Tidied and Updated Pages for 2008 Releases

Just updated the pages for all our 2008 releases. Generally tidied-up so they look more consistent. I also corrected some instances where the “buy” link listed an incorrect, higher price. It makes sense that more people would follow a “buy for $9.99″ link than one that said “buy for $11.99,” right?

Here are the items corrected (the release links on the right, not the artist links on the left). Some great stuff here!

Deepspace | The Glittering Domain (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
Birds of Tin | Rinpoche (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
Various Artists | Echoes of Polyhymnia (Hypnos, female artists only)
Ben Fleury-Steiner | Drifts (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
Saul Stokes | Villa Galaxia (Binary)
Matt Borghi | December Impressions (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
Various Artists | Message From a Subatomic World (Hypnos)
Sans Serif | Tones for LaMonte (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
Steve Brand | Bridge to Nowhere (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
M. Griffin | Fabrications (Hypnos)
Darkened Soul | Bathys (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
Matt Borghi | Huronic Minor (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
Sense Project | The Sublime (2cdr) (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
Austere | Solyaris (Hypnos)
Jonathan Block | The Anatomy of Waves (Hypnos Secret Sounds)

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