

There's probably more I'm forgetting, as the pace of activity is ramping up nicely here at Hypnos HQ, but we'll leave something for subsequent news announcements. Thanks again, everyone, for your support of Hypnos and our associated artists.


In addition to the latest from Paul Vnuk Jr. and Oophoi, some other additions have been made to the Hypnos Online Store today.

Section - Artist - Title - Catalog# - Price
FAX - Pete Namlook - Air2 - fax03 - $19.99
FAX - Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - Dark Side of the Moog 3 - fax04 - $19.99
FAX - Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris - Dreamfish - fax18 - $19.99
FAX - Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris - Dreamfish2 - fax19 - $19.99
FAX - Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell - Outland - fax14 - $19.99
FAX - Pete Namlook & Dr. Atmo - Silence - fax12 - $19.99
FAX - Transonic (Robert Musso & Bill Laswell) - Downstream Illusion - fax21 - $17.99
GOS - William Fields - Timbre - gos16 - $13.99

Mostly FAX/World stuff, obviously. I'll be posting cover scans soon on those FAX titles so those of you who are picky about which release version you buy, can see which ones we're talking about here. It's also possible that I'll lower the prices on some of these if I determine that some of these titles are less in demand (though I've learned never to underestimate people's hunger for FAX/WORLD discs).


Early orders for Distance to Zero by Paul Vnuk Jr. and Oophoi through the Hypnos Online Store have been very strong.

A big "Thank you" to all those loyal to Vnuk, Oophoi, and/or Hypnos for buying our latest. Despite the heavy order volume, all orders placed Saturday or Sunday are going out in today's mail, and today's orders will be processed tonight for shipment tomorrow.

Though I have not "formally" announced anything here, I've recently had some part-time help with the Hypnos mail order stuff and that help has been instrumental in getting orders out in a more timely manner. It's my goal to return to the very quick order processing of the earlier days of Hypnos, and we're seeing some great improvement along these lines, as recent buyers will certainly have noticed. Thanks again to all our customers, both long-term friends of Hypnos and those who have ordered for the first time just recently, for your support.

Here again is a direct link to buy the CD now for $12.99. Oh, and those audio clips again:
1. I
2. II
3. VI


Great news... Distance to Zero by Paul Vnuk Jr. and Oophoi is ready for sale sooner than expected.

Cruise on over to the Hypnos Online Store to read more or listen to those audio clips again... here's a direct link to buy the CD now, for $12.99.


The latest from Hypnos, Distance to Zero by Paul Vnuk Jr. and Oophoi, will be available for purchase very soon now. I've been told the manufacturing is done and the discs are ready to be checked-out.

This recording works in roughly the same "slow drone" territory explored by Vnuk and Oophoi on their solo Hypnos releases, Silence Speaks in Shadows and Athlit, respectively. At the same time, it has a different sonic character, at times slow and dark and smooth, but at other moments bright and modern and metallic. Distance to Zero could fairly be described as some of the most daring and experimental work by either artist... a true surprise to these ears when the demo arrived here at Hypnos HQ. I have no doubt this will be a much-loved and much-discussed Hypnos release, and a significant milestone in the discography of both Vnuk and Oophoi.

Paul Vnuk Jr. & Oophoi - Distance To Zero - track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. I
2. II
3. VI

Any day now... probably by the weekend at latest... they'll be added to the Hypnos Online Store. Until then, stay tuned!


Here are a couple of upcoming concert dates from Vidna Obmana, performing as Fear Falls Burning:

July 30th 2006
Fear Falls Burning - Scheld'Apen (Antwerp, Belgium)

September 24th 2006
Fear Falls Burning - Zuid bij Zuidwest Festival, Theater de NWE Vorst (Tilburg, The Netherlands)performing a drone soundtrack to the 1919 silent movie "Das Kabinett der Dr. Kaligari".

Obviously these will be of more interest to our European listeners and particurly those in the BeNeLux area, but anyone in the vicinity should make an effort to take in these shows.


Here's another review from Phil Derby's ElectroAmbient Space, this time of the latest M. Griffin release on Hypnos Secret sounds, I am breathing dreams out of the air:

"First, the short version of this review – if you loved Mike Griffin’s last disc, Sounds Are Hidden Inside Objects, stop reading, go to www.hypnos.com, and buy I am breathing dreams out of the air. There is virtually no chance that you won’t like this if you liked that one, as I did. Mike does the most amazing things with non-musical noise to make it as relaxing as a soothing melody. This is white noise with class. Long drones and washes of abstract sound transport you into an alien world. As there is “regular” sci-fi and “hard” sci-fi, this is hard ambient. It is not for everyone, but for those that are prepared for it, even long for it, this is the real deal, the rarified air. Bleak winds blow across the 20-minute opening track; the second track is a tad brighter, relatively speaking, more white noise and less low drones than the first. The third track is restless, undulating, with a little more grit in the formless textures. About this point one had to wonder, how does he create these extraordinary sounds? On the one hand, it sounds like what one would create by accident, by doing something horribly wrong such that nature never intended the synth or sampler to create it. On the other, there is a purity to the thematic elements that you know the effect is clearly intentional. Describing each long form piece here could take pages, touching on the subtle details and unusual sound sculptures. Better that you get it and hear it for yourself. Recommended."
--© 2005 Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

Another thank you to Phil Derby!


Here's a review from Phil Derby of ElectroAmbient Space for Dagboken by Stephen Philips:

"A low rumbling drone resonates throughout much of “Dagboken,” the foundation that binds the other elements together. Abstract sounds come and go and are interesting but difficult to describe. At first there are shimmering elements, but these fade into the background after a few minutes. A little later on, the main repeating noise cascades a bit like water, but it has a more solid character to it. The rumbling disappears for a good twenty minutes or so, but reappears at about 43:00. Sounds echo and reverberate, a bit warmer, from 50 to 60 minutes in. The music gradually softens, and has mostly faded at 70 minutes, but takes its own long sweet time to disappear completely at the end. This is a very slowly developing work, and will have great appeal for fans of extremely minimal ambient that works more as background than music proper."
--© 2005 Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

Thanks to Phil and ElectroAmbient Space for this great review.


Yet another batch of new stuff added to the Hypnos Online Store, this time from the Groove Unlimited label:

Ron Boots - Acoustic Shadows
Create- Biospherical Imagery
Paul Ellis - Infinity Room
Paul Ellis & Craig Padilla - Echo System
Gert Emmens - Waves of Dreams
Hemisphere - Destination Infinity
Frank Klare - Moods
John Lakveet - Proportions
Nattefrost - Absorbed in Dreams and Yearning

Get 'em while they're hot!


Here's another batch of new items and restocks on the Hypnos Online Store, including the following (links will take you directly to each item's listing on the store):

Oophoi - Hymns To a Silent Sky
Oophoi - Mare Tranqilitatis
Oophoi & Tau Ceti - Subterranea
Oophoi - The Rustling of Leaves

Mathias Grassow & Klaus Wiese - Holy Domain
Mathias Grassow - Namakar
Alio Die - Suspended Feathers

Michael Mantra - A/B
Waveform Transmision - "V.0 - 1.9"
Opium - Float Downstream (ltd. cdr)
Opium - Sympathetic Flying Objects (ltd. cdr)
Aube - Reworks Stefano Gentile

Mathias Grassow - Opus Posthuman 1 (cdr)
Mathias Grassow - Opus Posthuman 2 (cdr)
Mathias Grassow - Fata Morgana
Mathias Grassow - Ambience
Mathias Grassow - Dronaement

More items coming later this week...


We're just about ready to start manufacturing Distance to Zero by Paul Vnuk Jr. and Oophoi... speaking of which, when I last mentioned it, there was a problem with the cover image, which I've since fixed, so it's here again in case you missed it:

Paul Vnuk Jr. & Oophoi - Distance To Zero - track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. I
2. II
3. VI

Yes, that's right... the tracks have Roman numeral names, and track 3 is actually "IV" -- that's just the way it worked out. Vidna Obmana has also played this same trick with the first two "Acts" of his Opera for Four Fusions Works so maybe we'll create a trend of making lists of numbers in a slightly different order than normal numeric order. OK then!


We just received a review of Vidna Obmana's latest, the third installment in his Opera for Four Fusion Works, (Reflection on Scale with Kenneth Kirschner), which reminded me the MP3 sample clips for this release had never been posted.... so here we are. From vidnaObmana, An Opera for Four Fusions Works (Act 3, Reflection on Scale).

Vidna Obmana - An Opera for Four Fusions Works (Act 3, Reflection on Scale) - track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV

Here's a direct link to purchase the CD for $10.99 today: vidnaObmana - Opera... (Act 3, Reflection on Scale)


Here's a new review from Vital E-Zine (review by Frans DeWaard) of the new Vidna Obmana An Opera for Four Fusions Works (Act 3, Reflection on Scale) release:

"The fact that Dirk Serries, for twenty or so years, the man behind Vidna Obmana, started a new 'band' (again of just himself), did lead to the conclusion that Vidna Obmana was dead, or on hold at least. But it's not. Or perhaps it is, and is Hypnos just a bit late, releasing this album. It's the third act in a series of four. The first one was by Vidna Obmana himself, and on the second he transformed the saxophone sounds (see Vital Weekly 420). For the third act Vidna Obmana treats the piano sounds, played by Kenneth Kirschner, who is perhaps best known for similar collaborations with Taylor Deupree. The piano playing of Kirschner is quiet, just a few notes every once in a while, and the recordings he makes are usually finely treated with small clicks and hiss. This is excellent music for Vidna Obmana to expand his ambient tapestries on. Vidna Obmana adds guitar and synthesizers, after which he locks the music into his chamber of sound effects, looping all the sounds, making small shifting changes while certain elements keep returning ad infinitum. The piano sounds by Kirschner remain audible throughout this work, it doesn't seem that they are treated to such an extent. In the warm ambient bath created by Vidna Obmana they find a good home. Soberly orchestrated, the dedication to Morton Feldman is no surprise (although perhaps many more notes are played here than on average Feldman composition). Vidna Obmana doesn't necessarily add something new to ambient, but his music still belongs to the best the genre has to offer."
--Vital E-Zine, Frans DeWaard

Thanks to Frans and Vital for this great review.


We have several new items and restocks from the Manifold label on the Hypnos Online Store. Newest items include:

Maurizio Bianchi/Land Use - Psychoneurose
Ultra Milkmaids - Oldies, Volume 1
Scott Solter - The Brief Light
Maeror Tri - Meditamentum 1

Please note that the popular Maeror Tri album that's been available for several years is Meditamentum 2 and the above is actually a NEW release... yes, even though 1 is a lower number than 2!


Work is proceeding on the next Hypnos CD release, which will be Distance to Zero by Paul Vnuk Jr. and Oophoi, both of whom have released excellent solo CDs on Hypnos previously, namely Vnuk's Silence Speaks in Shadows and Oophoi's Athlit. These represent two well-loved pieces of environmental ambient, and their new recording represents a different direction. I can't wait to get this material into the hands of the eager listeners of both artists. For now, here's a cover art preview:

(oops, sorry... something crazy happened with the conversion of this file from EPS to JPG and it looks like crap, so I'll have to re-do this from the home studio and post it later... sorry for the tease!)


There were a number of items in the "Hypnos Recommends" section of the Hypnos Online Store, that had sold out, and been temporarily removed from the store until restocks arrived. Clicking on the "more info" or "buy" links for those items returned an error, as the items were "disabled" from being able to be purchased... I've gone through and removed those few items, so if you were trying to order from the store and were confused by those database errors, it should all be OK now.

I've also added several new items to the "Recommended" list as well.

Oophoi - The Rustling of Leaves
Oophoi - Mare Imbrium
Oophoi - Mare Tranqilitatis
Oophoi - Hymns to the SilentSky


Now in stock at the Hypnos Online Store... it's Soundtracks by Jeff Greinke. It's his latest work, following Wide View from the Hypnos label, this time released by Greinke's own FWD label.

Here's a direct link to purchase the CD for $13.99 today: Jeff Greinke - Soundtracks

And while we're at it, a few other classic Greinke CDs that were recently re-stocked, after being unavailable for a while:

Jeff Greinke - In Another Place
Jeff Greinke - Big Weather
Hana (Jeff Greinke & Anisa Romero) - Omen


Now available from Robert Rich, one of the foremost artists in our genre, Electric Ladder. On his newest CD, Electric Ladder (2006), Robert Rich finds a new voice for the vibrant interlocking melodies that characterized his works such as Numena, Geometry and Gaudí. With its seamless blend of analog modular synthesizers and acoustic tonalities, Electric Ladder weaves a hypnotic spell - lush, ecstatic and seductive. Its shimmering geometric lines grow more sharply etched with the clarity of justly tuned instruments and the intelligence that pervades Rich's compositional vocabulary.

Electric Ladder (Audio Sample: MP3) | Shadowline (Audio Sample: MP3) | Poppy Fields | Sky Tunnel (Audio Sample: MP3) | Concentric (Audio Sample: MP3) | Aquifer | Never Alone.... Here's a direct link to purchase the CD for $13.99 today: Robert Rich - Electric Ladder


Act III of VidnaObmana's series AN OPERA FOR FOUR FUSION WORKS is now ready! Remember, Act I was released in a four-CD case, and acts II through IV are sold in a simple paper sleeve (with booklet) to be inserted into the Act I case.

Each of the four acts of this project utilize different source recordings by a different artist. This time the featured artist is Kenneth Kirschner, performing on piano. The treatments and processing by vidnaObmana this time are quite daring and experimental, edging at times into the realm of "glitch" or subtle noise experimenation. Overall, though, the feel is of gentle piano sonics, with a smooth and hypnotizing atmosphere rarely disturbed by well-placed bits of digital distortion.

Belgian ambient experimentalist Vidna Obmana is working at the height of his powers here, as he nears the end of his 4-part "Opera" cycle. The usual disclaimer applies... this music is not in any real sense "opera" music, and the term is used only to suggest the varied, multi-part quality of this ongoing release.

Here's a direct link to purchase the CD for $10.99 today: Vidna Obmana - An Opera for Four Fusions Works (Act 3, Reflection on Scale)


Robert Rich reports his currently-in-progress tour dates:

* Robert Rich Spring 2006 Tour Dates

Robert is on tour for two months, and these are the dates currently lined up. Please be sure to contact the venues to verify times and dates. We hope to see you on the road!

You can see photos from the first concert, Saturday March 18 in San Jose, CA at http://www.robertrich.com/rrcetphotos.html

Saturday April 1
Pomona CA
Free, 7:30 PM
Analogue Haven
252 A S. Main St., Pomona CA 91766
Info: 909-622-4556
Email: email@analoguehaven.com

Monday April 3
Tucson, AZ
Solar Culture, 31 E Toole Ave Tucson, AZ 85701
Opening Act: Simple Question
Start time 8:00 PM

Friday April 7 ** CANCELLED CONCERT as of Friday April 7, noon EST due to tornados approaching Memphis
Memphis TN
University of Memphis
Psychology Auditorium, 3710 Veterans Ave. Memphis TN 38152
8:00 PM, $10 Opening Act: Zero Ohms
Questions: 901-258-0820

Sunday April 9
Atlanta GA
Eyedrum Gallery
Suite 8, 290 MLK Jr. Drive SE,
Atlanta, GA 30312 USA
Phone: 404-522-0655 Web: http://www.eyedrum.org
8:00 Doors Open, 8:30 Diana Obscura, 9:30 Robert Rich

Friday April 14
West Hartford, CT
Wilde Auditorium, University of Hartford
8:00 PM, Tickets $15
Box office phone: 1-800-274-8587
Info email: smullis@snet.net

Saturday April 15
Sherbrooke, Que, Canada
Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke
241 Dufferin Street, Sherbrooke
8:00 PM, doors open 7:00 PM, $20 (Canadian)
Info: Erich Langlois, (819) 820-1357, erich_langlois@hotmail.com
more info: Guy Bergeron, (819) 563-6067, or (819) 823-6068 (cellphone)
Museum: (819) 821-2115, email mbas@interlinx.qc.ca

Thursday April 20
Rochester NY
AV Space, 8 Public Market (second floor) Rochester NY 14609
8:00 PM, $10
585-423-0320 http://www.avspace.org/
Info Email: rr.rochester@hotmail.com

Saturday April 22
Philadelphia PA
The Gatherings
St. Mary's Hamilton Village, 3916 Locust Walk
Info at http://www.thegatherings.org

Sunday April 23
Pittsburgh PA
Henry Buhl Jr. Planetarium, Carnegie Science Center
$16 General Admission ($8 students or CSC members)
Performance 8:00 PM, doors open 7:30 PM
Buy Advanced Tickets at: http://www.carnegieonline.org/csc
Sponsored by Lotuspike: http://www.lotuspike.com

Saturday April 29
Toronto, Ont, Canada
Holy Trinity Church
10 Trinity Sq, Toronto, ON, M5G 1B1
8:00 PM - More info coming soon.

Saturday May 6
Detroit MI
Science Center Imax Theater
Note change of date (was Friday)
Info email: connect@paxahau.com

Sunday May 7
Louisville KY
University of Louisville Gheens Science Hall & Rauch Planetarium
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292
Doors at 8:00PM, Show at 9:00PM
Price: $10.00
Contact Info: jason@krack.org
Information will be posted on http://www.krack.org when finalized.
Directions and parking info.: http://www.louisville.edu/planetarium/map.html

Tuesday May 9
Minneapolis, MN
Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Ave. South, Minneapolis MN 55454
tickets@thecedar.org, Info: 612-338-2674

Wednesday, May 10
Des Moines, Iowa
Start 7:00 PM
Venue currently in flux - check here soon or email info:
ticket information: RichConcert@Synthtopia.com

Friday, May 12
Boulder, CO (actually Lafayette)
Nyland Community Center, 3525 Nyland Way, Lafayette, CO, 80026
7:30 start, doors open 6:30 w/ potluck dinner
$12 at the door, or $10 advanced.
Questions & adv. tix: Chris Filben, (303) 665-9402, cfilben@msn.com

Saturday May 13
Denver CO
House concert
Info: jlanpheer@earthlink.net

Thursday May 18
Santa Fe NM
Tipton Hall, Santa Fe Art Institute, College of Santa Fe,
1600 Saint Michael's Drive, Santa Fe NM 87505
Info Email: jim@five12.com

Saturday May 20
Sedona AZ
Future Studios, 30 Hozoni.
(Turn onto Tortilla Dr. off 89A, left at Southwest Dr., right on Hozoni.)
$12 Advance / $15 day of show
More info.: http://www.futurestudios.org
Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling: (928) 282-9139

Thursday May 25
Lancaster CA
Cedar Centre for the Arts
44845 North Cedar Avenue, Lancaster, CA
8:00 PM

Saturday June 3:
Cobalt Sun Performance Gallery
411-A Coloma St. Sausalito CA

Robert always puts on a great show, no matter what style of music he's performing, and we'd encourage everyone to support this important artist if he comes close to your area.


Hi folks... long time since the last update, and rather than dwell on all the reasons for that now, I'll just get started updating again and go from there. Hypnos/Binary artists and local friends Dweller at the Threshold (featuring Dave Fulton and John Duval) are playing a short-notice concert tomorrow at Alberta Street Pub. The show is tomorrow, Valentine's Day. Opening acts of an "acoustic" nature start at 9:30 PM and Dweller starts at about 11 PM. The show is free, as in no charge to get in, so why not take your honey down there for a Valentine's Day gift? I'll be there!

Here's the poster for the show:

I'm not sure whether naked ladies with wrenches (wenches with wrenches?) will actually be present at the show or this is just some clever marketing gimmick... but I hope to see you there! Remember, free of charge.

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