Weekly Sale Item: Cerulean Transmission

This week’s sale item is “Cerulean Transmission,” a beautiful collaboration by Michael Mantra and Charlz de la Casa, and we’ve low-priced it at just $5.99 through Sunday, May 4th.

A precious sonic masterwork, documenting the extraordinary collaboration between Michael Mantra and Charlz De La Casa. A cd of suspended time and space… “classical” static music. Two long tracks flow like sonic lava, weaving together lush background washes, and evocative field recordings. Dark electric sounds, beautiful drones, inner-Earth rumbling, human voices, concrete noises, ship engines, sirens, sounds of the sea, bubbles, wind, chants, and wildlife sounds merge in an indefinable (and never before experienced) way… an absolutely unmissable work.



  1. Jeff Helwig

    Actually am trying to CONTACT Hypnos… Looked all over HYPNOS site / pages / sections for”CONTACT” or “CONTACT US” etc. but this is the best I’ve found. (Hope this isn’t going to a ‘forum’)

    Writing to ask:
    Have been on email list for long time & notice that (more so lately than ever) the SALE ITEMS you list and also many (more recently) items in the STORE do not have soundclip samples. AMBIENT/ELECTRONIC music is very personal to each listener. I can’t POSSIBLY buy something I haven’t heard a taste of yet. I know sales are flagging everywhere on CDs – SO: You take the time to do the sale emails … right? Take a little more time to put up (short, non-stealable) soundclips. but ONLY if you are looking to increase sales dramatically. Also, in the STORE: Why recently are soundclips on less items? Really, nothing you can do for a CD sale is more worth the time spent than soundclips (and, of course. a concise, thoughtfully written descriptive review for orientation). DON’T just think “if they want to hear it, they can find it online ‘somewhere’. I’ve tried that, with many of these …clearly, if HYPNOS has no soundclips for THIS music …who will? Also, the LAST thing you want to do. re. a sale, is send an interested party AWAY from your site, to wander around elsewhere online.

    Yes it takes a bit of time to put up the clips. NOTHING you do will have a greater affect on sales – for HYPNOS and all of these amazing artists.


    • M. Griffin

      Hi Jeff

      Thanks for the note. If you look at the “Info/FAQ” page on our web site you’ll find my email address. People who want to make suggestions or requests or complaints can also find us on Facebook and on Twitter (links on the corner of this blog) and also the Hypnos Forum (link on hypnos.com front page)

      As for your suggestion regarding sound clips. I understand, and agree with you, about the usefulness of sound clips in convincing a potential buyer they ought to give a certain CD a try. Every one of our own CDs (Hypnos label, and the sublabels Binary and Hypnos Secret Sounds) includes sample audio clips in MP3 format.

      We include clips for a few non-Hypnos discs, but you’re right – most of them we don’t. In some cases this is due to time restrictions (it would take too long to digitize every CD, cut short sample clips, and set up links), not to mention that in many cases, we only purchase a few copies of each CD to sell in our store and can’t afford to open one up to use as a sample copy. In those cases, we have to sell all the copies we purchase.

      We try to offer links to clips provided by the artist or label who released the music when possible, but in many cases these are not available.

      Again, I agree this is something we’d like to offer more of. If I didn’t see the value of audio sample clips, we wouldn’t bother creating them for 100% of our own CD releases. Where it becomes more complicated is with non-Hypnos releases, like this week’s special. Thanks for your suggestion, and we’ll work on doing more of these in the future.

  2. Jeff Helwig

    HOPING that Mike can get back to me on that last (ummm) ‘post’. I probably won’t ‘be’ back here to look. Hoping for an email – just as I was initially hoping to CONTACT Hypnos – and could find NO link for that on the HYPNOS site.


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