Hypnos Store Add: Nunc Stans – We Leave Without Speaking

Newly added to the Hypnos Online Store, from the Canadian label Dataobscura: We Leave Without Speaking/b> by Nunc Stans, for $13.99.

Nunc Stans – We Leave Without Speaking
(Dataobscura category)
(Price: $13.99)
Music for an imagined film.

We Leave Without Speaking is a single, 72 minute piece of expansive and deeply involving atmospheric ambience that wanders an enigmatic world of its own making, seamlessly flowing through a variety of rich sonic palettes and absorbing soundworlds. A work of considerable beauty, with an underlying sense of forlorn isolation and longing. A mature and sophisticated continuation of the Nunc Stans legacy.

Performed by Anthony Paul Kerby, spring 2010, using various synthesisers, guitar, treated piano, field recordings, and digital processing…..

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