Weekly Sale Item: Sudden Dark

This week we’re bringing you one by Hypnos label founder Mike Griffin, sale priced at just $5.99 through August 17th.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.22.43 AM

Subtle and atmospheric minimal ambient by the Hypnos founder. Close your eyes…

“Griffin’s own Sudden Dark is indicative of the label’s high caliber. Multicolored waves of electronics gust and billow across stark, forbidden landscapes; sonic blips sometimes appear on the horizon and form disturbing cyclic eddies (“Gyre”) while on “Atmosphera,” tones that resemble the gradual erosion of heavy metals seep into great aquifers of liquid nitrogen. Griffin’s pieces in fact suggest various sorts of placid states and environments (“The Sound of Ringing Sleep,” “Immobile,” “Displace,” “Almost Invisible”), and the closing of one’s eyes during the immersion in these environments greatly aid in the actualization of the pieces’ titles. Subtle and superfine.”
–Darren Bergstein / i/e Magazine

“Well-thought out drone structures which pull the listener into a pool of rich harmonies and atmosphere dynamics.”
–Vidna Obmana


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