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near and far

David Tollefson, perhaps best known as half of Viridian Sun, also received much praise for his 1997 solo debut on Hypnos entitled NEW EYES ON THE UNIVERSE. Like his debut, NEAR AND FAR is at times both musical and dramatic, while at other moments unabashedly experimentalist in its approach.

Every sound on this CD was made with an electric guitar, though many will doubt this claim, as with Tollefson’s previous work. Whether or not your consider yourself a fan of “guitar music,” you’ll find an astonishing sonic variety here, as well as an unquestionable breadth of artistic reach.

“Recorded in 1998 and 1999, this CD features 58 minutes of guitar treatments which, although some recognizable guitar strains are present, generally manifest as abstract auralscapes of empyreal definition.

This time, Tollefson turns his sonic expressions upon more earthly concepts, exploring tangible elements with his moody ambience.

The guitars still bear little resemblance to traditional strings, being transformed into textural structures of sound that reverberate but flow with transcendental verisimilitude. The patterns surge with languid power, straining against a barrier that is more metaphysical than corporeal.

Transforming a “Field of Blackbirds” into a liquid sound absent of any environmental quality, Tollefson applies a mutation of delineation to the concept, producing a condition that is too theoretical for clear imagery.

“Each of these pieces are immersed in similar sonic rumination, detaching the listener from the physical world, plunging the music into hypothetical states which stimulate the mind with their absence of physicality. Tollefson uses each pulsation and trembling texture as verbs rather than nouns, forcing the audience to exert their own creativity to complete the communication.” –Matt Howarth, space.com

“David Tollefson is an experimental guitarist whose recording debut began as a member (along with Hypnos founder and solo recording artist M. Griffin) of Viridian Sun on 1997’s ambient/experimental work, Solar Noise. Tollefson’s solo debut, New Eyes on the Universe, was released in the following year to wide critical acclaim. Viridian Sun’s 1999 second release, Perihelion, went deeper into abstract sonic expressionism.

His new release is a brooding, contemplative collection of eight compositions that drift deep into the listener’s stream of consciousness. It contains cinematic atmospheres and dark abstract rich textures, both detailed and organic.

It is a collection of some of the most beautiful haunting music I’ve ever encountered. It is one of the most thought provoking and significant musical statements that Hypnos has released to date. Near and Far brims with possibilities for the future, pushing electronic synthesis and acoustic manipulation deep into forbidden lines of enquiry.

Tollefson’s triumph here does not lie merely in his technical prowess, but in the emotional aspect of his music. The tracks that make up Near and Far are compelling and moody, displaying Tollefson’s talent for traversing the space, ambient, and experimental genres with ease and grace”
–Alternate Music Press reviewed by Ben Kettlewell

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