October 2013 Coupon Deals

The early part of our 2013 Summer Sale was very successful. We sold hundreds of CDs, and closed out several dozen items.

We intended to offer some more late-summer deals, but ended up so busy the last of the summer slipped away. So instead, how about an October Sale, and the two best coupon deals we’ve ever offered?

Coupon code 25PCT75 is good through Tuesday, October 22. If gives 25% off any order over $75.

Better yet, if you’re willing to order a bit more, use code 30PCT150 which gives THIRTY PERCENT off any order over $150, with the same Oct 22 deadline.

Also, remember to check our CLOSEOUT section for newly reduced items, as well as further reductions in items we haven’t been able to close out yet.

In the coming weeks, Lena will be offering more category price reductions, featured items, and other deals. The above deals are just to get things rolling again.

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