2000 News Archive

Hypnos News Archive, 2000

I’ve had several people write to me and say “I like to read the new reviews
when you post them to your page, but you never tell
us where to look for the new ones.” So today, I’ll at least point you toward
which CDs have new reviews or blurbs posted this time:

The Contemporary Nocturne (2)
The Surreal Sanctuary
Sunyata (2)
The Most Distant Point Known
Entering Twilight
To The Shores of Heaven (2)
Near and Far


VidnaObmana has just finished remastering his live performance recording of
Soundtrack for the Aquarium (an out of print limited edition disc
from the early 90’s), which will be part of the Soundtrack for the
Aquarium 2CD Special Edition
reissue on Hypnos in 2001. This will be a
low-priced double CD with the original Soundtrack for the Aquarium
(approximately 74 minutes) on disc one, and the remastered live
performance (approx 45 minutes) on the second disc. Those of you who have
been craving mellow, drone-based vidnaObmana material will be very happy
with this one, which will be out next summer.


Today I’ll be adding a whole bunch of new reviews to the Hypnos
page…. at least a dozen. You’ll find reviews of new releases, recent
releases, and even stuff that came out a couple of years ago! If you enjoy reading
what the critics are saying about Hypnos CDs, take a look.


More news related to Echoes radio and Hypnos and Jeff Pearce (this time also
Saul Stokes). Echoes has released their “Editors Choice” list of essential
CDs for 2000. Again, directly quoting the announcement from Echoes (thanks
to Associate Producer Jeff Towne for forwarding this information):

A few days ago I posted the results of the Echoes Listeners Poll.
Now, here's the "critic's poll" as chosen by the Echoes staff, with only a
little bit of yelling, screaming and gnashing of teeth during the debates....

It is based a little bit on airplay, a little bit on our personal
favorites, and mostly on what CDs most exemplify what the show sounded like
over the past year.

We were not at all influenced by fruitbaskets from musicians' family
members, threats of lawsuits by James Baker, or even listener response.

more info at:

Echoes 25 Essential CDs of 2000

1 - Arvo Part - Alina (ECM)
2 - Vas - In the Garden of Souls (Narada)
3 - Preston Reed - Handwritten Notes (Outer Bridge)
4 - Skyedance - Labyrinth (Culburnie)
5 - Axiom of Choice - Niya Yesh (Narada)
6 - Jeff Pearce - To The Shores of Heaven (Hypnos)
7 - Rasa - Devotion (Hearts of Space)
8 - Stephan Micus - The Garden of Mirrors (ECM)
9 - Harold Budd - The Room (Atlantic)
10 - Jonn Serrie & Gary Stroutsos - Hidden World (Narada)
11 - Joanne Shenandoah - Peacemaker's Journey (Silverwave)
12 - Erik Wollo - Guitar Nova (Spotted Peccary)
13 - Sorma - Mirage of the East (Pacific Moon)
14 - Milladoiro - Auga de Maio (Green Linnet)
15 - Kate Price - The Isle of Dreaming (Omtown)
16 - Ekova - Heaven's Dust (Six Degrees)
17 - Saul Stokes - Outfolding (Hypnos)
18 - Nakai/Eaton/Clipman/Nawang - In a Distant Place (Canyon)
19 - Martin Tillman - Eastern Twin (Unitone)
20 - Arc - Radio Sputnik (DiN)
21 - Steve Stevens - Flamenco.a.go.go (Ark21)
22 - Thomas Otten - Close to Silence (Higher Octave)
23 - Mary Jane Lamond - Lan Duil (Wicklow)
24 - Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning - Byzantium (Ark)
25 - Ketil Bjornstad & David Darling - Epigraphs (ECM)


Well, Echoes radio went ahead and spilled the beans regarding tonight’s “Listeners Choice”
show. The echoes.org web site revealed this morning that To the Shores of Heaven
was their listeners’ #1 choice as favorite album of the year. Here’s their announcement:

Tonight on Echoes we feature the results of this year's Echoes Listener
Poll. For the last few weeks we have been encouraging Echoes listeners to
vote for their 3 favorite CDs of the year, and after ranking and
tabulating, we came up with this top 25.

There were plenty more good CDs this year, but these are the ones that
struck a chord with listeners.

The list is on-line at


Following are the results of the Second Annual Echoes Listener Poll for the
25 Favorite Echoes CDs of the year. The program will be broadcast on
December 14, 17 and January 1.  Congratulations to the winners.

1   JEFF PEARCE-To The Shores Of Heaven (Hypnos)
2   ENYA-Day Without Rain (Reprise)
3   VAS-In the Garden of Souls (Narada)
4   AXIOM OF CHOICE-Niya Yesh (Narada)
5   ENIGMA-The Screen Behind the Mirror (Virgin)
6   YO-YO MA, EDGAR MEYER, MARK O' CONNOR-Appalachian Journey (Sony
7   KATE PRICE-The Isle of Dreaming (Omtown/Higher Octave)
8   PRESTON REED-Handwritten Notes (Outer Bridge)
9   LISA GERRARD/HANS ZIMMER-Gladiator Soundtrack (Decca)
10  RASA-Devotion (Hearts of Space)
11  TANGERINE DREAM-The 7 Letters from Tibet (TDI)
12  STATE OF GRACE-State of Grace (Windham Hill)
13  SHEILA CHANDRA-Roots and Wings (Narada)
14  WILLIAM ORBIT-Pieces in a Modern Style (Maverick)
15  CHRIS SPHEERIS-Dancing with the Muse(Higher Octave)
16  HAROLD BUDD-The Room (Atlantic)
17  OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK-Dance Into Eternity (Celestial Harmonies)
18  MICHAEL THOMAS BERKLEY-Arctic (Numinous)
19  MICHAEL HEDGES-The Best of Michael Hedges(Windham Hill)
20  MICKEY HART-Spirit Into Sound (Grateful Dead Records)
21  STEVE STEVENS-Flamenco-A-Go-Go (Ark21)
22  PATRICK LEONARD-Rivers (Unitone)
23  ARVO PART-Alina (ECM)
24  ERIK WOLLO-Guitar Nova (Spotted Peccary)
25  STEVE ROACH-Early Man (Manifold/Timeroom Editions)

On behalf of Jeff Pearce, Hypnos would like to thank John Diliberto
and Jeff Towne of Echoes radio, aw well as Echoes
listeners nationwide, for this sincerely humbling honor. In such a
“competition” for the ears, hearts and minds of the listening public,
to beat out such great artists and formidable labels is truly
something we’re proud of. And to the mighty marketing machines
of Reprise, Narada, Virgin, Sony, etc….. how do you like that?


2000.12.14 (later)
Just a quick followup to yesterday’s note regarding To the Shores of Heaven
being out of print…. the good news is that the re-pressing is already finished,
so the disc’s availability will not be interrupted.


Hypnos is pleased to announce the latest addition to the slate of upcoming
releases for next year.
Paul Vnuk Jr. of Ma Ja Le will have his first Hypnos release during 2001. It’s a
long-form “environmental” collage piece, perhaps superficially reminiscent of
Entering Twilight by James Johnson and Sonic Continuum by Modell/Mantra,
but on the other hand really not too terribly similar to either one of those…

It’s called Silence Speaks in Shadow and it’s a wonderfully subtle blend of
electronic musicianship, documentarian location recording, studio trickery and
who knows what else.


At the end of every year, Echoes Radio (a nationally syndicated show devoted to
atmospheric and world music, on most public radio stations) has a “Listeners Choice”
show. That show is the result of votes by Echoes listeners nationwide, in response
to the question “What were your three favorite Echoes CDs this year?” The votes are
compiled and on the yearly “Listeners Choice” show, Echoes host John Diliberto lists
the 25 most popular choices. The list won’t be officially announced until the show
broadcasting tonight, so I won’t give the details here, but fans of Jeff Pearce and
Hypnos who listen to this year’s “Listeners Choice” show will find that Jeff Pearce’s
To the Shores of Heaven fared pretty well, considering the competition was such major
label stuff as Enya, Yo Yo Ma, Enigma, Tangerine Dream…. you get the idea.

Anyway, listen tomorrow (Thurs 12/14) to Echoes to find out how Jeff Pearce and Hypnos show on the top 25.

Also, this is a good time to mention that To the Shores of Heaven is, for the moment
at least, technically “out of print.” No copies exist in Hypnos HQ at the moment, though
the re-pressing of the CDs is already in progress and they’re due to be done any time now.


It seems at times that I spend more time typing review of Hypnos CDs into the Hypnos
Reviews page on this web site…. but it’s
worth it, right? Added another review of Vidna
Obmana’s The Surreal Sanctuary, another on Robert Rich’s Sunyata, and one of
the first takes on Griffin/Fulton’s The Most Distant Point Known…. and a couple
other bits of lovely criticism on other, older CD releases.


The non-music-related web site space.com
has a regular column on space-related music, written by Matt Howarth. Previous columns
have featured Vidna Obmana, Saul Stokes, and other artists in the space, ambient and
e-music communities.

The latest feature (linked directly
covers Hypnos more generally, and the works of Viridian Sun and its members David Tollefson and M.
Griffin, more specifically. The feature includes reviews of both Viridian Sun albums, both
of Tollefson’s solo albums, and Griffin’s solo Sudden Dark, plus the “classic” 2-CD Hypnos
compilation The Other World, on which Griffin and Tollefson appear individually as well as
in their Viridian Sun guise…. along with 16 other artists.


A couple of weeks ago this update mentioned that Echoes radio had been
doing a great job of featuring Hypnos artists (Pearce, Stokes, vidnaObmana).
Well, this week’s Echoes update announces a vidnaObmana “Living Room Concert”
(their last feature was a bit of information, a short interview, and a song
or two).

Wednesday 12/13, Saturday 12/16, Sunday 12/17,
Vidna Obmana is an ambient explorer from Belgium with over two dozen albums
out, including collaborations with Steve Roach and Jeff Pearce.  Vidna
travels from Belgium to the Echoes Living Room for an ambient orchestration
of synthesizers and fujara flutes.   Weaving these sounds together, he
builds a flowing, virtual landscape full of sonic detail and hidden
shadows.  This is an Echoes Living Room Concert for headphones.


Boy, a week goes by fast here. Five of those days were spent on a holiday
weekend/mini-vacation, so I’m a bit behind on email at the moment (180+
messages in my in-box, after deleting all the spam & junk & mailing list
messages). If you’ve emailed mgriffin@hypnos.com in the past few
days and haven’t heard back yet, don’t worry — your message has probably
been received, and I’ll get to it soon.

Another exciting addition to the
Hypnos Online Store
(following the hot, new Steve Roach special edition, Early Man), is
a 2CD various artists compilation release entitled ambient.01@hyperreal. As the
name hints (at least to those of you familiar with the ambient music mailing list
served from hyperreal.org), the compilation is based around the members of the ambient
mailing list — some of the names will be familiar to many (M. Bentley, Deep Space Network,
dreamSTATE, Forrest Fang, and a few others), while the majority are fairly unfamiliar,
but the quality is surprisingly, encouragingly good. Though I don’t know if this was
intended, the first disc seems more rhythmic, ambient in the “mainstream” sense of the
word, while the second disc is deeper and more abstract, perhaps more likely to appeal
to the “average” Hypnos listener (if there is such a thing). This double disc set is
a fantastic deal at $13.99 and won’t last long (only 400 were pressed, and Hypnos has
access to only a very small number of these), so amble on over to the Hypnos Store
where you’ll find this offered on the “Hypnos Recommends” section on the front page.

I should also add that the Kranky “closeouts” won’t last much longer at $9.99 each.


The closeout on Kranky label titles on the
Online Store
has just had its first victim – Stars of the Lid’s album
The Ballasted Orchestra is now sold-out and gone. Rush over there
to grab up some nice Labradford, Wind & Carl and Roy Montgomery discs
while they last, at $9.99 each. A couple of these discs only have a
single copy remaining, and they’ll be deleted from the catalog as they
sell out (so no need to email first to confirm stock).

Also on the
Online Store
, a few hotly sought-after items that I’ve been waiting on for a
while: first and perhaps most eagerly awaited is Steve Roach’s special, limited
edition release, Early Man. This special limited edition disc comes packaged between two
(heavy!) slabs of granite. Please note: Until further notice, this
item will only be shipped within the US and Canada.
Once we investigate
overseas packaging/shipping logistics, we’ll make it available for export, though
of course at a higher price to cover the dramatically higher shipping cost.

Described thusly by steveroach.com:

Nearly two years quietly in the making, this full-length
compact disc of all-new Steve Roach material is limited to
only 1000 copies in this one-of-a-kind collectors’ first
edition. EARLY MAN is encased in thick slabs of natural
gray-green slate attached to a standard CD tray. The music
can be best described as primeval space-ambient. Dreaming
in the desert by ancient firelight, cave paintings come to
life in a slow soul-dance of evolutionary magic. A day in
the life of EARLY MAN moves through six different zones
that conjure up ancient atmospheres and elemental soundworlds,
along with occasional distant and subdued primordial rhythms
calling one to the next place of dreaming.

Also, this album is within the new Manifold label category in the Online Store. Though
it is the first item in that category, we’ll soon be stocking a wider selection of
Manifold titles. To avoid any confusion, Early man will also be available in
the “Top Sellers – Steve Roach” section of the store. It will be priced at $26.99,
partly to reflect the higher shipping cost (since the Hypnos store uses flat-rate

Another one many of you have been waiting for is the latest from Ron Boots on his own
(well, co-own with Kees Aerts) Groove label, out of The Netherlands. This latest
is Close But Not Touching. A number of other new Groove titles are available
as well, and two of the Alpha Wave Movement discs that had been out of stock, are
back in now. So if you’re into Berlin school emusic and variations on that, check
out the new Groove label titles (mostly $14.99 each).


Still more new reviews on the Hypnos
Reviews page….. this time, a review of Vidna
Obmana’s The Surreal Sanctuary, as well as an impressionistic
critical take (yes, he liked it) on Robert Rich’s Sunyata.


The limited, special edition Saul Stokes A Collection of Live Recordings
CDR is almost completely sold out. Only 15 copies remain, and these are only
offered for sale at Saul’s live performances (and he won’t be playing live
again until some time in 2001, after his move to Portland), and through the
Online Store
. This means that if you want one of these last remaining
copies, you’d better high-tail it over there and order up a copy.

In 2001, Saul will offer his third release in this series of hand-made, limited
CDR special editions, Twin Worlds of Abstraction.

Also, yet another rave review for Robert Rich’s Sunyata, this time by
Star’s End Radio host Chuck VanZyl, has been posted to the
Hypnos Reviews page.


2000.11.15 (later)
Not only did Echoes radio (ANOTHER big giant widely-
syndicated radio show) recently feature Jeff Pearce, and more recently feature
Saul Stokes (whose feature was re-run last week), this week they’ll run their
new feature on Vidna Obmana, as described in Echoes’ own press release:

Friday 11/17, Saturday 11/18, Sunday 11/19, Sunday 11/26
Vidna Obmana is Belgian ambient composer Dirk Serries.  A disciple of Steve
Roach, Vidna Obmana works his own techno-tribal designs mixing synthesizers
with organic instruments including the Eastern European fujara
flute.  Vidna Obmana comes by to play his flute and talk about his music,
including his latest CD THE SURREAL SANCTUARY (Hypnos).


This week’s installment of the Hearts of Space radio show (a big giant widely-
syndicated space music radio show, for those of you who don’t know) features
THREE different Hypnos artists/CDs: Vidna Obmana’s The Surreal Sanctuary,
Jeff Greinke’s Lost Terrain, and Robert Rich’s Humidity.

Also, I thought I was doing a Really Good Thing by adding sound clips to the
listings of Hypnos CDs on the
Online Store
…. but it turns out there was an error in the addresses I
entered for said clips, so they were coming up as “unloadable” files. That
address error has been fixed, and I’ve also updated the list of “Hypnos Recommends”
titles with a few new and fancy items.


Just added about a dozen reviews of various 1999/2000 Hypnos CD releases to the
Hypnos Reviews page. That includes
the first review of Vidna Obmana’s The Contemporary Nocturne and the first
review of Robert Rich’s Sunyata. But there are lots of other ones too!


Though details remain to be worked out prior to a full and official announcement,
Hypnos and The Foundry
labels are working on a co-operative agreement to bring several aspects of The
Foundry’s operation into the dark and nebulous Hypnos realm.

Hypnos will still
be Hypnos, and the Foundry web site (linked above) will continue to exist
independent of hypnos.com, but future releases by The Foundry will be co-released,
co-promoted, and distributed by Hypnos, probably (maybe) under the name
“Hypnos/Foundry.” More news soon, of course, but we’re excited to be able to
lend the formidable, towering might of the Hypnos juggernaut to the growing
but under-appreciated Foundry label, thus helping it to obtain some of the
attention it deserves, and furthermore (we feel) strengthening and enriching
the ambient/experimental music scene by fostering the continuation and growth
of one of the more interesting new labels around.

There remain details and logistics to be worked out between Hypnos tyrant (self)
Mike Griffin and Foundry label head Michael Bently, so some of the above details
may change or shift before finallly settling (kind of like those potato chip bags
that always end up seeming 3/4 empty), but we are excited to break the
news, and look forward to exploring future possibilities, along with our
listeners and other interested parties.


Finally starting to recover from the whirlwind week past… first the election,
and an almost-all-nighter spent with CNN and ABC News and MSNBC trying to figure
out what’s what (still don’t know), and then the vidnaObmana/Steve Roach concert
at the Old Church in Portland. Lots to do — people to meet, equipment to
procure and transport, and then of course the show itself and plenty of fun
meeting and mingling before and after.

It was great to finally meet in person a lot of people I had previously only
known via email. In two or three cases, I was introduced to somebody, and
before I had a chance to even say hello, an arm grabbed me and pulled me away
to talk to someone else…. so if you’re one of those with whom I never had a
chance to speak, I apologize! I wish the evening had been twice as long so I
would have had more of an opportunity to speak with the wonderful listeners and
other members of our music “scene” in greater depth and at greater length.

Though this event concludes vidnaObmana’s tour for the year, I hope all of you
who have the opportunity to see him perform in the future (whether with Steve
Roach, as in this case, or solo as in his other US appearances this year) will
not miss it. It was wonderful to find a great number of non-local fans in the

Also in vidnaObmana-related news, we had a chance to speak (all too briefly)
after the performance, and discussed the possible upcoming reissue of his
“Antwerp Aquarium” project, possibly in a 2-CD bonus version including a live
version of the same material in addition to the original. This is a reissue
that I have a lot of enthusiasm about, as the great majority of VO listeners
have never had a chance to hear it, and I consider it to rank with the best
of vidnaObmana’s atmospheric works. The bonus second CD, we feel, would make
it an irresistible release, and this could see release during 2001.


Created some RealAudio sample clips from the new Vidna Obmana album
The Contemporary Nocturne and added it to the “Hypnos Recommends”
section of the
Online Store
. Other additions will be made to that page in the next
couple of days.

Also, all Kranky label titles have been marked down to $9.99 while current
supplies last.

Lastly, tomorrow Echoes radio will re-run an interview with Saul Stokes,
which they previously featured a month or two ago.


Finally put up RealAudio sample clips from Robert Rich’s Sunyata on
the Hypnos Audio page. The CD
includes two long tracks, so I created more than one sample clip from each
track, to give an idea of how the pieces evolve.

Also, Vidna Obmana’s The Contemporary Nocturne is now available on the
Online Store
at a price of $11.99, though it’s not yet “featured” on the
front page. That front page “Hypnos Recommends” section will be re-done today,
to include not only The Contemporary Nocturne but also a selection of
other interesting, new stuff.


Now available from Hypnos Recordings and Belgian ambient master vidnaObmana,
The Contemporary Nocturne. This is the second half of the extended
work begun last year with The Surreal Sanctuary, and represents perhaps
vidnaObmana’s most challenging and complex work yet. This past weekend,
vidnaObmana performed at The Gathering in Philadelphia, and tonight he played
with Jim Cole in Connecticut. This week, he will appear in Portland (see
yesterday’s news update). For those of you who attended one of the earlier
shows, I regret that the new CD was unavailable, but it will be added
tomorrow (Tuesday 11.07) to the Hypnos Online Store, and of course will be
available for purchase at the Portland performance just mentioned.

Visit the
Online Store
if you prefer to pay by credit card, or won’t be attending
the Portland show (and since less than 1% of the people who order CDs from
Hypnos reside in this fair town, I guess that will be most of you). The
usual direct price applies — $11.99.


This page has become “press release central” lately, as I just pass along
information about all the shows played by all the Hypnos artists all over
the place…

VidnaObmana will perform with Jim Cole Monday November 6 at the
University of Hartford (CT).  Tickets: 1-800-274-8587 or locally: 768-4228

…. also, later in the week, here in Portland VidnaObmana will perform
with guests Steve Roach and Jeff Feyman on Thursday, November 9 at the
Old Church (on SW 10th near PSU, downtown)…..

A Saturn Spell presentation of this one-time exclusive
West Coast concert. Sponsored by Soleilmoon Recording and Ozone Records
with special guest appearance by Steve Roach and Jeffrey Fayman
Thursday, November 9th, 2000 The Old Church, Portland, Oregon (on the
corner of SW 11th and Clay St.) Doors open at 7.30pm
Tickets are $15 before / $20 the day of the show. General Admission.
Tickets will be available in-store at Ozone Records and the New
Renaissance Bookstore.


to view the promotional flyer for this show.


Further proof that Saul Stokes is on the road to world domination: this week
Echoes Radio (a nationally-syndicated radio show with a world domination plan
of its own…) will run their feature on Stokes, “Soldering & Synthesiers,”
as outlined below.

Thursday 11/9, Saturday 11/11, Sunday 11/12


Saul Stokes has been called "Popular Mechanics musician of the year"
because he builds his own instruments, stylish futuristic constructions
of blinking LEDs, patch cords and knobs.  These custom devices give this
Philadelphia-based musician a distinctive sound that's been heard on
several recordings, including his latest, OUTFOLDING (Hypnos).  Saul uses
the flaws and unpredictability of his home-built synthesizers, to provide
 the expressiveness typical of acoustic instruments.  Saul Stokes talks
about making music from the wires up.

I believe a portion of this feature was run before, but I didn’t get to
hear it if it did, so I’m pretty excited to hear geekscientist Stokes
talking on Echoes radio next week. Tune in on the 9th, 11th, or 12th
(I guess it’ll run in different areas depending on your local station’s
syncronization, or lack thereof, with one another).


Having finally had a chance to listen to Rausch by Komet (see 10.23 update),
I wanted to slightly modify my “Caution! Dangerous listening!” disclaimer. This
album is actually quite pleasant…. not at all “spacy” or “ambient” but a nice,
intriguingly polyrythmic collage of bleeps and pings. Less extreme than much of
what 12k and its Line sublabel have released lately, and perhaps my favorite 12k
release ever along with Shuttle 358’s optimal.lp and the out of print
thesecretnumbertwelve by label founder Taylor Deupree under his former
moniker Human Mesh Dance.

Also, I just received a re-stocking shipment of FAX label titles, which will be
added to the
Online Store
soon. Plus there is the latest title on the DiN label, and a
few pre-DiN releases by Ian Boddy. Soon…


Posted a bunch of recent reviews, appropriately enough, to the Hypnos Reviews page, including commentary/analysis of The
Most Distant Point Known
, Altara, and To the Shores of Heaven.


2000.10.23 (later)
Anybody who saw the update earlier today about the new CDs by Vir Unis and Komet, and
who raced over to the
Online Store
only to find the discs weren’t listed yet…. sorry! I posted the
news update prior to actually making the discs available on the online store. I
apologize for the false start, but both discs are listed at the store now.


Many of you have been asking when we’ll get the new Vir Unis album,
Aeonian Glow, on the
Online Store
. Well, the time is now! Price is $13.99.

Also now available, the latest from the 12k: Rausch by komet, aka: frank
bretschneider (the founder of germany’s raster.music label). Komet/Bretschneider
has become an important contributor to the world of microscopic sound and digital
sonic art. Recently, he has been releasing material on labels such as raster, 12k,
and mille plateaux, among others. The usual disclaimer applicable to all 12k
release, applies here as well: This is challenging stuff, and not for everybody!


A recent update mentioned that there had recently been a delay processing
orders placed on the
Online Store
. I’m now pleased to report that in the past week, I’ve gotten
caught up on all the backordered & mixed-up stuff, and orders are now back to
being processed in 1-2 business days.


Got some great new deals on selected Amplexus discs on the
Online Store
. This includes some of their best stuff — CDs by names like
Michael Stearns, Amir Baghiri, Thom Brennan, Loren Nerell, and others. You’ll
see prices like $7.99, $8.99, and $11.99. And the only ones that aren’t
marked down are the titles that are nearly out of print…. so stop by the
Amplexus section and pick up a few.

Also received two new Steve Roach titles this week — Prayers to the Protector
by Roach with Thupten Pema Lama, a merging of Tibetans prayers with Roach’s
trademark atmospheres — and The Serpent’s Lair by Roach with Bryan Metcalf, a
double-CD. The press release says “Steve’s ultra-soundworlds, hybrid grooves
and magical production combined with Byron’s acoustic-organic tribal trance
patterns…” Roach’s other recent release, Early Man, is expected to
arrive soon.


The lull is over!

All of July, August and September passed with nary a new release from Hypnos
recordings. Partly that was the result of some bad luck (the many-times-mentioned-already
mastering glitch on The Most Distant Point Known, which delayed its
release by 2+ weeks), and partly it was a matter of the demands involved in
buying one’s first home, and them moving everything, both personal and
business-related, into the new place. I honestly believed that any disruption
to Hypnos activities caused by the move would last no more than a week or so, but
in fact, although things have smoothed out about 90%, they still aren’t
quite back to normal yet.

The positive side to all of this is that the new location is much better in so many
ways, not only more spacious but also conducive to an organized and efficient
working arrangement. That means that Hypnos Recordings should be able to release
CDs more often and more regularly, and that the Hypnos Online Store should be able
to stock a wider and deeper inventory, and process orders more quickly.

Nonetheless, it has been a frustrating and difficult time, trying to get things like
computers and furniture and electrical & data wiring and internet connectivity,
planned and configured and running. In other words, sometimes you do a lot of
work before you’re even ready to start getting anything done!

This is intended as an apology and explanation to those of you whose orders have been
processed a bit more slowly this past month than usual. I promise that this will
improve effective this week, and already the great majority of orders will be
processed in 1-2 business days again.

The other part of “the great lull” mentioned above, is the lack of Hypnos label
releases since James Johnson’s Entering Twilight in June. On that subject,
I have immediate and very exciting news! Today, Hypnos releases two new CD
titles, including the (already-shoulda-been-released in September) M Griffin/D Fulton
collaboration The Most Distant Point Known, as well as the third Hypnos
release by Robert Rich, Sunyata. Both of these are now available on the
Online Store
, and direct purchase price is $11.99 as usual.


This evening updated the front page “Hypnos Recommends” section on the
Online Store
. New titles on the front page include Rudy Adrian’s Kinetic
on the Groove label, the latest from Richard Chartier on the 12k label
offshoot label, Line, entitled Series, a formerly out of print Rapoon
CD, Fallen Gods which has been reissued with a second bonus CD, Cidar,
which was originally available by sending in a postcard included with Fallen Gods
and sending in a blank DAT tape, on which Staalplaat would record a copy of Cidar
and return it to you. Even those of us who possess DAT recorders will agree that CDs
are more convenient to listen to…

There are a couple of older Dweller at the Threshold discs featured as well, in
tribute to the group’s recent performance at The Gathering (see 09.28 update), as
well as Dweller-leader Dave Fulton’s soon-to-be-released collaboration with Hypnos
founder Mike Griffin (who faithfully types these updates), entitled
The Most Distant Point Known. Speaking of that one, I should have some
more specific release date information in the next couple of days. Shouldn’t be
much longer!


With the whirlwind of activity around Hypnos HQ lately, there’s been a
backlog of written reviews of Hypnos materials that haven’t been added
to the Hypnos Reviews/Press page
yet. About ten of those reviews from the past month or two, spanning
releases as far back as 18 months (it’s great to read a new review of a disc
like Weightless, Effortless or Landscape in Obscurity, for
example!), have been posted. More to come in the next few days, too.

Also thanks go out to an eagle-eyed Hypnos listener who suggested some minor,
perhaps invisible, yet quite handy changes to the interface of the
hypnos.com site, some of which I have implemented today. Not sure whether
this fellow wants to be publically thanked (he might be a CIA agent, or on
the run from mob, or something…), so…. thanks for the input, RA.


Dweller at the Threshold, the main project of Dave Fulton whose Hypnos collab
The Most Distant Point Known is coming-soon (see 09.22 update),
recently performed at The Gathering in Philadelphia, hosted by Star’s End
radio host Chuck VanZyl.

By all accounts this was a fantastic show — Synthetic Block also appeared —
and photos of the concert are now available
here. Also, you can read
Jonathan (aka “Synthetic”) Block’s detailed journal of the event

In related news (related to Fulton and Chuck VanZyl and Star’s End, but not
Dweller, Synthetic Block, or The Gathering), played a track from one of
“defective master” discs of The Most Distant Point Known following
that show, and this week, Chuck has given The Most Distant Point Known
a rave review on the www.starsend.org
web site, and it will be the featured recording on this weekend’s 10/01/2000

Maybe you’re wondering, “Why is The Most Distant Point Known good
enough for Chuck to play on the foremost space music radio show in the world,
but not OK to sell to me so I can listen to it?” The answer is simple —
the master was flawed only on one track, and Chuck knows not to play that
track! Besides, when you’re the hot-stuff big-daddy guru-godfather of the
space music scene like Chuck is, you get whatever you ask for!


Not sure what to make of these ongoing hypnos.com mail server problems, as
mentioned in the past few updates. Every time it seems to be fixed, I’ll
get a big blast of emails from the past day or so, then nothing for half a
day, and POP server connection errors, etc.

So, despite the fact that the web hosting offered by Valueweb has been
excellent, I’ve actually been considering switching to another domain
hosting company due to the ongoing hypnos.com mail distribution problems.
I just checked the Valueweb support page to see if there was any news other
than “….continuing slowness and outages with POP mail servers…” as they’ve
been saying for the past week. Now it’s “Valueweb Network Operations
will be implementing several steps to relieve the mail congestion issue.”

I hope this means there is light at the end of the tunnel.


update… The hypnos.com mail server problem seems to be nearly
resolved. I’m receiving emails now from the past 3 days in little batches…
nearly 100 emails have arrived in the last 10 minutes. I’ll try to deal
with the highest-priority “emergency! help!” type messages first, and then
deal with most of the rest this weekend. Thanks for your patience, everybody.


To add to the difficulties of the past week-plus (moving to a new house,
discovering a bad master for The Most Distant Point Known and thus
having to trash 1000 already-paid-for CDs), more
recently the internet hosting company that hosts the hypnos.com domain has
had a total failure of all their mail servers (delivering mail for tens of
thousands of domains). This means that while I’m able to access the web,
I can’t reach the pop.hypnos.com server that stores & delivers email. So
if you’ve tried to contact me in the last half of this week and haven’t
heard back yet, that’s the reason. Supposedly the technical problem with
the mail server is fixed and they’re now trying to flush through a massive
backlog of email, so maybe this will be working later today.


OK, a corrected master for The Most Distant Point Known has been
submitted to the pressing facility, and new CDs are in the works. Also,
Robert Rich’s Sunyata is in process as well.


Uh oh…. the latest Hypnos project, The Most Distant Point Known
(mentioned in the last 2 updates, so you know all about it by now) has an
audible problem with one of the tracks and it looks like we’re going to have
to have the discs re-pressed. Yikes, what a pain! But I’d rather bite the
bullet now and deal with a delay and extra expense, than start putting out
sub-standard discs bearing the Hypnos name.

Though I hate to do it, I’m going to remove the disc from the
Online Store
and not offer them for sale until we have the replacement
discs. Won’t know how long it’ll take until I talk to the pressing plant
during business hours Tuesday… Apologies to those of you who had already
ordered this one, or who planned to pick it up soon.


It didn’t happen quite as early today as expected, but the latest Hypnos
release, The Most Distant Point Known by M Griffin & Dave Fulton,
was released today and is now available at the
Online Store
. As is usual with single-CD Hypnos releases, the price for
direct orders is $11.99.

RealAudio samples for this title are now available at the
Hypnos Audio Clips page.


The move mentioned in the last update is now complete, and things are
gradually getting sorted out here in the new location. To those of you who
ordered in the past few days, when I had no phone service or internet connection,
I apologize for the delay in processing your orders. Everything will be
caught up by tomorrow, Monday the 18th. Thanks for your patience, everyone.
This new location should allow Hypnos to serve you even better — to release
even more CDs on the Hypnos label, and to stock a larger selection of non-Hypnos
titles at the
Online Store

To kick things off, the latest Hypnos release, The Most Distant Point Known
by (yours truly) Mike Griffin & Dave Fulton, will be released tomorrow. Also the
re-pressing of Vidna Obmana’s Landscape in Obscurity will be ready just in
time, as we were down to just two copies! Talk about timing…


A few examples of good new stuff, as well as a mostly new group of recommended
titles for this month, at the
Online Store

Hypnos World HQ is moving this week, hence the infrequent updates to this page
in recent days. The new location will provide a lot more space for this
world-dominating, ever-expanding, soon-to-be-large-enough-to-kick-Sony’s-ass
operation, which is good news. Orders are still being accepted
during the move, though they might be processed a day slower than usual. Oh,
and in the new location, email, web, fax, and PO box remain the same.
It’s only eight blocks away, after all!


Saul Stokes will be featured on the nationally-syndicated Echoes radio show
(which also recently featured Hypnos artist Jeff Pearce). Their announcement
is as follows:

Friday 9/15/00, Saturday 9/16/00, Sunday 9/17/00, Sunday 9/24/00


Saul Stokes has been called "Popular Mechanics musician of the year"
because he builds his own instruments, stylish futuristic constructions of
blinking LEDs, patch cords and knobs.  These custom devices give his music
a distinctive sound that's been heard on several recordings, including his
latest, OUTFOLDING (Hypnos).  Saul uses the flaws and unpredictability of
his home-built synthesizers, to provide  the expressiveness typical of
acoustic instruments.  Saul Stokes talks about making music from the wires up.

Further proof of the Hypnos label’s progress toward world domination (OK, maybe
that’s a slight, erm, overstatement): James Johnson’s Entering Twilight
debuts at #14 on the New Age Voice airplay charts this month.

Lastly, we’re sold out of a couple of hot items on the
Online Store
…. of the 4 Oophoi limited CDRs recently mentioned, two are
sold out and the other two have just a single copy or two left. Still in stock
are Mare Vaporum by Oophoi alone, and Upuaut by Oophoi with
fellow Amplexus artists, Amir Baghiri and Matthias Grassow.

The other two titles, Oophoi’s Night Currents and Behind the
Wall of Sleep
, are completely out of stock right now, though more copies
may be forthcoming in the indeterminate future. Come to think of it, isn’t
ALL future indeterminate?


One teensy little correction the the last update on this page prior to the
holiday weekend — Saul Stokes’s limited edition CDRs are actually not
available for sale on his web site (which is worth of a visit nonetheless), but
only at his live performances, and here at the
Online Store

It has been a pleasant surprise to see how many people are purchasing both the
Stokes A Collection of Live Recordings CDR, and the new
Edge of the Forest. Also, for some reason I referred to the latter as
DEEP IN the Forest recently…. sorry about that, Saul!


Another interesting new title added to the
Online Store
)…. a surprising number of you purchased Saul Stokes’s
limited edition CDR (in a special, handmade wood box) A Collection of Live
. Now Saul has issued his second, similarly packaged limited
edition, and this one is quite different. It’s called Edge of the Forest
and it combines treated nature sounds with synthetic ambience — a major
departure from the Stokes sound many of us are familiar with. Like the first
limited CDR, this one is also $18.99, and it’s limited to 200 copies. The
only places you can buy these limited Stokes CDRs are Saul’s own web site at
www.saulstokes.com, at
his rare live performances, and here.

Speaking of rare, limited CDRs, I should also mention that the four new Oophoi
discs mentioned in yesterday’s update will be gone in few days at most. I’ll
delete them from the catalog when they’re gone, until I receive more in a month
or two. If you’re in a hurry to obtain these, do so quickly!


Several of you have been quite anxious to obtain the four Oophoi CDRs I mentioned
recently. Those have now been added to the
Online Store
). These $12.99 titles include:

 Oophoi/Grassow/Baghiri - Upuaut
 Oophoi - Mare Vaporum
 Oophoi - Night Currents
 Oophoi - Behind the Wall of Sleep

That first one is indeed, as it appears, a collaboration with Matthias Grassow
and Amir Baghiri. Only a very limited number of copies of these titles are


Chuck VanZyl, host of Star’s End radio and host of The Gathering series of
concerts, recently posted the following update about the upcoming performance
by Dweller at the Threshold. Though Dweller (and leader Dave Fulton) are
actually Eurock Records artists, since Fulton & I have a project coming out
on Hypnos (see recent updates regarding The Most Distant Point Known
on this page), I thought this was somewhat relevant:


Portland based spacemusic ensemble Dweller At The Threshold and chillout
synthesist Synthetic Block will perform live in concert as part of The
Gathering Concert Series on Saturday, September 23rd, 2000 at St. Mary’s
Church Hamilton Village, 3916 Locust Walk in Philadelphia, PA.

Inspired by the electronic music movement of pre-ambient/techno Europe,
Dweller At The Threshold grew out of a fascination with the ability of
electronic music to create a cinematic experience in sound. Using modular
synthesis, DATT produces original electronic excursions incorporating
interesting rhythms and harmonies with deep-space textures. To DATT, the
synthesizer is a creative tool which offers a wide palette of contrasting
textures that can be animated by hands on manipulation.

Dweller At The Threshold is based in the Pacific Northwest and includes
Dave Fulton and John Duval on synths and Lon Cudy on guitar. To date DATT
has delivered two original CD releases: “No Boundary Condition” and
“Generation Transmission Illumination”. The Gathering concert will be their
first performance on the east-coast.

Describing his music as “progressive ambience”, Synthetic Block (Jonathan
Block) combines classic ’70s spacemusic with modern chillout room
sensibilities. Block is credited with two studio albums, “Synthetic Block”
and “The Opposite Of Staring Into Space” which display a mix of infectious,
mild techno beats with the shimmering sequencer patterns of pre-sampling

Synthetic Block embraces the challenge of translating his music in the
unpredictable environment of the concert hall. Block says, “Playing live is
at least half the reason why I’m involved in music. For me, it gets pretty
boring holed up in the studio unless I know there will be a live outlet
somewhere down the road”. Along with his live electronic music, Block
occasionally will read aloud his original poetry. “Quite haunting”
according to Progression magazine.

The Gathering with Dweller At The Threshold and Synthetic Block will take
place on Saturday, September 23rd, 2000 at 8:00pm in the church sanctuary
of St. Mary’s Hamilton Village, 3916 Locust Walk on the University of
Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia, PA. Admission (at the door) is $20.
For more information, please access the Gatherings website or call (610)

Gatherings are live concerts featuring musicians from the ambient,
electronic and space music worlds. For more information, please access:


A quick update on Digitalis by Markus Reuter: we’re investigating the
possibility of issuing this as soon as October/November, though package design
will have to come together quickly for this to occur. That same period —
the last quarter of 2000 — will already see the release of vidnaObmana’s
follow-up to The Surreal Sanctuary, to be entitled The Contemporary
, as well as A Produce’s Smile on the Void.

In fact, all told, the last 4 months of this year could see as many as 6 Hypnos
CDs released, which would mean an even dozen CD releases for the year in total!


The first pressing of vidnaObmana’s Landscape in Obscurity (his first Hypnos
release, pre-dating our exclusive relationship which commenced with The
Surreal Sanctuary
) has sold out, and we’re currently having it re-pressed.
Only a few copies of the first pressing remain, and while the re-pressing will
be identical, there will likely be a gap of a week or two in which no copies
are available. So if you’re in a BIG hurry to own this, order it now before
it’s (momentarily) out of print.


Update: The next Hypnos CD release is complete and will go into
production tomorrow for September release. M. Griffin / D. Fulton The Most
Distant Point Known
, was mentioned here a couple days ago, but the track titles
and sequence have been finalized. The track listing is as follows:

 1  tectonic
 2  lithospheric flux
 3  source of all gravity
 4  opposite horizon
 5  dark observer
 6  quadrature    phase 1
 7                phase 2
 8                phase 3
 9                curved beyond zero

…. and you can still see the cover artwork


Another announcement: Coming soon (possibly later in 2000, or could be pushed
back to 2001 depending on all the variables that make CD release dates get
pushed back), the first Hypnos release by Markus Reuter, Digitalis.
Reuter is best known to space/ambient fans for his work on Ian Boddy’s
excellent DiN label (all CD releases available at the
Online Store
), both with Ian Boddy on Distant Rituals and as
a member of Centrozoon on the most recent DiN release, Blast.

In other circles, Reuter is perhaps better known as a member of the
String Choir
, an adventurous instrumental ensemble signed to Robert Fripp’s
DGM label.

Markus’s instrument is the
Warr Guitar, a
tap-style 8-stringed instrument which is played less like a true “guitar” and
more like a Chapman Stick. The result is that Markus has a sound that is quite
distinctive and wonderful! We are still working out certain details of this
release and will post further details to this page as they are known.


Announcement: The new Dave Fulton/M. Griffin CD will be called The Most
Distant Point Known
and will be the next Hypnos release, coming
in mid-September. You can see the cover artwork


Just two weeks after nationally-syndicated radio show Hearts of Space featured
a selection from Saul Stokes Outfolding, this week’s show includes
two tracks from Jeff Pearce’s album To the Shores of Heaven.
Thanks, Hearts of Space, for the support and promotion!


The upcoming Hypnos collaboration between myself & Dave Fulton (leader and
co-founder of Dweller at the Threshold) is taking shape quickly and is
almost finished. It is our hope that these CDs will be ready in time for
the Dweller performance at The Gathering in Philadelphia, next month.

Cover graphics and track listing will be previewed here soon. The music
is completely done, and we’re just finalizing things like titles, which
tracks to include, and what sequence to put them in.

Whatever it ends up being called, it’s a deep and spacy recording, yet
quiet listenable — quite different from previous Griffinmusic and Fultonmusic,
yet working in generally familiar territory.


A few titles formerly available on the
Online Store
have recently gone out of print. Since they’re on the Amplexus
and 12k labels, they were limited editions to start with, and like all releases
on both these labels, they eventually ran out and will not be re-pressed.
The titles in question are:

 Matthias Grassow - Dissolution (amplexus)
 Matthias Grassow - Fountain of Remembrance (amplexus)
 Alio Die & Yannick Dauby - Descendre Cinq Lacs... (amplexus)
 Sakoto/Chartier - 0/r (12k)

Sorry, but no copies of thes titles remain, either here in Hypnos Command Center,
at the labels themselves, or at any of the distributors we order from.


Here’s a news release from Saul Stokes relating to 2 upcoming live performances:

 The Fringe Festival in Philadelphia, PA:

 Where:  Ethereal Theater, Elfreth's Alley @ 2nd Street,
         Olde City Philadelphia

 When:   September 2, 9:00pm and September 5, 8:30pm

 Both performances will take place outside and are free of charge.


Just added 2 new titles to the
Online Store
, which isn’t a lot of new stuff, but these are hot ones!

They’re from the Amplexus label, one of the finest labels out there, and they
include Matthias Grassow’s new album Fragrance of Eternal Roses, which
is the usual $14.99 for these Italian imports; and Amir Baghiri’s Blue Box
, a 4-disc box set that is $39.99.


Here’s a news release from James Johnson relating to an upcoming live performance:

 James Johnson live at The Ambient Ping Aug. 29th 2000
 For those of you close to the Border or just looking for a reason
 to say "Road Trip!" James Johnson will be performing at The Ambient Ping
 http://www.theambientping.com in Toronto, Ontario. Join us for a pair
 of sonic performances on Aug. 29th starting at 8:30pm and going til.......
 James will be creating ambient soundscapes using a mixture of field
 computer synthesis and samples. This performance will be created
 in 4 point stereo for a completely immersive experience. For more information
 about "The Ambient Ping" and for directions visit

 On the Sunday prior to the show listen to a live webcast performance
 along with an interview of James Johnson on sound:escape, with DJ's
 Kresh & Robbie (Toronto 89.5 FM) from Midnight till 2am. to access the
 show via the web, tune your browser to:


Here’s a link to a nifty feature article/interview on Hypnos artist Saul
Stokes, including reviews of his 3 Hypnos CDs and his one self-released
CDR special edition, on the
web site. The feature is by Matt Howarth, who previously did a similar
feature on Robert Rich after the release of Humidity.


A quick summary of the upcoming Vidna Obmana tour:

 12 Aug - The Cave/Leofels, Schwaebisch Hall
 21 Oct - Cultureel Centrum Jan Van Der Noot/Brecht
 04 Nov - The Cathedral/Philadelphia
 05 Nov - Live Radio Performance on Star's END, WXPN - Philadelphia
 06 Nov - Wilde Auditorium/West-Hartford, Connecticut (guest appearance by Jim
 09 Nov - The Old Church/Portland, Oregon
 12 Nov - Borders In-store performance: Simsbury, Connecticut


It’s nice to see the

Hypnos Forum
starting to heat up, getting more frequent messages and a growing
number of visitors and registered, contributing “members.”

Hypnos artists such as Jeff Pearce, Saul Stokes, Vidna Obmana and James Johnson
have contributed. A Produce and Dave Fulton have told me they’ll post messages
soon, too.

Also there are several new reviews on the Hypnos
Reviews page, particularly a trio of very positive Saul
Stokes Outfolding reviews.


Did a bit more work this weekend on the

Hypnos Forum
, and was pleased to see over a dozen people sign in (and dozens more
stopped to read messages, and moved along without signing in). It was great to see
people chiming in with their own questions, answers, suggestions and so on!

Another thing I think people will enjoy is that several Hypnos artists have told
me they’ll pop in from time to time and offer their own comments, updates and
so on. Already you can see messages from Vidna Obmana, Saul Stokes, and James
Johnson, and I’ll work on getting others to visit and contribute.

This news page (the one you’re reading now, not the Forum page I was talking about)
will continue to be the primary source of info relating to new releases and so on,
but you will often find more detailed information, along with the aforementioned
contributions from the Hypnos artists themselves, on the

Hypnos Forum


The latest Saul Stokes album Outfolding has been featured on the most
recent Hearts of Space radio show. This is Saul’s first appearance on that
nationally syndicated show, so congratulations go out to Saul! The track
featured was “Thick Streets.” The same show also featured a track by
Hypnos artist Richard Bone, from his (non-Hypnos) release Ascension.


Here’s something kind of cool and new for all you folks who are anxious to
read about and discuss cool Hypnos (and related) music and artists 24 hours
per day — it’s the
Hypnos Forum
and it’s a web-based discussion board hosted on hypnos.com

I’ve just set it up and tested it, and it works, so you guys can check it out
and start posting. In the near future, I’ll “pretty it up” and enhance it, so
it’ll be more Hypnos-like and less generic looking. In the mean time I wanted
to let everybody know about it so we can start some fun discussions in the coming

It’s not necessary to “register” or create a username/password, if you just want
to read what other people have posted. You only need to register (which just takes
about 5 seconds, and is completely secure and confidential) if you want to create
new topics, or write a reply to somebody else’s topic or message.

Have fun, and be among the first to start a topic!


More news is less news?!

Sort of ironic, isn’t it, that when things are really cooking here,
I’m often too busy to update this “news” page. So as a result, people
check this page (which must be a daily destination for many of you,
considering how many hits this page gets — it’s by far the most visited
page on hypnos.com), see no update, and assume
“Hmmm, nothing new going on at Hypnos this week.”

The fact is, I need to make a better effort to offer at least some kind of
almost-daily tidbit, or else I get behind like this and don’t even know
where to start.

First, as mentioned in the last update, work is going full speed on Robert
Rich’s Sunyata. The master is done (Robert remastered it himself
last year), and the package design is almost done, so we think a September
release is pretty definite. We’ll have some RealAudio clips available soon,
and some more specific information about planned release date.

I’ve been working on the still-untitled-but-coming-soon collaboration
between myself (Mike Griffin, for those of you just joining us) and Dave
Fulton (co-founder and now-leader of Dweller at the Threshold). The
3 1/2 hours worth of recordings are in good shape and is mostly
mastered, but needs editing down to CD length, and further audio
tweaking (not to mention titles). It is our hope that this will be
released in the next couple of months, perhaps in time for the Dweller at
the Threshold show at the Gathering in Philly this fall. Again, more news soon.

Work has begun at last on the third Viridian Sun project (also as yet
untitled), with the first recording session taking place last night. While
the instrumentation was a bit different from before (guitar and bass guitar
only, if you can believe that), and the sound a bit different, the approach
and the general abstract ambient/space “feel” of the material will be
familiar to VS fans. This one probably won’t be ready for release until
the first quarter of 2001, but it’s nice to get started on it.

Sorta-kinda related to Viridian Sun, Hypnos is working on a sort of “side label”
project, to be called (something like) “Hypnos Signature Series,” which will
release signed and limited-to-500 CD editions. They’ll generally feature
interesting and highly collectible material from familiar Hypnos artists (the
first two will probably be Viridian Sun and Jeff Pearce). These CDs will be
available primarily through Hypnos (due to the higher price and limited run),
though we just might make them available through selected online distributors.
No barcodes, though, so no retail at any price!

Lastly, I just received a box of Oophoi stuff from Italy and will be making it
available on the
Online Store
soon. These include not only his Hic Sunt Leones release
Three Lights at the End of the World (which has been out of stock here
for months!), and his Wouivre release on Amplexus, but also several
high-quality, limited, CDR-only editions created by Gianluigi/Oophoi himself.


Speaking of Robert Rich (see yesterday’s update regarding Humidity),
we’re moving forward now with his third Hypnos/Soundscape release, Sunyata.
The master is done and the package design is almost finished, so it will probably
be ready ahead of schedule — September, perhaps. You may view the cover art

Some of you may be familiar with Sunyata, as it was Robert’s first release,
on cassette only. The version we’re releasing on CD is edited and remastered by
Robert himself. Many of you are anxiously awaiting Robert’s Somnium DVD
coming out on the Release label, an example of the most recent development in
Robert Rich’s well-known Sleep Concert format. In fact Sunyata could be
seen as the opposite end of the spectrum from Somnium: the first
explorations by Robert Rich in the slow-moving, low-key textural drone format
that eventually became the Sleep Concerts. Whether as a companion or preview
to Somnium, as a historical document, or as a recording that stands
alone, Sunyata is something all Robert Rich fans are certain to want
for their collection.


Robert Rich’s Humidity is out of print! OK, it’s back in print again.

Actually, for about 12 hours, we had zero copies of Humidity available,
but the second pressing copies arrived literally the day after we ran
completely out of copies from the first pressing. Hooray, CDs enough for
everyone! The second pressing still includes the fold-up poster/booklet just
as the first one did, and is identical in every respect, including price.

Also, I apologize for the slightly-less-frequent updates to this page in the
past couple of weeks. First, I was away in Montreal and couldn’t update from
there (I really, really need to get a laptop, but am waiting until Apple’s G4
Powerbooks come out in the new year), and this past week my FTP client is
acting all screwy, so sometimes I can upload files and sometimes I can’t.

The most recent set of updates to the site include plenty of new reviews,
on the ‘Reviews’ page, naturally. These include
3 reviews of Vidna Obmana’s The Surreal Sanctuary and 1 review of
James Johnson’s Entering Twilight. There are still several other
reviews that I just need to type up and add in there, not to mention the
scads of NEW reviews that will appear in print, undoubtedly, by the
time I get done typing in the ones I already have…. so more
updates are coming soon.


Those of you who live in a place where Echoes radio does not reach, or who
missed the Jeff Pearce Living Room Concert feature on Echoes this month,
take a look at the online, archived version of that
In it, you will hear some fabulous Pearce music performed live, and you will
also have a chance to hear Jeff talk about his techniques and approach.

After which, of course, you will want to return here and purchase his latest Hypnos
release, To the Shores of Heaven!


Still more new stuff on the the
Online Store
. Today’s additions include: the new Alpha Wave Movement album
from the Groove label, Drifted into Deeper Lands. Jeff Pearce contributed
to a pair of tracks on this one, and it’s a return to the spacier, mellower style of
the first two AWM albums; also from Groove, re-stocked copies of Ron Boots Screaming
, and Rudy Adrian’s wonderful album Kinetic Flow (Sequencer Sketches
Volume 1)
. Also included in the shipment received from Groove today, were a
whole lot of copies of Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana’s Live Archive, which had
already been listed here before, but our limited stock on that item has been
substantially fortified!

Also added 3 items from the UK’s fascinating and wonderful Touch label, and added a
category for that label to the store. The new titles include two Philip Jeck albums,
Loopholes and Surf, and the Scala album Compass Heart. There
are currently other Touch label titles in the Miscellaneous sections of the store,
and those items will be moved over to the Touch category soon. Touch is certainly
one of the coolest & most interesting labels in the UK, along with DiN (also available
at the Hypnos store).


This morning, updated the “Hypnos Recommends” section on the front page of the
Online Store
. New featured titles include Ambient Otaku by Tetsu
Inoue, recently reissued on the FAX label; Lakeland, the fifth album
by Ruben Garcia; and the various artists compilation from the Dark Duck
label entitled Ambient Landscapes 2, which includes contributions from
James Johnson (whose Entering Twilight was recently issued on Hypnos),
Twine, Stephen Philips, and several others; lastly, we finally received the
most recent Alio Die solo album, La Stanze della Transcendenza (spelling
could be off on that one, as I don’t have a copy of it in front of me), and I’m
sure this will be a hot item, given how many of you have been exploring Alio Die’s
previous solo releases and 5000 Spirits projects.

Also, when Saul Stokes Outfolding was about to be released, we temporarily
lowered the price on his previous two albums — Washed in Mercury and
Zo Pilots — to $9.99 to celebrate his new release. Now that Outfolding
has been out for over a month, we’ve about to end that special price and these
two CDs will go back to the normal $11.99 price. If you want to take advantage
of this special, hurry up and do so before the end of July!


This evening added about 30 titles to the
Online Store
, including over a dozen new listings in the Fax label section, our first
10 titles from the Dark Duck Records section, the latest from Ruben Garcia
entitled Lakeland, and three Projekt releases including Steve Roach’s
Midnight Moon, Roach’s collaboration with Elmar Schulte Solitaire:
Ritual Ground
, and Jeff Greinke’s archival reissue, Over Ruins/Moving

There are now over 400 titles available in the online store!


Hello again. Been back a few days now, and it’s taken a bit longer to get
things (mostly) caught up since my return. I expected that people would heed
the “There’s nobody home until 7/14” messages and not place orders until I
returned, but a bit stack of orders accumulated during my absence. Almost
all of those went out Saturday and today (Monday), and the last few will
go tomorrow.

Several new items have just been received and will be added to the
Online Store
tomorrow….. so check back soon!

In the mean time, I’ve added several new reviews (one for Humidity, one
for The Surreal Sanctuary, one for Outfolding and three or four
for our latest release, James Johnson’s Entering Twilight.


The absence mentioned in the most recent news update begins now! Orders placed at the
Online Store
after last night will not be processed & shipped until Friday July
14, but feel free to go ahead and order anyway, if you like.

Also, today I added some new reviews (including the first review of James Johnson’s
Entering Twilight) to the full-to-bursting Hypnos Reviews

See you in a week!


Hypnos World HQ will be vacant between Saturday July 08 and Thursday July 13 —
I’ll be in Montreal for most of a week. The
Online Store
will still be “open” and functional, and any orders placed
during my absence will be safe and secure until my return — but if you place
an order during this time, it won’t be processed until at least Friday July 14.
Likewise, email will not be answered during this period as I will probably be
unable to access the hypnos.com mail server, at least with any regularity.

If you wish for your order to be shipped prior to my departure, it would be a
good idea to get your orders in by Wednesday, July 05, though it’s possible
that some orders placed early Thursday will go out Friday before I leave.


Several new reviews of Hypnos CDs have been added to the Reviews
page this past week. In particular, you’ll see new reviews for Saul Stokes Outfolding,
Vidna Obmana The Surreal Sanctuary, and Jeff Pearce To the Shores of Heaven.


Somehow, we never made available any sample RealAudio clips from the May
2000 Hypnos release, Saul Stokes Outfolding. They’re done now, so
those of you who have been waiting to hear sample clips before purchasing
should proceed to the Hypnos Audio page. Sorry for
the delay!


Echoes (a nationally syndicated radio show) has scheduled their Jeff Pearce
“Living Room Concert” feature for Friday, July 14 (on most stations – July
16th or 23rd on others). Here is their announcement:

Jeff Pearce has been entrancing listeners with his textural,
ambient guitar orchestrations since his debut album, TENDERNESS &
FATALITY (Windchime). Although he often sounds like multiple guitar
players and a synthesizer, Jeff makes all of his music on one electric
guitar in played in real time with no overdubs. Through a
sophisticated system of looping and sound processing, he transforms
himself into an ambient orchestra. Jeff Pearce comes to the Echoes
studio to play music live, including pieces from his latest album, TO


Just a quick bit of clarification regarding the last update (06.26) to this
page — a few of you weren’t sure what I meant by “Martina Verhoeven’s music”
and emailed to ask about Circles and Artifacts. I should clarify that
there is no music by Martina Verhoeven on the disc — she’s a photographer, and
her photography comprises the majority of the multimedia content on this disc.
Of course, this is a music web site, and the
Online Store
is a music store, so those of you seeing the CD-rom listed under
a certain person’s name could understandably make the mistake of thinking that
she contributed to the music. If you prefer, think of this as the latest music
CD by Vidna Obmana and Steve Roach, which also happens to contain some optional
multimedia content.


As mentioned last Friday, James Johnson’s Entering Twilight has been
added to the
Online Store
— of course, many of you have already been over there to
purchase it.

In case you needed further incentive, we’ve just received a shipment from Belgium
which includes Martina Verhoeven’s Circles and Artifacts. Maybe you’re
thinking, “Hmmmm, I’m not really familiar with Martina Verhoeven’s music, so what’s
the big deal?” The big deal is that this is a multimedia cd-rom project, featuring
photography by Martina Verhoeven (whose photography adorns many Vidna Obmana CDs,
including his Hypnos releases Landscape in Obscurity and The Surreal
as well as several other recent titles). Circles and Artifacts
also includes poetry by Linda Kohanov.

Probably the main item of interest for Hypnos customers, though, is the 60+
minutes of music by Vidna Obmana and Steve Roach.
Whether you want to enjoy the full multimedia experience on your PC, or just plug
the disc into an ordinary CD player and listen to the music, this is a unique and
beautiful project. Also, it’s the first release on Vidna Obmana’s own label,
The Contemporary Harmonic. The price of Circles and Artifacts is $16.99.


OK — James Johnson’s Entering Twilight is now ready to go. The CDs turned
out great, and while the press release hasn’t even been written yet, I’m
about to go over to the
Online Store
and add it to the database so all you ambient-hungry listeners
can order this weekend.


The latest Hypnos release, James Johnson’s Entering Twilight will be available
for purchase tomorrow. Actually, it would be ready now, but the stealthy
Hypnosmobile is in the shop today, so I won’t be able to pick up the CDs and
ready them for a breathlessly eager public until tomorrow.

Audio clips are now available on the Hypnos Audio page,
and some time tomorrow you’ll be able to find the CD on the
Online Store
for $11.99.


The nationally syndicated radio show Echoes, hosted
by John Diliberto, recently recorded a “Living Room Concert” with Hypnos
artist Jeff Pearce. Jeff will be demonstrating his unique
working method, talking a bit about the creation of his Hypnos album To the
Shores of Heaven
, and of course playing some great music.

In advance of the airing of that “Living Room Concert,” Echoes is doing a
shorter “artist feature” on Pearce, which will consist of a brief interview
and some music. Here’s the Echoes announcement regarding the show:

Coming up on Echoes Thursday 6/22/00 (Saturday 6/24 and Sunday July 9 on
some stations)

The Living Room Concert will air later…

Jeff Pearce has been entrancing listeners with his minimalist
textural ambient guitar orchestrations since his debut album,
TENDERNESS & FATALITY (Windchime). His collaborations include
work with Jon Jenkins, Kevin Keller and Vidna Obmana. Although
he often sounds like multiple guitar players and synthesizer,
Jeff makes all of his music on one electric guitar.
Through a sophisticated system of looping
and sound processing, however, he transforms himself into an
ambient orchestra. Jeff Pearce comes to the Echoes studio to
discuss the sonic architecture behind his music and latest album,


Added the most recent release from 12k records, the Tetsu Inoue & Taylor Deupree
collaboration Active/Freeze to the
Online Store
. This is experimental digitalism of a very
rigorous and uncompromising nature. Challenging and wonderful, but not for
listeners seeking soft & mellow soundscapes.

Also added the latest from Larry Kucharz, the almost techno-like (hence the title)
Techno Unit 30 under his alias Audiochrome. I say almost techno-like
because this is really more restrained and experimental than what would usually be
described as “techno,” but it’s an almost entirely rhythmic exercise, and a huge
departure from Kucharz’s previous work…. possibly my favorite thing he’s ever

Lastly, a couple of Hic Sunt Leones favorites, both involving HSL founder & main
artist Alio Die, were restored to the catalog: Alio Die’s solo Password for
Ethneogenic Experience
, and by his collaborative project 5000 Spirits,
A Tapestry for Sorcerers. Usually these wonderful Hic Sunt Leones titles
sell out almost as quickly as we get them, so move fast if you want these! Also,
a new HSL title (well, it’s an older one really but it’s new to Hypnos) by onetime
Alio Die collaborator, Ora. The album is entitled Rosea.


Oops! Many of the additions to the
Online Store
mentioned in yesterday’s update, didn’t actually get
added to the store’s database until this afternoon. Apologies to anyone who
wasted time looking for CDs that weren’t really there…. but they’re in there


2000.06.15 (second update)
Even more additions to the
Online Store
The biggest addition would be the creation of a Fax Label category, with 25
assorted titles. We’ll probably bring in more titles after we gauge interest
in this stuff.

Also, the following assorted titles were added:

Aube - 108
Aube - Dazzle Reflexion
Aube - Flare
Aube - Triad Thread
Biosphere - Cirque
Maeror Tri - Language of Flames and Sound
Maeror Tri - Meditamentum II
Maeror Tri - Venenum
Daniel Menche - Vent
Rapoon - :D-LEM:
Rapoon - Rapoon vs. Kinder Atom

Most of these titles are in the “Miscellaneous Artists A-L” and “Miscellaneous
Artists M-Z” categories, but remember you can always do a search by artist name,
title, or keyword. The Hypnos Online Store now has almost 400 titles, about
three times what the store started with, so that search feature can be a handy
way to navigate when you’re not sure what label released a certain CD.


A bit of information about an upcoming Vidna Obmana concert here in Portland,

Portland, USA
Vidna Obmana
a Saturn Spell presentation of this one-time exclusive West Coast concert.
Sponsored by Soleilmoon Recording and Ozone Records
Thursday November the 9th 2000
The Old Church, Portland, Oregon (on the corner of SW 11th and Clay St.),
doors open at 7.30pm
Tickets are $15 before / $20 the day of the show. General Admission.
Tickets will be available in-store at Ozone Records and the New Renaissance
Bookstore , the www.dreamsinexile.com website or by sending a check/money
order to Saturn Spell Music PO Box 1244 Portland, Oregon 97207

Any of you West Coast-type fans of
ambient stuff, I hope you’ll make an effort to get to Portland for this
rare and wonderful event! Please note: Hypnos does not have tickets
available for sale — this listing is for informational purposes only.
Please contact the Dreams In Exile web site for ticket info, or to go
the fabulous Ozone Records store on West Burnside (across from Powell’s


More additions and changes to the
Online Store
, as mentioned a few days ago.

There are still more titles to add, but here’s a list of the most recent
additions. These are available in the Soleilmoon and Staalplaat label
sections, which had formerly been combined, but have now been split into
their own categories:

Randy Greif - Alice in Wonderland (5CD)
Lustmord - Paradise Disowned
Lustmord - The Monstrous Soul
Daniel Menche - Static Burn
Muslimgauze - Abu Nidal / Coup d'Etat
Muslimgauze - Arab Quarter (2CD)
Muslimgauze - Baghdad
Muslimgauze - Mazar-I-Sharif
Muslimgauze - Remixs
Muslimgauze - Sufiq (CDEP)
Nocturnal Emissions - Duty Experiment
Nocturnal Emissions - Glossalalia
Nocturnal Emissions - Mouths of Babes
Nocturnal Emissions - The World is My Womb
Robin Storey & Nigel Ayers - Perfidious Albion
Various Artists - Absolute
Various Artists - Between Sun and Moon
Jonathan Coleclough - Windlass
Rapoon - What Do You Suppose?
Muslimgauze - Speaking with Hamas
Muslimgauze - Betrayal
Muslimgauze - Hamas Arc
Deutsch Nepal - Erosion
Deutsch Nepal - Tolerance


Added a couple of noteworthy titles to the
Online Store
— these two CDs are by a New Zealand artist named Kip Mazuy,
released on his own Bliss Music label. You’ll find them in the “Miscellaneous M-Z”
category in the Online Store, and the titles are Beautiful Sound and
Elements of Ecstasy. Those of you looking for peaceful ambience that
incorporates restrained piano, will find these very rewarding. Somewhat
influence by the early work of Harold Budd, Kip Mazuy does a fine job of
creating very listenable atmospheres suitable for sleep, meditation or


Have added several titles to the
Online Store
…. too many to list here. Will also be adding some new
Soleilmoon and Staalplaat label titles tomorrow.


His was the first CD released on Hypnos (Washed in Mercury back in 1997), and
now, Saul Stokes is the first artist to release his third CD on Hypnos. Released
today is Outfolding, a daring and mature step beyond his most recent album,
Zo Pilots.

The primary sound sources on all Saul Stokes recordings are several vintage-style
analog modular synthesizers built by Stokes himself. But don’t mistake this to
mean Stokes is working in a retro or “classic
E-music” style, because this is definitely not the case. Perhaps no artist in the
ambient/experimental music scene possesses a sound as distinctive and fresh. Those
who have seen Saul’s much-acclaimed live performances in Philadelphia during the
past year can attest to his challenging and dynamic sound. It’s world music for
the mid-21st century, way ahead of its time.

Outfolding is $11.99 and it’s available now at the
Online Store


A Produce is familiar to many of you for his recent Hypnos collaboration Altara,
with M Griffin (the person who is typing this), as well as his excellent previous
releases such as Land of a Thousand Trances, White Sands,
Inscape and Landscape, and Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo,
on his own Trance Port label.

The next A Produce album, Smile on the Void, has been in progress for some time
now and is planned for release later in 2000. We are pleased to announce that A
Produce and Hypnos have agreed that Smile on the Void will be released on Hypnos.
This will be the first non-Trance Port solo release by A Produce, and his first new
solo material since Inscape and Landscape in 1996.

The first half of Smile on the Void is complete, and I had a chance to preview it
this week. Let me tell you, this is fantastic stuff! The title track may already be
my favorite A Produce track ever. Expect a combination of subdued-yet-exotic musicality,
with the most restrained and hypnotic ambient textures and pulsing loops. Definitely
worth the long wait…


There’s no mistaking the fact that most fans of the kind of music we sell
get terribly excited every time there’s a new CD from Steve Roach, and the
same goes for Vidna Obmana. It’s even better when one of their collaborative
CDs is released. So I’m sure this will start a stampede, but…. we now have
copies of Live Archive by Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana, released on the
Groove Unlimited label and imported by Hypnos from The Netherlands. We only have 8 copies right now, and our shipments from NL only happen every couple of
months, so rush on over to the
Hypnos Online Store now. The price is $14.99.


Here’s one I know many of you are interested in: the latest from Steve Roach,
released on his Timeroom Editions label. It’s Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes and
the title is Vine, Bark and Spore. This is truly one of the most
magical things to come out of the Timeroom yet, and on first impression
I’d say this is my favorite since Magnificent Void.
Vine, Bark and Spore has a strong ethnic/ritual angle, with
chanting and didgeridoo and percussion. It’s also one of the finest efforts
yet heard in that subgenre, ranking with the best of O Yuki Conjugate.
Available now and ready for immediate shipment, at a price of $14.99, from the
Hypnos Online Store.


Here’s a little extra taster of the upcoming (06-2000 release) CD from James
Johnson, Entering Twilight…. here’s a RealAudio clip that gives a
good sense of the feel of the piece. It’s available in
28k and
56k versions. Give either
or both a try, depending on the speed of your connection, but they’re different
bit-rate versions of the same selection.


The next Hypnos Recordings release, Saul Stokes’s Outfolding, is due
in the next week or so. We’ll post announcements all over the internet when
that one’s ready. Interest in Saul’s work is at an all-time high, which is
sorta funny since he hasn’t had an official release in almost two years…. but
many listeners have heard Saul’s live performances at Philadelphia’s Gathering
series of concerts, or they picked up his limited edition “wood box” CDR of
selected live performance recordings. Saul’s work is more rhythmic and
dynamic than much of what Hypnos releases, but we have no doubt that Outfolding
will appeal to a great number of you.

Folowing that will be the first Hypnos release by James Johnson, Entering
, as announced earlier this month. Entering Twilight is
a single long track, about 66 minutes long, in a sparse, almost subliminal
style. Fans of Johnson’s previous works Surrender and Unity
know the beautiful, glimmering restraint with which he expresses himself, but
this one is even more minimal…. like floating in a thick fog with vague chiming
chords drifting toward you through the haze. You can take a peek at the cover
artwork here.


Added the 3rd Green House Records CD to the
Hypnos Online Store.
The first solo release by Exuviae, Echoes in the Emptiness, is Green House’s first
CD of the new year, following a couple of very strong 1999 releases (the various artists
compilation Convergent Evolution and the Vir Unis solo debut The Drift Inside.
The Vir Unis CD was one of my personal favorites of the last year, and unexpectedly one of our
best selling non-Hypnos-label titles of the past several months. And this Exuviae debut is
every bit as good! It’s not quite as deep & dark as The Drift Inside, and the only
real common element is the label that released it, but should appeal to many of the same fans —
people who like open, abstract ambient.


Updated the “May Recommended Titles” on the front page of the
Hypnos Online Store.
Of course, all these items were available as of a couple days ago, but the front page draws
special attention to these items, and all of them deserve it.

Our highly-compensated marketing
analysts tell us that the great majority of you order stuff off the front page almost
exclusively….. OK, the truth is we don’t have highly-compensated marketing analysts. At any
rate, there are some new featured titles up there. Go take a look!


Following a busy week in which I neglected to post news updates were posted here,
I have uploaded a bunch of new stuff to the
Hypnos Online Store.

First, the much-requested Eurock label albums by Dweller at the Threshold and Dave Fulton. These
include the DAT albums No Boundary Condition and Generation/Transmission/Illumination,
and the first solo album by DAT founder Dave Fulton, Hard Particles. As if the music alone
weren’t enough reason to pick these up, these latter two CDs feature super-swell artwork and
design by yours truly…. my only non-Hypnos design work aside from Jeff Pearce’s Vestiges.

Also added 3 slightly edgier, experimental/industrial/noise releases (of course they have an
atmospheric/ambient feel or they wouldn’t be offered here) from the excellent Crowd Control
label. Crowd Control is still grouped with Hic Sunt Leones as a category in the Online Store,
because at first the only Crowd Control titles offered here were (Hic Sunt Leones owner) Alio Die
and his various projects (with Antonio Testa, and as a member of 5000 Spirits). But Crowd Control
continues to release interesting & strange stuff so we’re giving a few of those a try. Take a look
at these new titles from Inanna, Necrophorus, and Tertium Non Data if you’re in the mood for
something with a bit more grit to it.

Added 2 Mychael Danna/Tim Clement titles to the Mirage section. Even though these aren’t technically
Mirage label releases, all remaining stock of these CDs is now held by Mirage, so it’s the next best
thing, no matter what label originally issued them. These titles, Summerland and Another
, should appeal to the hordes of you who have been purchasing their Best of Danna & Clement
overview album this year.

Lastly, added 8 titles from the Release label, varying from experimental noise to strange song-oriented
atmospherics. Perhaps of greatest interest is the 3CD compilation Release Your Mind v.2 which
features contributions from Vidna Obmana, Lull, Trial of the Bow, TUU, Yen Pox, Mandible Chatter,
Subarachnoid Space, James Plotkin, O Yuki Conjugage, Solarus, Hybrids, Illusion of Safety, Brume,
Kapotte Muziek, Haters, Masonna, and lots more. All kinds of stuff here, and at an excellent price for a triple
CD, this should appeal to those of you who like to use compilations as a safe way to investigate
unfamiliar artists.


You can find an interesting feature on Robert Rich, including a brief interview,
and a review of his 2nd Hypnos release Humidity on the
web site.


Just realized that RealAudio sample clips for Vidna Obmana’s The Surreal
had never been added to the Hypnos Audio
page, so I added those today. There’s one clip for each of the seven tracks.


The schedule of upcoming releases on the Hypnos label has been slightly modified.
First of all, my own much-delayed Fabrications will be pushed back a bit more.
One of the problems with running your own label is that the “business” of designing
and manufacturing and selling CDs of other people’s music often leaves little time
for creating one’s OWN music. So Fabrications is still on the way, but it won’t
be the next Hypnos release after Saul Stokes’s Outfolding.

Hypnos is pleased to announce that we will be releasing Entering Twilight, the
first Hypnos release by James Johnson. Entering Twilight is a very minimal,
restrained ambience, the kind of thing so many of our listeners keep asking for
again and again! Like previous Hypnos releases Altara (A Produce & M Griffin)
or Landscape in Obscurity (Vidna Obmana) or Sonic Continuum
(Modell/Mantra), this one is intended for low-volume
listening, and works great on repeat mode, as a background for sleep or meditation
or reading. It has a sound & feel reminiscent of my personal favorite of Brian Eno’s
releases, Neroli, without being at all derivative.

We think James Johnson is one of the important new talents our genre, and are pleased
to have the opportunity to help spead his work to a wider audience. James originally
contributed a track to the Hypnos compilation Weightless, Effortless, and
has recently been releasing his solo material on his own Zero Music label.

Expect to see Entering Twilight in June 2000.


Several of you have expressed an interest in obtaining a poster of the cover artwork
for Jeff Pearce’s To the Shores of Heaven. While we’ve frequently received
requests to do posters of various different CD cover artwork, the response to
Shores has been so positive that we’ll probably make it our first effort in
this direction.

(Well, this isn’t exactly true, since we do have a 14″ mini-
poster for Robert Rich’s HUMIDITY, which is actually folded-up into the CD booklet
included in the package).

Anyway, stay tuned for details on the availability of the poster for To the Shores of Heaven.


Slight modifiation to the
Hypnos Online Store….
I updated the “March Recommended Titles” section on the front page to include some new stuff,
and renamed it “April Recommended Titles,” just in time for May.

Interestingly, at least 75% of the orders through the Hypnos Online Store comes from items on
that front page only. I don’t know whether that’s because that’s where all the “hot” new titles
are on display, or because half the visitors to the store don’t realize that you can actually
buy hundreds of other titles by clicking on the category list, at left, or doing a
“search” by artist, title, or keyword.

At any rate, new featured titles include Loren Nerell’s Venerable Dark Cloud on Amplexus,
Labradford’s E Luxo So on Kranky, Jon Jenkins’s Flow (which features Hypnos artist
Jeff Pearce) on Spotted Peccary, Centrozoon’s Blast on the DiN label.


Finally, another batch of additions to the
Hypnos Online Store:

SECTION    ARTIST                          TITLE
--------   ----------------------------    --------------------------
Amplexus   Loren Nerell                    THE VENERABLE DARK CLOUD
Amplexus   Aube                            RICOCHETENTRANCE
Amplexus   Oophoi & Klaus Wiese            WOUIVRE
Soleilmoon Daniel Menche                   SCREAMING CARESS
Soleilmoon Various Artists Compilation     DEEP NET (2cd)
Soleilmoon Rapoon                          WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE?
Misc A-L   Jonathan Coleclough             WINDLASS
Misc A-L   Jonathan Coleclough/Andrew Chalk SUMAC
Misc M-Z   Mika Vainio                     KAJO

Also, I upgraded the version of the shopping cart software that runs the Hypnos Online
Store, and it seems to be a bit faster. If you notice any problems with it, please
email mgriffin@hypnos.com.

In the next day or two I’ll be adding a selection of titles from the Ad Astra label,
by such artists as Twine, Horchata, and Eleven Shadows.


Those of you in the New York City area (or those inclined to fly long distances when
instructed to do so by the Hypnos News page) might want to check out a nifty modern
dance event which will feature material by Hypnos artist Saul Stokes. Here are some
of the details:

"Thick Streets," a track from Saul Stokes upcoming album OUTFOLDING, will
be one of several choreographed dance pieces that dancer Aleta Hayes will be
performing at Hudson Church (Washington Square South) on May 8th, 8pm in New
York City.  For more information you can email Saul directly at


A few additions to the
Hypnos Online Store
not everything is done yet, but the 6 titles on Ian Boddy’s DiN label have been entered:

DiN 01  Ian Boddy                     BOX OF SECRETS
DiN 02  Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter     DISTANT RITUALS
DiN 03  Protagonos                    STRANGE GEOGRAPHIE
DiN 04  Dub Automica                  AUTONOMIC
DiN 05  Ian Boddy & Chris Carter      CAGED
DiN 06  Centrozoon                    BLAST

These titles, imported from the UK, are priced at $13.99. Boddy is better known for his
somewhat uptempo, European-flavored, sequencer-driven electronic music, but the material
on DiN is slow, exploratory and abstract… not too far from Hypnos territory! All six
titles on this label are highly recommended, and all fans of this style of music
should be pleased to see another label actively supporting and promoting the genre.


Still haven’t made the long-intended additions to the
Hypnos Online Store,
though I still expect it will happen later this week.

To continue the news related to the 04.11.2000 update (Hypnos titles reviewed in high-profile
places), it appears that Jeff Pearce’s To the Shores of Heaven will receive a review
in Alternative Press magazine. Pearce’s album also appears at #1 on the Echoes
Radio monthly chart. For those of you not familiar with Echoes, it is the nationally-
syndicated show that appears on most NPR affiliates, so this is great exposure not only for
Pearce specifically, but Hypnos in general.


Hypnos has made a tenative agreement with Alio Die (Italian musician, sound
alchemist, and collaborator with such familiar names as Robert Rich and
Vidna Obmana) to release his Sola Translatio II project, which is a
collaboration between Alio Die and another Italian artist, Opium.

The II may prompt some of you to ask, “What about the first one?” and
the fact is, the first Sola Translatio project will be released on the Italian
label Eidos soon. Sola Translatio is actually the name of the project, not the
album, so it will probably be given an actual album title prior to release. More
news on this soon!


Many of you are especially eager to find out about upcoming Hypnos releases — what they’ll
be, when they’re coming, what they’ll look like, and all kinds of other details.

The latest is this: the next Hypnos release will be the third Saul Stokes album,
Outfolding, which should be ready in 3-4 weeks. Following that will Fabrications
by yours truly (Hypnos founder Mike Griffin for those of you who don’t know).

In fact, a first glimpse of the cover art for Fabrications can be seen

I believe the cover of Outfolding has been previewed on this page before, but
those of you who missed it can look here.


Going through yet another stretch of infrequent updates to this news page…. sorry about that.
Tax returns are a lot of fun to put together, and I was trying to savor the experience, and
make it last!

There will be some new items added to the
Hypnos Online Store
in the next couple of days, including the latest from Loren Nerell on the Amplexus label,
6 CDs Ian Boddy’s DiN label, out of the UK, and some more Soleilmoon/Staalplaat stuff.


It’s been a good week for Hypnos reviews in high-profile magazines. First, Richard Bone’s
Ether Dome received a brief but very positive review in Keyboard magazine.
Then, we heard from John Diliberto (Echoes syndicated radio show host) that he would be
reviewing Jeff Pearce’s To the Shores of Heaven in Billboard. A quick look at the
Billboard web site, hoping to
see the Pearce review, revealed a slightly earlier (and previously unknown to us)
Diliberto review of a different Hypnos release, Robert Rich’s Humidity.

Add to this the extraordinary praise being lavished up on To the Shores of Heaven
on the Space Music internet mailing list, and it’s been a good week for Hypnos with
the critics. The Hypnos reviews/press page will be updated
later today to reflect all these kind words.


About a week or so back, I mentioned that Robert Rich’s out-of-print classic Trances/Drones
was down to just four copies left on the
Hypnos Online Store.
All are gone, there ain’t no more! I think it might still be available directly from Robert at


Of course many of you who listen to Hypnos label releases, and who purchase the
materials of other labels on our Online Store, are primarily interested in ambient
and space music. But many of us are also interested in other types of sounds,
different flavors and atmospheres. If
you’re one of those who’s interested in utterly uncompromising digital
experimentalism, you need to check out the output of the 12k label, and their
compilations are a great way to get a sense of what they’re all about. The
problem is, 12k releases each CD in strictly limited editions of 500 copies,
so if you didn’t catch their fascinating compilation .aiff last year,
it’s gone forever!

Their second compilation, 12k1008 (which is both the catalog number and
the title) was released at the beginning of this year, and features works of
experimental microsound by such artists as Taylor Deupree (who also happens to
own 12k), Kim Cascone (also known as the former owner of Silent, and the main
guy behind Heavenly Music Corporation and PGR), Shuttle358 (who previously
released the excellent optimal.lp on 12k), Tetsu Inoue, and others.

We just obtained 10 copies of this for sale through the
Hypnos Online Store,
but guess what? It’s already out of print! 12k doesn’t have any more, so
after these 10 are gone, that’s it — we can’t re-order.

Again, I should emphasize that 12k1008, like most of the other releases
on 12k, will not appeal to someone looking for smooth deep-space ambient —
the sound is resolutely digital, at times brittle and disjointed, at times
almost inaudibly quiet, or high or low in frequency. But those with
adventurous ears may find this fascinating.


Arrangements have been finalized for Jeff Pearce’s appearance at
“The Gathering” in Philadelphia, arranged by Chuck VanZyl of Star’s End Radio.
The details are as follows:

Saturday, June 10th, 2000 at 8:00pm
The Cathedral, 38th & Ludlow in Philadelphia
Admission: $20.00; $10 w/student ID
Web site: www.thegatherings.org
plus STAR’S END live radio concert on 06.11.00 broadcast


First off, a quick reminder about the new fax & voice mail numbers for Hypnos. The
old numbers (fax 503-439-8797 and phone/voice mail 503-381-5850) are still getting
the occasional ring, and though I want to cancel those lines as soon as possible,
I don’t want to cancel them until people stop calling them. So please update your
records if you have not already — the new Hypnos fax/voice mail number is:


The best way to contact Hypnos remains email (mgriffin@hypnos.com).


Just a reminder that the “introductory price” of $22.99 on Robert Rich’s 3-CD release
Humidity is about to be…. no longer introductory. Order right away on the
Hypnos Online Store.
if you want to receive that price, as it will be raised to $24.99 later this week.


All those “new” Hearts of Space releases (as noted in the most recent news update) have
been added to the
Hypnos Online Store.
So they’re all available for purchase, though full descriptions and cover graphics are not yet
available for every one of the recently-added titles.

Ready to be added soon, Stephanie Sante’s Into Light, a very nice debut in a
slightly lighter, upbeat and more musical style. Check out her web site at

Also, a couple of recently-unavailable Hic Sunt Leones label titles will be added
today as well: 5000 Spirits A Tapestry for Sorcerers and and Alio Die’s solo
Password for Ethneogenic Experience, plus a title that’s available from Hypnos
for the first-time, Alio Die & Ora’s The Door of Possibilities.


Getting ready to add a bunch of previously “missing” Hearts of Space releases
(plus one, Light Fantastic, which had been unavailable for a while) to the
Hypnos Online Store,

Roach, Steve	          Light Fantastic
Rich, Robert	          Gaudi
Rich, Robert	          Propagation
Rich, Robert	          Rainforest
Roach, Steve + others	  Forgotten Gods
Roach, Steve + others	  Kiva
Stearns, Michael	  Sacred Site
Stearns, Michael	  Encounter
Stearns, Michael	  Lost World
Stearns, Michael	  Singing Stones
TUU	                  Mesh

They’ll all be $14.99, and should be available this evening, so take a
run on over there and fill your shopping cart to the rim!


Sorry about the infrequent updates here this past 2 weeks. Usually I’ll update
here if there’s anything going on, so no news usually means…. no news. But
recently, things have been so busy that when there’s really something going on,
there might not be an update here for several days.

Currently, Hypnos is working on a number of different deals, re-arrangements,
schemes, ventures and partnerships. These may include new ways of selling
Hypnos CDs to our adoring public (new and/or additional retail distribution),
and new involvement with other labels, possibly to include creation of a
Hypnos sub-label, and/or partnering with another outside label in various

Unfortunately none of this stuff has developed yet to the point where it can
be discussed in detail, but let’s just say that there should be some interesting
announcements here over the course of the next few months. And of course, in the
mean time we’ll continue to bring you the best ambient music in the world.


Those of you who read the various relevant mailing lists on the internet —
in particular the “Space Music” list and the “Ambient Music” list — will have
seen lots of discussion of Hypnos releases in recent weeks. Mostly this has
been centered around our “hot” new titles by Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, and Jeff
Pearce, but the most recent discussion was about Saul Stokes and his 1998
album Zo Pilots.

1998 was sort of “the old days” in the Hypnos timeline,
so many of your missed out on that one, as well as Saul’s debut Washed in
. But the recent Stokes performance at the Gathering concert in
Philadelphia, plus the release of his “live/limited” CDR project last month,
on top of the pending release of his Outfolding (due next month), as well
as the new, discounted prices on his first two albums on the
online store,
have added up to a little bit of Stokes buzz, much-deserved. To read some of
comments by Ambient-list contributors on the subject of Zo Pilots, check
the Hypnos Reviews/Press page.


Just completed an interview with French ambient music
magazine VIA, and posted the English version to the Hypnos
Reviews/Press page. Scroll down a bit, below all the
reviews of individual CDs, and you’ll see the archive of interviews & features.


This evening, added a dozen or so new titles to the
Hypnos Online Store.

First, four new Robert Carty titles. One of them not brand new, but new here, is
Skyhearts, an early album (not CDR, like most Carty releases, but a manufactured
CD) featuring nature sounds collaged with Native American-tinged flute and other sounds.
The other three are: The Living, which incorporates gentle, slow-moving rhythms
into Carty’s lush atmospheres; Microspirals, which has a deep, haunting sound
reminiscent of one of Carty’s best-ever releases, Darklight; and lastly,
Plateaus of Ether, Carty’s journey into high-altitude Tibetan-influenced trance
and meditation atmospheres. Very nice.

The final additions were on the Release label, which now has its own section on the
online store. Titles added included two by Lull (the dark ambient classics
Moments and Continue — if you like minimal, deep ambient, you should
definitely give these a listen); the Rapoon album Fires of the Border Lands
(which had previously been listed in the Miscellaneous M-Z section, before we had
enough other Release titles to justify their own section); two Subarachnoid Space
albums, Endless Renovation and Almost Invisible; and albums by Trial
of the Bow, Ornamentation, and Rites of Passage.

Next, added the Oophoi album Three Lights at the End of the World on the Hic
Sunt Leones label (which is managed by recording artist and Robert Rich collaborator
Alio Die, in Italy). Three Lights at the End of the World has actually been
back in stock for weeks now, but I just forgot to add it into the inventory with
the rest of the re-stocks. Jeepers!

Also, reduced the price on a few items. First, to promote the upcoming 3rd Saul Stokes
album on Hypnos, Outfolding (to be released in April), we’ve reduced the first two
Stokes CDs on Hypnos to just $9.99. The titles in question are Washed in
(1997) and Zo Pilots (1998). This price is valid only until
the release of Outfolding. Also reduced, the first (self-titled) Synthetic
Block album — it’s now $9.99 for a limited time. Check out the new section on the
Hypnos Online Store, “Bargains (Under $10),” which is pretty much like it sounds.


Only 4 copies left of Robert Rich’s minimal ambient classic Trances/Drones on the
Hypnos Online Store.
This item is out of print, and will not be available for backorder after these are
gone! It has been said that Robert might reissue Trances/Drones at some
point on another label, but this release on the Extreme label out of Australia
is the original, and who knows…. maybe it’ll be out of print forever!

Check out the new section on the
Hypnos Online Store, “Limited Editions and Out-of-Print items,” where you’ll find
Trances/Drones and other items that just cry out for you to snap them up
before they’re gone forever!


Made a few inventory additions to the
Hypnos Online Store.
Many of you who have recently enjoyed Robert Rich’s Humidity have asked
about other Robert Rich CDs in the “dark ambient” style. Of course, we’ve always listed
Stalker, his collaboration with Lustmord, and the first Rich CD on Hypnos, Inner
, as well as Rich’s early classic, the 2CD Trances/Drones.

Now, another choice is available here: Below Zero, a collection of non-album,
unreleased, and compilation tracks. The overall feel is quite experimental and creepy.
This is a very underrated Rich album, one of his best. This was released on the
now-defunct Side Effects label, which was curated by Rich’s one-time collaborator, B.

Other additions include Lull’s Journey Through Underworlds (in the Miscellaneous A-L section),
and Rapoon’s The Fires of the Borderlands (in the Miscellaneous M-Z section).


Added a few recent reviews (particularly for Humidity and The
Surreal Sanctuary
, but also for some older titles) to the Hypnos
Reviews page. Find out what other people are
saying, in case you’re looking for something to convince you to buy, buy,
buy Hypnos!


Between Robert Rich’s Humidity, vidnaObmana’s The Surreal Sanctuary, and
most recently Jeff Pearce’s To the Shores of Heaven, there’s been a lot of activity
here. The 9th and the 12th of this month have been the two busiest
days ever, not just in terms of orders coming in through the
Hypnos Online Store,
but also in terms of web site visits. On March 9th alone, we had over
5,500 page hits on the hypnos.com web domain. Of course, that doesn’t mean 5,500
unique viewers, because it counts every web page and graphic and audio clip that
anybody accessed. But it still means a lot of people are passing through…

Today, added Immersion by Laocoön to the
Hypnos Online Store.
This is a great CD, one I’ve been listening to and enjoying for quite a while, and finally
had a chance to make it available here. There are audio clips available at the web site for
Parnassus Nump Records,
Laocoön’s own label. Immersion by Laocoön is available for $12.99.


Never let it be said that we don’t give the people what they want. Now available on the
Hypnos Online Store,
Jeff Pearce’s latest work, To the Shores of Heaven, from Hypnos Recordings.

Those who have heard previous Jeff Pearce masterworks such as Vestiges,
Daylight Slowly and The Hidden Rift may find it hard to believe
that on his latest album, Pearce has taken a quantum leap. Still working entirely
with processed electric guitar, and still fusing a delicately expressive musicality
with a lustrous trademark smoothness unsurpassed in ambient music, Pearce has
refined his art to yet a greater clarity. Deep and yet radiant with light,
melancholy yet optimistic, achingly sad yet eurphoric, To the Shores of Heaven
unquestionably earns Pearce a spot among the great names of ambient & atmospheric

RealAudio clips from To the Shores of Heaven are available now at
the Hypnos Audio page.


Though we won’t be making available Jeff Pearce’s new album To the Shores of
on the
Hypnos Online Store
until early next week, you can already get a glimpse of what it will be like.

RealAudio clips are availble now at the Hypnos Audio page, and
you can see the cover image here.


Hypnos has a new fax & voice mail number, effective immediately: (503) 213-6006.
If you call this number with a fax machine, it’ll receive your fax, and if you call it
with a phone, it’ll take your voice mail message. Imagine that!

The old numbers are still connected, but will be phased out soon, so please note the
new number. As an ever-increasing percentage of our orders come in online — very
nearly 100% already — we find correspondingly less need for separate fax and phone

The best way to contact Hypnos remains email: mgriffin@hypnos.com


The latest from Hypnos, The Surreal Sanctuary by vidnaObmana, has been
every bit as much in demand as expected. Hypnos World HQ is still reeling
under an onslaught of paper & electronic messages, orders, requests for
review copies from reviewers we’ve never heard of before, requests for airplay
copies from DJs we’ve never heard of before, etc., etc.

And interest in Robert Rich’s Humidity continues to be very high as well.
Reviews have started to flow in, which we always transcribe onto the Hypnos
Reviews page. Those of you who aren’t convinced that
you want something until you hear endorsements from impartial persons, this page
is for you!


OK, come and get it!

As promised earlier today, The Surreal Sanctuary by vidnaObmana has been
added to the
Hypnos Online Store.
Even before I finished adding the text description to the database, the
first order had already popped in, so I can see that I’m in for another
onslaught like when Humidity first came out. This one is $11.99.


It’s been a busy week, doing all the invisible, behind-the-scenes stuff
that keeps a label and a mail order company going. You know, inventorying
and ordering CDs, paying the bills, mailing out orders, counting my riches,
listening to amazing unreleased music that nobody else gets to hear.
That kind of stuff.

One other thing we’ve hoped would come about this week is the release of the
first vidnaObmana release under his new, exclusive relationship with Hypnos.
The Surreal Sanctuary is vidnaObmana’s first new solo album since
the excellent Crossing the Trail, and represents a bold venture into an
artistic maturity and grasp even beyond what he has previously displayed.

Later today, The Surreal Sanctuary will be added to the
Hypnos Online Store
and available for purchase (in both the Hypnos and Vidna Obman sections) for


A week or two back, I announced the addition of a couple of Patrick O’Hearn
titles to the
Hypnos Online Store.
I referred to the titles (Metaphor and Trust, by the way), as
being on the “defunct” Deep Cave label. I’ve been informed that Deep Cave
isn’t exactly dead…. deep hibernation is more like it. Because the web site
formerly at www.deepcave.com was no longer up, I assumed the label was finito,
but in fact, the possibility of a re-awakening exists. Still nothing definite.

In the mean time, I hope you’ll check out the very fine Metaphor and
Trust albums. It’s just a shame that O’Hearn’s releases on Private Music
are unavailable. Now THAT label is defunct!


Reinforcements are here!

As reported in the 02.14 update, the great increase in orders spurred by
the release of Robert Rich’s Humidity had caused many other non-Hypnos
titles to sell out here at the
Hypnos Online Store.
Many of you ordered items which we would normally
have in stock at all times, only to find your orders delayed by 3-5 business
days due to these shortages.

The good news is that just about everything that was backordered has been
re-stocked. Today at the post office I was greeted by one of those big, rolling
canvas carts filled with boxes and boxes of incoming CDs from the likes of Steve
Roach, Kevin Keller, Green House Records (whose Vir Unis release The Drift
has surprisingly-yet-deservingly sold like mad), Ruben Garcia,
and Robert Carty.

Next week’s pending release on Hypnos of vidnaObmana’s The Surreal Sanctuary
(his first major new solo release since Crossing the Trail) is likely to keep
the heat on our intrepid Order Fulfillment Staff (that’s me), so we’re going to keep higher
inventory levels of all this stuff on hand so these “our cupboards are bare” CD
shortages don’t occur again. To those of you who have waited longer than usual for your
coveted Hypnos CDs, we appreciate your patience!


Speaking of Saul Stokes, we have a bit more information about his
upcoming 3rd album for Hypnos entitled Outfolding. First of
all, here’s a track listing:

01 Where Are We?
02 Greys
03 Somewhere Current
04 The Far Edge of Suburban Station
05 Below
06 Cloud Shaping
07 Conundrum
08 Quiet Antenna
09 Thick Streets

Next, take a look at the cover design here
it incorporates a digital graphic created by the multi-talented Stokes himself.


A few days ago we posted the news that Hypnos artist Saul Stokes has
been confirmed as taking part in a performance at “The Gathering” in
Philadelphia, on March 4th of this year.

Another Hypnos artist, Vidna Obmana, has also confirmed just this week
that he will perform at a Gathering event, this time on November 4, 2000.

And what’s more, the April 8th Gathering will feature Robert Rich, who’s
also a Hypnos artist…. sort of. Well, we share him with a couple of
other labels, most notably Hearts of Space.

If that weren’t enough, the September 23rd Gathering will feature Dweller at
the Threshold. While Dweller isn’t a Hypnos artist, the group resides here
in Portland (home of Hypnos HQ), and Hypnos honcho Griffin (who types these
very updates, and frequently refers to himself in the third person)
designed their last CD package, as well as the package for the more recent
solo album by Dweller member Dave Fulton. Fulton and Griffin are currently
recording together (in fact, the third recording session will be tonight)
on a project expected to be released on Hypnos later in 2000. For more info
on Dweller at the Threshold, or Dave Fulton’s wonderful Hard Particles
release, check out the Eurock web site.

So needless to say, we’re very pleased with the selection of performers at
Philadelphia’s Gathering series this year. I’m sure we all wish our
own cities had wonderful resources like Chuck VanZyl’s Star’s End radio show,
and his Gathering performance series. If you’re considering a trip to Philly
for one of these shows, take a look at the
Gatherings page for
more information. Stokes, Rich, Vidna Obmana, and Hypnos artists Jeff Greinke
and Jeff Pearce, have all performed at previous Gatherings.


Today added 3 new titles to the
Hypnos Online Store.
Now available, the Saul Stokes limited edition Live CDR announced yesterday.
Price is $18.99.

Also, added 2 Patrick O’Hearn titles on his own now-defunct
Deep Cave label, Metaphor and Trust. Both O’Hearn discs are


Hypnos artist Saul Stokes (whose third album Outfolding will be released
on Hypnos this spring) has recently been announced as part of an upcoming
“Gathering” performance (part of the concert series formerly known as Star’s
End Gatherings) put on by Chuck VanZyl of Star’s End radio on WXPN, Philadelphia.
The other performer at that gathering will be Vir Unis, recent collaborator with
Ma Ja Le and Steve Roach (separately), and whose first solo release The Drift
is available from the
Hypnos Online Store.

Next week, we will make available a limited-edition release of Saul Stokes live
recordings. This is not a Hypnos Recordings release, but a limited CDR (only
100 will be produced) in a hand-made wooden box designed and built by Stokes
himself. You can see a few images that give you an idea what to expect
here. This special release will be $18.99 and
will be available only through Hypnos, and directly from Saul Stokes at his own
live performances. Don’t forget to visit Saul’s own fancy web site at


Added descriptions & graphics for the Robert Carty CDs that are available on the
Hypnos Online Store.
Most of these are actually CDRs, but Carty himself designed each one, and they’re
pretty well-produced considering their “one at a time” origin. Also, we’ll
be adding a few more recent Carty titles soon, including Microspirals,
Plateaus of Ether and The Living, all $11.99.


Today’s update to the
Hypnos Online Store
includes a couple of hot new titles.

First, the latest Vidna Obmana collaboration
(and the last one we’ll see prior to his major new solo release, The Surreal
) with organist Willem Tanke, Variations for Organ, Keyboard and
. This was released on Sweden’s Multimood label and is $14.99.

Next we have a live, limited edition CDR release in special packaging. It’s Ma Ja
Le & James Johnson Live Under a Harvest Moon. This one includes several
photos along with the CD, packaged inside a special fabric bag. Very fine music,
perhaps the best work yet by any of the artists involved. If this is the sort of
thing they can do live, we should certainly be on the lookout for upcoming studio
projects! Due to the special packaging and extremely limited edition (only 150
available, and Hypnos has only a fraction of those), this is $18.99.


Finally caught up on sending out
orders for Humidity, our biggest hit ever, it seems. The big
surge in orders relating to Humidity has resulted in a few other non-Hypnos
titles being temporarily sold out. In particular, vidnaObmana/Alio Die’s Echo
and vidnaObmana/Jan Marmenout’s Spirits have both sold in
unexpectedly large quantities, and there will be a brief delay (less than a week)
on orders that include one or both of those.

Also added five titles from the Spotted Peccary label to the
Hypnos Online Store,
including titles by Deborah Martin, Jon Jenkins, Mark Rownd, David Helpling, and
John Flomer.


Wow! Yesterday, after the announcement that Robert Rich’s
Humidity was available, the quantity of orders that flooded into
the Hypnos Online Store
was overwhelming. In case you missed it, it’s not too late to bop on over there
and get yourself a copy for the introductory price of $22.99.

Or, if you’re still not convinced, there are now RealAudio format
sample Audio clips available for all 19
tracks (on 3 CDs) of Humidity. Also, we just added another
30 or so other clips from Zo Pilots and Washed in Mercury
by Saul Stokes, and Perihelion and Solar Noise by Viridian Sun.
Finally, every Hypnos release has RealAudio sample clips for every track.


Now available, Robert Rich’s 3-CD live set, Humidity. Many of you
have been waiting for this one, so go ahead and visit the
Hypnos Online Store
to order a copy (or several) for the introductory price of $22.99.


Added to the
Hypnos Online Store
four CDs which had been unavailable for a while.

Many of you had been asking “What happened to your Hic Sunt Leones section?”
Almost all the CDs had run out, and we had been unable to obtain
more for an extended period of time. Now we’re getting most of the titles back in,
including some high-demand titles like Alio Die’s The Hidden Spring and
Vidna Obmana’s Revealed by Composed Nature. The other two were Alio Die &
Antonio Testa’s Healing Herb’s Spirits and 5000 Spirits Mesmeric
We also hope to obtain some of the newer titles released on this
excellent Italian label, which is run by Alio Die himself.


Just received a firm release date for Robert Rich’s Humidity 3-CD
set of live recordings…. it’ll be ready Friday the 4th. We’ll be
offering it initially at $22.99, but this will go up to $24.99 in a
month or so.


Just added two CDs to the
Hypnos Online Store,
one new item and one that had been removed for a while due to unavailability.

First, Mychael Danna & Tim Clement’s Best of Danna & Clement, on Canada’s
Mirage label has just been released. Also, Kevin Keller’s Pendulum
has been made available again by the Lektronic Soundscapes label after being
very briefly out of print.


Hypnos Recordings is moving at quite a pace in 2000. Having already issued
David Tollefson’s Near and Far, and with Robert Rich’s 3-CD
Humidity just a few days away, we’re also ready to go with the next
two: vidnaObmana’s The Surreal Sanctuary and Jeff Pearce’s To the
Shores of Heaven

While we don’t have full information ready on these, you can take a look at the
covers here:
The Surreal Sanctuary
To the Shores of Heaven

Expect to see The Surreal Sanctuary around February 25, and To the
Shores of Heaven
in mid March.


Here is a track listing for Jeff Pearce’s
To the Shores of Heaven, technically his first new solo work since
Vestiges in 1998 (considering that Daylight Slowly was a
collection of older pieces, and True Stories a collaboration with

01. A Fading
02. Sudden Light
03. From Cliffs of Departure
04. The Emergence
05. Rain as a Metaphor
06. Beyond and Within
07. Veil of Lake Snow
08. Angels of the Ocean Calm
09. Doubt on Dark Waters
10. To the Shores of Heaven
11. Reunions

As always with Pearce, the work is entirely based on electric guitars as sound
sources, but listeners familiar with Pearce’s previous works will find an
expanded sonic palette on display here. While To the Shores of Heaven
retains the emotionally direct quality of his previous works, Pearce really
challenges the sonic potential of the guitar.


Just received word that two tracks from Altara by A Produce & M Griffin were
featured on the most recent Hearts of Space radio show. Usually we don’t make a big
to-do about getting played on the radio (not because we don’t like it, but because
we figure the average visitor to this news page probably doesn’t care if one of our
CDs was played on a local public radio station in the middle of nowhere), but
considering that HOS is syndicated on 300+ stations around the country, this is a
pretty good thing.


Added just two new titles to the
Hypnos Online Store,
but they’re important ones. First, vidnaObmana & Jan Marmenout’s first
collaboration Spirits is one that many of your have been asking for.
It’s finally here and it’s $13.99.

The second one is Richard Bone’s Distillations, a collection of tracks
from the early, out of print CDs originall released on his own Quirkworks label.
This collection is on Boston’s Halcyon Recordings label, and it’s just $11.99


Continuing with yesterday’s mission, added another 24 RealAudio clips to the Hypnos
Audio page.

Today’s new clips were from the albums Lost Terrain by Jeff Greinke, and
New Eyes on the Universe by David Tollefson, whose latest, Near and Far
was released this month.


Added 25 or so new RealAudio clips to the Hypnos Audio
page. Several 1997-99 releases had only one or two sample clips
available, and since several of your have told us that you like to hear more
clips from each CD, I’m in the process of adding clips for EVERY track on
EVERY CD. It will take a while to get everything caught up, but in the future,
we’ll make available sample clips from every track on every new CD.

The clips added today were for the Sudden Dark, Daylight
and Sonic Continuum albums, by M. Griffin, Jeff Pearce,
and Modell/Mantra, respectively.

The usual disclaimer applies — these clips are low-fidelity, intended only to
give you an idea of the general thrust of each track. The actual CDs are
painstakingly mastered to give you the best possible sound, so if the RealAudio
clips sound interesting, you can be sure the CD sounds a zillion times better.
Also, the sample clips are between one and three minutes in length, usually
representing the first part of the track.


The upcoming first collaboration between Richard Bone and Kit Watkins, tentatively to
be released on Hypnos later in 2000, now has a title: The Moon Pool.


Here is a track listing for vidnaObmana’s
The Surreal Sanctuary, our first release under his new, exclusive
partnership with Hypnos:

01. Infinity
02. Lamentation
03. The first coil
04. The profound isolates
05. Jewel of the underground
06. The fragmented dome
07. Flame

We are extremely excited about this release, not just because vidnaObmana’s
work is always great, but because this is a really special piece of
work from him. In the same way that his work showed maturation and
progression with The River of Appearance and Crossing the Trail,
so in this case has he taken another great leap forward.

In case you lost track, during the first three months of 2000 Hypnos will

David Tollefson – Near and Far (already available)
Robert Rich – Humidity – Three Concerts (coming early Feb)
Vidna Obmana – The Surreal Sanctuary (coming late Feb)
Jeff Pearce – To the Shores of Heaven (coming in March)


Here is a track listing for Robert Rich’s
Humidity, a 3-CD set which will be available in the first few days of
February 2000:

Humidity tracks include:

Disc 1 / April 2, 1998 / Stanford, CA

1. Lost Caverns of Caryatis
2. Bioelectric Plasma
3. Demilitarized Zone
4. Synergistic Perceptions
5. Ceramic Tincture
6. Submission to Pele
7. Humidity Toward the Troposphere

Disc 2 / May 9, 1998 / Venice, CA

1. Beyond Part 1
2. Beyond Part 2
3. Beyond Part 3
4. Beyond Part 4
5. Beyond Part 5
6. Beyond Part 6

Disc 3 / May 10, 1998 / Pasadena, CA

1. Steel Harmonics
2. Nada
3. Cloud Relapse
4. Nightsky Reprise
5. Hidden Refuge
6. In a Miasma of Malarial Delusions


Just received confirmation that Hypnos artist Saul Stokes,
now located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will be performing at an upcoming
Star’s End Gathering, organized by Chuck VanZyl of Star’s End Radio.

This is great timing, as Saul’s third album for Hypnos, to be entitled Outfolding,
is almost complete and should be released in April 2000.


Yesterday’s server issues, which made the hypnos.com web domain completely
unavailable for most of the day, seem to have been resolved. I apologize for
the inconvenience.


There have been intermittent outages on the server behind the
Hypnos Online Store,
which don’t seem to have affected the rest of the hypnos.com site. These
problems should be temporary. If you’re able to access the store, that means
everything is fixed! Until then, I apologize if you are unable to gain access.

I wonder, are all web hosting companies flaky and unreliable, or just all
those I’ve come across?


Now that Robert Rich’s Humidity is in the manufacturing process, work
is underway on the next Hypnos Recordings release: vidnaObmana’s The
Surreal Sanctuary.
This one, being a single CD (which is what we’re
accustomed to doing, unlike the “triple-CD-with-mini-poster” concept of
Humidity, which is why that one took longer), should be easy to finish
up, and I’d expect to see a mid-February release. If you’d like to sneak
a peek at the cover, you may do so here.


Uploaded some RealAudio sample clips from David Tollefson’s new release,
Near and Far, so if you’re having a hard time believing that an “all-guitar” album can be sonically rich and varied, run on over to the
Hypnos Audio page and give a little listen. The
quality of RealAudio is not CD-like, of course, but the clips are 1:30 to
2:30 in length, and cover all 8 tracks on the CD (which are actually about
5 minutes to about 11:30, so you’ll have to buy the CD to hear how these
pieces end).


Updated the Hypnos Releases page to include
Robert Rich’s Humidity. While this is not actually
available yet (should be ready at the very end of January, or very
beginning of February), you can take a look at this page to see the CD cover
and a track listing for each of the three discs.

This has been perhaps the most highly anticipated release yet for Hypnos, and
will include not only the three CDs, but a “mini-poster” about 14 inches
square (folded down to CD booklet size), with the cover art on one side and
the liner notes on the reverse. The mini posters will also be available for
purchase flat at a low price, for those of you who may want to display Brad
Cole’s amazing cover image.


To clarify an item posted to this page on 2000.01.09 regarding out of date
web browser software…. in order to access any secure server (not just the
Hypnos Online Store) at anything approaching a normal speed, you should be
using Netscape 4.7 or Internet Explorer 5.0.

Earlier versions of these programs have expired security
features, and while your transactions on secure sites may in fact be secure,
you’ll get lots of error/warning messages that are not the fault of the site
you’re browsing, and access time to secure pages may be extremely slow.

As an example, I just processed a 1 CD “test” order on the Hypnos Online Store
using Netscape 4.0, and after two attempts that timed-out after a few minutes,
I finally got an order to go through (but it also took several minutes). Just
after that, I processed an identical “test” order using Internet Explorer 5.0
and it took only a few seconds to go through.

I also tried accessing the Dun & Bradstreet web site’s secure areas with this
old version of Netscape and was unable to connect even after a dozen attempts
in a 30 minute period!

The above comments shouldn’t be misconstrued as an endorsement of Internet Explorer
versus Netscape, as the most recent version 4.7 of Netscape also has updated
security features. The problem is with the 4.0 and earlier versions of both


Added descriptions for 20 or 25 CDs on the
Hypnos Online Store
that had previously had “description coming soon” in the description field.
This includes some fairly popular stuff, including Jeff Greinke, Larry Kucharz,
and The Foundry label, plus a few odds and ends scattered through various
categories. If there’s a CD you’ve been wondering about, take another look at
the Online Store and you may find a bit more information to satisfy your


Added 10 new CDs to the
Hypnos Online Store,

Lustmord’s dark ambient classic The Place Where the Black Stars Hang,
on the Soleilmoon subsidiary label Side Effects. If you like spooky stuff,
your collection absolutely must include this album!

Also, added the latest Larry Kucharz album Digichoral Blue Portraits.

Last but not least, eight titles on the Kranky label, five of them by the
ever-fabulous Labradford. One of my favorite albums of recent years is Labradford’s
E Luxo So, which is a departure of sorts for them, a real treat for listeners
who like ambient/atmospheric sounds with a bit of melody and musicianship behind them
(think Richard Bone’s work, or Tim Story & Dwight Ashley’s Drop album).


Started a revision of the
Hypnos Online Store, in
which all thumbnail images of CDs have been reduced in size and changed from jpg
to gif format. These thumbnails are the small images you see when an entire category
is listed. The larger-sized images of the CD covers that you see when you look at an
individual CD’s “info” page, will remain the same size.

Also getting ready to add a ton of great new stuff in the next couple of days…


Important Notice:
If you are trying to access the secure portions of the
Hypnos Online Store, and
you receive a dialog box indicating that your certificate has expired, you will
need to upgrade your web browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or
Netscape. You may upgrade here:
Download Netscape

VeriSign offers further information on this issue on their Web site at
the following address:


Please note that this is not a problem with security on the hypnos.com server, or the
Hypnos Online Store, but a failing in less-than-current versions of all browser software.
It is not a true “Y2K bug,” but it did come into effect on 01-01-2000, because the browser
certificates supporting these older browsers all expired on 12-31-1999. The solution is
simple (though not necessarily quick, depending on the speed of your modem): download the
update to your browser software. Until you use the most current version, you’ll have delays
and warnings at all secure sites.


More lovely praise for the Hypnos label and its CD releases comes from The Raging
Consciousness desk, which has named among its 9 best “Meditation/Ambient” CD releases
of the year three Hypnos CDs including Richard Bone’s The Spectral
(actually a 98 release), Modell/Mantra’s Sonic
(also 98), and Viridian Sun’s Perihelion .

They also named Hypnos the “Best New Label,” which is much appreciated.
They said: “Consistently strong material with a decidedly dark/
ambient lean, Hypnos has released some of the classiest sonic gems of the year.”

Very nice!


Star’s End radio (which, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it,
is a long-established, massively influential “space music” radio show out of
Philadelphia, hosted by Chuck van Zyl) recently offered its “Significant Releases
of 1999” list, a sort of yearly Top 50.

This year, Star’s End listed five different Hypnos titles as among the 50 most
significant of the year, including:

Richard Bone – Etherdome
A Produce/M Griffin – Altara
Robert Rich – Inner Landscapes
Vidna Obmana – Landscape In Obscurity
Viridian Sun – Perihelion

Hey, that means fully 10% of the important electronic/space music released last year
came from Hypnos! Also, no other label had as many releases on the list, though there
were a few other labels with two or three. It’s very nice to be recognized in this way.
Things like this make all the hard work worthwhile.


There’s still hope that Robert Rich’s Humidity – Three Concerts (a 3-CD set
of live concerts recordings, and the 2nd release on Hypnos/Soundscape) will be ready
for January 2000. If not, then it’ll be very early in February at least.

If you’re interested, you can sneak a peek at the cover artwork
here. The package
features photography by Brad Cole, who also supplied the photos for Robert Rich &
Lustmord’s Stalker, which was released on the Fathom label. As these live
recordings are from 1998 concerts, and feature a few re-interpretations of material
from Stalker, the similar “look” of the package reflects a similar sound content.
More information on this hotly anticipated triple release, coming soon.


Finally added David Tollefson’s Near and Far
to the Hypnos Online Store.
Also added Steve Roach’s Atmospheric Conditions and updated the monthly
“Hypnos Recommended Titles” feature on the front page, for January 2000.

The email delays on the hypnos.com server seem to have been fixed, but I have a huge
backlog of yesterday’s email to wade through.

Also updated the Hypnos Audio page for
greater organization, though still no Near and Far tracks yet.


A little later than expected, the second solo album by David Tollefson (of
Viridian Sun), Near and Far, is now available.

Tollefson’s first album, 1997’s New Eyes on the Universe, was very well
received by listeners who responded to the simple, emotionally resonant musicality
daringly mixed with radical sonic experimentalism. All those who enjoyed New Eyes…
will find that Tollefson has outdone himself with Near and Far. Viridian Sun’s
other half, Mike Griffin, mixed and mastered the project as he did the first DT solo album.

Near and Far will be added
to the Hypnos Online Store
later today, and sample RealAudio clips will be on the Hypnos
Audio page this week.


Hypnos seems to have survived the much-hyped Y2K catastrophe intact. There appears
to be something a bit glitchy with email service on the hypnos.com server, so if you
don’t get a response to your message in the expected time, go ahead and re-send your
message to mgriffin@hypnos.com.


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