Constantly Adding Closeout Items

As part of our ongoing sale, attempting to reduce overstock and streamline our inventory in advance of switching to a new Hypnos Online Store, we’re going to be moving new items every day to our CLOSEOUTS category. Keep checking that page for new items, as well as price reductions of items already in that category.

We’ll keep putting items into that category, and keep knocking the prices lower and lower, until we get rid of everything. When an item disappears, that means it’s out of stock, never to return (or at least not any time soon). If you see something there you want, you’ll probably want to snap it up. At the moment we have items as low as $1.99 in there, and we’re adding new stuff all the time.

Generally we won’t make an announcement every time we add things here, so keep checking back. Here’s that link again:


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