Relaxed Machinery CDR release – “Espiritista”

We added this Relaxed Machinery CDR release to the Hypnos Store a while back but failed to feature it here until now.

åpne sinn – espiritista (cdr)
(Relaxed Machinery category)
(Price: $9.99 cdr)
By turns drifting and ethereal then beat driven, this debut recording spans many musical types and genres.

“In his second outing, Åpne Sinn (aka Geoff Small) enlists ambient friends Steve Brand and Peter James in pulling together a strong blend of drifting ambient washes that glide across understated tribal touches and skirt the edge of shadow when they’re not simply easing forward with cloud-motion grace.”
–Review by Hypnagogue

Track listing:
1. Espiritista 7:40

2. Advaita 6:06
3. A White Space (for DGS) 1:50
4. Tabula Rasa 4:30
5. Twinewheel 5:40
6. Freefall 6:35
7. Lucky Enough 5:46
8. Remcycle 7:24
9. Slowdive 6:04
10. Arclight 14:45…

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