Weekly Sale Item: The Range

Our sale item for this week is Dave Fulton and Giles Reaves’ “The Range,” priced at just $6.99 though December 8th.

the range

Dave and Giles met at the Different Skies festival at Arizona’s Arcosanti. The two of them hit it off musically and after nearly 4 years of hard work the CD “The Range” was the result. Why did it take 4 years? The answer is as complex as the feelings behind the music. First there was distance, then life. Many of the songs were written during periods of emotional exile, pain and just general muck. Distance provided an interesting fodder for collaboration. Songs would start off as single cells and fly back and forth over the internet until they had grown into complex organisms. The ability to let go of pre-concieved outcomes allowed the true spirit of collaboration to fertilize the ideas. A decision was made from the start to allow any instrument, tool and any feeling to propel the song. The duo’s ability to deal with the technical aspects of a long distance collaboration helped immensely but soon it became necessary to meet again and finish the recordings. In the summer of 2007 life allowed the basic overdubs to be completed in Salt Lake City. Then long distance mixing began. The result is a rich but cohesive collection of songs that range from ambient to progressive rock, and incorporate influences from tribal to electronica to new age.


Description by Chuck VanZyl, Star’s End radio host (WXPN):

“American Electronic Musicians Dave Fulton & Giles Reaves, make their East-Coast concert debut in Philadelphia within the remarkable setting of St. Mary’s Hamilton Village on 21 April 2007 as part of The Gatherings Concert Series. Local spacemusic duo Orbital Decay will open.

Giles Reaves has to his credit several influential albums of innovative electronic music, including the genre defining “Wunjo”. Dreamy, trance-inducing melodic textures figure prominently in his music.

Part mad scientist, part sonic visionary, Dave Fulton’s command of the many custom designed electronics at his disposal is formidable. Currently playing in two underground rock bands, Fulton filters this activity through his years of experience with the Berlin-School inspired ensemble Dweller at the Threshold to realize a new and unique music.

“The Range”, the debut release by The Fulton/Reaves Project, is a diverse but cohesive collection of songs that range from Ambient to Progressive Rock, and incorporate influences from Tribal to Electronica to New Age.”


Review by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity www.soniccuriosity.com

“This release from 2007 offers 60 minutes of eloquent electronic music.

Fulton used to be with Dweller at the Threshold; Reaves used to play with Spacecraft. Joining them on this recording are: John Duval on keyboards and Jonathon Shults on Tele guitar.

Stately structured keyboards function in tandem with growling synthesizers, creating a tasty counterpoint of classical and technological miens to comprise this distinctly modern compositions. Lavish soundscapes are set in motion as backdrops for more focused demonstrations of electronic wizardry. Eloquent chords swim in seas of gentle drones, describing uplifting motion with remarkable dexterity.

E-perc provides a studious rhythmic presence. As things progress, the beats take on more command, establishing sinuously alluring tempos that eventually recede to allow the vaporous electronics to dominate the mix. While a subtle tribal edge can be detected in the rhythms, they generate a wholly contemporary charm.

Although making infrequent appearances, the guitar contributes a serpentine nature to the music. Softly snarling riffs slither amidst the swelling atmospherics and pattering tempos.

An exotic flavor lurks in these songs, accomplished by periodic finger cymbals and an arid temperament that resurfaces to ground the music’s generally aerial flow.

The compositions weave delicate atmospherics with forcefully surging electronics, producing tuneage that is engaging and dreamy at the same time. Calm and power coexist, achieving a comfortable covenant that shines with the best of both states: soothing passages that reek of a congenial vitality.”

Read more/listen/buy HERE.

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