Newly Arrived: Lammergeyer and Robert Davies from Dataobscura

We have the latest new items from the Dataobscura label newly added to the Hypnos Store.

Lammergeyer – Between the Lines (Dataobscura category)

(Price: $13.99 CDR) “Lammergeyer returns with a precious collection of what could be called minatures. Eighteen tracks of inventive and often visceral ambient electronica that varies from achingly beautiful to enigmatically intimate and experimental. Expect both a delicacy and lyricism, plus an underlying sensibility that gives to the tracks the sense of listening to a single undulating storyline.” …(MORE/BUY)

Robert Davies – Forgotten Harbors (Dataobscura category)

(Price: $13.99 CDR) “Davies is an artist on a mission. His music delves into an almost mystical encounter with very particular, secluded and intimate recesses of nature. Deeply involved and seriously consistent, Forgotten Harbors continues the exploration.”…(MORE/BUY)

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