CD Sale: Greytone Label Category

We’ve done a price cut on the entire GREYTONE category on the Hypnos Online Store.

Phragments & Korinth – Mysteries of the Greylands (CD $9.99, was $13.99)
SantAAgostino – Operazione Paura (CD $9.99, was $13.99)
Trama afonA – Trama afonA (CD $9.99, was $13.99)
Topografia – Genius Loci (CD $9.99, was $13.99)
Taphephobia – Access to a World of Pain (CD $9.99, was $13.99)
Larva 108 – 99.09 | Inside the Stones (CD $9.99, was $13.99)
Moljebka Pvlse – Zojo (CD $9.99, was $13.99)

We’ve also added these items to the CLOSEOUT section of the store, not because we intend to stop carrying the Greytone label forever, but because we need to blow out what we have before we add new items to our new store later.

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