Weekly Sale: Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, and More

Hello all,

We’ve price-slashed a bunch more random picks for you this week, and the low sale prices will be good through March 5th or while supplies last!

Steve Roach/Erik Wollo – The Road Eternal –Regularly $10.99, right now just $7.99
road eternal

“Following their collaboration STREAM OF THOUGHT, Roach and Wollo reunite to travel THE ROAD ETERNAL, an electronic/ambient path filled with passion and beauty. Six engaging and expansive rhythmic sequencer-based tracks intersperse with ambient zones and soaring electric guitar textures highlighting sparse, arching thematic lines.” -steveroach.com

LISTEN to ‘Depart at Sunrise’ from this album.

Asmus Tietchens & Vidna Obmana – The Shifts Recyclings (2CD) –Regularly $11.99, right now just $8.99

Shifts is a solo project by the omnipresent Frans de Waard, founder of Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, & Goem. Shifts started life in 1995 with the purpose of producing ambient music by means of the guitar. Shifts has performed four times in concert (1998, 1999 and 2002) and once in a live collaboration– as yet still unreleased–with :zoviet*france: (1998). The music of Shifts consists of finely interwoven patterns of guitars played by motor driven devices, with added studio effects and extensive use of special recording techniques. This project is the first collaboration in a studio for Shifts.
Simultaneously (and separately) Asmus Tietchens and Vidna Obmana had proposed to Frans de Waard to do a collaborative release where they would reprocess recordings by Shifts. Frans had known Asmus Tietchens and Vidna Obmana since the mid-eighties, from the days when cassette culture was a vital form of musical expression. Since Tietchens and Vidna Obmana worked together before, it seemed more than appropriate then to combine these two efforts. The sound material supplied to each artist was the same, a decision made because they were curious about comparing the final results.

Bruno Sanfilippo – InTRO
–Regularly $10.99, right now just $7.99

“Bruno Sanfilippo is an artist who is quickly developing a well-respected name for himself in ambient circles. With this in mind, the aptly titled “InTRO” is a great place to acquaint oneself with Bruno’s talents. Made up of seven distinct pieces, “InTRO” presents a variety of styles and sounds that all showcase Sanfilippo’s skills.” -ad21music.com

This release from 2006 offers 54 minutes of engaging ambience. Joining Sanfilippo on this recording is Alio Die on one track. For the first track: softly drifting textures are augmented by dreamy strings and sedate percussives, generating a lush and pleasant dose of ambience. Environmental samples enhance this soothing tuneage, contrasting the aerial violin with placid rainfall. The next track is ushered in by wind chimes winding their way through cyclic electronics breathing in tandem with didgeridoo. The serene tones maintain a steady flux that excellently suits an introspective reverie. The third piece wafts in on a shuddering breeze, orchestral airs vibrating in the distance while fragile electronics lazily cavort in the foreground amid softly ponged bells. Stately piano commands the next track, describing pensive chords in an ethereal fog of wind-borne electronics. Relaxation becomes mandatory. Heavenly hosts rise in the next track to meet a rain-swept wash punctuated by pastoral zephyrs. The next track employs singsong tones to achieve a contemplative milieu that is as captivating as it is dreamlike. The melody sways with tender intention, caressing the psyche with tendrils of sweet resonance. Piano reappears for the final piece, waxing emotional and conspiring with persuasive soundscapes to achieve a sweeping return to externality. A superb dose of ambience whose power is understated but vibrant, evoking a series of entries into the inner mind. -Matt Howarth – Sonic Curiosity

LISTEN to ‘InTROpiano’ from this album.


Nathan Siter – Exosphere –Regularly $6.99, right now just $4.99exosphere

Highly praised debut album, limited to 300 copies, housed in cardboard sleeve. 61 minutes of icy ambient, isolating scapes and pulsing rhythms.

LISTEN to ‘Myriad’ from this album.

Sone – Passerelle
–Regularly $7.99, right now just $5.99

“Documented on this CD is a site-specific sound installation / performance given by °Sone (pronounced “osone”), a project of Yannick Dauby, Christophe Havard & Hughes Germain. The only sounds used were from within the walls of the building where the event took place, channeled and recorded using large transducers and then mixed and broadcast back into the main space of the building.” -and/OAR

LISTEN to a bit from this album.

Justin Vanderberg – Synthetic Memories
–Regularly $13.99, right now just $8.99

“Synthetic Memories delivers eight deeply moving and contemplative tracks of pure wonder, where pulsing electronics, billowing synth textures and rich ambient spaces are perfectly blended into a heartfelt and profoundly introspective musical experience. It has much to offer fans of electronic ambient, from the title track which pays homage to the Masters of the sequencer, to the deeper ambient spaces of tracks like 67, DUSK, and COLD BRIGHTNESS to the perfectly placed piano of THE PATH and DROPS, to the driving and powerful opening track, a collaboration with Jon Jenkins entitled FROM BELOW. With Synthetic Memories, Justin Vanderberg has crafted a meaningful and personal album that will not soon be forgotten.”

LISTEN to ‘Dusk’ from this album.

TUU – Mesh
–Regularly $13.99, right now just $8.99

A tribal ambient release with elements of ritual ambient, Mesh meshes elements of both in a psychedelic ambient haze. It’s warm and embracing, yet tangibly experimental in a way that induces a focused mindset. It weaves its way through a labyrinth of lush sonic foliage but ensures an equal focus on the arduous terrain of it’s soundscape, as well. A calming release, Mesh is emblematic of Tuu’s maturation as an ambient trio. It integrates the expected tribal instrumentation in an unusual way, complimenting each sonic antithesis that confronts it in a manner that results in a sense of completion; of wholesomeness. The British trio, comprised of Martin Franklin, Richard Clare, and Mykl O’ Dempsey, all have had experience as solo recording artists in the vein of ambient music, but it’s clear that their best work comes together as a group. Mesh is truly a mixing pot of a variety of factors, but it’s executed at a superb level, and accomplishes its genre’s aesthetic supremely. For anyone looking for psychedelia, or something that’s deeply meditative, Mesh is a fantastic mesh between the two.

LISTEN to the title track from this album.

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