Two From Broken Harbour Added to Store

We recently stopped producing CDRs for the Relaxed Machinery label, but we remain friendly with that crew, and will continue to sell the CD-format releases of those RM artists who offer them. First up, Broken Harbour — one release related to RM and one prior release.

Broken Harbour – The Geometry of Shadows (CDR) (Relaxed Machinery label)
(Price: $12.99, CDR in digipak)

Statement from the artist:

“Following a 14 month break from recording, I rebuilt my studio, dug out the synths and got to work. ‘The Geometry of Shadows’ marks another stylistic-shift from previous releases and is almost entirely synth-based. Initially inspired by the concept of faster-than-light communications over galactic distances, the original material for the album was recorded under the title of ‘Ansible’ in late 2009. In 2011 this material was reworked, re-recorded, and recycled over 9 months until no trace of the original material was actually used. This new version of ‘Ansible’, while retaining the spirit and atmosphere of the original recording, shifted the focus to the interplay of light and darkness, both physically, metaphorically, and spiritually, necessitating a change in title. The original idea of superluminal communications however, still threads through the aural landscape, as echoes from the past and future over astronomical distances that we simply cannot comprehend. These ideas: light and shadow, past and future, distance and time, informed the creative process of this album.” … (MORE/BUY)


Broken Harbour – Gramophone Transmissions (Miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99, CDR)

Statement from the artist:

“The grungy, organic second release from Broken Harbour. Source material is comprised exclusively of processed samples and loops derived from classical vinyl records, and choral, mellotron and piano recordings.” … (MORE/BUY)

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  1. Ben

    Gramophone Transmissions is very good, one of the fresher approaches to “ambient” music I’ve heard in years. Truly it was an excellent find from a previously unknown artist.

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