Ouroborus Gets Airplay on WVKR Secret Music

One of our relative “oldies,” Ouroborus by Dweller at the Threshold (the first release on our Binary sub-label) received some airplay on Scott Raymond’s Secret Music show on WVKR radio. Good to see other classics making the playlist.

Our thanks to Scott, always a great supporter of everything Hypnos does!

Secret Music Playlist, 2/17/2013

Artist Song Album

Volt Circuits Circuits

Vidna Obmana Distort Twilight Of Perception 2
Vidna Obmana Forest Arrow Earth Dangling
Chuck Van Zyl Visitation Cenotaph

Arcane A Tale Of Unease A Tale Of Unease
Gert Emmens & Cadenced Haven The Quiet Steps Life In Cosmic Highway
Can Atilla Shadow Of The Knights Hi Story

Blackmore’s Night Toast To Tomorrow A Night In York
Matthew Schoening Transition MOtif
Laura Sullivan Secrets From The Deep Love’s River
Isadar Red Red
Triona NiDhomhnaill Every Moment The Key’s Within

Vangelis Titles Chariots Of Fire
Vangelis Movement 2 Soil Festivities
Vangelis Movement 6 Mask
Vangelis Theme From Antarctica Antarctica
Vangelis Albedo 0.39 Albedo 0.39

Jeffrey Koepper Passages Etherea
Jeffrey Koepper Byzantine Machine Momentium
Jeffrey Koepper Interphase Sequentaria
Jeffrey Koepper Rising Sun Eadiate

Dweller At The Threshold The Arc Of Gravity No Boundary Condition
Dweller At The Threshold Part 2 Full Boundary Condition
Dweller At The Threshold After Logic Fails Ouroboros

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