CD Sales: 12k Label

We’ve done a price cut on the entire 12k label category on the Hypnos Store.

Richard Chartier – Series (now $9.99, was $14.99)
Immedia – 2|1 (now $9.99, was $14.99)
Miki Yui – Lupe Luep Peul Epul (now $9.99, was $14.99)
Ghislain Poirier – Il N’ya Pas de Sud (now $9.99, was $14.99)
Richard Chartier – Of Surfaces (now $9.99, was $14.99)
Richard Chartier – Two Locations (now $9.99, was $14.99)

We’ve also added these items to the CLOSEOUT section of the store.

Don’t forget our two currently-active coupon codes:
SUMMER2013 gives 10% off any purchase, and is valid through the end of July 2013.
JULY4 gives 15% off purchases over $50, but it is only valid through July 4.

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