Weekly Sale Item: Perihelion

Our sale item for this week is Viridian Sun’s “Perihelion,” priced at just $5.99 through April 13th.


Following solo releases by both members (synthesist & Hypnos founder Mike Griffin, and guitar experimentalist David Tollefson), sonic adventurers Viridian Sun follow up their daring, acclaimed debut, SOLAR NOISE. PERIHELION goes in a slightly new sonic direction, but retains the intuitive, improvisational approach. The focus remains on creating highly visual and evocative soundscapes, an ever-evolving construction of loops and drifting background textures, both hypnotic and beautiful.


“…my fave release so far from Hypnos. Just excellent.”
–John C. Smith, freelance reviewer

“Definitely the best thing on Hypnos yet.”
–Robert Rich, recording artist

“Mike Griffin and David Tollefson each have credible solo careers yet first came to our attention as the duo Viridian Sun. The word ‘perihelion’ means the point of an orbit closest to the sun. Perihelion, the new Viridian Sun CD, transports the listener to the center of some unexplored system to witness this moody soundworld making its closest approach.”
–Chuck VanZyl, Star’s End Radio, WXPN, Philadelphia

“First of all, the cover is as usual striking and unique, with the ‘trademark’ look of Hypnos. I’m really really enjoying this one. The vision has expanded and the brightness introduced, from the low and subterranean droning structures, you both have realized another brilliant collection of eerie and trance-inducing atmospheres. Perihelion is a strong and very cohensive album which cuts through, blends and corresponds with the perception of the listener. Equally strange, surreal and dense [as the debut Solar Noise] but it’s this album which sets the unified harmony in focus and states with sound what the Hypnos label actually stands for. Exceptional and fascinating.”
–Vidna Obmana

Read more reviews/listen to MP3 clips/purchase HERE.

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