Note on Sold-Out Items

The purpose of this sale is to completely sell out of at least 1/2 of the non-Hypnos CD titles we offer. Many of these we’ll add back to the store later, once we’re smoothly up and running with the new system, but at least for now, we’re getting rid of stuff.

Please note that this will result in items mentioned on this news page as being price-reduced, which may be unavailable by the time you click the link. If you end up with a dead or “blank” page when you follow a link, that just means the item is sold out. Try some of the other items in the same update if you want to be sure the store is actually functioning.

We do de-activate items from our store’s database once they’re sold out, so these non-functional links simply indicate that something has gone out of stock since the initial post.

Thanks again for all your support. We’ll keep the deals coming!

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