CD Sale: Waterscape Label

We’ve done a price cut on the entire Waterscape label category on the Hypnos Store — huge price reductions on this one! These items are limited and mostly out of print, so they’re less likely to be restocked after this closeout.

Jason Sloan – Static (ltd. 3″ mini-cdr) (was $13.99, now $7.99)
True Colour of Blood – The Cave of Knowlege (ltd. 3″ mini-cdr) (was $13.99, now $7.99)
Taiga Remains – Descend from Ivory Cliffs (ltd. 3″ mini-cdr) (was $13.99, now $7.99)
Hakobune – Melting Reminiscence (ltd. 3″ mini-cdr) (was $13.99, now $7.99)
Apalusa – Live from the Dry Valley’s (ltd. 3″ mini-cdr) (was $13.99, now $7.99)
Peter Wright – Burning a Hole in the Sun (ltd. 3″ mini-cdr) (was $13.99, now $7.99)
Sean Reardon – A Collection of Origins (ltd. cd) (was $13.99, now $8.99)
Aidan Baker & Jakob Thiesen – A Bout De Souffle (ltd. cd) (was $13.99, now $8.99)

We’ve also added these items to the CLOSEOUT section of the store.

Don’t forget our two currently-active coupon codes:
SUMMER2013 gives 10% off any purchase, and is valid through the end of July 2013.
15PCT75MIN gives 15% off purchases over $75, but it is only valid through June 28.

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