More Airplay for Numina’s Deception of Reality

Here’s another instance of airplay for Numina’s latest album, The Deception of Reality — this time, our thanks go out to Scott Raymond of WVKR radio.

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

————– Enclosure number 1 —————-
Secret Music Playlist, 10/7/2012

Artist Song Album

Numina Empire Of Nothing The Deception Of Reality

Bertrand Lodeau Moog On The Moon Journey Through The Past
Bryan Carrigan Circle Of Sound Focus
Bryan Carrigan The Flickering Passing Lights

Dan Pound Sorcerer’s Chamber Return To Other Worlds
Igneous Flame & Ensueno Fiat Lux Pandora
Sebastian Plano Homage To A Soul The Arrhythmical Part Of Hearts

Vicki Richards Earthwalker Temple Dwellers
Rasa Samsara Union
Michael Pluznick Savannah Dance Where The Rain Is Born
Kate Price Siuil A Ruin Deep Heart’s Core

Arcane Acts Of Mass Quarantine
Uwe Reckzeh Always Sunday Mirror Images
Graham Getty Part 5 The Lattice

Paul Ellis She Who Watches I Am Here

Alpha Wave Movement Full Moon At Window Arch Eolian Reflections
Andrew Lahiff Sanctuary From Modern Dreams Inner Worlds Returning
Jason Sloan 3330 Khz Fall Of The Fifth Sun

Jeff Pearce Harvest Prayer In The Season Of Fading Light
Ed Gerhard Three Quarter North There And Gone
Montana Skies Message In A Bottle Cello Guitar Fusion
Kevin Keller Searching The Day I Met Myself

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