Final AtmoWorks CDR Closeout

A couple of weeks ago we announce a small price reduction in the last few remaining CDR copies of AtmoWorks discs. Please note these disc have been discontinued by the label and we will not create any more — this is your last chance to get these from us on CDR, and the prices are insanely low… $1.99 and $2.99, with the triple-CDR release $7.99.

Included are albums by artists like Paul Vnuk Jr., Vir Unis, Disturbed Earth, Chris Russell and more.

Most of these are down to just 1-2 copies available and we’ll delete them from our store as we sell the last copies. We’re not kidding when we say we aren’t making any more of these, so hurry over there and order if you want one of these albums in physical format. We’re just covering our production costs, getting rid of those last few copies we produced before our arrangement with AtmoWorks ended. We’re not trying to make a buck, but you can take advantage and grab some cheap CDs!

AtmoWorks Blowout

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