Special Price Reminder: Deception of Reality by Numina

Remember, we’re offering a special introductory price on the latest Hypnos CD from Numina, The Deception of Reality. This week only, the direct price is $8.99 instead of the usual $12.99

Numina - The Deception of Reality

See our previous news entry for more information. Here’s just the basics:

In addition to the usual MP3 clips for individual tracks below, here’s a blended sampler on Soundcloud:

Track listing with MP3 samples:
1. The Illusion Transmission > 17:17
2. Our Elegant Experience > 16:59
3. In Cerulean Haze > 9:32
4. Empire of Nothing > 19:23
5. Translunary Return > 11:55

Purchase direct for $12.99
($8.99 through August 3 only)

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