Updated Listing: Richard Bone – Etherdome

We’re continuing the process of updating CD listings for our earlier releases. We’re adding information, reviews, and MP3 sample clips. The most recent update is Etherdome by Richard Bone.


Richard Bone – Etherdome – Informational Listing

Hypnos Store Listing – Etherdome for $8.99

If you’re not sure you want to visit the links but still want to hear samples, here’s a track listing with MP3 sample clips:

Track listing, including MP3 sample clips:
01. The Induction of Gilbert Abbott
02. Unawakened
03. Calenture
04. The Letheon Men
05. Peripheral Nerve
06. The Incubus Wave
07. Lucidity Soul
08. Plateau to Level 30
09. Silverwake
10. Society X
11. The Shadowing Wall

Many people missed the great releases on Hypnos during our first five years (97-2001). If some of these releases are unfamiliar to you, give these samples a listen.

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