Reminder About Closeout Sales

We’re running out of more and more items in our store, particularly items in our CLOSEOUT section. Yesterday, we sold our last copies of ten different CDs. We do remove items from stock as they sell out, so if you see something listed in the store there’s a 99% chance that it’s in stock.

Sometimes, though, we have only a single copy left of something, and two or three people order it within a few hours. In a case like that, we have to give the last remaining copy to the first order that arrived, and let the other person or people know that we don’t have any copies left. Of course we refund their money, but they’re disappointed.

This is just another reminder that the point of our CLOSEOUT sale is to get rid of all remaining stock of these items. Some may be restocked in the future (after we move to our new online store), while most will not. If you see something in there and don’t want to miss out, please don’t wait! We hate having to disappoint customers by saying, “Sorry, you just missed out.”

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