Weekly Sale Item: Abstraction

This week we’ve got “Abstraction” by Saul Stokes for just $5.99 through March 23rd.


This is the first release by Saul Stokes on the Green House label (2001.) It combines never before-heard live performance elements into a soundscape collage — a very fresh sound that’s different from his Hypnos releases…. more “abstract,” as hinted by the title.

Says Stokes:
“Abstraction” fuses the best of 3 years of concert recordings with multitrack atmospheric work. From Philadelphia to Seattle, this album is a fireball of ambiance. “Abstraction” isn’t a noise collage, or easy listening ambient fluff. It is an incredibly listenable, wildly fresh and inventive continuous play album.

“Saul Stokes is an American electronic musician and composer. He creates music that most would consider ambient, using an array of modular synthesizer equipment that he builds from scratch. His “hand forged electronics” include handheld synthesizers, rhythms pads, and tabletop modular synthesizers. His music is largely improvisatory in nature, especially when playing live.” -Wikepedia

Read/Buy HERE.

Check out more music by Saul Stokes HERE.

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