Washed in Mercury by Saul Stokes Updated With MP3 Samples

We’ve just updated the debut album by Saul Stokes, Washed in Mercury — which was also the first CD Hypnos ever released back in February 1997 — with and MP3 samples and additional info.


Saul Stokes – Washed in Mercury – Informational Listing

Hypnos Store Listing – Washed in Mercury for $8.99

If you’re not sure you want to visit the links but still want to hear samples, here’s a track listing with MP3 sample clips:

Track listing with MP3 sample clips:

01 We Found It At Io
02 Deep in the Grass
03 Tunnel Twins
04 Zona
05 Kasei
06 Clearing
07 Sweet Paraffin
(Total playing time: 63 minutes)

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