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Hypnos News Archive, 2007


Before we go "offline" for a couple of days for holiday obligations, one last update... a new CD added to the Hypnos Online Store. It's the debut release of the new Somnia label, a limited edition (of 777, but more than half are already gone despite this being brand new, apparently), by Evan Bartholomew, who is not only the proprietor of Somnia, but also best known as Bluetech (an artist working in the style of groovy-dubby minimal techno, and other styles released under different names).

Evan Bartholomew - Caverns of Time (Miscellaneous section)
(Price: $15.99)
2007. deep emotional and textural ambient music in the eno, roach, rich school of sound design. sine wave minimalism and dsp manipulation of organic source material create an atmospheric and spatial album of cavernous depth and underground emotional movements. the caverns of time explores a mythical journey into subconscious realms, and is an attempt to explore the deep waters through an experience of sound. this CD is limited to 777 copies, signed and numbered, hand stamped on hand made paper, hand sewn, and sealed with a wax stamp. incredible cover art by ray massini. ... (more/buy)

Though this is the first release of a brand new label, we've spoken to Evan about his plans and it looks likely that Somnia will be an interesting and provocative outlet for interesting sounds in the near future.


Here's our latest from the Hypnos group of labels, this one on Hypnos Secret Sounds, by a new name with his CD debut.

Artist: Nverxion
Title: A Look Within
Label: Hypnos Secret Sounds hss14, limited cdr edition of 300

Nverxion - A Look Within

2007. Nverxion (pronounced like "Inversion") is the name under which David Brancato records his ambient & experimental electronic works. Brancato, based in Orlando, Florida, is also a artist and photographer, and is relatively new to electronic music. Reference points for Nverxion's sound would be Numina, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Jonn Serrie and Jeff Pearce (all of whom the artist acknowledges as influences).

Of his debut CD, Nverxion says, "A Look Within began about two years ago as a series of experimental improvisations. In the beginning I was just concerned with learning my way through the process of creating and recording the sound... As I progressed, the foundations of more advanced compositions began to form, and soon I noticed a common feeling running through each of the pieces. Building on this concept, I developed what is now a complete body of work."

We at Hypnos particularly enjoy discovering young, emerging artists who need help getting exposed. If the endorsement of Hypnos isn't enough on its own, these audio clips below should help convince even skeptical ambient music listeners that Nverxion is doing something distinctive and fresh. So many new ambient artists rely too much on slow, flat drones, and it's great to hear material that evolves, with sharp sound design, and an engaging progression to the album as a whole. It's true, we said the same thing just a few months ago when we introduced Hypnos listeners to Justin Vanderberg, but we'll say it again: this is a composer and recording artist many people will be talking about after he has a few albums to his credit, and he has started out strong.

Track listing (with mp3 sample clips):
Emergence (05:17) MP3
In This Place I Wander (18:59) MP3
From Where I Stand (06:49) MP3
Fortune of the Sky (18:32) MP3
In This Place I Rest (24:20) MP3

This limited CDR release, on the Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint, is available for purchase for $11.99 here.


This CD has been released for over a week now, but I just realized I never posted the formal announcement here, including the full description, audio clips, etc.

CD release announcement from Hypnos Recordings
Various artists
Title: Sounds of a Universe Overheard
Hypnos Recordings (hyp2752)

Various Artists - Sounds of a Universe Overheard (compilation)

2007. Long-time Hypnos listeners may recall that we released a couple of compilations in the early years, The Other World and Weightless, Effortless, which included exclusive tracks by many of the all-time greats of this music scene. Both those compilations were very well-received by critics, DJs, and all kinds of listeners. So you could ask, and many have, why hasn't Hypnos released any more compilations recently? Maybe because they're a lot of work, much more work than a regular CD by a single artist, and time is always a constraining factor when running a small label by yourself. Do you do one compilation album, or do you spend that time putting together two or three regular CDs? Well now, Hypnos is no longer a one-man operation, so more time is available, and that has allowed us to take on the task of putting together these compilations.

The first compilation is Sounds of a Universe Overheard, a collection of ten tracks exclusive to this CD, created by a cross-section of ambient, experimental and soundscape artists from around the world. Included in this diverse group are more established recording artists who will be known to most listeners to these genres, as well as new, emerging names. We feel a compilation is most interesting when it varies from the familiar to the new. This disc covers all sorts of territory in terms of sound, from more musical and soundtrack-like sounds, to darker ambient, to pure sonic experimentation.


Jonathan Block, better known as Synthetic Block, has released electronic music on such labels as Hypnos/BInary and Gears of Sand.

M. Peck, based in Tennessee, has recently released two collaborative CDs with Mark Mahoney, but his Glacial on Gears of Sand is a great solo debut.

Freq. Magnet is an alter-ego of one half of ambient/experimental duo Austere, working entirely with treated electric guitar, who has two solo full-length CDs, Étoiles du Couvrecle and Principium Somniferum.

Kirk Watson appeared previously on a compilation, Passing Strange, on the short-lived Broad Vista label.

dreamSTATE, a duo from Toronto, Canada, have released several CDs and have been active in collaboration with other artists, and on compilations on such labels as Umbra, The Foundry, Dark Duck, and Atmoworks.

Seren Ffordd is a sound artists working in Wales, who has released several CDs on the Umbra & Penumbra labels, as well as a recent release on Hypnos Secret Sounds.

Dwight Ashley is a long-established ambient composer with several solo CDs as well as well-received collaborations with Tim Story.

Justin Vanderberg is a relatively new name, but his debut CD In Waking Moments on the Hypnos Secret Sounds label has been well-received, and marks him as a name to watch.

Igneous Flame is a British ambient/soundscape artist who has come on very strong in just the last few years, with his self-released albums gaining positive notices.

Tau Ceti is an Italian ambient minimalist, and frequent collaborator with his countryman Oophoi, on whose labels Umbra & Penumbra the majority of Tau Ceti's delicate works appear.

THE TRACKS (with MP3 samples)

Jonathan Block "The Language of Rocks" MP3
M. Peck "Somna" MP3
Freq. Magnet "Nitrous" MP3
Kirk Watson "Scarecrow" MP3
dreamSTATE "Ghost Nebula" MP3
Seren Ffordd " Strange Attractor" MP3
Dwight Ashley " Behold the Trampled Wheat" MP3
Justin Vanderberg "Infection" MP3
Igneous Flame "Pandora" MP3
Tau Ceti "Float" MP3

Hypnos Online Store listing


Catching up on things a bit now that the new Hypnos Forum is cruising along nicely.

Added a ton of new items to the Hypnos Online Store, and also created audio sample clips for the latest Hypnos release, the various artists compilation Sounds of a Universe Overheard. And better yet, it's ready for you to buy!

It's the first compilation project on Hypnos since 1999's Weightless, Effortless.

Track listing, with MP3 sample clips:
Jonathan Block "The Language of Rocks" MP3
M. Peck "Somna" MP3
Freq. Magnet "Nitrous" MP3
Kirk Watson "Scarecrow" MP3
dreamSTATE "Ghost Nebula" MP3
Seren Ffordd " Strange Attractor" MP3
Dwight Ashley " Behold the Trampled Wheat" MP3
Justin Vanderberg "Infection" MP3
Igneous Flame "Pandora" MP3
Tau Ceti "Float" MP3

This new CD may be purchased for $12.99, available now, here.

2007.12.06 (later)

OK, the new Forum setup is currently working, and is set up here. It will be fine-tuned and prettied-up gradually, and I'll continue to work on finding a way to import the posts from the old Forum... though at the moment this appears to be unlikely as the membership list from the old Forum was lost, and the new Forum can't make sense of the old posts without a corresponding database of the old members.


I've been getting lots of emails saying some variation on "you probably already know there's a problem with the Hypnos Forum, but let me know if it's just me or if I'm doing something wrong." I do appreciate people attempting to help, or making sure I know there's a problem, but it's something I've been wrestling with for about 48 hours now, so I figure it's time for an update here.

It's a problem that originated with ValueWeb, the web hosting company that hosts the entire hypnos.com domain. ValueWeb has conducted themselves, for at least the third time this year, in a way that makes me believe they must be trying to drive away all their customers, as quickly as possible. Rarely have I received such poor service from a major company -- they're disinterested to a degree that appears almost hostile. As soon as this immediate problem is resolved to some basic level of stability, I will move on to the matter of switching the entire www.hypnos.com domain, including the store and the forum, to a new hosting company... but first things first.

The first small victory is that I have the Hypnos server back up and running but it looks like the Forum's database structure is trashed. One of the crucial data tables, which is the Forum's user list, is missing, or at least out of sync with the rest of the database. I've been trying to figure out how to get it restored but it looks like the only choice will be to start totally from scratch. Something should be up later today, one way or another... keep checking this page, where I'll post an announcement and a link to the new Forum when I can. Thanks very much for the patience.

I should also point out that other aspects of the hypnos.com domain, including this main web site, the online store, and all email functionality, are completely fine and unaffected.


There's a problem this morning with the Hypnos Forum, apparently a database malfunction that causes all Forum pages to display a cryptic error message. We're working on fixing the problem and hope to have the Forum back up some time today, as early as possible. Thanks for your patience.


It's been a while since we stocked items from the Spotted Peccary label in the Hypnos Online Store, but we're bringing those back in gradually, starting with these three release by Between Interval:

Between Interval - Secret Observatory (Spotted Peccary label)
(Price: $13.99)
2007. Secret Observatory is the exploration of depth, discovery, and subtlety. Four long-form mixes of timeless dimensionless atmospheres, traverse the abyss of space, seeking – and finding – glimpses of other, distant worlds. Through a powerful imaginary “telescope” comprised of delicate harmonics, sublime electronic tonalities, and deep space atmospherics, trance-electronic composer Between Interval searches the skies, discovering beauty and darkness throughout, and revealing with real purpose the co-existence of the past, present, and the future.

1. Garden of the Divine | MP3 play a sample
2. Surreptitious Ritual | MP3 play a sample
3. Forested Veins | MP3 play a sample
4. Entropy | MP3 play a sample ... (more/buy)
Between Interval - Autumn Continent (Spotted Peccary label)
(Price: $13.99)
2007. A timeless new release, AUTUMN CONTINENT is a superbly crafted blend of Space Ambient and Electronic Downtempo. Provocative subterranean explorations are balanced with a sense of light from an otherworldly perspective. BETWEEN INTERVAL has created an atmosphere that is organic, accessible, and thought filled without the clichés of most electronic music today.

1. Autumn Continent 1 | MP3 play a sample
2. Submerged | MP3 play a sample
3. Hidden Wastelands | MP3 play a sample
4. The Tides Of Time | MP3 play a sample
5. Expanding Area | MP3 play a sample
6. Passageway | MP3 play a sample
7. Early Life Remainings | MP3 play a sample
8. This Dominion | MP3 play a sample
9. Atrium
10. Autumn Continent 2 ... (more/buy)
Between Interval - Radio Silence (Spotted Peccary label)
(Price: $13.99)
2007. Remastered 2007 Version Radio Silence was originally self-released in 2004 by Between Interval's Stefan Jönsson on black CD-R in a very limited edition which quickly sold out. This new edition, remastered by Howard Givens, is now available on Spotted Peccary's Wanderings label and sounds better than ever!

1. From a Silent Surface
2. Wishful Thinking | MP3 play a sample
3. Overheard | MP3 play a sample
4. Radio Silence
5. Aerolith | MP3 play a sample
6. The Dark Light | MP3 play a sample
7. Katakomb
8. Your Flesh is Irrelevant | MP3 play a sample
9. Open Frequency | MP3 play a sample
10. Vortex | MP3 play a sample
11. Field and Void
12. End Station... (more/buy)

Spotted Peccary is a label that has been doing some interesting things with some great artists recently, and it's been long overdue that we start carrying these items here. Soon we hope to get items by Eric Wollo (sort of a European Jeff Pearce, with more electronic instruments in the mix), Craig Padilla (sometime collaborator with Paul Ellis), and Michael Stearns.


Last week's update failed to mention one thing coming next year, which is a new recording by Viridian Sun, and possibly even new solo material from David Tollefson (half of Viridian Sun, for those who don't know).

And finally, MP3 sample clips have been created for the first Tollefson solo album, New Eyes on the Universe. See that CD's product page here or just see the track listing below.

Tracks listing (with new MP3 sample clips):
Palomar MP3
Painted Sky MP3
Some Light from the Heavens MP3
Phase (Travel) MP3
Tempel MP3
Empyrean MP3
Vanishing Lines 1 MP3
You Are Almost There MP3
Vanishing Lines 2 MP3
Voien MP3
Planetal MP3
Mandala MP3
Movement Within a Frame MP3
Imminent Departure MP3
New Eyes on the Universe MP3

This CD is buy-able for just $8.99 right now, here.

Some recording will have to be completed before any more information can be offered on any future Viridian Sun projects, but the plan is in place to start recording in December.


We've been really busy here at Hypnos. 2007 has been a great year already, and it looks like it will end with a surge of activity, rather than a holiday lull. Here's a sort of "state of the nation" update, covering just about everything.

Where we stand now
Early in 2007, we set a goal of getting Hypnos back on track, starting to release more music, and update the web site and the online store more frequently. Generally wen wanted to get things back as much as possible to the way things were in 1999-2002, which were a peak period in terms of lots of great releases, strengthening the Hypnos artist roster, and generating a lot of "buzz" and excitement about Hypnos in the ambient/soundscape listening community. For several strong years, Hypnos was a label that generated a lot of interest in each new release, even before anyone had a chance to hear it. We wanted to rebuild back to that kind of strength. This year, we've redesigned the web site from scratch, greatly expanded the offerings at the Hypnos Online Store, connected with many new artists for the first time, started to send out regular email newsletters, and kept everyone updated frequently as to what's going on.

We consider 2007 a big success, though there is still much we wish to do, and 2008 should be even better yet. We've just released CDs by Austere and Seren Ffordd, names that were fairly well-known to Hypnos customers through their previous releases, and brought new recordings by Justin Vanderberg, Darren Rogers and Rigel Orionis to Hypnos listeners for the first time. After several years of sparse releases, we've averaged better than one new CD per month so far this year. Hypnos even released the landmark final CD recording ever (other than collections of old work) by ambient music giant Vidna Obmana (Act IV of the Opera For Four Fusion Works series), who has "retired" that named and started a new identity, Fear Falls Burning. So, 2007 has been great so far, and it's still not over.

CDs that are just about ready
As this year winds down, we're getting ready to release a batch of new discs. We've completed two "various artists" compilations, one right after the other, with the first ready to be released any day now, and the second just being assembled now. Hypnos founder M. Griffin is finishing up the Fabrications CD project that has been in the works since 1997.

Austere is getting ready to release their Hypnos label debut Solyaris, after doing a Hypnos Secret Sounds release of the well-received Pulse earlier this year. The first of the compilations, and either Fabrications or Solyaris, should see release by the end of 2007, with the second compilation, and the latter of Fabrications or Solyaris hitting at the very beginning of 2008. We should also be able to release the CD debut of Nverxion, A Look Within, in December.

Speaking of those two compilations... Hypnos did a couple of compilations in the early years, The Other World and Weightless, Effortless, which included exclusive tracks by some of the great artists of this music scene... Vidna Obmana, Steve Roach, Jeff Pearce, A Produce, Saul Stokes, James Johnson, Ma Ja Le, Rod Modell, Loren Nerell, Jeff Greinke, Ron Boots, Robert Scott Thompson, Richard Bone, and many others. Both those compilations were very well-received by critics, DJs, and ordinary listeners, and both did a great job of introducing listeners to a group of interesting new artists along with the more established names, and the CDs even sold pretty well. So you could ask, and many have, why hasn't Hypnos released any more compilations recently? I guess the answer is, they're a lot of work, much more work than a regular CD by a single artist, and time is always a constraining factor when you're running a small label by yourself. Do you do one compilation album, or do you spend that time doing two or three regular CDs? Well now, Hypnos is no longer a one-man operation. Actually it's a one man and one woman operation, so more time is available, and that has allowed us to take on the task of putting together these compilations. It's been very rewarding, actually, getting out there and communicating with a lot of new names, some of them unfamiliar to us before this started, and other names we knew but hadn't worked with before... along with a handful of regular Hypnos artists who are taking part. These two new compilations cover all sorts of territory, in terms of sound (from more musical and soundtrack-like sounds, to darker ambient, to pure sonic experimentation) and even geographically (artists from here in Portland, and every other corner of the USA, as well as Canada, England, Wales, Norway, Sweden, and Italy).

Track listing:
Jonathan Block "The Language of Rocks"
M. Peck "Somna"
Freq. Magnet "Nitrous"
Kirk Watson "Scarecrow"
dreamSTATE "Ghost Nebula"
Seren Ffordd " Strange Attractor"
Dwight Ashley " Behold the Trampled Wheat"
Justin Vanderberg "Infection"
Igneous Flame "Pandora"
Tau Ceti "Float"

Track listing (not in order):
Oophoi - Icelight
Austere - Crystil
Stephen Philips - Down Deep
Svartsinn - Cold But Strong
Numina - Nadir Ever Spirals
Jason Sloan - faded.forgotten [trace]
Phaenon - Quantum Silence
Relapxych.0 - Reembrace
True Color of Blood - Choosing to Remain Blind
Evan Bartholomew - Sacrosanct

In a sense these new compilations are just a fun, new and interesting thing we haven't tried since the early days of Hypnos, back in the 90s, but in another sense, to me they also signify a full-on re-engagement between Hypnos and the wider world of ambient & experimental soundscape artists. They're a sign that we mean to be in the middle of things, to have a knowledge of everyone who's out there doing good work, and to do what we can to help good artists to be heard.

Projects lined up for next year
There are a few projects we had hoped to finish in 2007 that just won't make it, as well as some we won't even be able to start until the new year. A quick run-down:

A various artists compilation on our Binary sub-label called Nevertime. This will be a big step in trying to get Binary moving in a way that's just as vital and energetic as Hypnos itself. Originally Binary was intended to be a home to diverse electronic music too "dynamic" for Hypnos itself, with cutting-edge works such as those by Saul Stokes and Vir Unis, along with slightly more classic e-music like the stuff by Dweller at the Threshold. The new compilation will be a way of jump-starting the sub-label and getting some new artists into the pipeline for future Binary releases

Related to the re-start of Binary, we're going to launch a Binary offshoot called Binary Explorer Series. Essentially, as Hypnos Secret Sounds is to Hypnos, so will be Binary Explorer Series, to Binary... a limited edition CDR series for introducing new, unknown artists to our listeners, or for releasing live recordings or remixes or unreleased stuff from the vaults. Look for the first releases from Binary Explorer Series in the first part of 2008.

Hypnos Manager (and recording artist) Lena will also be curating a new various artists compilation, gathering the works of female ambient & soundscape artists only. Reading that description, you might say "Female ambient artists? Are there any?" and the truth is, you might be surprised. Our little music niche sometimes seems to be about 99% male dominated, but there are plenty of women doing ambient music, space music, drone music, minimalism, and all kinds of experimental atmospheric music forms. This compilation is one we're definitely looking forward to delivering to Hypnos listeners.

Oophoi's side project Nebula (actually not Oophoi's own, so much as an "ambient supergroup" of sorts, including Oophoi, Mathias Grassow, Klaus Wiese, Tau Ceti and others) released an album The Path Of White Clouds on the Stella Maris label in an extremely limited edition, which is now out of print and totally unavailable. Hypnos is planning an early 2008 reissue of this beautiful recording of ethereal ambient beauty. We don't have any artwork yet, but the master recording is here at Hypnos HQ and an agreement is in place for a reissue next year.

Hypnos Secret Sounds has had in the works for some months now, a couple of CDs worth of music by UK ambient artist, Sense, which is actually a pseudonym under which electronica artist Robert Logan (see here) does his ambient work. Even though an agreement is in place between Hypnos and Robert/Sense with regard to these releases, as we haven't settled on a final master yet, nor have we definitely solved the question about whether this will be a pair of single-CDR releases coming our separately, or, in a first for Hypnos Secret Sounds, a limited double-CDR. In whatever format this is eventually released, this is a really fresh and surprising piece of work, sure to satisfy those who feel that all ambient work tends to sound the same after a while. Definite ear candy, with lots of fresh ideas and sounds, and no reliance at all on standard ambient/drone templates. More on this/these release(s) soon.

Vapors and Magnetism (video DVD)

Another "game changing" release we're really looking forward to, is our first DVD-video project, Vapors and Magnetism. Still in the planning stage, this will be a collection of abstract video works by M. Griffin, with music by a collection of 4 or 5 different ambient artists (Jeff Pearce and Seren Ffordd are already onboard, and there may be a music track by Griffin as well). Many recording artists have put together quick "screensaver-style" videos mated to their music tracks, but this will be a bit more ambitious than that, and will have a short documentary feature included as well. The intention is to include enough exclusive music tracks to make this a must-have on that basis alone, and to create abstract video elements with the sort of visual "flavor" characterist of the graphic design of Hypnos CD covers. We've said before, we think DVD-video will become an increasingly greater part of what Hypnos is about, and in future years we would like to get involved in releasing videos by other visual artists not yet affiliated with us, and start releasing more than one such DVD per year. But to start, we'll be doing this 'in house" project, and initial video tests and experiments are very promising and exciting.

Priorities for 2008 and beyond
We want to keep busy releasing lots of music on all our labels and imprints, year-round. We want to diversify the types of sounds we release. We want to get involved in visual music, and/or video art with a sound component. We want to continue dramatically expanding the offerings of the Hypnos Online Store. We want to do what we can, as a participant in the world's ambient music scene, to keep things active and thriving, to keep artists and listeners connected and aware. We want to use the Hypnos Forum, and our connections on places like MySpace, and our mailing lists, to keep the ideas flowing. We want to get our hands and our ears wrapped around a lot of great sounds.

We've said it before, but we're greatly appreciative of those of you out there supporting us, and our family of artists.


Yet another batch of new additions to the Hypnos Online Store, this time from "British ambient dronemeister" (thanks to Joe R on the Hypnos Forum for this) Andrew Chalk:

Andrew Chalk - Goldfall (Andrew Chalk section)
(Price: $21.99 import)
2007 ... (more/buy)
Andrew Chalk - The River that Flows into the Sands 1 (Andrew Chalk section)
(Price: $21.99 import)
2007 ... (more/buy)
Andrew Chalk - Shadows From The Album Skies 1 (Andrew Chalk section)
(Price: $23.99 import)
2007 ... (more/buy)
Andrew Chalk - Vega (Andrew Chalk section)
(Price: $23.99 import)
2007 ... (more/buy)
Andrew Chalk - Blue Eyes Of The March (Andrew Chalk section)
(Price: $23.99 import)
2007 ... (more/buy)

These releases feature wonderful, restrained and simple drone music, in some of the most beautiful and special hand-made packaging you'll ever see. No two copies are quite alike (though generally they do look like the pictures on the store listings), and the care that went into the design and assembly of each item is completely evident. Very special collector's items, though due to the exchange rate with Great Britain the prices are unavoidably higher than usual.


We're continuing to add new items to the Hypnos Online Store, even if we don't note it here, or on the store's front page "Hypnos Recommends" section, right away.

Markus Reuter and Robert Rich - Eleven Questions (Robert Rich section)
(Price: $15.99 import)
2007. This international collaboration was conceived, composed and recorded in person in one intense week at Robert Rich’s Soundscape studio in California. Robert Rich is arguably America's most highly regarded ambient musician and composer. With a discography spanning over 20 years, he is widely regarded as a figure whose sound has greatly influenced today‘s ambient, new age, and even IDM music. Touch Guritarist Markus Reuter is known for his adventurous work with Centrozoon and Tuner. Unlike most releases of the ambient/electronica genre, each piece on Eleven Questions has an instant appeal..... (more/buy)


New items in stock at the Hypnos Online Store, from the Faria label out of Russia. Also, the titles we already stocked have been price-reduced

Klaus Wiese - Divine Orbit (faria label)
(Price: $14.99 import)
Composed and recorded 1987, but never released, now officially released on CD through russian Label "Stillclouds", the official seller is Faria Records. Drone ambient in the classic style of Klaus Wiese, like albums "Qumra" and "Samarkand". CD is packed to digipack. Klaus Wiese: Keyboards, Voice. Ted de Jong: Tabla.... (more/buy)
Mathias Grassow & THomas Weiss - Outland (faria label)
(Price: $14.99 import)
2007. Russian import. A reflection from outer spaces in between the universe of our mind. A miniature of the endless space from far behind mankinds tangibility. To understand the real essence of the heart of the matter, often it is necessary to take a look from the distance. Just this distance shows structures and connections, which are otherwise impossible to see and grasp – because everyone himself is part of a certain situation. Therefore “Outland” stands for a journey into an “outer land”, to become an advanced view for realization. Luxury pack with artworks of Markus Vogt. Limited edition of 500 pieces... (more/buy)
Five Thousand Spirits - Synapse - Shaihulud (faria label)
(Price: $14.99 import)
2007. Russian import. Five Thousand Spirits - it is collaboration between Alio Die and Runes Order. What we will have if we will mix the best works of "Bad Sector" and "Klaus Schulze", to add in them deep ambient moods from "Alio Die" and hypnotic-trance analogue electronic from "Runes Order"? We shall have the delightful pearl which has collected in all best from different styles of intellectual electronics! The meeting of synthesist Raffaele Serra and Alio Die (supported this time by Zeit)create here an excellent quality of sound, in Synapse S. you will find the amazing moods and a lot of aesthetic pleasure. This is 5000 Spirits's treasure box, recommended to all music lovers. As always, each track is accompanied wonderful artwork of Sara Luciani, which develop the concept of album in art area. .... (more/buy)
Mathias Grassow, Rudiger Gleisberg, Amir Baghiri - Arcanum (faria label)
(Price: $14.99 import)
2007. Russian import. This is rerelease of legendary masterpiece from 3 famous german composers. "Arcanum" - it is collaboration of three different musical styles which creates a unique arcanum of excellent music. Mathias Grassow fills compositions his special deep mood drone ambient. Amir Baghiri adds his hypnotic percussions and Rudiger Gleisberg plays wonderful cosmic electronics. It will enjoyable to all music lovers! Previously released by Amplexus label as ltd of 500 copies at 1998 and totally sold out few years ago. Now rereleased with two bonus tracks, and luxury pack with artworks of Markus Vogt with several cards inside. ..... (more/buy)
Alio Die - The Flight of the Real Image (faria label)
(Price: $14.99 import)
2007. Russian import. This is re-released of old MCD (22 minutes) which has been released in 1993 limited edition of 1000 copies and sold out several years ago. Happy to present a full version of this great album, his length is 79 minutes. Classical sound of the maestro is harmoniously combined with his new experiments with a zither, flutes, bells and many others. Old materials were remastering and now sound very well. Release has five cards with installations of Italian painter Sara Luciani. These artworks are an integral part of the concept of an album. .... (more/buy)


Here's our latest from the Hypnos group of labels, this one on Hypnos Secret Sounds, by an artist new to us, Seren Ffordd.

Artist: Seren Ffordd
Title: Veils, Shadows
Label: Hypnos Secret Sounds hss13, limited cdr edition of 300

Seren Ffordd - Veils, Shadows

Veils, Shadows is the Hypnos debut of a unique talent, whose work is both mysterious and unusual, resulting in a sound at once listenable and challenging. Seren Ffordd has mostly been released on the Umbra and Penumbra labels operated (by Hypnos artist Oophoi) out of Italy, though the artist himself resides in Wales. His first connection to Hypnos came through the compilation CD Sounds of a Universe Overheard, but Hypnos released Veils, Shadows on Hypnos Secret Sounds before the compilation's release.

Describing Veils, Shadows, Seren Ffordd himself says:
"I had the idea of the title first, and wanted to explore something that had many shades and layers -- with some slow movements and some drones, but also some dynamics and unexpected changes. I wanted some pleasant harmonics but also edginess, sounds shifting in a way that could be dream-like but not soporific, like shadows coming out of the mists into more solid form before drifting off again... Overall Veils, Shadows is about other realms and perceptions."

Seren Ffordd is one of those few artists perfectly in tune with what we're trying to do here at Hypnos, which is explore atmospheres that are dark without being "industrial" or intentionally abrasive, rather more hypnotic and dreamy, with a dose of the surreal. We're pleased and excited to introduce his work to those listeners who are familiar with Hypnos, and interested in sound worlds like this, but who have not yet heard this particular sound. We're sure Seren Ffordd will end up being acclaimed and much-discussed in coming years.

Track listing (with mp3 sample clips):
01 Slow Passing 18:29 MP3 clip
02 River of Souls 12:01 MP3 clip
03 Distant Paths 16:53 MP3 clip
04 Veils, Shadows 16:37 MP3 clip

This limited CDR release, on the Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint, is available for purchase for $11.99 here


Here's an announcement from Echoes Radio regarding their feature of the Fulton/Reaves disc, The Range.

Friday 11/09

Synthesizer veterans team up on the electronic trail David Fulton was a founder of the veteran space music band, Dweller at the Threshold. Giles Reaves created an electronic classic in the 1980s with his debut album, Wunjo. Both musicians got together to create music born from their synthesizers in a cross country collaboration. We talk with David Fulton and Giles Reaves about their CD, The Range.


Recently we've been on a mission to expand the music offered through our Hypnos Store, and you've probably noticed the large number of updates saying "added new stuff for you to buy..." on this page. Well, it seems like people like to have more CDs available to buy, because they keep buying them, so we'll keep adding them. OK, it's a deal.

Latest additions come from the artist Milieu, who also releases material under his "real" name, Brian Grainger. You may have seen the Milieu release on the Infraction label, which we've been selling here for a while, but there are a number of other Milieu & Brian Grainger releases out there, and we'll be offering an increasing number of those here. For starters:

Milieu - Night Currents (CDR) (Milieu section)
(Price: $9.99 CDR)
2007. ..... (more) | (buy)
Milieu - Aurora Borealis (CDR) (Milieu section)
(Price: $9.99 CDR)
2007. ..... (more) | (buy)
Brian Grainger - The Fieldtriqp Reconstructions (CDR) (Milieu section)
(Price: $9.99 CDR)
2007. ..... (more) | (buy)
Brian Grainger - Cursive Light (CDR) (Milieu section)
(Price: $9.99 CDR)
2007. ..... (more) | (buy)
Brian Granger - Photoplay Music (CDR) (Milieu section)
(Price: $9.99 CDR)
2007. ..... (more) | (buy)
Milieu - Of the Apple (Milieu section)
(Price: $14.99)
2007. ..... (more) | (buy)


We have price reduced all listings on the Hypnos Online Store from the Czech label Nextera, which includes releases from Oophoi, Lustmord, Hafler Trio, and more.

Oophoi - Upuaut (Nextera edition) (Nextera label)
(Price: $14.99)
2007. Worth updating for the audio remastering, and the CD format (as opposed to the earlier CDR release) ... (more) | (buy)
Lustmord - Metavoid (Nextera label)
(Price: $13.99)
... (more) | (buy)
Lustmord - Zoetrope (Nextera label)
(Price: $13.99)
... (more) | (buy)
Oophoi & Tau Ceti - Subterranea (Nextera label)
(Price: $14.99)
... (more) | (buy)
Oophoi - Mare Imbrium (Nextera label)
(Price: $14.99)
... (more) | (buy)
Oophoi - Mare Tranquillitatis (Nextera label)
(Price: $14.99)
... (more) | (buy)
Oophoi - Hymns to a Silent Sky (Nextera label)
(Price: $14.99)
... (more) | (buy)
These are some of the most popular artists on the Hypnos store so it pleases us to be able to allow these items, following a bit of wheeling and dealing, at a reduced price.


A few new ones, and one significant re-stock, from the always-interesting Infraction label, added to the Hypnos Online Store.

Kiln - Thermals (Infraction label)
(Price: $14.99)
2007. Subtitled "Sonic-Carousels, Tonesheets, Loopstrata, And Slo-Wave Microsymphonies 1993-2000" Edition of 500 ... (more) | (buy)
Adam Pacione - From Stills to Motion (Infraction label)
(Price: $13.99)
2007. Packaged in a mini-lp gatefold style sleeve with an inner booklet of photographs and video stills by Adam Pacione... (more) | (buy)
Northern - Drawn (Infraction label)
(Price: $13.99)
2007. Debut release from Canada's Northern. Northern is all about clean digital samples and warm tones. northern is all about lovely guitar meanderings and skittering textures. Perhaps it is the frozen nature of Canada's landscape or the endearing dismay of the season's discontent that has transformed us. Winter reminds us all of polaroid pictures and places that exist only in dreams... (more) | (buy)
Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver (Infraction label)
(Price: $13.99)
2006. Where to begin? World Receiver is quite possibly the one seminal disc that defines what ambient music is. It is the modern version (although recorded in 1996) of Brian Eno's 'On Land'. In the middle of 1996, Inoue put together a recording combining atmospheric ambient and soundscapes evoking distant lands, faraway places. Nothing though particularly new to the followers of Inoue's work or in the field of ambient at that time. What separated "World Receiver" from Inoue's history and from the rest of the pack, was the seamless blending of environmental recordings literally from all over the world.

Price decreased, formerly $15.99... (more) | (buy)


As we continue our expansion of the Hypnos Online Store, we are pleased to add yet another new category which should be of interest to our listeners. This time, it's a new label founded by ambient artist Netherworld, best known for his works on Umbra, the label of his countryman Oophoi. This new label is called Glacial Movements.

Various - Cryosphere (Glacial Movements label)
(Price: $16.99)
2007. Out of print various artists compilation, debut release of the Glacial Movements label ... (more) | (buy)
Netherworld - Morketid (Glacial Movements label)
(Price: $15.99)
2007. Second release on the Glacial Movements label, this time by the label's founder, Netherworld ... (more) | (buy)
Rapoon - Time Frost (Glacial Movements label)
(Price: $15.99)
2007. Third release on the Glacial Movements label by Rapoon, an artist who certainly needs no introduction to most customers of the Hypnos store... (more) | (buy)


One more new addition to the Oophoi section of the Hypnos Online Store... this is the reissue on the Czech label, Nextera (which has also been releasing music by Lustmord and Hafler Trio lately) of Oophoi's well-regarded early release, Upuaut.

Oophoi - Upuaut (Nextera edition) (Umbra/Penumbra section)
(Price: $15.99)
2007. Worth updating for the audio remastering, and the CD format (as opposed to the earlier CDR release) ... (more) | (buy)

Several more Oophoi & Umbra label releases have been restocked recently so check that Umbra/Penumbra section if there are items you've been seeking.


There's always a lot of immediate interest in items from the Umbra & Penumbra labels (operated by Hypnos artist and friend Oophoi), so here are a couple of new things added to the Hypnos Online Store.

Kenji Siratori - Callous Cell (ltd cdr) (Umbra/Penumbra section)
(Price: $15.99, ltd. cdr)
2007. ... (more) | (buy)
Perceptual defence/Roberto Bucci - Free Sounds After 24h Silence (Umbra/Penumbra section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd. EP-length cdr)
2007.Penumbra CDs are usually about 20 minutes long ... (more) | (buy)

We've also restocked a large number of earlier Umbra & Penumba releases so if you're looking for something that's been unavailable for a while (and the Oophoi discs in particularly always run out fast), take a look.


Coming up on the last day of our one-week sale, but still adding items to the Hypnos Store, this time by Hafler Trio.

Hafler Trio - Ignotium Per Ignotius (Hafler Trio section)
(Price: $16.99)
2007 issue on Korm Plastics label in deluxe, unusual packaging ... (more) | (buy)
Hafler Trio, The / Colin Potter / Andrew Liles - 3 Eggs (Hafler Trio section)
(Price: $17.99)
2006. This album was originally recorded to be a tour only item. However, the tour had to be cancelled but the disc was not. Packaged in a deluxe 12 panel fold out cover. Limited edition of 1000... (more) | (buy)
Hafler Trio - A Thirsty Fish (2CD) (Hafler Trio section)
(Price: $24.99, 2CD)
Originally released by Touch as a double LP. This version is remastered for optimum sound quality. Comes with a booklet, little poster & postcard. Limited to 825 copies... (more) | (buy)
Hafler Trio - A Pressed-On Sandwich (Hafler Trio section)
(Price: $15.99)
This nutritious fare was prepared by Colin Potter at IC Studio, Preston, UK in 2005, using the finest Icelandic ingredients suplied by The Hafler Trio. Colin Potter explains: "I attended The Hafler Trio performance of 'How to slice a loaf of bread' in Preston and was very impressed on many different levels. During a discussion with Andrew McKenzie after the event, he suggested that we might try a joint project. Shortly afterwards he sent me some of the original source material from the performance. It was my intention to preserve the overall shape & sense of the material, but at the same time move it to another (sonic)place. I hope I have achieved this, by a process of reformation." Limited to 1010 copies... (more) | (buy)
Hafler Trio - An Utterance of the Supreme Ventriloquist (Hafler Trio section)
(Price: $18.99)
2005. “An Utterance of the Supreme Ventriloquist” was originally issued by Soleilmoon in 1996 in a hand-numbered edition of 451 clear vinyl Lps. Now, nine years later, it’s being released for the first time on compact disc. “Utterance” consists of two 21-minute pieces, “Placing the Seed” and “Seeding the Place”. It’s psychedelic head-trip that reaches a similar plane of consciousness occupied by Nurse With Wound. The material has been completely remastered for maximum digital appreciation, and is presented in a deluxe embossed folder with lavishly printed inserts, all wrapped in semi-transparent paper, very much in the style of the recent reissues of “The Sea Org” and “Mastery of Money”. This compact disc edition is strictly limited to 1000 copies.... (more) | (buy)
Hafler Trio - Being a Firefighter Isn't Just About Squirting Water (Hafler Trio section)
(Price: $12.99)
Out of print, packaged in a deluxe three panel hand-screened sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies. 20 minutes only. ... (more) | (buy)


For the weekend, which takes us almost through our special, fancy one-week-only sale, we have some new featured items for the Hypnos Store, from the Infraction label, which is just about the best thing going lately if you want to talk about nifty ambient & experimental record labels.

Andrew Liles - New York Doll (2CD) (Infraction label)
(Price: $17.99, 2CD)
... (more) | (buy)
Ultra Milkmaids & Aidan Baker - At home with... (Infraction label)
(Price: $12.99)
... (more) | (buy)
Koda - Movements (Infraction label)
(Price: $12.99)
... (more) | (buy)
Andrew Liles - All Closed Doors (Infraction label)
(Price: $12.99)
... (more) | (buy)
Colin Potter - See (Infraction label)
(Price: $12.99)
... (more) | (buy)
Zammuto - Solutiore of Stareau: Disc One (Infraction label)
(Price: $12.99)
... (more) | (buy)


Our "one week only" coupon sale (see Wednesday's update below) is going great, so here are a couple of new additions, special collectible out of print CDs found in a box in Hypnos HQ... and just added to the Hypnos Store unti they're gone!

Alio Die & Yannick Dauby - Descendre Cinq Lacs au Travers d'une Voile (Amplexus/Silentes label)
(Price: $19.99)
One copy only, out of print and rare (if the "buy" link below returns an error, that means it's already gone)... (more) | (buy)
Matthias Grassow/Klaus Weise - Mercurius (Special Edition) (Amplexus/Silentes label)
(Price: $24.99 limited)
Two copies only of this limited version (100 copies were made), now out of print and rare (if the "buy" link below returns an error, that means they'realready gone)... (more) | (buy)


A few times a year we here at Hypnos make available short-term special deals for the Hypnos Online Store, and right now, we have a couple of discount coupon codes, valid for the next week only.

We have dozens of recent additions to the store, so even if you've visited in the last week, there are new, interesting items, including new Hypnos releases and rare collectibles.

These coupon codes are valid at the Hypnos store between now and October 16th, 2007. Use one of these codes to get 05% off any order, or 10% off any order of $75 or more. Only 1 coupon per order, so using both codes won't get you 15% off a big order...but you're welcome to use one or both codes multiple times between now and 10-16-2007. Those codes are:

(05% off any order, no limit, expires 10/16/07)

CODE = 10OCT75
(10% off any order over $75, no limit, expires 10/16/07)

Here's a direct link to the Hypnos Store.

Thanks for all your support through our first decade, from Hypnos Recordings!

2007.10.09 (later)

Just a few remaining items from the big batch of new additions to the Hypnos Store from this past weekend. This time, just a few assorted items.

Nick Parkin - Descent (Hic Sunt Leones label)
(Price: $19.99)
Out of print collectible import, just a couple more copies discovered. New and never-played, not shrink-wrapped (received this way from the label)... (more) | (buy)
Objekt4 - Her Face Among the Shadows (miscellaneous section)
(Price: $11.99)
New dark ambient, would appeal to fans of Raison d'Etre or Lustmord, or the Cyclic Law label. See listing for detailed reviews... (more) | (buy)
Maeror Tri - Hypnobasia/Ultimate Time (2CDR) (miscellaneous section)
(Price: $17.99, 2CDR)
2005 release on Old Europa Cafe label, combining two previously out of print Maeror Tri releases... (more) | (buy)
Thanks for looking & listening, everyone.


Here's a sort of gallery of upcoming Hypnos and Hypnos Secret Sounds CDs, images only.

Various - Sounds of a Universe Overhead

Seren Ffordd - Veils, Shadows

M. Griffin - Fabrications

Austere - Solyaris

Various - Message From a Subatomic World

2007.10.08 (latest)

Here's the last of the items added to the Hypnos Online Store this weekend. This time, we have items from the Projekt, Amplexus and Nextera labels (and we've created a new section for Nextera considering how many of the label's releases we've been carrying, previously stuck into the Lustmord & Oophoi sections for the most part), plus the "Top Sellers - Rapoon" area.

Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana - Somewhere Else (from Ascension of Shadows) (Projekt label)
(Price: $13.99)
Single CD distillation of material from the 3CD set, Ascension of Shadows... (more) | (buy)
Amir Baghiri - Blue Box (4CD) (Amplexus/Silentes labels)
(Price: $27.99, 4CD)
Special lower price. The 4 CDs are packaged in a clear big jewel box with a 16 pages booklet with full notes and photos. Limited to 600 copies.... (more) | (buy)
Klaus Wiese - Perfume (Nextera label)
(Price: $14.99)
... (more) | (buy)
Klaus Wiese & Dotek Ticha - Tibetske Misy (Nextera label)
(Price: $13.99)
... (more) | (buy)
Rapoon/Cisfinitum - Mental Travellers (ltd) (Rapoon section)
(Price: $17.99)
Limited collaboration with Cisfinitum, only 500 copies, and Rapoon's stuff always sells out and then people complain ... (more) | (buy)
Rapoon - Church Road (ltd) (Rapoon section)
(Price: $19.99)
Extremely limited live recording, only 300 copies, yikes ... (more) | (buy)
Rapoon & Birds of Tin - Monomyth (Rapoon section)
(Price: $10.99)
Special reduced price for a limited time ... (more) | (buy)
Once again, we appreciate you lending us your ears and eyes.

2007.10.08 (later)

Still more items added to the Hypnos Online Store over this past weekend. This time, we have items from the following labels: FAX, Databloem/Dataobscura, Infraction, and Groove.

Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue - 2350 Broadway (2CD) (FAX label)
(Price: $34.99, 2CD)
A few more copies found! One of the true, classic, major releases of the Fax label, now out of print and highly collectible. These last remaining copies are new and never played, but not shrink-wrapped (this is how they arrived from the German distributor).... (more) | (buy)
Lammergeyer - Borders & Barrens (Databloem/Dataobscura labels)
(Price: $13.99)
Sonic explorations of isolation, distances, and landscapes. The fourth Lammergeyer release. Borders & Barrens follows the same general style as previous Lammergeyer releases, delving even deeper into sonic explorations of isolation, distance, and the mood of landscapes. The scene is coastlines, misty headlands, desolate marshes, barren moors and their mysterious solitude. The music is richly atmospheric, studded with inventive detail and drawn-out, almost subconscious melodies. It is a music with underlying emotion, and is a journey not to be missed.... (more) | (buy)
Jason Corder & Opium - thepresentday (Databloem/Dataobscura labels)
(Price: $13.99)
2006. Drones and ethnic elements are interwoven with percussive minimalism to create a flowing long-form work of seven fascinating movements. .... (more) | (buy)
Andrew Liles - New York Doll (2CD) (Infraction label)
(Price: $17.99, 2CD)
... (more) | (buy)
Ron Boots - Tainted Bare Skin (Groove label)
(Price: $13.99)
One of the most popular albums we've ever sold from the Groove label, or its co-founder Ron Boots... a few copies back in stock ... (more) | (buy)
Thanks again for your listening & shopping shopping attention!


Many new items, in several categories, added to the Hypnos Online Store this weekend... this batch including Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana (as Dirk Serries), Steven Wilson, Austere, and Nathan Siter.

Nathan Siter - Exosphere (Plague Recordings label)
(Price: $13.99)
2007. Highly praised debut album, limited to 300 copies, housed in cardboard sleeve. 61 minutes of icy ambient, isolating scapes and pulsing rhythms..... (more) | (buy)
Steve Roach - Lost Pieces 4 (Steve Roach section)
(Price: $14.99)
2007. With this 4th edition of the Lost Pieces series at hand, it's clear more than ever that these unique releases seem to have a curious way of taking on an interconnected life of their own...... (more) | (buy)
Continuum (Steven Wilson/Dirk Serries) - Continuum 2 (Vidna Obmana section)
(Price: $14.99)
2007. Continuum represents a multi-layered synonym for the collective ambition and vision of Dirk Serries (VidnaObmana, Fear Falls Burning) and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Bass Communion, Blackfield)...... (more) | (buy)
Austere - Mirror ("rirroM") (Vidna Obmana section)
(Price: $12.99)
2007. The album 'mirror', properly spelled 'rorrim', is the latest release in 2007 by the anonymous ambient/minimist duo Austere. This CD is the culmination of work over a two year period. While each track on the CD was written and recorded in different sessions, they come together as a whole under the theme of "a mirror" - each track is a reflection of itself, beginning and ending the same, building to a peak (or settling to a nadir) exactly at the midpoint. Combined with a highly unique and quite beautiful mirror-like packaging, this release is a great addition to any collection of great ambient music....... (more) | (buy)
Thanks, happy shopping!


In coordination with the release of Stephen Philips new album on Hypnos, Into the Dark, we've added a ton of Stephen Philips CDs (and other discs from Stephen's label, Dark Duck Records), to the Hypnos Online Store.

Stephen Philips - Cycles 1 (Dark Duck Records label)
(Price: $12.99, cdr)
"Stephen Philips' first in his Cycles series shows him charting out dense and serene ambient landscapes that speak to the listener with a very consonant and minimalist vocabulary. Philips' work is always fantastic, and in his Cycles series his work is at its best. Cycles 1 is a long-running, long-form composition that clocks in at just over 66 minutes. In that time, Philips crafts a beautiful landscape that is unique, but at the same time similar to James Johnson's Entering Twilight and in places very much like Vidna Obmana's Landscape in Obscurity, only it's not as rough and as obviously looped. With Cycles 1, Philips has masterfully created a work of calming and contemplative serenity. This work, though, can't be without Cycles 2, 2000s Cycles 3, and hilips' Desert Landscapes. For those looking for a starting point to Philips' massive catalog, this is as good a place to start as any, but it's recommended that listeners hear all of the Cycles series as one, long-running sonic excursion."
--Matt Borghi, All Music Guide.... (more) | (buy)
Stephen Philips - Cycles 3 (Dark Duck Records label)
(Price: $12.99, cdr)
"Stephen Philips' Cycles 3 is some of his spookiest work. There are elements of hilips' regular harmonic and sonic vocabulary in this recording, but for Cycles 3, subtitled Drone Symphony in E, Philips has taken a different turn as far as the overall ambient sound is concerned. The three works that make up the Cycles series should be played together, continuously rather than individually; and it's with that structural playing order in mind that Philips has truly deviated from his original course with the previous two works in the Cycles series. It's almost as if he's taken listeners from a sort of dreamtime excursion into some kind of almost-industrial ambient space that seems to be the background sound-setting for one of the refinery or boiler room scenes from the Nightmare on Elm Street movie series. For all of this work's differences, though, it truly adds to the cohesiveness of the Cycles series. Individually this is an excellent recording, and while it's a little rougher than the previous two works, it still has a wonderful edginess to it, as well as a strange and inviting sonic treatment. It's recommended that listeners become familiar with the Cycles 1 and Cycles 2 before they try to broach this recording, as the two segue naturally into Cycles 3."
--Matt Borghi, All Music Guide .... (more) | (buy)
Stephen Philips - Cycles 4 (Dark Duck Records label)
(Price: $12.99, cdr)
2002. " Prolific experimentalist Stephen Philips returns with another exploration of the extreme edges of electronic music, Cycles 4. This undivided piece runs for about an hour, taking the brave listener through spaces of submarine gloom and lightless depths. In the first half of the piece, there are semi-melodic elements of recognizable notes, moving against blurred, murky backgrounds. Echoing, repeated “ping” noises suggest the old-fashioned sonar on a submarine. In the middle of the piece, the notes fade off into industrial drones, spacey oscillations, and toneless humming. As Cycles 4 oozes into its last third, the sound bottoms out in throbbing, woofer-taxing sub-bass drones, ultra-low-frequency sound suitable for cetaceans in the depths of the ocean. Philips, in an ironically traditional gesture, reprises some of the “theme” notes of its early minutes at some points in the piece, including at the end. If you want an audible atmosphere for the abyss, then Philips’ Cycles 4 is your soundtrack."
--Hannah M.G. Shapero .... (more) | (buy)
Stephen Philips - Cycles 5 (Dark Duck Records label)
(Price: $12.99, cdr)
A single hour-long track of "deep chill" music... "Random Occurrences Within The Realm of Organized Thought".... (more) | (buy)
Stephen Philips - Cycles 6 (Dark Duck Records label)
(Price: $12.99, cdr)
2007. Aquatic in nature...textural by definition .... (more) | (buy)
Stephen Philips - Desert Landscapes (Dark Duck Records label)
(Price: $12.99, cdr)
This CD has been re-mastered and re-issued December 2002. This is the classic Deep Chill Network recording DESERT LANDSCAPES, originally released in 1999. This new pressing gets all new cover art and packaging and well as being sonically re-mastered from the original master tapes. The sonic clarity of the new masters reveal subtle sounds and nuances that were lost in the original release.... (more) | (buy)
Stephen Philips - The Sobbing Stone (Dark Duck Records label)
(Price: $12.99, cdr)
2007. This CD is the complete score of original material composed and performed by Stephen Philips. Musically, it is dark and haunting ambient.

"Science can't explain it. No one can. A seemingly ordinary stone has been brought to the attention of four of the best paranormal experts in the world. As the hours progress, they find out why. The stone emits sounds, in no particular order, and no one can record them. But why? And how can it do this? This chilling discovery haunts them to the core of their minds and souls... but they can't escape the Sobbing Stone. What they find is a kind of truth that will change their lives forever. The Sobbing Stone... you've got to hear it... to believe."
--- Stacie Jones.... (more) | (buy)
Deep Chill Network - Dreams 5 (Dark Duck Records label)
(Price: $12.99, cdr)
2007. More deep chill somber sleepy time ambient from the masters. Deep atmospheric dream themes. This one starts off with some slightly more active music at the beginning and gets more chilled out as it goes along..... (more) | (buy)

And of course, you may purchase the latest from Stephen Philips on Hypnos, Into the Dark for $12.99 by visiting here.

We have plenty of other Stephen Philips and Dark Duck items, which we'll feature here soon, or you can just go check out the Dark Duck Records section on the Hypnos store.

2007.10.03 (later)

Here's a big "catch up" posting of reviews for Numina's Shift to the Ghost. If you're not interested in reading reviews, or don't care about Numina, or just can't stand big long blocks of text, please move along!

"This release from 2006 features 70 minutes of eerie tuneage. Numina is Jesse Sola. Pensive tonalities rise to insinuate a portentous presence into a brooding darkness. It's a tenuous presence, however; one that exhibits little animation, watching with unseen eyes and subtly influencing its immediate environs. Sighing electronic textures undulate with luxurious determination. Ethereal waves seep across the firmament, occluding silence with a translucent demeanor. A liquid undercurrent aids this vaporous resonance. Buried in the atmospheric flow are hints of violins and drawn cellos, so deeply immersed that they could well be illusionary sounds. Also lurking in the mix are traces of more demonstrative electronics, but pulsations actually surface to calmly dominate the ambience and generate a savory tension. An eerie mien permeates these songs, but there's nothing ominous or threatening about these sonic ghosts. They are congenial spirits, conveying wisdom and introspection to the listener. Sola's predilection for seasoning his pure ambience with softly churning activity imbues this music with a seductive quality. The compositions maintain a resolute dedication to a borderland between minimalism and density, producing tuneage that glimmers with implications as it seethes with gossamer vitality. Harmonic passages are tinged with evocative substance."
--Reviewed by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity, www.soniccuriosity.com

"a Great album. calmful and dark beauty, Highly Recommended!"
--Parallel Worlds, on the Hypnos Forum

"Interesting what a bit of non-musical research can do to maximize interpretivity of musical meaning and “explain” an artist’s sound. Basic etymological digging to illumine Numina as plural of the Latin numen meaning “divine majesty.” Further archaeology to reveal the “numinous,” coined by German theologian Rudolf Otto, as that which is “wholly other,” leading variously to belief in deities, the supernatural, the sacred, the holy, and the transcendent. Numina’s conceptual universe thus mapped, Hypnos’ blurb handily trails the title’s ambit as “the life and death of the physical self.” Quick switch in research strategy: the general info section on a musician’s MySpace page is an interesting gauge, especially where “influences” are concerned. Some opt for reticence, as if putting their music above possible connection with anyone else. Others, though, will quite happily reel off a long-as-your-arm list. Numina cites Steve Roach, vidnaObmana, Robert Rich, Lycia, Raison d'etre, Michael Brook, Delerium, Enigma, Dead Can Dance, The Unquiet Void, Cocteau Twins, The Orb, and This Mortal Coil. Revealing, as well as being refreshingly honest, it suggests Jesse Sola wouldn’t mind admitting that Numina bears imprints of the signature sounds of others. And indeed, were you to extrapolate from this list (factoring in beatlessness), you’d likely arrive at the sound of Shift to the Ghost. Essentially a long-form continuous piece, it bears seven track markers enabling perception of stages of navigation through the work and the distinct moods cycled through. Numina music is a blend of synthesized ambient and classic spacemusic, its drones river-deep rather than abyssal, at times somber and mournful (“Spiral Reminders”), even Goth-like (“Light Travelling”), at others majestic and seeking to surge towards the light (the finale “The Hostless Ghost”). The whole is imbued with a palpable caché of those earlier mentioned mystical metaphysical elements. The prevailing sonic dynamic of breathing, oozing, slow flow adumbrates a drift-zone familiar to ambient-space aficionados from mid-period vidnaObmana. Synthetic architectures, for example, have resonances of that artist’s ’90s Extreme (Echoing Delight) and Projekt (Crossing the Trail) releases. Magisterial opener “Secret Souls” also bears more than passing resemblance to Roach’s “Begin Where I End” (the final track on Artifacts). While Ghost is not sufficiently distinguished for that elevated company, and signals no great development from previous releases Eye of the Nautilus and Sanctuary of Dreams, it is decidely the most eloquent statement of Numina’s spiritual space manifesto yet."
--Alan Lockett, www.ei-mag.com

"Jesse Sola’s latest release under the Numina name brings us another class assortment of deep dark dreamy ambience. Dedicated to the concept of death and passage into the afterlife, the music swirls about, alternating between dark and light, though often the former. Throughout there is a sense of mystery. “Secret Souls” starts with a long slow fade, virtually imperceptible for the first minute or so. Dark pads ebb and flow as vaguely female choir sounds emanate from the mix here and there. Each track segues seamlessly into the next. Gurgling water sounds announce the arrival of track two, “Through the Unseen Barrier,” which has a brighter, shimmering timbre to it. Some gentle sequencing even makes a surprise albeit welcome appearance, probably my favorite on the disc. The cleverly titled “Spiral Reminders” aptly has a circular sound, with an interesting interplay between two primary tones, one higher and one lower. “Arrival to Nowhere” is another where the name matches the mood quite well, a formless floater. On the other hand, “Light Traveling” is perhaps the darkest sounding. It also has a highly pronounced panning effect from left to right throughout the entire piece. Two more lengthy sonic sojourns close out the ethereal journey."
© 2007 Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

"In crafting a sonic narrative of the journey from life to afterlife, Numina has created a listening experience that is utterly immersive, a set of pieces that pull you in so deeply that trying to find adequate words for them once you’ve surfaced is difficult. This is signature Numina, moving as slowly as sleeping breath, elegant layers laid thickly upon layers with a certain and graceful hand. Sound textures course across the skin and into the spirit, coaxing the listener with warmth, beauty and imagery. This is the sound of the soul departing, and the sense of the journey itself. Rhythms rise only where they’re needed, as in the dramatic push of “Through the Unseen Barrier.” Shift... is heavy with well-realized aural scenery and emotive tones that fully suit Numina’s intent. The slightly serrated drift of “Arrival to Nowhere” points up the disk’s embrace of dark awe, and “Light Travelling” celebrates the upward release from being with some intriguing sonic turbulence. Who knew crossing over felt this good? There’s a distinct sense of the sacred here in hushed hymnal tones and choral whispers. There is the pull of coerced introspection, and a pure, overarching beauty. There’s not a moment on this disk that isn’t eminently listenable, down to the final quiet exhalations of the gorgeous closer, “The Hostless Ghost.” And that’s why Shift to the Ghost is another Hypnagogue Highly Recommended CD from Numina."
--Reviewed by John @ Hypnogogue

That's all for now. If you want to buy Numina's CD, here's a picture and a link to the page on the store:

Hypnos Online Store listing


Hypnos artist and friend vidnaObmana who is now recording as Fear Falls Burning, passes along this list of upcoming concert dates for his European tour with Jesu:

JESU + FEAR FALLS BURNING European tour December 2007

Date /Country/City/Venue
Mon 3rd France Paris @ La Locomotive
Tue 4th Belgium Kortrijk @ De Kreun
Wed 5th Netherlands Amsterdam @ Paradiso
Thu 6th Germany Cologne @ Werkstatt
Fri 7th Germany Berlin @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
Sat 8th Germany Dresden @ Star Club
Sun 9th Czech Republic Prague @ Palac Akropolis
Mon 10th Austria Vienna @ Arena
Wed 12th Italy Milan @ The Garage
Thu 13th Switzerland Lausanne @ Le Romandie
Fri 14th France Strasbourg @ La Laiterie
Sat 15th Netherlands Den Haag @ State-X New Forms Festival
Sun 16th France Reims @ La Cartonnerie

read the blog : http://fearfallsburning.blogspot.com/

So, if you're just about anywhere in Western Europe, maybe you'll want to take a little trip to see Fear Falls Burning


More review updates, today Night Heat by Rigel Orionis.

"The musical landscape of Night Heat, as crafted by Jim Brenholts in his Rigel Orionis guise, is barren, sparse and more than a little intimidating. It's open tundra under an uncaring sun, a journey of a thousand tortured yet unavoidable steps. And it's stunning. The piece kicks off with a strong tribal sensibility with "The Damp Dessert," where potently hypnotic drums pulse over quavering, slightly discordant synth textures. This is music to completely lose yourself in if you dare. It's an invitation to journey, but you know the destination will be somewhere dark and utterly foreign. After 20 minutes of floating bliss, Brenholts segues into the insanely and brilliantly sparse "Arctic Sunstroke." Prior to hearing this piece, if you had suggested that I would willingly listen to 22 minutes of nothing but a shaker, random electronic burbles and a quietly keening synthetic wind, I would have patted you on the head and sent you on your way. But having listened to it, including the roughly 10-minute stretch where it's absolutely nothing but the shaker and a very pared-down, constant wind, I find it astonishing—you know, in a very minimalist way. Clockwork urgency hovers in the background of "Drastic Eventuality," a piece rife with subtlety and suggestion. Between this and the closer, "Centrifugal," the disk truly enters ambient territory, where all pretension to musicality is replaced by pure sensation, effect and the sense of things going on at the periphery of understanding. It works better in "Eventuality" than in "Centrifugal," which is 25 minutes of murmuring voices, barely audible drones and dark atmospherics. Length is one of Night Heat's greatest assets. These long-form pieces allow the listener to fall fully into and appreciate Brenholts' minimalist complexities. Each piece is hypnotic in its own way, complete journeys in and of themselves, pieced together to create a mind-massaging, cooly immersive experiece overall."
--Reviewed by John @ Hypnogogue

"This CD from 2007 offers 79 minutes of controlled chaos. Rigel Orionis is Jim Brenholts, who plays loops, found sounds, ocarina, lap harp, acoustic guitar, mountain dulcimer, and various chimes, whistles and samples to achieve quirky soundscapes. Strange resonances saturate the first track, beleaguered by muffled percussives and quivering noises. Ethereal textures waver and throb while hesitant embellishments punctuate the ambience with a plodding presence. The second piece combines shakers with gurgling waters and a spectral bearing. Whispers that could be voices (but aren't) filter through the mix, hinting at arctic fairies. A surge of frigid electronics seeps in, ebbs, then experiences a climactic resurgence before harsh tones and wicked bells crash in and command the sonic terrain. Rattlings and remote chitterings generate a mechanical agitation in the third track. Faint tonalities inspire a tension that gnaws at the edge of the mix. The final piece spins a web of gravitonic waves that seem to draw in peripheral sounds like a sonic black hole. An overall grind dominates this consumption until finally everything seems to dwindle down a cosmic rabbit hole. Generally more atonal than harmonic, these compositions exemplify seductive experiments with sound construction."
--Reviewed by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity, www.soniccuriosity.com

Rigel Orionis - Night Heat (ltd. cdr)

Track listing, with MP3 sample clips:
1. The Damp Desert (21:58)
2. Arctic Sunstroke (21:07)
3. Drastic Eventuality (09:58)
4. Centrifugal (26:13)

Hypnos Online Store listing


Continuing to work on collecting and uploading reviews... today it's a few reviews of Pulse by Austere.

"This release from 2006 offers 53 minutes of extreme minimalism. Ephemeral tonalities gather, thickening the air with the illusion of density. In actuality, the ambience is extreme and understated. Misty pulsations surround the listener, wafting delicately along the auditory canals. The intent is sedation, but not the somnambulant kind. This music is encoded with alpha waves along with subtle bi-aural panning, producing a mood of relaxed concentration intended to facilitate creative activity in the brain. The structure seems unchanging, but auxiliary textures sneak in over time, craftily altering the flow. Deeper tones rise to slowly overwhelm the nucleus drone, only to be supplanted by other rarefied tones. The illusion of immobility is quite deceptive. Comprising a single long track, this music possesses a loving dedication to undisturbed serenity. The stimulation achieved by this tuneage could well go unnoticed unless the audience engages in cognition."
--Reviewed by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity, www.soniccuriosity.com

"There’s essentially no way to listen to the duo Austere’s new CD, Pulse, and be able to comment cogently on the entire thing. Because at a point somewhere around the 15- to 25-minute mark, your brain simply surrenders, having been lulled and massaged into complete relaxation, and just starts interpreting the sounds as a direct order to go into a deep theta state and stay there. It will, however, retain the memory of warm, droning synth pads of misleading simplicity that waft easily and steadily onward, never in a hurry to do anything but not hurry; eon-long chords convincingly demonstrating how easy it is to simply be, only ever changing slightly, and then just to become more definitively what they had been in the first place—gentle and relaxing. Pulse is ideal background music and perfect for sleep-listening. Pleasant dreams."
--Reviewed by John @ Hypnogogue

"Last in a series of three Austere works applying ambient principles to minimalist practice (and vice versa), Pulse follows 1998’s Convergence and 2004’s Eco. This enigmatic pair are psychoactive musical practitioners, deploying a processing technique referred to as “Brainwave Encoding”: barely perceptible binaural panning generates spatial sound characteristics to enhance brainwaves and foster certain “mind states”. A still vital element in Reichian minimalism’s legacy—the phase shift technique—is also featured here: recurring identical motifs initially run in parallel, imperceptible shifts slowly taking them out of sync with each other, then back in again. The result is a long format piece whose surface is one of apparent statis, gradually revealing a longitudinally evolving deeper structure. Recall Reich’s enduring maxim: “to facilitate closely detailed listening a musical process should happen extremely gradually.” So much for minimalism. As for ambient principles, Pulse’s stated function of promoting a state of relaxed concentration or disposition toward creative activity bears strong echoes of Neroli (subtitled Thinking Music, remember). And further appeals are made in accompanying commentary to established Enovian ambient principles of music as environmental tint - as psychoactive prosthetic. Austere profess to being inspired by Coil, Eno, SotL, and Robert Rich, and there is substance to their profession. Drones are wafted out into soft ambient clouds of minimal tonal vapor, initially interspersed with rests, then becoming denser and more overlapping as the phase-shifting kicks in, with the faint suggestion of a metallic echo halo constantly reconfiguring itself. With so little figure to grab onto, all being ground and field, the listener may range freely, dipping in and out with attentivity off the leash. Such spaces being all about the same tonemass swelling up and falling, infinitely recurring with minimal variativity, it’s important that the warp and weft of texture is sufficently beguiling, and Austere, while living up to their no-frills nomenclature, demonstrate themselves to be well-versed in the subtleties of these timbral dark arts."
--Alan Lockett, e/i Magazine

Austere - Pulse (ltd. cdr)

Track listing:
Pulse is a single track, 53 minutes long.

MP3 sample clips: This is the way Pulse sounds near the beginning, near the middle, and near the end.

Hypnos Online Store listing


We've been wanting to build a "Hypnos Radio" type of MP3 player that could play a selection of tracks from our various CDs, and have almost come up with a satisfactory version. For now, here's an MP3 player jukebox setup to play sample tracks from Lena's new CD, Extended Gestures For Cello, also available on the Hypnos Online Store at this link.

Lena - Extended Gestures For Cello (hss.08)

We'd like to refine the presentation a bit, and then we'll start to offer a mix of tracks from Hypnos (and Binary and Hypnos Secret Sounds) CDs over the years.

2007.09.28 (later)

Following the earlier announcement about Seren Ffordd, I posted a more complete update encompassing many upcoming projects, to the Hypnos Forum and the Hypnos page on myspace, and I though that would be a good fit here as well.

1. The compilation Sounds of a Universe Overheard is just about ready to go to the pressing plant, but I need to get the "track credits" for one of the tracks, and that's all that's holding it up. The master is done and the rest of the package design/artwork is settled.

2. The second Hypnos compilation doesn't have a title or artwork yet but it looks like it should be a good one, with tracks by Oophoi, Numina, Stephen Philips and Svartsinn already lined up, and a few others likely to come in during October once I open the floodgates.

3. Lena is planning to curate a compilation with the rather politically incorrect code name of "Girl Ambient" which will collect (obviously) ambient works by females only. She has been making some good contacts (mostly via Myspace, since no females dare to enter this Forum for some reason) and I think rather than being a "gimmick" this should actually end up being pretty cool, from the bits and samples I've heard.

4. We've just come to agreement with Seren Ffordd to release his full-length album Veils, Shadows on Hypnos Secret Sounds very soon. This album is just so, so cool... you'll see!

5. My own Fabrications is really close to being done! It will definitely be released in October or November 2007.

6. Solyaris by Austere will come out by the end of 2007, and will be on the main Hypnos label rather than Hypnos Secret Sounds, which saw the release of Austere's Pulse a few months back. We don't have artwork for this one yet but the master is totally done and ready to go (and actually was presented at the same time as Pulse).

7. We have two other artists lined up who have agreed in general terms to do releases on the Secret Sounds imprint very soon, but I won't name them here yet, so as not to jinx any remaining discussions or negotiations.

8. A Binary label compilation is something we want to do soon. I had hoped to get it done during 2007 but it might slip back to 08.

9. Same goes for the launch of the Binary Explorer Series, a sublabel to Binary in vaguely the same sense as HSS to Hypnos. The idea is there but we haven't started to implement any specific releases yet.

10. The first Hypnos video DVD release, Vapors and Magnetism, which will feature experimental video abstraction and collage by M. Griffin (me) with exclusive audio tracks by others (not decided yet, though I've spoken to a few people about contributing), is still in the works but far enough away that it is unlikely to see release during 2007. Still a definitely-planned release, and not only that but the idea of video DVDs in general is something we would like to pursue regularly once we get this first one launched.

I think that's it for now, though things are moving quickly here and more updates will be needed soon. If you want to discuss or comment upon any of the above, do so here.


Just a quick news burst: Hypnos is pleased to announce that we will soon release the newest full-length CD by Seren Ffordd, Veils, Shadows. Seren Ffordd is best-known for releasing several full-length and EP-length discs on the Umbra and Penumbra labels, which are overseen by Italian ambient/drone master, Oophoi.

Veils, Shadows will appear on our Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint, and furthermore a track by Seren Ffordd will also appear on our upcoming compilation, Sounds of a Universe Overheard. We expect his relationship with Umbra/Penumbra will continue, and we are pleased to be able to take some part in helping to expose the work of this fascinating and challenging new artist. More information on this release will be available soon.

For now, plenty of Seren Ffordd CDs may be found here.

We are also in discussions with at least two other artists about first-time releases on the Secret Sounds imprint, and hope to have solidified plans with regard to these potential projects fairly soon. 2007 has been a great year for the Hypnos family of labels, and 2008 should be even better!


For today, it's a couple of reviews of Lena's CD single Alchemy of Fingers and Dark... that's right, not the just-released album, but the CD single that served as a preview of the album. Here we go:

"This CD from 2007 features 70 minutes of ambient deconstructions of music from Lena's "Extended Gestures for Cello" album. Lena plays acoustic cello. Taking turns at the demix board are: M. Griffin, Austere, and the Mystifying Oracle. Cello is as cello does: sawing expressions of terse vibrations usually found at the bottom of classical recitals. Here, however, those dark notes are subjected to contemporary electronic treatments, infusing the drones with unearthly character and spectral verve. Ghostly passages grip the audience's attention, digging deep into the psyche and opening receptivity to each nuance and trembling oscillation. While already steeped in a moody atmosphere, the processing bestow a bedeviling edge to the cello strains. Tantalizing phantoms are conjured and goaded to wander the mix.

The title track is a 24 minute epic of haunting substance, riddled with ethereal echoes and perilous predilection. At times, the electronics threaten to overwhelm the source material, transforming string expressions into piercingly shrill outcries of alien sound. The Austere-demixed piece ferments with a vitality that is quite extraterrestrial. The Mystifying Oracle injects spooky voices to the mix, punctuating the eerie flow with chittering diodes and thumping percussion until the piece swells into an analogy of a techno song. Compositionally, the basic music is harmonious and minimal. The treatments breathe a haunting mien to those chords, driving the end result far from any concert hall and plunging the pieces into a realm of modern sensibilities."
--Reviewed by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity, www.soniccuriosity.com

"The alchemy refered to in the title of this disk is not cellist Lena’s work on her instrument of choice, but also to the mutative and adaptive remix experiments performed on it by Hypnos’ own M. Griffin and the duo known as Austere. The result is a suite of dense, often grim and challenging drone-pieces of a certain dark elegance. It’s not an easy listen by any means—surely by design—but it’s definitely intriguing. The CD single comprises two tracks from Lena’s upcoming disc, Extended Gestures for Cello, and four remixes. On their own, the title track and "Crowdmurmurs, peopletalk" make superb use of the artist's haunting chords and the metallic tang of bow on strings. For me it took some getting used to and it's something that needs to be tried more than once to appreciate--a certain grimness of mood might also help.

As for the mixes: Griffin’s “XXX Remix” of the title track swirls and buzzes through your head like a dream you can’t wake from while adding palpable-if-not-frightening depth and dimension. He goes spacier and airier on the subtly shimmering "Subterranean Conversation" mix of the track "Crowdmurmurs, peopletalk." Austere's "Gold into Lead Demix" starts out embracing the metallic rasp of the cello, then draws it to a softer place where choral voices drone and chant hypnotically as the manipulated cello draws spirals in the background air. The highlight of the disk is the radcially altered “Mermers (Oh My! Oh Why!) Demix” by The Mystifying Oracle (an Austere moniker). Taking its cue from a spoken-word snippet by Aldous Huxley on “moving from symmetry to asymmetry,” the piece makes the shift—abrutply when it does—from a quietly respectful reworking of Lena’s composition to an intriguing sonic equivalent of ADD. Beats rush in and out, clips start and restart, vocals spin and transmogrify. It’s a stunning bit of work, perfectly administered, and a great closer."
--Reviewed by John @ Hypnogogue

"Got this disc yesterday, but I've only had time to listen to the Lena tracks, and the Austere/Mystifying Oracle tracks so far. First impressions:

WHEW! Terrific, and highly recommended! This is not music to drift and unwind to --this stuff grabs you by the throat and commands attention.

Lena, that cello sounds positively evil! --well the first track does, the second sounds merely ominous. Great music for a stalker movie. And I mean that in the best possible way, of course. Are you sure you don't want to keep doing the dark-sounding stuff? --you could be a female Lustmord!

The Austere track takes this cello into the vaporous realms of space, and somehow turns it into a psychedelic wind-tunnel amongst a choir of angelic voices. Amazing...

The Mystifying Oracle track transforms it all into some sort of weird and fractured pagan ritual, with chanting voices and disembodied murmurings... I can't wait to hear the rest of this disc... but I'll have to.

Anyhow, I love the sound of the cello, and I'm already standing in line for the solo Lena disc. This is great. Cool!"
--Reviewed by "Joe R" on the Hypnos Forum

Here's the CD single they're talking about.

Lena - Alchemy of Fingers and Dark

Track listing, with MP3 sample clips:
1. alchemy of fingers and dark (5:48) MP3 clip
2. crowdmurmurs, peopletalk (8:26) MP3 clip
3. alchemy of fingers and dark [xxx mix by M. Griffin] (24:35) MP3 clip
4. crowdmurmurs, peopletalk [subterranean conversation mix by M. Griffin] (13:57) MP3 clip
5. alchemy [gold into lead demix by Austere] (5:55) MP3 clip
6. Mermers [Oh my! Oh why? demix by The Mystifying Oracle] (11:26) MP3 clip

Hypnos Online Store listing


Catching up on a bunch of recently-received reviews of Hypnos CDs, including this review of Numina's Shift to the Ghost:

"This release from 2006 features 70 minutes of eerie tuneage. Numina is Jesse Sola. Pensive tonalities rise to insinuate a portentous presence into a brooding darkness. It's a tenuous presence, however; one that exhibits little animation, watching with unseen eyes and subtly influencing its immediate environs. Sighing electronic textures undulate with luxurious determination. Ethereal waves seep across the firmament, occluding silence with a translucent demeanor. A liquid undercurrent aids this vaporous resonance. Buried in the atmospheric flow are hints of violins and drawn cellos, so deeply immersed that they could well be illusionary sounds. Also lurking in the mix are traces of more demonstrative electronics, but pulsations actually surface to calmly dominate the ambience and generate a savory tension. An eerie mien permeates these songs, but there's nothing ominous or threatening about these sonic ghosts. They are congenial spirits, conveying wisdom and introspection to the listener. Sola's predilection for seasoning his pure ambience with softly churning activity imbues this music with a seductive quality. The compositions maintain a resolute dedication to a borderland between minimalism and density, producing tuneage that glimmers with implications as it seethes with gossamer vitality. Harmonic passages are tinged with evocative substance."
--Reviewed by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity, www.soniccuriosity.com

Numina - Shift to the Ghost

Track listing with MP3 samples:
1. Secret Souls mp3 clip
2. Through the Unseen Barrier mp3 clip
3. Spiral Reminders mp3 clip
4. Arrival to Nowhere mp3 clip
5. Light Travelling mp3 clip
6. Forever Falling mp3 clip
7. The Hostless Ghost mp3 clip

Hypnos Online Store listing


After a delay of a couple months since our last Hypnos release, we've now readied two new releases in just about a week, with several more waiting in the wings.

This time, it's the debut full-length release by Lena, Extended Gestures for Cello.

CD release announcement from Hypnos Recordings
Artist: Lena
Title: Extended Gestures for Cello
Hypnos Secret Sounds
hss08, limited cdr edition of 300

Lena - Extended Gestures for Cello

2007. This is the recording debut of a female multi-instrumentalist new to the ambient & experimental music scenes. Previewed on Alchemy of Fingers and Dark, a budget-priced single, this full-length album Extended Gestures For Cello features 10 tracks of beautiful-yet-edgy solo cello ambience.

As indicated by the album's title, these recordings are entirely made up of solo cello, performed live in studio by Lena, with electronic treatments and production by Hypnos founder and ambient experimentalist M. Griffin. The resultant sound is somewhere between recognizably cello-like traditional playing, and an edgier, more atmospheric, and more challenging tone. Extended Gestures For Cello plays at the fringes of deep drone minimalism, delves into electronically processed and multi-layered experimentalism, and yet will appeal to those fans of ambient sounds based on traditional musicality and instrumentation. At times, Lena's work sounds like chamber music in deep fog, and at others like an overheard argument between aliens. It is is uncompromising from start to finish.

Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
01 Pretty Sixteen - MP3 clip
02 Alchemy of Fingers and Dark - MP3 clip
03 Crowdmurmurs, Peopletalk - MP3 clip
04 Workings of Silver Fortunetelling Machines - MP3 clip
05 Analysis of Tapes From a Haunting - MP3 clip
06 Interlude in Bright Light, Part 1 - MP3 clip
07 Interlude in Bright Light, Part 2 - MP3 clip
08 A Little Less Than Nothing - MP3 clip
09 Alternating Views of a Single Subject - MP3 clip
10 Meeting By the Cliff as Dark Turns to Light - MP3 clip

Available for purchase on the Hypnos Online Store here.


Something's wrong with the Hypnos Forum this morning, and I believe it's on the web hosting side (since the rest of the www.hypnos.com domain was acting glitchy this morning, and it's back up now). If you can't get it to load this morning, please just try again later today, and thanks for your patience.

UPDATED: The forum is back up again as of 9:25AM Pacific time.


It's been two months, already, since the last Hypnos release, after we were moving along as such a brisk pace putting out music. But since then, we've arranged a wedding and then gotten married and then taken a little honeymoon. Also we've made good progress on the first Hypnos compilation release, Sounds Of A Universe Overheard, since 1998's Weightless Effortless, as well as nearly completing Fabrications, which was supposed to be the second M. Griffin album back in 1999 or so, but will now end up being the 4th solo album and the 10th if you count collaborations, and which should be ready for release before too much longer. And even after all that, our latest release was supposed to be ready last month (see, we were crafty and dropped off a CD at the manufacturing plant right before taking off for a honeymoon, figuring work would be happening while we were gone), but problems at the manufacturing plant meant we had to provide a new master, and wait for the clock to start ticking on the manufacturing process all over again. So...

We are now pleased to announce the latest from Hypnos Recording, by Stephen Philips, Into the Dark.

Artist: Stephen Philips
Title: Into the Dark
Label: Hypnos, hyp2751

Stephen Philips - Into the Dark

2007. Debut release by Stephen Philips on the Hypnos label "proper" following his album Dagboken on the Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint a couple of years earlier.

Into the Dark is a beautifully restrained and elegant piece of ambient music reminiscent of Neroli by Brian Eno, and Entering Twilight by James Johnson. Moving patterns of sounds, varying from bell-like chimes to deep rumbles vaguely-ethnic rattles, interact and react to create an always-shifting atmosphere, a sense of "place" and mood while avoiding ambient music cliches.

Stephen Philips is a prolific ambient music composer, best known as founder of Dark Duck Records, and he has collaborated with such diverse and respected artists as Numina, Austere, IXOHOXI, Ben Fleury-Steiner, James Johnson, Rigel Orionis, Ben Summers, and Isomorph. He has frequently performed live, and has worked in styles ranging from drone minimalism to glitch to deep chill, mostly centering around restrained ambience.

A single, continuously-evolving track of over 74 minutes, Into the Dark works great as a background atmosphere for continuous repeat play. But like the best ambient music, it is appealing enough for careful listening as patterns repeat and evolve, and themes emerge throughout.

Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. Into the Dark 74:29
Sounds from early, middle, and late.

Hypnos Online Store listing


It seems to be the season for live performances, and Tom Heasley is performing:

TOM HEASLEY, Composer / Tuba / Didjeridu / Loops / Electronics
With special guest, Makoto Izumitani, drums

Autumn Soundscape at the Folly Bowl
(a beautiful garden amphitheatre at a private residence)

22 September 2007, 7:00 pm
There will be an intermission for a pot luck dinner/reception

Donation $12/10 Students

1601 E. Loma Alta Drive
Altadena, CA 91001

Please note that parts of Altadena Drive are closed, see route below:

Directions: From 134 fwy: North on Lake Ave, right on Mendocino, left on Porter to end. Park on street
From 110 fwy: Go to end, continue up Arroyo, right on Green, left on Lake, continue as above.

"Tom's music lends itself to evoking deep meditative states of awareness."
- Ramon Sender

"I love Tom's music! If you don't go to hear him whenya can, it's your loss!"
- David Torn

"The music...was so transporting! I listened over and over. You're definitely onto a great thing here. No mistake about whose music this might be! [signed]....A Ravenous Fan!"
- Anne LeBaron

"I have listened to your CD three times! That may not mean much to you but for me that is a big deal - when I often barely listen one time through....your music definitely has lots to offer".
- Stuart Dempster

"Gorgeous, very uplifting with deep perspective...the grain and personality of the tuba (and its player) add a feeling of slight fragility and an edge..."
- David Toop

"Rich and powerful".
- Gerry Hemingway

"That was a gas the other nite playing with you, super coolio..."
- Michael Landau

www.tomheasley.com www.myspace.com/tomheasley

For those not yet familiar with Tom's Hypnos CD release Where the Earth Meets the Sky, you may purchase it here (where it is among 15 or so Hypnos CDs still on sale, prices to revert soon).

Other Heasley CDs available for purchase:
On the Sensations of Tone
Desert Triptych


At the risk of this page becoming "All Fulton/Reaves, All The Time" news, here's a notification from Echoes Radio regarding their airing of the Fulton/Reaves interview feature they recorded while they were in Pennsylvania a few months back:

A Nightly Music Soundscape
Over 130 Radio Stations

for September 2007
Wednesday 09/05 & Sunday 09/09
Synthesizer veterans team up on the electronic trail David Fulton was a founder of the veteran space music band, Dweller at the Threshold. Giles Reaves created an electronic classic in the 1980s with his debut album, Wunjo. Both musicians got together to create music born from their synthesizers in a cross country collaboration. We talk with David Fulton and Giles Reaves about their CD, The Range.


Here's a brief review of the Fulton / Reaves project live show here in Portland, from Sunday the 26th. It's casual in tone, more a set of observations than a real "review" and it's written by me, Mike Griffin, Hypnos founder person and news-page-updater.

The Giles Reaves & Dave Fulton mini-tour ended Sunday with a performance here in Portland. I wanted to give a brief description of the show, which was very dynamic and a lot of fun.

The show was at this club called Rotture, which (for those of you in Portland, or familiar with it) is in the warehouse district in close-in SE, near OMSI. It's one of those anonymous industrial buildings with exposed metal beams and gritty brick walls. You know, a trendy little bar/club in between a carpet warehouse and a bunch of artist's studios. I could swear I've been to this same place before, years ago, and it was called something else.

Dave and Giles were the first act of three, the opening-opening act I guess, but the majority of the audience arrived in time to see them, because A) they started late, and B) the set was being taped for Oregon Art Beat, a show on Oregon Public Broadcasting, and a bunch of OPB people brought friends. So there was a pretty decent crowd for this sort of thing, meaning an opening act on a Sunday night, in a smallish bar. Maybe 60 people?

Those who have heard The Range but not read any of the press may not realize that Giles and Dave have done something unusual for electronic music, which is the utilization of a live drummer. For the recordings, Giles played the drums, but for their live gigs (including not only this mini-tour but also their earlier trip to Pennsylvania for The Gathering, and an Echoes performance) they utilized a drummer named Jess, who also plays in a sort of "rock" band with Dave.

The drums are an electronic kit, so the sound is in keeping with much Berlin-school emusic, at times getting into a more progressive rock-tinged sound, but the energy and flow of the performance is really improved by the live drumming. Jess certainly did things and interacted with the others, in ways that a drum machine, or a pre-recorded drum track on a CDR, could not have done.

Giles performed mostly on synths, with a Nord Electro and a Roland JP8000 front and center, if I remember right. He also had some older synth at his left hand, but I didn't get a good look at it. And there was quite a bit of guitar playing by Giles as well... multi-talented guy that he is! The Nord seemed to be making B3 organ sounds much of the time, which was a big part of the "prog rock jam" feel of part of this set.

Dave had a big stack of his well-known self-assembled modular synths, MOTM stuff entirely if I recall correctly. He also had one of the newer Moog Voyagers, I think, which was his main synth. Dave was performing lots of weird sweeping filtery sound effects, as well as some fairly aggressive lead parts.

Overall the performance was more intense, energetic and crowd-friendly than the recordings on The Range CD. It certainly made for a more enjoyable live show experience, than a simple recreation of the CD's feel would have done. Because of this, though, the guys entered into a musical territory pretty far removed from what Hypnos & Binary listeners would have expected.

I applaud them for emphasizing performance and steering clear of pre-recorded or sequenced bits, even for repetitive or patterned parts. It was great seeing the guys play things by hand that normally would have been sequenced.

As I mentioned, the performance was taped by Oregon Art Beat, and I look forward to seeing what happens with this TV feature. Dave says there's a possibility the producers will want to interview me, from the perspective of the label that released their CD, so maybe I'll find out more soon.

In summary, it was really great to see a very honest and direct approach to performing electronic music, and I know it was much more difficult for the guys to put together than if it had utilized the pre-recorded or pattern-sequencing tricks to which we've all become so accustomed in this genre.

Did anybody get out to any of the 3 shows in California?


Further information about the Dave Fulton and Giles Reaves live show here in Portland, this Sunday night:

Latest note from Mr. Fulton:

Hey! Come see us!

Sunday the 26th at Rotture. 315 SE 3rd Avenue!

We need a big turn out, Oregon Art Beat will be there to tape us. We are 1st so come early to see us and stay late to rock with Giant Mirrors and Wow & Flutter.


Contrary to previous info we are not playing at the Sumday Lounge.


And, as for the airplay of "The Range" on Hearts of Space radio, as mentioned in Giles Reaves's update, here's the playlist:

: ATTN: Radio
: 454 Las Gallinas #333
: San Rafael, CA 94903-6812
: U.S.A.

: Website: www.hos.com

PGM NOTE : the sound of tranquility in motion
FEED DATE : 8-17-07

"Treasure" < 0:00->5:51 >
: TREASURE; Spotted Peccary SPM-9071; 2007
: Info: www.spottedpeccary.com; www.davidhhelpling.com;

"Dreaming" (extended) < 5:51->14:23 >
: TRANQUILITY IN MOTION; Ozella Lounge OZL 22008 CD; Germany 2007
: Info: www.ozellamusic.com; www.andreas-leifeld.de

"Soaring Birds" (edited) < 14:23->20:14 >
: PAR AVION; Groove Unlimited GR-140; The Netherlands 2007
: Info: www.groove.nl/cd/g/gr-140.html

"The Range" (edited) < 20:14->26:04 >
: THE RANGE; Hypnos/Binary HYBY0707; 2007
: Info: www.hypnos.com/artists-gr.php;

"Into the Deep" < 26:04->31:38 >
: TREASURE; Spotted Peccary SPM-9071; 2007
: Info: www.spottedpeccary.com; www.davidhhelpling.com;

"Timeless" (edited) < 31:38->39:17 >
"Zephyr" < 39:17->47:57 >
: TRANQUILITY IN MOTION; Ozella Lounge OZL 22008 CD; Germany 2007
: Info: www.ozellamusic.com; www.andreas-leifeld.de

"Not a Soul, Not a Sound" < 47:57->58:20 >
: TREASURE; Spotted Peccary SPM-9071; 2007
: Info: www.spottedpeccary.com; www.davidhhelpling.com;

(c) 2007 Hearts of Space

It's usually tough to break into a Hearts of Space playlist, so congratulations to Dave and Giles, and thanks to the HOS crew.

In case you're interested in purchasing The Range, we have it for sale through the Hypnos store for $12.99, here.


Just a little note from Giles and Dave as they set off on their mini-tour of the West Coast.

Hi All,

I've just been informed that Hearts of Space will be playing a song
off the new CD "The Range" this weekend. So tune in if you're lucky
enough to live in a state that carries the show (which I'm not,
either back in Utah or here in Portland). In other news, the Fulton/
Reaves Project is on their way to play shows in the Bay area, Chico,
and Redding CA (the latter with Craig Padillia and Skip Murphy), and
finally ending back in Portland to video a show for local PBS broadcast.

Go here for dates and time!

Wish us luck!

Yes, this partly duplicates the news message from earlier this week, but some new info is included as well. And then, yet another news blurb regarding the 8/23 show only.

A special FREE performance is scheduled. See the press release below!
And a new concert clip titled "THE CALLING" and featuring vocalist Brooke Holloway has been added to my YouTube channel!

Yours musically,
www.CraigPadilla.com - video & music production
www.youtube.com/synthwiz - interviews, concert clips, and more!


Thursday, August 23 at 7pm
An Evening of original progressive electronic music inspired by the cosmos will be performed by world-renowned recording artists Giles Reaves, Dave Fulton, Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy at the northern end of the Sundial Bridge in the Quarry Patio Gardens in Redding, CA! This one-time event begins at 7pm and is FREE to the public! All four of these artists have numerous album releases on a variety of record labels.

Giles Reaves and Dave Fulton ("The Fulton/Reaves Project") will be showcasing music from their latest album "The Range".

Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy will be promoting their two new CD releases, "PHANTASMA" and "THE LIGHT IN THE SHADOW".

For more information, check out:


Dave Fulton and Giles Reaves are about to undertake a mini-tour of the West Coast, starting this weekend. This little jaunt down I-5 will involve three shows in California before returning to Portland for one more Here's the itinerary:

The Fulton Reaves Project
August, 19 2007, 8PM
Venue: No Name, 757 Bridgeway, Sausalito, California
Cost : Free

The Fulton Reaves Project
August, 22 2007, 8PM
Venue: Cafe Coda, 265 Humboldt Ave, Chico, California 95928
Cost : ?
Note: www.cafecoda.com

The Fulton Reaves Project
August, 23 2007, 7PM
Venue: Sundial Bridge, Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Redding, California
Cost : Free
Note: Free Concert on the North Side of the Sundial Bridge in Redding. With special guest Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy!

The Fulton Reaves Project
August, 26 2007, 9PM
Someday Lounge, 25 NW 5th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97219
Cost : ?
Note: OPB’s Oregon Art Beat there to tape us! Also... Giant Mirrors and Wow and Flutter rock the someday night!

The Hypnos HQ crew intend to make it to the Portland show, so maybe we'll see some of you there. If you're anywhere near any of these venues, please make an effort to get out and support independent musicians!


We're back again, and orders are flowing out the door. We were surprised to see how many of you had continued to order during our absence, despite the notes all over this site and the store stating that we'd be unable to process orders until our return.

At any rate ,we're back to normal, caught up on getting orders shipped out, and we'll resume regular news updates this week.

2007.08.01 (later)

An important note: the Hypnos Online Store will be temporarily closed for nearly two weeks, while the managers of Hypnos get married and take a honeymoon!

The store itself will remain "open" but please understand that orders placed after this evening, Wednesday August 1, will not ship until we return around August 10th. Orders placed during that time will be held securely on the Hypnos server.

All orders placed up through earlier today will be taken to the post office tomorow (if they haven't been sent already) and so nobody should have to wait a long time for any orders placed prior to this notice, which will appear on the Hypnos News page, the Hypnos Forum, and the Hypnos storefront.

Thanks very much for all the support, and we look forward to getting back to work on more fantastic music projects when we return!


One more quick addition to the Hypnos Online Store:

Audela - Audela Audela - Audela (Umbra label)
(Price: $12.99 limited cd)
2007... (more) | (buy)


Just a couple of additions to Hypnos Online Store this time, but they're the sort that will get people clicking on over to buy some CDs.

Various Artists - The Other Side of the Sky Various Artists - The Other Side of the Sky (ltd cdr) (Umbra label)
(Price: $15.99, ltd cdr)
2007. Various artists compilation on the Umbra label. Track listing:
1 Diatonis: Peaceful Sky
2 Dreamstate: Deeper
3 MaJaLe: Prophesy to the Bones
4 Thomas Weiss: In Via ad Aeternitaem
5 Temps Perdu?: The Dark Side of the Forbidden Planet
6 Oophoi: Empyreum... (more) | (buy)
Robert Carty & Sylken - The Endless Vista Robert Carty & Sylken - The Endless Vista (Sylken section)
(Price: $12.99)
2007. 2007. "The Endless Vista" is a collaboration between Robert Carty and Sylken . These are deep sonic tapestries for the mind and spirit. The music is lush and dense leaving one lost in swirling vibrations like floating in a vast ocean of sound. This music can transport you to inner reaches of meditation and reflection as well as a relaxing hour of bliss.... (more) | (buy)


Here are a few new arrivals in the Hypnos Online Store from Robert Rich.

Robert Rich - Illumination Robert Rich - Michael Somoroff's Illumination (Robert Rich section)
(Price: $13.99)
2007. Audio CD featuring Robert Rich's minimal ambient "soundtrack" to an art installation by Michael Somoroff.... (more) | (buy)
Robert Rich - Music From Atlas Dei Robert Rich - Music From Atlas Dei (CD) (Robert Rich section)
(Price: $13.99, audio CD)
2007. Audio CD including music from the recent Atlas Dei video DVD, for those Robert Rich listeners who don't care for the video content.... (more) | (buy)
Robert Rich & Daniel Colvin - Atlas Dei (DVD video) Robert Rich & Daniel Colvin - Atlas Dei (DVD video) (Robert Rich section)
(Price: $24.99, video DVD)
2007. Video DVD. A lyrical journey through time and space into the mystery of our cosmos. In this feature length film, musician Robert Rich and filmmaker Daniel Colvin weave the strands of science, myth, and poetic vision into a powerful and compelling tapestry of the human enigma. High resolution motion graphics, in panoramic 3:1 aspect ratio, with letterbox.... (more) | (buy)


If you haven't checked out the Hypnos Online Store in a while, here are a few great reasons to take a look.

1. Many CDs on the Hypnos label (and sublabels Binary, and Hypnos Secret Sounds) are price-reduced between now and the end of July.

2. The mail order office now has a full-time manager, so order processing and mailing is faster and more efficient than ever.

3. We're offering a couple of special coupon codes, valid at the Hypnos store between now and the end of July 2007. Use one of these codes to get 10% off any order, or 15% off any order of $100 or more. Only 1 coupon per order, so using both codes won't get you 25% off a big order. Those codes are:

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CODE = 15JULY100
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Here's a direct link to the Hypnos Online Store.

Thanks for all your support through our first decade, from Hypnos Recordings!

2007.07.14 (later)

Announcing the latest from Hypnos Recordings, and our Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint. It's the debut album by Justin Vanderberg, In Waking Moments.

Artist: Justin Vanderberg
Title: In Waking Moments
Label: Hypnos Secret Sounds hss12, limited cdr edition of 300

Justin Vanderberg - In Waking Moments

In Waking Moments is the CD debut of a fresh new talent, Justin Vanderberg, whose work undoubtedly will remind listeners of the lush and smooth space/ambient sound of both Numina and Steve Roach. In fact, the album was recorded by Roach, and the ambient sound master's "touch" is definitely in evidence here.

Track listing (with mp3 sample clips):
1. Negative Space (7.46)
2. A Peaceful Disturbance (10.34)
3. Controlled Bleeding (6.51)
4. Temporal Extraction (13.01)
5. Tracing the Inner Circle (9.14)
6. Deconstructing Me (6.10)
7. Shifting Currents (12.40)
8. In Waking Moments (6.21)

Of In Waking Moments, Justin said:
In Waking Moments will be my first full length release. Composed of music recorded from 2002 through 2004, it is a distinctly ambient musical journey created in the idea of capturing the spaces between sleeping, dreaming, and waking. I was very humbled that my musical "idol" Steve Roach took my project under his wings in late 2004. Adding his decades of experience and refined artistic ear, he and I labored week after week, going back and forth while he was assembling, mastering, and tweaking the master disc.

The album itself is designed to be sort of meditative and introspective. It is put together in three individual yet interconnected parts. Part One is "drifting into sleep". Part Two is "dreams & memories". The Third part is what Steve and I referred to as the "waking moments" part... hence the title.

Hypnos Online Store listing


We have some new items in the Hypnos Online Store from the Gears of Sand label:

gos25 Patrick Balthrop - Autopoetic (Gears of Sand label)
(Price: $12.99)
2007. Patrick Balthrop uses real-time processing applications and customized software to produce electronic music. Unlike many of his Chicago House counterparts, Patrick constructs and assembles sounds between ten and one hundred milliseconds into microbeats. Balthrop's interactive, three-dimensional surround sound mixes and sound designs have been critically acclaimed. His songs have been placed in films, including most recently "The Regret", which will be heard at The Sundance Film Festival and the New York International Independent Film Festival. Patrick's software research has led to the development of performance based generative plug-ins, which through their interactions and transformations continuously regenerate and redefine the audio signals that produced them.... (more) | (buy)
gos26 Jonathan Block & The Circular Ruins - Shadows on Water (Gears of Sand label)
(Price: $12.99)
2007. Both artists describe the process of collaboration and the end results:

"Making this album was a bit like opening a window, pointing the speakers out, and then waiting for the echoes to reach back. From a bunch of isolated musical ideas to the cohesiveness of the final mix, this disc is a true aggregate of our two approaches. From the expansiveness and epic reach of "Eye of the Beholder" to the composed recapitulation that is "Seeing Is Believing," there is a shimmering thread of warm ambience that permeates all the music. Although the sounds of classic synths, mellotrons, electronic pianos and field recordings are evident, the focus is rarely on an individual instrument but instead on conjuring a space within the expanse of sound. A big thank you to Anthony; this disc is truly greater than the sum of its parts. I hope you enjoy the music."
-Jonathan Block

"I confess to enjoying collaborative work. It's both challenging and a cause, or spark, for innovation. The results are always interestingly unpredictable. The challenge is the melding of styles to create something that is a musical unity, and not just two guys in a room doing their own thing. And I think "Shadows On Water" succeeded admirably. It is a very strong album musically, and a collaboration that seamlessly blends our two styles. An album of one vision. Musically it threads a path through a few related ambient-electro styles, leaning more towards the traditional than contemporary experimentation. It reminds me of Jeff Greinke, FAX, and related material when I hear it. The album flows with relaxed rhythms, addictive leads, and absorbing soundscapes, threaded with lots of field recordings and details. What can I say ... it's totally enjoyable. And was a joy to create with Jonathan. Give it a listen."
-APK (The Circular Ruins).... (more) | (buy)
gos27 Encomiast - Transit Bed (Gears of Sand label)
(Price: $12.99)
2007. "Transit Bed begins in a haunted theatre in an old mining town, moves briefly to a small apartment in Boulder, lounges with a group of familiar strangers in a garage on the outskirts of town, ponders the nature of human "progress," and finally ends up at a dive bar in downtown Denver, among friends both new and old. An epically improbable journey, to be sure, but it is one that we all must undertake at some point. The result is a disheveled yet densely woven collection, relying heavily on treated live performances and including contributions from a motley assortment of characters playing a similarly divergent range of instruments. Guitars, mandolins, hand percussion, songs from the American Civil War, Balinese instruments, flutes, a prepared piano stringboard, and a diabolical instrument known as the Necroharp all make significant appearances. The kitchen sink is conspicuously absent from this album, but we don't feel it suffers as a result since many sinks remain silent in the background, making their contribution in a more subtle and important manner by providing water for hydration and cleaning purposes. Enjoy!"
-Ross Hagen (Encomiast).... (more) | (buy)
gos28 Mikronesia - Iris or Comfortable Too (Gears of Sand label)
(Price: $12.99)
2007. "Iris or Comfortable Too, is a work of great passion, simplicity and beauty that I've wanted to make for a long time. As with most musicians, piano was my first instrument. My first memories as a small child are of me sitting on my grandmother's lap as she showed me the magic of pressing a wooden white or black key and producing this other worldly sound. As the seed of my lifelong music journey, the simple, classic sound of piano has always retained that magic for me. Whether it's a listening to a piano Sontata, John Cage Works for a prepared piano, Art Tatum or Harold Budd, I've always loved the sound of a piano. Having gone on to play different instruments in various bands over the years and getting heavily involved with electronic music and the technology that goes along with it, the acoustic piano sound has taken a backseat for me. Early this year I knew I wanted to make a classic ambient piano album along the lines of the Harold Budd / Brian Eno collaborations. The basic tracks were recorded on a grand piano in March 2007. I used an array of pedals when recording the piano, since I knew the album wasn't just going to be piano by itself, but the sounds of piano through the filter of my own personal taste in sound. I tried to use delays, reverbs, looping, ring modulation and other effect in realtime so they would inform the harmonic content of the pieces as I played them. After several hours of improvisations were recorded, I went through culling several hours of music and texture themes and constructed some short pieces on the laptop. Since I've been working almost exclusively in the laptop / micro-editing / DSP realm for the past five years or so, I knew that the sparse beautiful piano pieces would go through some DSP treatment before they were complete. The final result I hope keeps true to the piano / ambient form but through the lens of someone informed by early 21st century, glitch, drone and warm electronica."
-Michael McDermott (Mikronesia).... (more) | (buy)


Here's a recent interview that just appeared online, between Setting Sun, a web-based series of music-related interviews, and me, Hypnos founder Mike Griffin:

M. Griffin interview

The interview is geared toward a more general music audience than the pure "ambient/drone" crowd, but this may be of interest to some here.

Inspired, having read this, to listen to some Griffin sounds? Here you go:

hss07 M. Griffin - Speaking From the Dream (cdr single) (Hypnos Secret Sounds section)
(Price: $5.99, cdr single)
Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. Speaking From the Dream (Pulse Meditations version) 04:48
2. Warm Submersion (Pulse Meditations version) 08:42
3. Speaking From the Dream (Extended Meditation Mix) 11:06
4. Warm Submersion (Deeper Still Mix) 18:48 .... (more) | (buy)
hss05 M. Griffin - The Pulse Meditations (ltd cdr) (Hypnos Secret Sounds section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. Warm Submersion
2. Thoughts From Another
3. Pulse Meditation 1
4. Pulse Meditation 2
5. Pulse Meditation 3
6. Speaking From the Dream.... (more) | (buy)
hss04 M. Griffin - "I am breathing dreams out of the air" (ltd cdr) (Hypnos Secret Sounds section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. "I breathe as the water flows over me"
2. "I dream the same girl in every dream"
3. "I must go to the place I have never seen"
4. "I visit a future without identity and forget myself"
5. "I condense the universe into a thought and memorize it" .... (more) | (buy)
hss01 M. Griffin - Sounds are Hidden Inside Objects (ltd cdr) (Hypnos Secret Sounds section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. iyon aaz
2. ido ereme
3. ixe om
4. inye adieme.... (more) | (buy)
M. Griffin - Sudden Dark M. Griffin - Sudden Dark (Hypnos label)
(Price: $9.99)
"Disc of the Year."
--Deep Listenings magazine, Italy, 1997.... (more) | (buy)


A slight update to an item already available on the Hypnos Online Store, namely The Alternate Realms by Darren Rogers. The listing now includes full MP3 sample clips, which I know are important to many of you out there in determining which CDs to spend your money on...

Artist: Darren Rogers
Title: The Alternate Realms
Label: Hypnos Secret Sounds

Darren Rogers - The Alternate Realms

2007. The Alternate Realms is a fantastic, sonically diverse, cinematic journey, and servers as a great introduction for Hypnos listeners to this talented artist. It's the debut release on Hypnos Secret Sounds by Darren Rogers, who has previously released a number of recordings both solo, and in collaboration with Rigel Orionis. The Alternate Realms is a visual, thought-provoking journey through varied sound-worlds. It's part ambient atmsopherics, part deep and somber space music.

"...this is an awesome release, folks!"
--Jim Brenholts, on the Hypnos Forum

Track listing, with MP3 clips:
1. Still of the Night
2. Slow Realization
3. Shimmering
4. Ancient
5. The Alternate Realms
6. Stranger in a Strange World

Hypnos Online Store listing

Should have gotten to these sound clips sooner, as I'm sure they'll convince many that this is a recording worth checking out. Thanks for listening!


Just arrived on the Hypnos Online Store.... and we know some of you have been looking for this new one from the always-popular Oophoi...

umbra05 Oophoi - Arpe Di Sabbia (2CD) (Umbra & Oophoi section)
(Price: $21.99, 2CD)
2007. Double-live CD on the Nextera label, which also released Oophoi's SUBTERRANEA (with Tau Ceti), MARE IMBRIUM, and MARE TRANQUILITATIS. "Arpe di Sabbia" (Harps of Sand) is a new double live album recorded in Archiaro, a remote location immersed in the woods of southern Italy, and it features exclusive music composed for this special event.

The two discs contain more than 130 minutes of slowly-changing textures and abyssal drones that try to describe the hidden voices of Nature: the endless movements of the ocean waves, the rustle of the crescent moon, the sunset's undercurrents, the life of nocturnal animals, the silent flow of the stars. A magical connection with a world of forgotten sounds.... (more) | (buy)

So far we only have a half-dozen copies of this, and those will go fast, but we do have another 10 coming from Italy soon. So, if you're in hurry to own this one, make haste!


Recently received a bunch of new items and re-stocks for the Hypnos Online Store, from the Amplexus label (and its more recent Silentes offshoot, or replacement label).

silentes01 Subinterior - Outfall + Insomnie (ltd cdr) (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $13.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)
silentes02 Opium - Algorithms (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $13.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
silentes03 Ontayso - Magical Tone Tricks (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $13.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
silentes04 Michael Mantra and Charlz de la Casa - Cerulean Transmission (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $13.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
silentes05 Aube - Reworks Maurizio Bianchi Vol. 1 (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $13.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
silentes06 Seele - The Deep Side Of My Soul Seele - The Deep Side Of My Soul (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $13.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
silentes07 Aube - Reworks Maurizio Bianchi Vol. 2 (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $13.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
silentes08 Michael Mantra - Band Smore (ltd. dvdr) (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $13.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
silentes09 Maurizio Bianchi - The Testamentary Corridor Maurizio Bianchi - The Testamentary Corridor (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $13.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
silentes10 Frequency In Cycles Per Second & Maurizio Bianchi/M.B. - Chaotische Fraktale + Letzte Technologie (2CD) (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $21.99, 2CD)
.... (more) | (buy)
amp51 Temps Perdu? - Earth Story (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $13.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
amp52 Nebula (Oophoi, Grassow, et al) - Genesis (Amplexus & Silentes section)
(Price: $13.99)
.... (more) | (buy)

We're also pleased to announce that we've received a good-sized supply of these items, enabling us to sell them at an improved price. It's our hope to eventually offer more Amplexus & Silentes items at this lower price level.


Just reformatting the prior update, regarding the addition of Steve Roach items to the Hypnos Online Store, to be more in keeping with our usual formatting for such announcement (to include prices and catalog numbers, at least).

Steve Roach - Origins Steve Roach - Origins (Steve Roach section)
(Price: $14.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
Steve Roach - Artifacts Steve Roach - Artifacts (Steve Roach section)
(Price: $14.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
Steve Roach - Quiet Music Steve Roach - Quiet Music (Steve Roach section)
(Price: $19.99, 2CD special edition)
.... (more) | (buy)
Steve Roach - Proof Positive Steve Roach - Proof Positive (Steve Roach section)
(Price: $14.99)
.... (more) | (buy)
Steve Roach - Immersion 3 (3CD) Steve Roach - Immersion 3 (3CD special edition) (Steve Roach section)
(Price: $29.99, 3CD special edition)
.... (more) | (buy)
Steve Roach - Fever Dreams 3 (2CD) Steve Roach - Fever Dreams 3 (2CD) (Steve Roach section)
(Price: $18.99, 2CD)
.... (more) | (buy)


Hello, everybody. Been active here getting several projects ready, and most recently added to the Hypnos Online Store, it's The Alternate Realms by Darren Rogers.

The Alternate Realms is a fantastic, sonically diverse, cinematic journey, and servers as a great introduction for Hypnos listeners to this talented artist. It's the debut release on Hypnos Secret Sounds by Darren Rogers, who has previously released a number of recordings both solo, and in collaboration with Rigel Orionis. The Alternate Realms is a visual, thought-provoking journey through varied sound-worlds. It's part ambient atmsopherics, part deep and somber space music.

Track listing (with MP3 clips coming soon):
1. Still of the Night
2. Slow Realization
3. Shimmering
4. Ancient
5. The Alternate Realms
6. Stranger in a Strange World

You can take a quick leap to the Hypnos Store and purchase this new release for $11.99 by following this link .


Here's another one that was recently added to the Hypnos Online Store, which will undoubtedly be a "hot one" and sell out quickly. It's a Foglands, a various artists compilation on the great Umbra label.

2007. Latest various artists compilation from the Umbra label. Presenting "Foglands", an international compilation:

Seren Ffordd: Haze
Darkened Soul: Visu
Mathias Grassow: Deeper Purity
Netherworld: Frostnetter
dreamSTATE: Fogbound
Oophoi: Outremer
Thomas Weiss: Isolation

Direct link to purchase Foglands here for $15.99. It's a limited-edition CDR in Umbra's usual 5x8 inch rectangular "large sleeve containing a card, plus a disc in another smaller sleeve" packaging.


Recently received a bunch of new items and re-stocks for the Hypnos Online Store, from the Umbra label (and its Penumbra offshoot).

umbra034 Darkened Soul- Seasons of Dark and Light (ltd cdr) (Umbra section)
(Price: $15.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)
umbra033 Ben Fleury Steiner- Ghosts of Modernity (ltd cdr) (Umbra section)
(Price: $15.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)
penumbra045 L.E.M. - Spiralis (ltd cdr) (Umbra section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)
penumbra029 Klaus Wiese - Deva Mela (ltd cdr) (Umbra section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)
penumbra030 Oophoi & L.E.M.- The Gates of Aldebaran (ltd cdr) (Umbra section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)
penumbra028 Oophoi & Tau Ceti - Borealis (ltd cdr) (Umbra section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)
penumbra027 Oophoi & Tau Ceti - Australis (ltd cdr) (Umbra section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)
penumbra026 Oophoi & L.E.M. - Aludra (ltd cdr) (Umbra section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)
penumbra025 Oophoi & L.E.M. - Trifida (ltd cdr) (Umbra section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)
penumbra021 Tau Ceti - Mizar (ltd cdr) (Umbra section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)
penumbra020 Tau Ceti - Deneb (ltd cdr) (Umbra section)
(Price: $11.99, ltd cdr)
.... (more) | (buy)

Stocks of some of these are fairly limited, because it can be hard for us to tell which Umbra items will sell just a few copies, and which will sell dozens of them as fast as we can get them in. So, if you're clicking these links from this news page, well after the date of this news entry, and you encounter a "database error" from the link, that means the item has sold out temporarily, and is deactivated in the store's database until we can get more copies.

It's our goal to eventually stock (and KEEP in stock) every Umbra & Penumbra title, and we're getting closer, but for now if you want one of these it's a good idea to get it while you can.


When Dave Fulton and Giles Reaves were out in Pennsylvania to play their concert at The Gathering in Philadelphia (as well as a live-on-air performance on Chuck VanZyl's Star's End radio show, after the concert), they also recorded a Living Room Concert with Echoes Radio, which will be aired soon. The announcement from Echoes of their May scheduled arrived today.

Wednesday 05/09 & Sunday 05/13
Electronic interpolations played live

Most electronic music these days consists of one musician staring into a laptop computer and occasionally holding down a few keys on a synthesizer. David Fulton and Giles Reaves, however, are performing electronic musicians who augment their laptops with multiple keyboards and a drummer to realize the sonic textures of their debut album, The Range. They plug into the Echoes living room to play live.

Congratulations to Dave and Giles on this feature, and thanks to Echoes Radio for helping promote these guys, and The Range, which you can purchase on the Hypnos Online Store, here.


Just received this Tom Heasley concert announcement, for those of you in or near the Los Angeles, California area.

Subject: Tom Heasley in Concert Sun, May 6, 2007
Dear Friends,
I will be performing in concert at the Folly Bowl in Altadena, CA on Sunday May 5, 2007, at 4 pm. For anyone in or around Los Angeles on that date, I hope to see some of you in Altadena.

On Thursday, May 3, 4-4:30 PM I will be Martin Perlich’s guest on KCSN-FM 88.5. Tune in at www.kcsn.org.

Especially if you cannot make it to the Folly Bowl, check out Well Made Music Podcast #17 (Scotland) which features Ground Zero from my first album, Where the Earth Meets the Sky: http://wellmademusic.wordpress.com/ OR my Tokafi “15 Questions” Interview: http://www.tokafi.com/magazine/15questions/15questionstomheasley.
Tom Heasley

And in case you're interested in buying Tom's CD debut Where the Earth Meets the Sky, on the Hypnos Online Store, go here.


As stated in last Friday's news update, this has been a super-busy time here at Hypnos, with the result that a lot of great music is flowing through the pipeline. Available today on the Hypnos Online Store, Pulse by Austere.

Artist: Austere
Title: Pulse
Hypnos Secret Sounds (hss.10)

Austere - Pulse (ltd.cdr)

2007. Hypnos debut by interesting, wonderful and obscure duo Austere who have been creeping up on the experimental ambient world these last few years, and making themselves known for atmospheric and uncompromising sound experiments that always take chances, and express a truly singular (though there are two of 'em) artistic point of view.

Pulse is an example of the sort of restrained minimalism that Hypnos has dabbled in so often, and that Hypnos listeners seem to love. Careful listening is rewarded here, but Pulse also functions as wonderful and very pleasant sonic perfume, if that's what you're looking for.

Simple and yet infinitely deep. Listen up!

Track listing:
Pulse is a single track, 53 minutes long.
MP3 sample clips: This is the way Pulse sounds near the beginning, near the middle, and near the end.

Hypnos Online Store listing

Thanks for listening! And by the way, we'll have more from Austere later this year, with their upcoming release Solyaris.


Gosh, super-busy here, but I wanted to post images of the next 5 (or at least, 5 of the next...) upcoming Hypnos and Hypnos Secret Sounds CD releases:

Austere - Pulse

Stephen Philips - Into the Dark

Darren Rogers - The Alternate Realms

Lena - Extended Gestures for Cello

(image erroneously displays hss.06, should be hss.08)

Justin Vanderberg - In Waking Moments

Various Artists - Sounds of A Universe Overheard

Busy times here at Hypnos, but it's exciting!


If you've been reading this news page, you're aware this has been a busy time at Hypnos Recordings, where we have just released our third CD of the month of April (with one more to come). Available now on the Hypnos Online Store, it's The Range by Dave Fulton and Giles Reaves.

Artist: Dave Fulton + Giles Reaves
Title: The Range
Binary sub-label (hyby0707)

Dave Fulton + Giles Reaves - The Range

2007. The Binary sub-label of Hypnos Recordings is pleased to announce the release of The Range, the debut release of the Fulton/Reaves Project, featuring Dave Fulton (well-known to Hypnos listeners, for his work in Dweller at the Threshold, and in collaboration with M. Griffin on Imprint and The Most Distant Point Known) and Giles Reaves, currently a member of Spacecraft and previously known for such landmark space/electronic releases as Wunjo and Sea of Glass.

Dave and Giles met at the Different Skies festival at Arizona's Arcosanti. The two of them hit it off musically and after nearly 4 years of hard work the CD "The Range" was the result. The result is a rich, cohesive collection of songs that range from ambient to progressive rock, and incorporate influences from tribal to electronica to new age.

Description by Chuck VanZyl, Star's End radio host (WXPN):
"Giles Reaves has to his credit several influential albums of innovative electronic music, including the genre defining "Wunjo". Dreamy, trance-inducing melodic textures figure prominently in his music.

Part mad scientist, part sonic visionary, Dave Fulton's command of the many custom designed electronics at his disposal is formidable. Currently playing in two underground rock bands, Fulton filters this activity through his years of experience with the Berlin-School inspired ensemble Dweller at the Threshold to realize a new and unique music.

"The Range", the debut release by The Fulton/Reaves Project, is a diverse but cohesive collection of songs that range from Ambient to Progressive Rock, and incorporate influences from Tribal to Electronica to New Age."

This is an exciting, dynamic release that has been highly praised by those who have heard a preview, and we're sure it will be eagerly received by fans of both Fulton and Reaves, as well as those Hypnos label listeners who prefer more active electronic music and were hoping for a return to the early promise of our Binary imprint, when we released music by Dweller at the Threshold, Saul Stokes, Vir Unis, Paul Ellis, Synthetic Block, and others.

Track listing, with MP3 sample clips:
01. Endless Range and Time MP3
02. Fascination MP3
03. Blinded By Time MP3
04. Troubled Skies MP3
05. Enduring Time MP3
06. Being Within the Range MP3
07. Feeling Helplessly Drawn MP3
08. The Range MP3
09. The Space Between MP3
10. The Walk MP3

Hypnos Online Store listing

This is our first new release on the Binary sub-label in several years, but followers of more dynamic and energetic electronic sounds will be pleased to hear that we'll be focusing a lot of energy on bringing Binary back into the forefront during 2007, including the release of a "various artists" compilation, a first for the Binary imprint. Stay tuned!


A week or two ago we added these releases from the Nepenthe label, including the work of Dwight Ashley and Tim Story (solo and together), to the Hypnos Online Store. These works are very much worth your attention, but I forgot to feature them here until now.

Dwight Ashley - Discrete Carbon Dwight Ashley - Discrete Carbon (Nepenthe label)
(Price: $12.99)
A journey into the dark infinity of inner space, Dwight Ashley’s premiere solo recording is an aural world rich in paradox and contradiction. Horror and ecstasy cohabit Discrete Carbon’s vast electronic landscapes, a tension-filled pairing that yields an unexpected, transcendent beauty. Simultaneously disquieting and cathartic, expansive and intimate, Ashley’s arresting compositions move through a dream-sequence of sonic dark alleys and auditory halls of mirrors, to arrive at an eponymous conclusion that offers no salvation. Ashley’s rendering of the ambient art form on Discrete Carbon resists clichés at every level. Rejecting the meandering “space jams” sometimes associated with the genre, Ashley produces compositions that are focused, structured, and coherent. Ashley’s “experimentalist” nature is evident in his instrumentation: source instruments are frequently indistinguishable as such (to wit, the oboe-cum-cello sequence on Katalepsis), rhythmic textures stand in as melody on a number of tracks, and the album is punctuated throughout by textural detail that is at once subtle and sublime. With Discrete Carbon, Dwight Ashley demonstrates himself to be a significant ambient artist in his own right, a persistent visionary whose goal it is to take us into uncharted interior worlds. We may go quietly and serenely — or kicking and screaming — but he’s determined we make the trip. ... (more) | (buy)
Dwight Ashley - Four Dwight Ashley - Four (Nepenthe label)
(Price: $12.99)
Expressionism gives primacy to the emotions. It is an explorative, subjective awareness of anxiety, sordidness, and disorder beneath surface order, well-being, and beauty." - John C. and Dorothy L. Crawford, Expressionism in 20th Century Music These opening lines from a textbook describing an often overlooked and less understood artistic movement of the early 20th century are a startlingly apt description of the recent release by composer Dwight Ashley, Four. Nearly a hundred years after the seminal works of such expressionist composers as Arnold Schoenberg and Charles Ives, Ashley has taken the ambient/electronic sound palette and produced a nakedly neo-expressionistic reinterpretation of the genre that is at once exquisitely beautiful and profoundly disturbing. Beneath the deliciously gorgeous surface serenity of Ashley's compositions is an edgy discordance that suggests all is not well in this otherwise pretty world. A subtle intimation of malaise on Four's ethereal first track progresses into detachment, alienation, and finally psychosis in subsequent tracks, culminating in an arresting, hallucinatory dirge that sounds eerily like the soundtrack to an execution. If there were any question concerning Ashley's intent to provide the listener with a psychologically provocative experience, the cover art for Four - a colorless, mangled hand jutting forth from a bucolic backdrop, where distorted clouds intimate something about to go awry - leaves no doubt. True to expressionist principles, Ashley has crafted his music to seduce listeners into travelling through his psyche, and in turn, their own. ... (more) | (buy)
Dwight Ashley & Tim Story - Drop Dwight Ashley & Tim Story - Drop (Nepenthe label)
(Price: $12.99)
Drop, the second full-length recording by Dwight Ashley and Tim Story, takes the listener on a journey from the absurd to the fantastic, exploring the dark beauty of horror, obsession and sublime ambiguity. Now in its second release, Drop blends Ashley's neo-expressionist approach to composition with Story's intimate minimalism to produce a thoroughly unique album, distinct from the solo projects of either artist. And yet, one shared trait of the duo's solo work remains: is at once beautiful and disquieting. With Drop, the duo strives to "move listeners to put something of themselves into the music," says Story. "We want to prod the listener to find his or her own feelings about a piece, even if those feelings are sometimes uncomfortable. As Charles Ives said, 'Beauty in music is too often confused with something that lets the ears lie back in an easy chair.' I like to think of good music as a sculpture or a Japanese garden, where you can never experience the whole from any one point. You must move through it, live with it for a while, before it yields its secrets." Grammy-nominee Tim Story, acclaimed for his elegant, enigmatic recordings for Windham Hill, Hearts of Space and others, developed his intensely personal style during years of experimentation in his home studio and a love of composition. Along with his idiosyncratic, self-taught approach to the piano, Story integrated into his work the new breed of electronic instruments that have been evolving since the mid-70's. His deceptively subtle pieces distill harmonic and melodic ideas that are often quite complex. Story's discography, spanning two and a half decades, includes nine solo releases, several acclaimed collaborations, film scores and more. Referred to by Story as "a true experimentalist," Dwight Ashley joined his inventive approach with Story's artfully timed lyricism to produce"A Desperate Serenity" in 1991. Since the original release of Drop in 1997, Ashley has released two solo projects, "Discrete Carbon" in 2004, and Four in 2005, with a third solo release slated for later this year. ... (more) | (buy)
Tim Story - Caravan Tim Story - Caravan (Nepenthe label)
(Price: $12.99)
Composer Tim Story follows up his critically-acclaimed collaboration "Lunz" with a soundtrack from another part of the world. From the production company of award-winning Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, Caravan is a feature-length documentary set in Nepal and north Africa. A unique glimpse into two seldom-seen cultures, the film traces the compelling journeys of two adolescent boys: Pemba in Nepal, and Rabdoulah in Niger. Each will embark on an adventure that few of us Westerners will ever experience - the centuries-old salt caravans. For followers of Tim Story's elegantly introspective 'ambient chamber' music, Story might seem an unconventional choice to score a film set in such exotic locales. Steadfastly evolving his own unique palette of Western classical instruments and subtle electronics, Story was never seduced by the "world music" flourishes that have become so commonplace. But as Caravan's music supervisor Alán Cantos enthused, "I saw a thousand adventures, dunes, sky, stars, and empty spaces... and I was only two-thirds into {Tim's} first CD!" Discovered one day on a Madrid radio station, Story's music had stayed with Cantos, prompting him to share it with Caravan's director Gerardo Olivares during one of the film crew's shoots in Niger. It became a kind of soundtrack for their long days and nights in the desert. When the time came for the filmmakers to commission a composer to score the film, the choice was already becoming clear. There are the occasional geographic cues in Story's music for Caravan: the tongue drums deftly played by Louie Simon, the oriental flute in one piece, or the chants of Tibetan Buddhist monks in another, all of which conjure for the listener a vivid sense of time and place. But this soundtrack is no world music travelogue. Caravan is a film about people, and Story's music searches for the nuances and truths of human nature. Always a particular strength of Story's solo work, moments of sheer beauty and unsettling dangers intermingle in this music, deepening the film's tone with uncommon delicacy. Beautifully articulated by Kim Bryden's oboe and Martha Reikow's cello, Story's spare yet rich themes map for us the emotional terrain of Pemba and Rabdoulah's journeys; and in doing so, give us a recording that is strikingly haunting and surprisingly cohesive - even when removed from the context of the film itself. ... (more) | (buy)
Dwight Ashley & Tim Story - Standing + Falling Dwight Ashley & Tim Story - Standing + Falling (Nepenthe label)
(Price: $12.99)
Recording artists Tim Story and Dwight Ashley are known for creating introspective albums that probe the more shadowy side of the human psyche. But with their latest collaboration, Standing and Falling, the Ashley/Story perspective turns outward, exploring a curious, color-soaked soundscape replete with surprising twists and turns. Produced over the span of eight years, Standing and Falling evokes a corresponding sense of time and space, like a slow, sonic ride on an otherworldly Orient Express, with scenery that grows more exotic from track to track. Real-world audio textures suggest a sense of place - but Ashley/Story's idiosyncratic electronic orchestration renders that place unlike any we've seen or visited. Listeners familiar with Story's taut, haunting melodies or Ashley's dark, guitar-soaked drones may be surprised at a distinctly different element on this album: humor. Track titles like "Ohmen," "Chicken Pot Pie," and "The Curve of Spee" give clue to the listener that even the darker tracks on Standing and Falling are punctuated with witty compositional elements that give the album a wryly cheerful character. Standing and Falling is an inventive collection of electronic tone poems, arguably the most programmatic Ashley/Story effort to date. Artifacts in a sonic curiosity shop… audio postcards from an alternate universe… pictures at an exhibition of subatomic worlds… whatever one sees in the mind's eye, Standing and Falling will take the listener on a richly textured voyage between the ears. ... (more) | (buy)
Dwight Ashley - Ataxia Dwight Ashley - Ataxia (Nepenthe label)
(Price: $12.99)
2007. Ashley further stakes his claim in neo-expressionist territory with Ataxia's prescient interpretation of the current zeitgeist. While he avows in his liner notes that a number of tracks were post-Katrina expressions of his own feelings about the devastation of his "second city" of New Orleans, the entirety of Ataxia conveys the sense of surface well-being that slowly crumbles into a cataclysmic upheaval from which there is no return.

Of his third solo release, Ashley states, "Ataxia is exactly the album I intended to make. Other albums I've done have had a way of taking on a life of their own, becoming something other than what I had originally intended - but Ataxia is as I envisioned it from the outset." If so, there is no doubt that Ashley's vision is one of horror and beauty, battling for supremacy - a battle whose victor is ours to decide... (more) | (buy)
Buzzle (Tim Story) - Buzzle Buzzle (Tim Story) - Buzzle (Nepenthe label)
(Price: $12.99)
2007. A fascinating and engaging departure for Grammy-nominated composer Tim Story, buzzle is a rhythm-fueled diversion into atmospheric electronica. Spiky, organic grooves mingle with vaporous, lush ambiences and creaky analog electronics - picture yourself in a post-modern film noir, and buzzle is the soundtrack you'll have in your head. Those who know Tim Story as a craftsman of elegant, understated chamber music might need to dive beneath buzzle's kaleidoscope surface, but shouldn't be disappointed - there's much that's familiar here. Story's signature use of moody, elusive chord structures, angular melodic phrasing, and masterful sound design give buzzle its spooky and suspenseful, slightly ironic character. Like those of Cluster or Boards of Canada, these pieces take on a life of their own, inhabiting a kind of quirky parallel universe. There's warmth and humor here, too - Story splashes his electronic environments with piano, guitar, cello, even the unexpected voices of his young daughters. buzzle is as pithy and elegantly composed as any music Story has created, with plenty of treats for those who listen for details. Atmospheric, enigmatic, programmatic - and above all, thoroughly enjoyable — all that Tim Story devotees love about his work is still here in spades. What's so surprising about buzzle? Perhaps it's that, in a thoroughly different way, it is just what we've come to expect... (more) | (buy)

2007.04.17 (later)

A couple other recent adds to the Hypnos Online Store, from Numina and from Austere (or more accurately, Stephen Philips & Austere).

Numina - Symbiotic Spaces (2cd) Numina - Symbiotic Spaces (2cd) (Numina section)
(Price: $22.99, 2CD)
2007. Brand new collection of Numina tracks from throughout his career, including several available on CD for the first time.
1. Waves of Reflection [2000]
2. Broken Silence [2004]
3. Death of a Sun [2004/2007]
4. Space Lilt [2004]
5. December Sky [2000]
6. Unearthly Destination [2005]
7. Aleph~Zero[2001]
8. Dronecoil [2003/2007]
9. Cells [2005]
10. Anemone (Version 3) [2005/2006]

1. Moonrise [2006]
2. In the Shadow of Machines [2004]
3. The Sea Beyond (2004)
4. Monuments in Darkness [2006]
5. Delphinium [2001]
6. Black Shores & Blue Waves [2005/2006]
7. Theme for the Goblin King [2005]
8. Saturnine [2005/2006]
9. Alternate Unreality [2005/2006]
10. Anabiosis [2005]... (more) | (buy)
Stephen Philips vs. Austere - Faded (video DVDr) Stephen Philips vs. Austere - Faded (video DVDr) (Austere section)
(Price: $9.99, video DVDr)
2007. A DVD-R video release, which contains custom-designed computer graphics to go with the original CD musick release. Contains all the same tracks, etc. as the CD but provides a visual backdrop to enjoy along with the musick.

The musick was mystically demixicated by Stephen Philips in autumn of 2003, produced and mastered by Austere over the course of winter 2004, this new release has been waiting patiently for enough loving time and attention to bring it to fruition. Well-aged to a refined state, it takes the beauty and essense of fade (2000) one step further into the realm of gentle ambient drone.... (more) | (buy)

Oh, and... speaking of Austere, get ready for their coming-soon release on Hypnos Secret Sounds... Pulse!


Lots of new Groove label stuff now at the Hypnos Online Store, such as:

Hemisphere - Beast in the Heat Hemisphere - Beast in the Heat (Groove label)
(Price: $13.99)
"Hemisphere is known for their unique brand of Berlin school music, slipping in to their own dark niche of the genre, heavier on the ambient eerie textures than most. So at the start of “Starlight Casino” it seems to be standard Hemisphere territory, floating in the formless shadows. But an unusual thing happens three minutes in. A lazy bass line and a shuffling beat emerge. A soft female vocal caresses the ear. Look at the title of the song, and listening to it you start thinking, is Hemisphere doing a disc of EM lounge music? Well, even if they were, this is really a cool way to start the CD, but fear not, it isn't all that way. Next up is “Chroma”, all atmosphere, no beats, though not quite as dark as Hemisphere can sometimes be. “The Frogs” starts to go deeper, but the light shuffling beat and bass return. I liked this cool beat on the first track, and I still like it here. It’s soothing, it’s hip, and it works. “Shadows in the Basement” is what you might expect from the name, amorphous ambient atmospherics. I'm trying to place the movie the sound clip is from, sounds like Harrison Ford but I'm not certain. “Hydra” surprises by heading into a full-on dance beat. Petia Huschle’s sexy wordless vocals enhance the mood. “M8812” is the most ominous track on the disc, haunting and exceptional. The longest track is “Energy Brand”, and once it gets going it does indeed have irresistible energy. This again threatens to head into dance territory, although the beat isn't nearly as stomping as on “Hydra”. After another floater in the form of “Alpha Order”, “Pallas” returns to a steady beat, and of all things acoustic guitar. But this surprising number is among my favorites, with its contagious melody and rhythms. “Mura” follows, again ambient but this time bright and shimmering. Not content to stay this cheery for long, the title track returns us to the depths for the end."
--2005. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space ... (more) | (buy)
John Lakveet - Force of Reason John Lakveet - Force of Reason (Groove label)
(Price: $13.99)
"The Groove site describes The Force of Reason as “versatile melodic sequencing.” Versatile is a perfect description of this excellent release. Yes, the classic Berlin school touches are there – great synths and sequencing and all that. But what really satisfies is the varied moods and sounds employed so effectively throughout.

The centerpiece is “Nihil-ibuster”, an amazing feat for the usually concise Lakveet. This epic musical concept stretches over nearly 25 minutes, unheard of for the man who, like fellow Spaniard Dom F. Scab, specializes in pop-length synth tunes. It is a daring, experimental piece for Lakveet, and he pulls it off beautifully – a piano section here, a flute section there, a smattering of atmospheric sounds and effects, and perhaps most surprising of all, no sequencing until almost 17 minutes have gone by. If you prefer his more melodic composed works, you will still have plenty to choose from. The lead-off track “Leibniz and contingency” is first and foremost about the bubbly sequencing, which starts from the word go. But even this track is a tale of two halves, the latter being sparse tinkling electronics and light lead lines amidst a backdrop of various synth textures. I never cease to be impressed by great sequencing, and the middle of “Checkmate to B. Russell” is an excellent case in point. The bright shimmering tones of “Copleston aperture” focus more on atmosphere than melody or sequencing, although an energetic rhythmic passage ensues later on. The catchiest number is “In-Kant-able”, trademark Lakveet with tight sequences, infectious rhythms, and memorable melodies....Highly recommended."

--2005. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space ... (more) | (buy)
Frank Klare - Monumental Dreams Frank Klare - Monumental Dreams (Groove label)
(Price: $13.99)
"Generous atmospherics fill a cold sky with mounting warmth. Layered sequences descend from the beyond, adding strong definition and appealing melodies to this harmonic flow. A feeling of sedate calm is laced with strident chords that elevate the tranquillity to more dynamic territory, generating a lavish disposition of sonic majesty and meticulous intention. Long intros melt into involved compositions that bristle with verve and passion. This slow-building fashion allows each melody to evolve and flourish in an unhurried manner, resulting in tunes that flaunt earnest creativity with abundance. E-perc plays a sneakily integral role in these compositions; often these beats are generated by sounds that possess no impacts, becoming rhythms by their cyclic utilization. Ah, but more conventional rhythms are present too, fleshing out the songs with engaging tempos that superbly propel the melodies to grander heights. Twinkling keys spawn nimble chords that dance around additional riffs like moths pursuing a mobile night-light, generating a lavish interplay that weaves with an appealing sway. With each rotation, the patterns reach higher and higher in both majesty and emotional content. Deriving deep roots in the works of Tangerine Dream, this release is certain to excite fans of that sound."
--2005. Matt Howarth / soniccuriosity ... (more) | (buy)
Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy - Phantasma Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy - Phantasma (Groove label)
(Price: $13.99)
"Years of experience are showing through in the work of Craig Padilla. His many concerts and collaborations with Skip Murphy have paid off in the form of a nuanced and mature work. This duo are realizing pieces that sound modern yet come across as strong as classics 20 or 30 years old. Phantasma (71'46") casts a dreamy electronic mood as it undercuts technology with an unexpected air of tenderness and sensuality. Its sense of drama comes not from manic leads, drop ins and quick cut key changes, but rather from the gradually increasing complexity of sequencer pattern runs. From rhythms slow, sparse and open to churning machine-like synchronization, Padilla + Murphy masterfully create a wonderful momentum. By systematically adding notes to fill out layers of cycling phrases against the motion of synthesized chords and pads, they build up, fill out and connect each of their six pieces into a well-integrated and vital sound picture. From benign daydreams and apparitions to cosmic visions and revelations, Padilla + Murphy work within the infinity of cerebral excitation."
--2006. Chuck van Zyl / Star's End... (more) | (buy)
Frank Van Bogaert - Closer Frank Van Bogaert - Closer (Groove label)
(Price: $13.99)
"This release from 2004 features 64 minutes of masterful electronic music. Belgian composer van Bogaert has a way of transforming synthesizer melodies into epic constructions that bristle with majestic proportion. Even his simpler compositions seem to evoke a grandeur that parts the clouds to reveal a panorama of optimism. Stately keyboards dominate this music with a peppering of pleasant percussion. Serious piano and expansive electronics blend with heavenly atmospherics to create delicate passages that stir the soul with their tender melodies, imparting a gentle yearning with idyllic flair. For the most part, demonstrative outbursts play a minor role; this music flourishes in more sedate territory, exploring a gentler, more human side of electronic tuneage. Regal touches elevate even the most trivial excerpt, however, injecting a sense of importance to each note. The emotional focus of this music examines nature and humanity’s coexistence with the world. Van Bogaert’s compositions evoke an innocence that softly merges mankind with its environment, often exemplifying the adage that observation makes one a part of the scrutinized circumstance. Fans of classic Vangelis will enjoy this release. One of the tracks utilizes a traditional melody originally from the Solomon Islands, the same one used by Deep Forest and Jan Gabarek on their popular recordings."
--2005. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity ... (more) | (buy)
Wavestar - Mind Journey Wavestar - Mind Journey (Groove label)
(Price: $13.99)
"This was Wavestar’s first recording, dating all the way back to 1984, now reissued by Groove with a bonus track. Though many consider Moonwind to be their best, I rather like Mind Journey. “Departure” is a bright, happy opener, making 14 minutes go by in a carefree, easygoing manner. “Seascape” focuses more on atmosphere and texture, but it still has that light, lilting Wavestar quality, and is quite soothing. “Landfall” is a surprisingly dark brooding interlude, but it leads into “Wavestar”, an excellent namesake with brisk sequencing that chugs along just so. Though the disc holds up pretty well, “Acrotramp” does sound a bit dated with its preset drums and percussion, along with the breathy female vocals in the opening seconds. Still, it is definitely vintage Wavestar and will no doubt appeal to many. “Atmospheres” is what it says, although there is a soft beat pacing the synth atmospheres. “Return” is an expressive piece that would not have been out of place on a Tangerine Dream soundtrack album from the same time period. The bonus track is a live recording of “Voyager” from 1988, the liner notes mentioning it is a bit rough around the edges but also rightly acknowledging is a strong enough performance that it is worthy of inclusion here."
--Phil Derby / Electroambient Space... (more) | (buy)


It's a busy time at Hypnos Recordings, and we have another new release already... yet again on the Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint, and available as of today on the Hypnos Online Store.

CD release announcement from Hypnos Recordings
Artist: Lena
Title: Alchemy of Fingers and Dark (budget single)
Hypnos Secret Sounds (hss06)

Lena - Alchemy of Fingers and Dark

2007. This is the recording debut of a multi-instrumentalist new to the ambient & experimental music scenes. Alchemy of Fingers and Dark is a budget-priced single in CDR format, featuring 2 tracks from Lena's upcoming Hypnos Secret Sounds album Extended Gestures For Cello (as well as 4 remixes bringing the total running time to over 70 minutes).

As indicated by the album's title, these recordings are entirely made up of solo cello, performed live in studio by Lena, with electronic treatments and production by Hypnos founder and ambient experimentalist M. Griffin. The resultant sound is somewhere between recognizably cello-like traditional, and an edgier, more atmospheric, and more challenging tone. The first two remixes extend and deepen and thicken the atmosphere, the Austere demix is an interesting experiment in many shifting, chorusing layers, and the final demix by The Mystifying Oracle takes greater liberties with the original, building upon the cello notes, adding strange voice samples and freakiness, off-kilter beats, more voice samples, more freakiness, and more beats. Lots of fun, and over 70 minutes of music in all, for $5.99... hard to beat, so we hope many listeners will give this one a go. The album release will follow this single within a month or so.

Track listing, with MP3 sample clips:
1. alchemy of fingers and dark (5:48) MP3 clip
2. crowdmurmurs, peopletalk (8:26) MP3 clip
3. alchemy of fingers and dark [xxx mix by M. Griffin] (24:35) MP3 clip
4. crowdmurmurs, peopletalk [subterranean conversation mix by M. Griffin] (13:57) MP3 clip
5. alchemy [gold into lead demix by Austere] (5:55) MP3 clip
6. Mermers [Oh my! Oh why? demix by The Mystifying Oracle] (11:26) MP3 clip

Hypnos Online Store listing

This one was a lot of fun to put together, with not only two album tracks to give listeners a good idea what to expect from Extended Gestures For Cello, but four lengthy remixes that work progressively further and further away from the originals. And as Austere likes to say... Thanks for listening!


Here's the latest release from Hypnos Recordings, specifically the Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint, available as of today on the Hypnos Online Store.

CD release announcement
Artist: Rigel Orionis
Title: Night Heat
Hypnos Secret Sounds (hss09)

Rigel Orionis - Night Heat

2007. This is our first release on Hypnos Secret Sounds by an artist new to Hypnos since Stephen Philips (Dagboken, 2005). We're excited to commence with one of the original plans for this Secret Sounds imprint, which is to bring new artists to Hypnos listeners.

Rigel Orionis is a relative newcomer to the ambient genre (and a pseudonym for Jim Brenholts), but already has collaborated with Stephen Philips (Dark Duck Records), Ben Fleury-Steiner (Gears of Sound), and Darren Rogers. Night Heat, described by its creator as "desert ambience," has a shimmering, nocturnal feel, with a pronounced tribal/ethnic sound element. Percussion is just as much a part of it as atmosphere. It consists of four long tracks of which you'll find sample clips below.

Track listing, with MP3 sample clips:
1. The Damp Desert (21:58)
2. Arctic Sunstroke (21:07)
3. Drastic Eventuality (09:58)
4. Centrifugal (26:13)

Hypnos Online Store listing

We're pleased and excited to bring Rigel Orionis to the Hypnos audience and trust that many among you will find this recording as intriguing and atmospheric as we do.


A few more tidbits of information about the upcoming Sounds of a Universe Overheard, mentioned in the last news update. These tidbits swiped from the ever-popular Hypnos Forum.

Trying to write up the more detailed description of the project and start letting people know what they want to do if they're going to submit something for consideration. In the mean time, I've already received some pretty appealing inquiries from artists all over the world who say they'd be interested in taking part, so it could be that the competition is uncomfortably tight.

It will definitely not be open, free-for-all submissions... sorry, everybody out there with a crusty speedcore or folk ballad demo you're dying to send in, this ain't the place. More likely I will ask everyone interested in submitting, to submit answers to a few brief questions, so I can narrow down the people I solicit submissions from, and not waste anybody's time.

I'll be looking for people who have heard enough Hypnos music to know what they're trying to get into, not people who want to mail something out every time they hear "taking submissions" whether or not the style is right.

Also, I will strictly limit participation in these two ways:

1. Only people who have not been on a Hypnos compilation in the past may participate (though I would like to do other, more open compilations in the future, and remove this restriction in those cases)

2. Tracks submitted must be truly exclusive... they may not be previously released on other compilations, may not be previously available on any album(s), or by paid or free download. This needs to be music that the person buying the compilation will hear for the first time.

And then of course, the compilation will be selected for works of highest quality, within the range of soundscape & atmospheric material appropriate to Hypnos... I do think it would be cool if the compilation had darker parts and lighter parts, more abstract parts and more musical parts, so it doesn't all need to be the same, but it needs to be reasonable connectable to other parts of the whole.

Various Artists - Sounds of a Universe Overheard

There seems to be a high level of interest in this project, among listeners and also ambient music artists who wish to participate. More information as we have it.

There is also a possibility that the Binary sub-label will release its first various artists compilation this year, perhaps a collection with a bright and talented group of new electronica talents, delivering a batch of 21st century bleeps and ploinks.


We've reached a tentative agreement with recording artist Darren Rogers to issue his new album The Alternate Realms in May. More information, such as track listing and cover artwork, coming soon. Welcome to the Hypnos team, Darren. For now, for more information about Darren, you may look at his web site here.


It won't be available until this summer, but here's a visual preview of the upcoming Various Artists compilation mentioned here a couple days ago, Sounds of a Universe Overheard:

Various Artists - Sounds of a Universe Overheard

I wasn't going to post this until I had some more information, but this image made me feel the project is really "on" now and I wanted to share it. So, that "more information" will be coming soon.


The absolutely wonderful series of concerts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called The Gatherings, which has hosted so many Hypnos related artists over the years (including the fella typing this update, who performed years ago with Dave Fulton and Jeff Pearce and had a smashing time), has recently announced an updated list of upcoming concerts:

The Gatherings Concert Series are concerts for anyone interested in the
many genres within the realms of Space, Ambient, Electronic and Ethereal
music. In 2007 we mark our 15th year!

The Gatherings concerts are presented in the church sanctuary of St.
Mary's Hamilton Village at 3916 Locust Walk, on the campus of the
University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a serene
space ideal for experiencing atmospheric sounds of spontaneous creation.

The Gatherings Concert Series 2007 Season will welcome:
Der Spyra on 24 March
The Fulton/Reaves Project (w/Orbital Decay opening) on 21 April
Steve Roach (w/Jeffrey Koepper opening) on 19 May
David Wright on 29 September
Erik Wollo on 27 October
Radio Massacre int'l on 17 November

The Fulton/Reaves Project performance will be something of a CD release party for the Fulton & Reaves album The Range which is coming soon on Hypnos/Binary. You'll definitely want to see a Gathering show at some time in your life if you have the chance, and if you live nearby, you'll probably want to go to most of them. It's impossible to praise this concert series too highly. It truly is one of the great things going on in the music world, and thanks for this go out to Chuck VanZyl especially, but also Jeff Towne and Art Cohen.


A month or two ago I announced that Hypnos would soon be announcing a "various artists" compilation project for release in mid-year.

The compilation will be entitled "Sounds of a Universe Overheard" and more details will be announced soon, though I'm shooting for a summer 2007 release on Hypnos. This is exciting, as I've always considered various artists compilations to be a real energizer for the label and for the music scene in general, with a lot of cross-fertilization possible... and yet Hypnos has not done a compilation since 99's Weightless, Effortless.

Please don't start sending demos yet, as I will be creating an information page on the hypnos.com web site regarding this project.

First off, I'll be restricting the project to people who have not contributed to a Hypnos compilation before.

Second, I want people who are considering submitting work to read a bit about the project before getting in touch

Lastly, the project will probably not be a wide-open submissions process... more likely, somewhere between "by referral only" and "email me a few sentences about what kind of thing you'd like to submit, and if it sounds good I'll give you submission requirements."

Hope that doesn't too sound nazi-like, but I'd like the process to be as sane and manageable as possible, and last time I said "Hypnos will be doing a compilation soon" I received hundreds of emails from artists of all flavors, as well as dozens of unsolicited demos before I'd ever announced being open to submissions.

There should be more information here within a week or so, possibly including cover artwork, and probably including a link to the project's "info and submission guidelines page."

So.... Sounds of a Universe Overheard coming on Hypnos in summer 2007!


Been insanely busy here with getting CD projects together, as well as dealing with much heavier volume of orders through the Hypnos Store. To give you an idea, not only do we currently have no fewer than 8 CD projects in various stages of development and completion, but our online sales from January to February nearly doubled, and then from February to March more than doubled again!

It's a good thing Hypnos will have full-time help in the office starting next Monday, because all these orders are making me tired, people! Seriously, the best thing in the world for a smaller label is increased CD sales, because selling more of our past releases allows us to plan and release more projects in the future. So, keep feeding that music machine and we'll keep coming up with new sounds for you to listen to. I can promise you, more good things will happen for Hypnos in 2007 than in a very long time.

All your support is very sincerely appreciated!


Over the weekend, we added a whole pile of stuff to Hypnos Online Store, recently arrived from Italy's Umbra & Penumbra... for example:

Oophoi - Upuaut (ltd. cdr) Oophoi - Upuaut (ltd. cdr) (Umbra/Oophoi section)
(Price: $15.99)
Back in stock after it's been unavailable for several years... Reissued in the 5" x 8" sleeve more common to recent Umbra releases. Recorded live in the Kiva in October 1999.

Oöphoi - synths
Mathias Grassow - voice, tibetan bowls, bells
Amir Baghiri - voice and percussions ... (more) | (buy)
Oophoi - Mare Vaporum (ltd. cdr) Oophoi - Mare Vaporum (ltd. cdr) (Umbra/Oophoi section)
(Price: $15.99)
Back in stock after it's been unavailable for several years... Reissued in the 5" x 8" sleeve more common to recent Umbra releases. Composed and recorded in the Kiva, April 2000 ... (more) | (buy)
Oophoi - Whispers From the Noisy Void (cdr) Oophoi - Whispers From the Noisy Void (cdr)(Umbra/Oophoi section)
(Price: $15.99)
2006. Latest solo work from Oophoi, the recently-prolific Italian master of ambience and textured drone. ... (more) | (buy)
Oophoi & Tau Ceti - Archaic Oceans (2-cdr) Oophoi & Tau Ceti - Archaic Oceans (2-cdr) (Umbra/Oophoi section)
(Price: $24.99, 2-CDR)
Disc One
1 - Atlantis rising (39.46)
2 - Ophir (20.37)

Disc Two
1 - Meru (17.34)
2 - Faroer (9.19)
3 - Piri Reis (17.37)
4 - Ultima Thule (12.31)

Oophoi: synths, electronics, loops, bells, vocoder, shells, percussions
Tau Ceti: synths
Special guest: Luna, vocals on Atlantis rising

double Cd in special packaging, with cover image by swedish artist Bjorn Mascher
cover design and layout by Alessandra Clini
Music composed by Oophoi and Tau Ceti... (more) | (buy)
Oophoi - Time Fragments vol.4: Garden of earthly delights Oophoi - Time Fragments vol.4: Garden of earthly delights (Umbra/Oophoi section)
(Price: $15.99)
Track listing
1. Oniria (2003)
2. Cygnus planante (2004)
3. The somnific dance of Inanna (2004)
4. Harvest moon (2002)

Oophoi: synths, voice, woodchimes, metalchimes, percussions, glasses, Theremin, nature sounds
Luna: vocals

Special packaging! Cover artworks by Alessandra Clini... (more) | (buy)
Oophoi - Time Fragments vol.5: Wastelands Oophoi - Time Fragments vol.5: Wastelands (Umbra/Oophoi section)
(Price: $15.99)
Track listing
1. The deaf birds of Alpha Aleph (2004)
2. I canti di Babele (2002)
3. Mandala glass (2002)
4. Praying Gurkas (2001)
5. Endless rain on Altair IV (2003)

Special packaging! Cover artworks by Alessandra Clini... (more) | (buy)
Oophoi - Time Fragments vol.6: Between Nothingness and Eternity Oophoi - Time Fragments vol.6: Between Nothingness and Eternity (Umbra/Oophoi section)
(Price: $15.99)
Track listing
1. Meeting Rama (2004)
2. A pale reflection of God (2004)
3. Le monde inanimè (2004)

Oophoi: synths, flute, shells, percussions, vocoder, stones, voice
Luna: vocals

Special packaging! Cover artworks by Alessandra Clini... (more) | (buy)

There are now more than 50 items in this extremely fast-growing (and highly in-demand) section of the store. For some items, only a few copies are presently available, so it's best to snap up the ones you want while they're here.


Back in stock on the Hypnos Online Store, a recent CD and an early CD from Jeff Pearce.

Jeff Pearce - Lingering Light Jeff Pearce - Lingering Light (Jeff Pearce section)
(Price: $13.99)
2005. Latest release by Jeff Pearce. Pearce's recent work includes music created on the "Chapman Stick" using the two-handed tapping technique associated with touch guitar, a radical departure from standard guitar practice. His latest CD is entitled Lingering Light and features music made using this process... (more) | (buy)
Jeff Pearce - Tenderness and Fatality Jeff Pearce - Tenderness and Fatality (Jeff Pearce section)
(Price: $11.99)
1993. On this, Pearce's debut CD, his guitar is used to create atmospheres of gentle simplicity. On this CD, Jeff began his explorations of the electric guitar, which would continue on The Hidden Rift and Vestiges. More structured and conventionally melodic than his later work, this is still a dramatic departure from the normal use of electric guitar... (more) | (buy)


Here's the latest release from Hypnos Recordings, available as of today on the Hypnos Online Store.

Artist: vidnaObmana
Title: An Opera for Four Fusion Works, Act 4
(The Bowing Harmony, feat. Steven Wilson)
Label: Hypnos Recordings

vidnaObmana - An Opera for Four Fusion Works, Act 4

It's available now!

2007. The fourth and final installment in vidnaObmana's ambitious "Opera For Four Fusion Works" project. Each "act" of this project involves vidnaObmana's reworking and recycling audio sources from different collaborators.

Act I used guitar pieces from Dreams in Exile, Act II used Bill Fox's saxophone recordings, Act III worked from the foundation of Kenneth Kirschner's piano works, and this last installment utilizes the voice of Steven Wilson ( No-Man, Porcupine Tree, and the artist behind Bass Communion). Even those who are thinking "I don't like voice with my ambient music" will really love this. It's one of the most unusual and yet relevant recordings ever released by Hypnos, in which a very recognizable sound, the human voice, is progressively transformed from the familiar, into stranger and more "ambient" atmospheres. It's captivating & beautiful.

The usual disclaimer applies... this music is not in any real sense "opera" music, and the term is used only to suggest the varied, multi-part quality of this ongoing release.

We're also making available a discounted package of all 4 parts together, for those of you who have not purchased any of the parts along the way.

ACT FOUR track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. II mp3 clip
2. IV mp3 clip
3. VI mp3 clip
4. III mp3 clip

Hypnos Online Store listing, Act 4
Hypnos Online Store listing, Acts 1-4

Recently vidnaObmana stated will be the final project ever recorded by vidnaObmana, as he moves on to recording under his new name, Fear Falls Burning. There may be a couple of CDs released under the vidnaObmana name subsequent to this, but they will be compilations of earlier work. Hypnos would like to say "farewell" to this great artist, and to state that we'll be interested to watch what he does as Fear Falls Burning, as well as any other projects he may later undertake. We're proud to have been a part of vidnaObmana's epic Opera... project, with which he concludes his recording career.


Another batch of materials recently added to the Hypnos Online Store come from the Infraction label. This is a relatively new label, but they're doing really great things already.

Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver (Infraction label section)
(Price: $14.99)
2006. Where to begin? World Receiver is quite possibly the one seminal disc that defines what ambient music is. It is the modern version (although recorded in 1996) of Brian Eno's 'On Land'. In the middle of 1996, Inoue put together a recording combining atmospheric ambient and soundscapes evoking distant lands, faraway places. Nothing though particularly new to the followers of Inoue's work or in the field of ambient at that time. What separated "World Receiver" from Inoue's history and from the rest of the pack, was the seamless blending of environmental recordings literally from all over the world. The resulting collage was extremely detailed and precise without suffering from the weight of hundreds of hours of work and editing. It is a subtle texture from Inoue acting as a filter to what is intended to be receptions of signals from across the globe through one 'world receiver' radio. So, this is the audio document of the memory of paths travelled, sights observed, voices heard -- arbitrarily collected and purposefully assembled to a magnificent end. Originally issued by Instinct records in 1996, World Receiver has been out of print and in demand for many years. It is held in the highest regard by fans of ambient and Inoue worldwide. Often cited as his best work ever. This is an edition of 800 copies with a 6 panel full-color digipak. Liner notes from Inoue web site curator, Noah Jurcin... (more) | (buy)
Zimiamvian Night - Zimiamvian Night 2 Zimiamvian Night - Zimiamvian Night 2 (Infraction label section)
(Price: $14.99)
2007. 2nd installment in the ever-lasting Zimiamvian Night series. Mike Bennett draws from the harmonium work of New Zealander Christopher Orczy's October release and configures an entirely new piece of ambient drone. A silent sky illuminated by northern lights. All the world is indeed frozen music.

There is a group of small acts, collectives and individual artists that dot the globe creating spacious scenes using a backdrop of layered or prepared guitar and infusing environmental recordings. This initial work by Zimiamvian Night is assimilated into this group that includes among others; Monos, Mirror and Zoviet France (during their more spacious moments). These acts and artists employ the richness and warmth of analog recording, with small detailed clips of the world around them. The analog sounds, when examined closely, continue to display a furthering richness of detail. Detailed examination uncovers new sounds and textures as displayed here on the 1st Zimiamvian Night recording. There is a delicate framework built around the hum and beautiful gauze created from the guitar, deepened by layering and enhanced from the warm sound medium of the magnetic tape. Imperceptibly the sound emerges and then fades infinitely, with no end in sight, a quiet calm eventually settling in... (more) | (buy)
Milieu - Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars Milieu - Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars (Infraction label section)
(Price: $14.99)
2006. Limited edition of 505. Mining a provenance of sounds from a distant & disbanded orchestra Milieu reassembles then quietly broadcasts the collected notes into a wide expanse. It is his first full ambient offering to be heard from a library of many hours of sound experimentation in drone, ambient and lush found sound litanies. Beyond the Sea is shrouded in distant fog…there are lights that seem to appear briefly and then are calmly eclipsed. There is a fascination in this nebulous balance of sonorous melodies from decades ago, almost hopeful, yet an undercurrent of a somber theme that is draped over the entire composition…

This is American composer Milieu’s first proper release – following two limited edition releases for the Belgian label U-Cover. Influences include The Caretaker’s ‘Haunted Ballroom’ and from William Basinski’s ‘Disintegration Loops’ series... (more) | (buy)
Beautumn - Northing Beautumn - Northing (Infraction label section)
(Price: $14.99)
2006. Yes! New Beautumn. Out now! Edition of 790. This is a beautiful yet serious record. It is ambience, but not simply ambient. These are cinematic tracks begging for a narrative, often invoking the skeletons of stories with sounds of footsteps, rain, winds, waves, fire and animal life (birds?) alongside metals and the odd machine. The sound is almost always a bit grand and roomy, as if reverbing off of the sky and thickly layered with varied-pitch tones and drones which often become so much a part of the soundscape that they become the foundation of its lushness, sometimes building tension, sometimes delivering an other-worldy, floating quality. As I listen to some of these tracks, I am reminded of times in my childhood during weather warnings when I stared at a dark sky, both menacing and terribly compelling, watching it roil too close to the ground where I stood. The debut Beautumn, "white coffee" is nearly sold out. We have this new full-length to keep us company.... (more) | (buy)
Beautumn - White Coffee Beautumn - White Coffee (Infraction label section)
(Price: $14.99)
2005. As one astute discogs member put it : "An Absolutely beautiful ambient album. Warm caressing synths float over light spacious textures. Like Monolake without the beats. One of my favorite albums of 2003, and sure to be one of my all time favorite ambient albums. If there is such a thing as paradise, I think track four would be the soundtrack. Looooovely." This album has been buried for 3 years due to difficulties with other labels and an expansive 18 page color booklet. The images and layout are extraordinary and we're very happy to be able to help get this release to see the light of day. Finally out... (more) | (buy)
Beequeen - Music for the Head Ballet Beequeen - Music for the Head Ballet (Infraction label section)
(Price: $14.99)
2005. "Always a lonesome recording with it's distant organ drones quietly amassed, Music for the Head Ballet was first bestowed upon us in 1996. The now defunct Isomorphic records had the privilege of issuing these 3 pieces of lulling resonating ambience. Music for the Head Ballet has had an elusive history. There is little information about the music listed anywhere. The reviews are scarce, and those few that do make a mention are consistent in their praise of this alluring work. The original 936 numbered copies seem to be carefully tucked away on coveted shelves as it is rarely seen making an appearance in any market platform. Even the names of the tracks support it's ambiguous nature ('Days that never were', 'White feathers on a dish, used to erect the pyramids' and 'These foolish things'). Now after so many years of myth making, this gorgeous work has been made available again by Infraction. This reissue features new artwork as well as a previously unreleased 13 minute additional track from the original sessions. It is quite possibly the most blissful track Beequeen have committed to disc." (more) | (buy)


The additions to the Hypnos Store are still coming fast and furious...

Anomalous Disturbances - Archive 1 (cdr) Anomalous Disturbances - Archive 1 (cdr) (Anomalous Disturbances section)
(Price: $12.99)
Emanating from Vancouver BC, Anomalous Disturbances - aka Terry O'Brien - creates ambient soundscapes via electronically modified looping guitar improvisations.

Archive One is the latest album from Anomalous Disturbances (June 2004). This CD-R release is another collection of ambient/ experimental recordings. Most tracks were recorded from September to December of 2003 but a few earlier recordings from the A.D. archives are included - "Creep" from The Spirit Molecule sessions (Dec. 2001) and one of Terry's earliest recorded loop pieces, "Swamp Gas" (Feb. 1987). Rounding out the collection is Haven Siguenza's unique deconstruction/remix of "Blue Honey (Ancient Starship remix)" (Mar.2003)... (more) | (buy)
Anomalous Disturbances - HovR (cdr) Anomalous Disturbances - HovR (cdr)(Anomalous Disturbances section)
(Price: $12.99)
Emanating from Vancouver BC, Anomalous Disturbances - aka Terry O'Brien - creates ambient soundscapes via electronically modified looping guitar improvisations.

HovR is a collection of eight soundscapes and is the second release from Anomalous Disturbances. From the hallucinogenic dreamscape environs of "Strange Fruit" to the hymn-like "Sombunall", this CD is best suited to low volume listening.

HovR is released on a thermal-printed CDR. Each is packaged in a black digipak with an applied sticker featuring photo-art by Vancouver artist Mikel. The CD is enclosed in a re-usable cellophane envelope.

rik maclean of Ping Things says of HovR:
"Following up his first release "The Spirit Molecule", Terry O'Brien of Anomalous Disturbances has created a fantastic work with "HovR". totally engaging, spellbinding and beguiling, this disc hasn't left my stereo since I got it."

Dodds Wiley of Ambient.us says:
"Very serene and thoughtful, this album is great for contemplation and unwinding. Terry O'Brien has crafted a work of great inventiveness and beauty. Recommended and a nice way to slow down the pace of this modern, hectic world! "... (more) | (buy)


Three wonderful new additions to the Hypnos Store from Still Life, a duo featuring Nelson Foltz & Tom Lynn.

Nelson Foltz + Tom Lynn - Still Life vol. 1 Nelson Foltz + Tom Lynn - Still Life vol. 1(Stillsounds label)
(Price: $10.99)
2007. Brand new to the Hypnos store, these Still Life projects are fantastic, vaporous, slow-shifting pieces of textural ambient minimalism.

Still Life says of this volume:
The first track of still life volume one was motivated by a desire to create music with a much slower pace than usual which unfolds organically rather than through determined forms. We started work in June of 2003 with not much more of a concept than that and let the music dictate what should happen next. We would ultimately abandon most of the formal musical elements listeners might expect. The piece grows out of silence and blends 35 minutes of music into a seamless whole. [sample 1]

Traditional western harmonic movement is replaced with drones in two tonalities and rhythmic and melodic development are subtle and slow moving. This seems to provide the listener with a space of 'estrangement' from musical preconceptions allowing for deeper, non-critical listening.

Another key element of this feeling of newness is the sound palette we first developed during this time. We sought to utilize a small collection of acoustic instruments in unique ways, giving a sense of both familiarity and mystery. [sample 2]

The second track is a 15 minute drone, based on the overtone series in A, which strips the musical elements down even deeper to their essence. It is a pure exploration of sound lacking all traditional melodic, rhythmic and harmonic development. The piece, though, seems to be ever changing due to shifting timbres and tonal balances. Repeated listening can reveal layers of sonic interaction previously unnoticed. This drone is intended to prolong the sense of contemplation and reflection one can experience at the end of the first track. After listening to the final version and wishing it were even longer, we decided to use it as raw material for a much longer version which we have released as 'interlude'.

Audio clips:
sample 1 | sample 2... (more) | (buy)
Nelson Foltz + Tom Lynn - Still Life vol. 2 Nelson Foltz + Tom Lynn - Still Life vol. 2(Stillsounds label)
(Price: $10.99)
2007. More fantastic new vaporous ambience from the Stillsounds label and their Still Life projects.

Stillsounds says of volume two:
Volume two continues and expands the soundscapes of the previous recordings. The entire cd is one piece, again composed of seamlessly connected musical sections. Rather than silence, this piece emerges from the sound of everyday life - a subtle electric hum that is the constant companion of modernity. The hum is used as a drone over which a choir of 'ghost bells' sounds. You might hear a faucet dripping or the tick of a clock in the next room. These sounds become part of the work and are integrated into the orchestration. [sample 1]

This project is much more rhythmic than the others in this series. We wanted to explore the meditative aspects of rhythmic entrainment. The kind of transcendent experience that repetitive percussion can unveil. African drumming and its descendants in trance-based religions like santeria and condomble were an indirect influence. We hoped to capture that spirit but in a way that remained subtle and unobtrusive. [sample 2]

Again we hope to transport the listener to a unique space - a space created by the interplay of sound and imagination

Audio clips:
sample 1 | sample 2... (more) | (buy)
Nelson Foltz + Tom Lynn - Still Life: Interlude Nelson Foltz + Tom Lynn - Still Life: Interlude(Stillsounds label)
(Price: $10.99)
2007. This third release from the Stillsounds label and the Still Life project extends their efforts in the same direction, working from sound components from Still Life vol. 1.

Stillsounds says of Interlude:
Interlude uses the same basic sonic elements as the second track of volume one and expands the drone time to over one hour.

This is a period of rest, a pause from all forms of musical directedness. The only goal here is to create an enveloping sound space that is active enough to listen to but also subtle enough to allow the listener to project their own imagination onto it — a space in which to dream or to float.

We made this to satisfy our own need for quietly unobtrusive but interesting music that is long enough to allow timeless drifting. We learned later that it is the perfect soundtrack to anything that benefits from concentration or relaxation. It is being used professionally in several different therapeutic settings including yoga classes, acupuncture and massage sessions and creativity development seminars.

Audio clip:
sample 1... (more) | (buy)


Binary Logo

Good news for Binary enthusiasts who were afraid the sublabel was history... We're pleased to announce the planned release of the first collaboration by Dave Fulton and Giles Reaves, The Range.

Dave and Giles will be playing a series of shows starting at the end of March and through their appearance at The Gathering in Philadelphia, April 21. The Range will be released some time around the beginning of April if everything goes as planned. This is an exciting, dynamic release that has been highly praised by those who have heard a preview. It sounds incredible already, and should only end up sounding better as the final mastering is being done by Bob Ohlsson (formerly the mastering engineer for many "classic" titles on Hearts of Space).

We'll have more information soon but wanted to pass along this exciting information, now that the release is officially planned for Hypnos/Binary! Giles and Dave have created a myspace page for this project, for those who would like to hear some clips in advance of the mp3 clips we'll make available here... or just check out pictures, concert dates, or send the duo a "friend request"

Myspace - The Fulton Reaves Project

2007.03.06 (later)

Prices reduced on the Hypnos Online Store for the three items announced earlier, so if you looked at this once, look again!


Lots of stuff is being added to the Hypnos Online Store....

Freq. Magnet - Etoiles du Couvercle Freq. Magnet - Etoiles du Couvercle (Austere section)
(Price: $12.99)
The first album by Austere off-shoot Freq. Magnet (pronounced like "Freak Magnet," not "frequency," get it?). Actually Freq. Magnet is a solo side-project by one of the members of the anonymous duo known as Austere (the other half records and releases albums as "The Mystifying Oracle".) The main focus is to create musick using nothing but guitar (acoustic and electric, standard and bass), with a bevy of effects, to try and forge new ground in the genre of "psybient", a term coined by The Mystifying Oracle to describe a new style of sound meant as an alternative to the oft-predictable and overly typecast "ambient" genre.

Working with these ideas in mind, the results are a blend best described as "shoegazing psychedelic ambient", pushing new boundaries by attempting to bring elements of various types of psychedelic musicks (ambient, rock, psy-trance, chanting, etc.) together to create something that will create its own niche in contrast to most all-instrumental and ambient musick.

Freq. Magnet's release are in the vein of and inspired by the works of such amazing bands as Anomalous Disturbances (Terrry O'Brien), Labradford, Bowery Electric, Stars of the Lid, and the ever-wonderful Windy & Carl... (more) | (buy)
Freq. Magnet - Principium Somniferum (audio cd) Freq. Magnet - Principium Somniferum (audio cd) (Austere section)
(Price: $11.99)
One half of Austere goes solo with a new side-project that tries to take the "psybient" genre in a completely different direction, eschewing synths and drum-like percussion but embracing bass and well as electric guitar sounds, this release attempts to create a style of shoegazing psychedelic ambience strongly influenced by the work of Stars of the Lid, Windy & Carl, Labradford, and other guitar-based "indie-rock" bands who seek out a more trance-inducing, floating, other-worldly sound... (more) | (buy)
Freq. Magnet - Principium Somniferum (video DVDr) Freq. Magnet - Principium Somniferum (video DVDr) (Austere section)
(Price: $9.99)
A DVD+/-R (DVD Recordable) video of colorful and constantly-changing psychedelic computer graphics generated with the use of MilkDrop, customized and synced to each track on the album. Note that the musick is the same on the CD and DVD, the latter adds visuals to go with each track.

The DVD is currently available only directly from us and comes in NTSC (North American) video format, NO REGION CODE, so it should be playable on any NTSC-capable DVD video player... (more) | (buy)

Also, just now, you will find some nifty enhancements to the Hypnos store software, things like a miniaturized "readout" of your shopping cart contents that follow you wherever you go in the store, and an ability to rate and/or review CDs you've heard, on the product screen for that CD. More enhancements and modifications will be rolled-out soon, to make the Hypnos shopping experience better and more convenient than ever.


Just back in town after a long weekend in California, and items are being added to the Hypnos Online Store:

Ben Fleury-Steiner - As a means through which I can speak Ben Fleury-Steiner - As a means through which I can speak (Gears of Sand label)
(Price: $12.99)
2006. Complex album of drones, reverberating frequencies, fractured melodies, and hidden siren songs.

"Channelling Yeats (the imagistic track titles) and surrealism (the cover art’s Magritte-inflected portraiture) through sensibilities as informed by Dada as data, Fleury-Steiner’s mesmerizing ambient work flourishes over the eight lengthy tracks that comprise As A Means Through Which I Can Speak, tossing preconceived genre affiliations in the proverbial trash. This is, for lack of a better phrase, “anti-drone.” Though the components of the drone are apparent, Fleury-Steiner seems more intent on establishing distinct environments in sound, the results being far too febrile to simply become one with the surrounding woodwork. Numerous influences poke out their heads for a look (Mark Isham’s early playful synth experiments circa Vapor Drawings, the melancholy chord-sweeps of Steve Roach and Oophoi), but they don’t hinder the music’s progress or grand scope. Fundamentally, this is evocative stuff in the best sense, great ringing droughts of sonic wash that reveal tonalities within tonalities, high-frequency drones that shimmer and vibrate like jeweled curtains that reflect piercing sunlight. A record of contradicting emotions, denoting both introspection and excitation, pat “drone” music this is not, and the fact that it confounds any such glib categorical baggage makes it even more compelling, and quite shelf-worthy."
-Darren Bergstein, e|i magazine... (more) | (buy)
Synthetic Block - Means of Ascent Synthetic Block - Means of Ascent (Gears of Sand label)
(Price: $12.99)
2006. Simultaneously rhythmic and spacious ambient music that is all Synthetic Block at his virtuousic best.

Means of Ascent (GOS 20) by Synthetic Block. As the follow-up to stunning Escape Velocity (GOS 15), Means of Ascent is a trilogy of tracks with a massive, 41 minute epic title composition at its epicenter. Engrossing space music at its best... (more) | (buy)
Aidan Baker - Green & Cold Aidan Baker - Green & Cold (Gears of Sand label)
(Price: $12.99)
2006. Means of Ascent (GOS 20) by Synthetic Block. As the follow-up to stunning Escape Velocity (GOS 15), Means of Ascent is a trilogy of tracks with a massive, 41 minute epic title composition at its epicenter. Engrossing space music at its best.

"The innovative master of ambient guitar returns with a breakthrough album. At its core 'Green & Cold' is a a mix of drone, post-rock, and what the artist calls appropriately "deconstructive dream-pop." Memorable hooks combine with Baker's trademark huge wall of guitar constituted atmospherics. Baker's shoegazey croon floats among the stuttering clicks and cuts permeating the layers of catchy riffs and slow, intoxicating beats. As 'Green & Cold' unfolds the listener is coaxed familarly inward only to be washed over in waves of wispy, warming drones: An album of uncommon intelligence and artistry."... (more) | (buy)

Also, Synthetic Block's previous album is back in stock as well. More throughout the week...


Today's news update is a long one, so grab a bag of popcorn and something pleasant to sip on, and take the laptop over to a comfortable chair. Ready then? Here we go...

Recently JKN on the Hypnos Forum raised the "what's coming this year for you musically?" question, not posed specifically to Hypnos but to all readers of the Forum (many of whom are music-makers themselves). I typed out a quick, stream-of-consciousness reply about what Hypnos has going on during 2007, and have received lots of messages about all the exciting projects happening here this year. Now that the general outline of the year's activities has been sketched out, I'd like to start making some more formal announcements of various projects, giving previews of cover artwork along with a bit of information about each.

Numina - Shift to the Ghost

Just released... Numina's third album on Hypnos Recordings is "Shift to the Ghost," a long-form continuous piece, which is a format that is actually fairly new for Numina, despite his many prior recorded releases. The album does include indexed track points for convenience in navigating through the CD, and each song is distinctly different in feel, but the songs evolve seamlessly into one another. The continuous, long-form ambient format works very well here, never droning on too much or dwelling too long in a certain sonic space.

Numina himself states that the album "is about the life and death of the physical self," hence the title. Whatever the concept, this album contains all the elements Numina fans enjoy, from deep and sombre ambient, to twinkling, swirling space music, constantly evolving. It's a long, fascinating visual journey, and it never grows tired. The latest work from ambient "rising star" Numina is possibly his best yet.

Track listing with MP3 samples:
1. Secret Souls mp3 clip
2. Through the Unseen Barrier mp3 clip
3. Spiral Reminders mp3 clip
4. Arrival to Nowhere mp3 clip
5. Light Travelling mp3 clip
6. Forever Falling mp3 clip
7. The Hostless Ghost mp3 clip

Hypnos Online Store listing

Vidna Obmana - An Opera for Four Fusion Works, Act 4

The fourth and final installment in vidnaObmana's ambitious "Opera For Four Fusion Works" project. Each "act" of this project involves vidnaObmana (the well-established Belgian genius of the ambient & experimental forms, for those of you who don't know) reworking and recycling audio sources from different collaborators.

Act I used guitar pieces from Dreams in Exile, Act II used Bill Fox's saxophone recordings, Act III worked from the foundation of Kenneth Kirschner's piano works, and this last installment utilizes the voice of Steven Wilson, well-known vocalist of No-Man, Porcupine Tree, and the artist behind Bass Communion. Even those who are thinking "I don't like voice with my ambient music" will really love this. It's one of the most unusual and yet relevant recordings ever released by Hypnos, in which a very recognizable sound, the human voice, is progressively transformed from the familiar, into stranger and more "ambient" atmospheres. It's captivating, beautiful, and will be released by Hypnos next month.

Lena - Alchemy of Fingers and Darkness (cd single)

This will be a 4 or 5 track low-priced cdr single released on Hypnos Secret Sounds in March, as a preview of Lena's upcoming album of deep ambient material, Extended Gestures For Cello the following month. This will consist of two tracks from the album and either 2 or 3 more "extended" or "remixed" pices.

These are the first recordings of this new artist, with engineering and sound treatments by Hypnos founder M. Griffin. Lena is new to this genre, but her approach to solo cello is daring and uncompromising, resulting in a set of ambient works that vary from deeply atmospheric chamber music, to truly strange and confrontational experimentalism. Alchemy of Fingers and Darkness will serve as a preview of one of the more exciting and promising new artist to enter the ambient music scene in recent years, and Hypnos is proud to bring you her debut.

Stephen Philips - Into the Dark

Philips released Dagboken on Hypnos Secret Sounds in 2005, and this album has been just as long in the works. Into the Dark is a sparse and restrained work of ambient minimalism, a continuous piece of intermittent, chime-like sounds shimmering in and out of the sound field, occasionally accented by almost subliminal accents. Designed for repeated, looped playback, Into the Dark is similar to Eno's Neroli in the sense that it makes for a wonderful, endless aural background, for hours or even days at a time.

Steven Philips is a prolific and diversely talented composer and artist, who is perhaps best known as the founder of the Dark Duck record label, its Dissonance sub-label, and man behind the online Kite Radio show.

Lena - Extended Gestures For Cello

The full-length album by emerging artist Lena (see notes about the Alchemy of Fingers and Darkness cdr-single above), includes 10 tracks of wonderful, diverse ambience and sonic experimentalism, ranging from intense and discordant sci-fi soundtrack textures, to gentle and musical cello statements. Performed entirely on solo cello, and recorded in real-time to a stereo digital master with Hypnos founder M. Griffin manning the controls, this is a set of works that will undoubtedly see Lena recognized as someone to watch for in the future.

Track listing:
01 pretty sixteen
02 alchemy of fingers and dark
03 crowdmurmurs, peopletalk
04 workings of silver fortunetelling machines
05 analysis of tapes from a haunting
06 interlude in bright light, part 1
07 interlude in bright light, part 2
08 a little less than nothing
09 alternating views of a single subject
10 meeting by the cliff as dark becomes light

Also: this recording was originally announced as catalog number hss06, but due to the decision to release the single first, the single has been numbered hss06 and this full-length album is now hss08 (after hss07 was taken by the Speaking From the Dream cdr-single of M. Griffin).

M. Griffin - Fabrications

Originally announced in 1997 as the follow-up by Hypnos founder M. Griffin to his debut Sudden Dark, Fabrications has been reworked, abandoned, restarted from scratched, back-burnered, reimagined, and left frozen in carbonite. Among those who have followed Hypnos from the beginning, Fabrications achieved a certain notoriety as the album always promised for release in the coming year, which never quite arrived. 2007 is finally the year in which we'll see it released, perhaps appropriate on the 10-year anniversary of its initial plan.

For this release, Griffin built up collages of numerous location recording elements, including cars driving on freeways, people walking in long echoing hallways, the ocean waves in Kona at night, a metalworking factory with heavy machinery crunching away, distant trains, and clothes driers. These elements were manipulated, combined, worked-on and re-worked, and overlaid with looped spoken elements later created by Griffin in the studio.

Perhaps 20 hours of finished recordings exist, and much has been written and spoken about this project, but the way forward has been identified, and Fabrications will be finished in 2007 without question.

Track listing:
01 water is silver
02 gravity
03 a voice behind
04 the sky is glass lit
05 air sense space
06 divise

Vapors and Magnetism (video DVD)

For several years now, one of the ideas in the "maybe someday" file has been tocreate a video DVD to combine the sounds of Hypnos music, with moving images that capture the visual style of the Hypnos label. A little-known fact is that Hypnos founder M. Griffin has a long background in the visual arts, including experience in film and video production, whereas the creation of music is a newer and less familiar venture. So it makes perfect sense to begin releasing "moving picture" works to complement the music.

The first such release will be Vapors and Magnetism, a combination of extended, minimalist video works by M. Griffin, with music by a selection of familiar Hypnos artists. Work on the video portion has already begun, and the next few months will see ongoing video work along with the selection of suitable music components, after which we'll be able to announce more specifics. The idea here is to begin a regular series of video DVD releases, perhaps only one during 2007, but eventually we would like the "visual music" segment of Hypnos to grow to the point of releasing DVDs (or Blu-Ray or HD-DVD) products several times per year.

There are more projects than just this currently in the works here at Hypnos, but these are the only projects definite enough to have begun the design stage. Next week, a bit more information about some of the other pending projects, including: Some upcoming Hypnos Secret Sounds debuts
A "various artists" compilation project... the first on Hypnos since 1999's Weightless, Effortless
More details about the "rebirth" of the Binary sub-label


Continuing with broken CSS issue from yesterday, and also converting over main web site documents to PHP rather than HTML documents. Converted so far are the main index page (index.php), the artists page (artists.php), CDs (releases.php), and the FAQ (info.php). Not converted over yet are the individual artist pages or the individual CD release pages, but that's coming soon.


Fixing some broken CSS stuff causing Hypnos Artist individual pages to render incorrectly (margins are off, and colors are black text on dark-gray background). Mostly finished, still ongoing.


Here are a bunch of new additions to the "Used & single copy CDs" section of the Hypnos Online Store:

L. Kucharz - Electrochoral Dreams (used)
Shinjuku Filth - Junk (used)
John Kerr/Ron Boots - Offshore Islands (used promo)
Microstoria - Reprovisors (remixes)(used)
Charles Hayward/Nick Doyne-Ditmas - My Secret Alphabet (used)
Jim O'Rourke - Remove the Need (used)
Kudzu/Peter Griggs - Children of the Amazon (used)
Steve Roach - Prayers to the Protector (used)
Tunnel Singer- Ravens in Moonlight (used)
Bill Nelson _ Optimism (used)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - BTTB (used)
Amoeba (w/Robert Rich) - Watchful (used)
Wenndy Carlos - Secrets of Synthesis (used)
Haruomi Hosono - Mental Sports Mixes (used)
Tim Story - Glass Green (used)
Christoph Heeman - Invisible Barrier (used, OOP, Extreme label)
David Hastings - Sola Contenda (used)
Stephen Bacchus - Bardo (used)
Coil - The Snow EP (used)
Kit Watkins - Circle (used)
David Helpling - Sleeping on the Edge of the World (used)


Now available, after a longer-than-expected wait, Numina's third release for Hypnos Recordings, Shift to the Ghost. We'll be fleshing-out the description and making some audio clips available in the next couple of days, but in the mean time, here's a quick link for those of you who just want to purchase it ASAP:

Numina - Shift to the GhostHypnos Online Store listing

2007.02.08 (later still)

Done -- see here. Existing Hypnos Forum account names and login password have been transferred over and should work just fine, but if they don't, please email mg (at) hypnos.com and I'll do what I can to set you back up.

2007.02.08 (later)

Success! The new Hypnos Forum is installed, all the members and posts (at least the last 10,000 posts, as mentioned in yesterday's news blast) are converted, and it looks pretty good. All that remains now is figuring out a "bug" which is causing some of the forum categories, such as the very popular "Everything and Nothing" catch-all section, to display topics out of chronological order. Should be fixed and ready for action this evening. Yes!


Another update... back up again, got some more detailed info from ValueWeb about what their security objections were. I'm hoping the domain is back up 100% now, and that I can just get back to moving the Forum across from UBB to phpBB today. Thanks again for your patience, everyone, and I'll have some real news later today!


Hi everybody... a bit of an update on the Hypnos Forum situation...

Yesterday morning I spent over an hour on the phone with technical support from ValueWeb (the web hosting company for hypnos.com), and the only way they agreed to take their "hold" off the hypnos.com domain was if I disabled the Forum and didn't re-enable it until I had upgraded it to a more modern and secure application. The Forum was running on a program called Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB), version 6.3 or so, and back when it was installed, this was a new, current, very cool online forum application. I don't know the specific nature of the security exploit the ValueWeb tech support guys believed was causing the problem, and they weren't elaborating no matter what I asked them anyway, other than to say, UBB 6.3 had to be disabled, period.

I spent yesterday morning looking into online forum software alternatives. First, Infopop, the company that made UBB, had gone out of business or been sold, or morphed into some new, different company. They're still selling UBB upgrade licenses but I don't feel good about spending $300-500 for something that very likely will cease to be upgraded very soon. Also, this product got me into trouble and I'd like to try one of the more streamlined and flexible (and more easily integrated with the rest of the web site) applications that have become available more recently. So, UBB's more current versions were crossed off the list.

Good news! I found two new applications I liked, and which are highly recommended (and in use on different, non-music-related online forums that I'm familiar with), and better yet, both applications are free, open-source, with thriving support communities.

Bad news! Neither application has a means of automatically converting or importing the 1,000+ existing Hypnos Forum members, nor the 40,000+ existing Hypnos Forum messages. That's kind of a deal-breaker, I think, as I'd rather use a less-desirable software tool and be able to retain the Forum's history, rather than jettison everything and start fresh with my first choice for a software tool.

Good news! One of my alternate choices for a Forum package, phpBB, includes an importer from UBB 6.x into phpBB version 2. I downloaded phpBB and installed it, and the blank, empty forum worked just fine. I downloaded and installed the conversion tool and started converting the old Hypnos Forum into the new Hypnos Forum.

Bad news! After churning away at the conversion process for over 4 hours, the conversion tool crashed and refused to re-start. I decided the size of the project was choking the mysql database on the hypnos.com server so I decided to make a small sacrifice, by "pruning" some of the older topics and posts from the Forum (something I'd done before, a couple of times, when the size of the database grew unwieldy) so that instead of converting 40,000 messages, we'd convert only the latest 10,000 or so. I figured that was better than starting completely clean. I restarted the conversion tool, and after just an hour or so, it froze again. Fast-forward through hours of deleting-reinstalling and starting over, with different options selected, and so on.

Finally this afternoon I was making good progress on the conversion. I had gone in and consolidated a few redundant sections (did we really need separate sections for "Hypnos" and "Binary?" I combined them, and also moved the "Hypnos Forum" meta-section into the "Suggestions" section, and moved the "Foundry" section into the "Non-Hypnos Artists and Labels" section, since we stopped our label partnership several years ago). The conversion was chugging along, and got to the last section of the forum, when... freeze! Not the kind of freeze I'd seen before, not a Type 500 server error... but just a blank web browser screen and the word "done loading" somewhere down at the bottom. Uh oh. I discovered that ValueWeb had shut down the hypnos.com domain AGAIN, this time because the UBB software was still located on the server, even though the forum itself had been closed-down, and the password changed.

As I type this, there is no way for me to upload it to the news page, because the http and ftp servers for hypnos.com are disabled. I called and yelled at ValueWeb, and told them that a little warning would be nice before they completely shut down Hypnos's online presence with no notice, for the second time in two days. They said "Yeah, whatever, we'll put in a note to the lead network admins to see if they're willing to re-enable your domain for long enough for you to finish the conversion." That's what I'm waiting for now. And at any rate, it may be time to look for a new domain host when this is all over... one that will tell you when there's a problem or an issue, rather than just yanking the plug out of the wall socket.

Thanks, everybody, for hanging in there. The other good news is that I finished some nice redesigns on the Hypnos Store, and added a bunch of newly-arrived Oophoi & Umbra label items, as well as some used CDs and a couple dozen miscellaneous items. I'd go into more detail on all that stuff now, but there's no way you can buy it anyway, until ValueWeb turns the switch back on. So, if you're reading this, there will be some more news soon about Numina's Shift to the Ghost which will be available to purchase any day now, and the last installment of Vidna Obmana's Opera quadrilogy, which will go into the manufacturing stage this week.


If you visited the Hypnos interet site (this hypnos.com area, or the online store, or the Hypnos Forum), you probably noticed that the entire hypnos.com internet domain was "temporarily on hold" yesterday and this morning. The reason for this turns out to be a "security hold" on the hypnos.com domain due to problems originating from here, probably hacking-related. The company that hosts the web domain for Hypnos has received complaints, and in order to force Hypnos to take action to correct security measures, they completely froze the www.hypnos.com domain, including the main Hypnos site, the Hypnos Online Store, this Forum, and all email accounts!

Of course, these security problems are an increasingly common problem with today's internet, so today, in order to make the domain host's security staff comfortable enough to release the freeze on the Hypnos web domain, a number of changes will need to be made. Most of those changes will be invisible to visitors, and customers at the online store, but the most significant change will be that I need to disable the Hypnos Forum at least temporarily, due to the fact that it is running on a less-than-current version of the UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board) software, which these security guys have determined might be part of the problem originating with the hypnos.dom domain.

I will proceed with trying to fix this, according to the following priorities, if possible:

Plan A:
Upgrade the UBB software to a newer, more secure version (retaining all existing Forum memberships, and all topics and posts)

Plan B:
Install some alternate bulletin board software that would be secure enough to satisfy the people at ValueWeb, while still allowing the migration of existing Hypnos Forum accounts, topics and posts

Plan C:
Install some other, new "blank slate" bulletin board setup that will lost all prior Hypnos Forum memberships and posts, but will at least be secure

Thanks for your understanding and patience!


Hi everybody... it's been a long while since the last update. A few emails have come in here and there, asking "Everything OK at Hypnos?" and the answer is, everything's fine. A redesign of the website has been percolating for a while, converting the whole system over from plain old HTML-with-CSS, to a PHP-CSS modular system, and obviously that system has not been finished, so the visual part of the redesign will be rolled-out while the PHP conversion is on hold. At least I can start updating the news page again, instead of thinking "Nah, finish the PHP version of the page rather than updating the HTML version and creating two out-of-sync news pages. In the mean time, the Hypnos mail order operation has been moving along just fine, and we've just been waiting for at least one of our several pending CD projects, to be completed.

The next release will be Shift to the Ghost by Numina, and we had hoped to have it finished by the end of 2006 but a number of different factors have pushed it back a bit. It is still at the manufacturing plant and should be ready to sell any time now.

A number of other things on our short list for "very soon" include:

vidnaObmana - An Opera for Four Fusion Works (Act 4)
Lena - Extended Gestures for Cello
A new, as-yet-untitled Hypnos "various artists" compilation
Stephen Philips - Into the Dark

On a more serious note... recently we were given the sad news that ambient artist IXOHOXI (perhaps best known for his collaboration with Hypnos's own Numina) passed away this past week. His real name was Dan Russo, and though I communicated with him dozens of times, I knew him only as IXOHOXI, as he preferred to sign his emails. In fact, plans had begun to release at least a couple of his beautiful recordings on Hypnos Secret Sounds, with a mind toward a possible Hypnos Recordings full release in the future. It is sad that this talented artist has passed, and his family has the sincere condolences of everyone associated with Hypnos. It is my hope that IXOHOXI's recorded work will live on, and gain a wider listening audience, even as the artist behind that work is beyond the ability to create more.

Archived Hypnos News:

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