May 5 Ultima Fronteira Radio

More Bruno Sanfilippo Urbs airplay, this time from Ultima Fronteira radio , Spain. Many thanks to host Roberto Vales Fernandez for getting the sounds out there.

A Última Fronteira

Domingo / Sunday: 05/05/2013

· Joey Curtin – Can’t Find My Way Home (2011 – Going To California) Mulberry Tee Records

· Yi-Jia Susanne Hou – Schubert – Wilhelmj: “Ave Maria” for Violín and Piano D. 839 (2007 – Fantasy) Ehrsam Productions

· François Couture – Prelude 05 (2013 – Dal Segno) François Couture

· Michael Brant De Maria – The Way Beyond (2012 – Bindu) Michael Brant De Maria

· Martyrs Of Sound – Radhe’s Dream (2012 – Radhe’s Dream) Chaka Groove

· Bruno Sanfilippo – Urban Flow (2012– Urbs) Hypnos Recordings

· Ian Boddy – Sequence In Blue (1997 – Rare Elements) Something Else Productions

A Ultima Fronteira
Roberto Vales Fernandez
Maceira – Vixians, 2
36873 Covelo
Pontevedra Galicia

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