Weekly Sale: Oophoi, Numina, Michael Mantra, and More

Okay all, we’re back with another of our super low-priced weekly sales! As usual, the discount prices will be good for a week (until April 17th) or while supplies last, so visit the HYPNOS ONLINE STORE soon for some great bargains!

This one’s listed under “one copy” items, but we recently turned up a few a few more copies when we relocated. There are only a few left, though, so get yours before they’re gone!
Hue – un’estate senza pioggia –Regularly $6.99, right now just $4.99

“Un’estate senza pioggia (A rainless summer, published by Trazerouno and Grey Sparkle) combines field recordings, the melancholy sounds of acoustic and electric guitars, glitch electronics and various other instruments (organ, didgeridoo) played by friends and collaborators such as Aal, Giuseppe Verticchio and many others.” -Label press release

Another one we only have a few copies left of forever!
Oophoi – Time Fragments Vol. 4 –Regularly $12.99, right now just $8.99
time fragments 4

The six part “Time Fragments” series is a collection of lost and forgotten wave and drone pieces from Oophoi’s rich archives. Tracks from Vol.4 “Garden of Earthly Delights” were originally recorded in the Kiva between 2002 and 2004 on which Oophoi played synths, voice, woodchimes, metalchimes, percussions, glasses, Theremin and nature sounds. –databloem.com

LISTEN to “The Somnific Dance of Inanna Part 1″ from this album.

Mico Nonet – Marmalade Balloon –Regularly $7.99, right now just $5.99

We here at Hypnos HQ think this is one of the nicest and best-est things to have crossed our ears in quite a while. It’s a beautiful, ear-pleasing blend of relatively “straight” chamber music with just a touch of electronic tones.

A minimalist layer of ambient analog synthesizers with cello, viola, French horn and oboe performed by members of The Philadelphia Orchestra and Berlin Philharmonic.

“The Marmalade Balloon is the year’s ultimate flirtation with subtlety and seductiveness. Existing somewhere between the neo-classical and the ambient, Mico Nonet fashion a world that is hazy and succinct, at times dark and haunting and others playful and inspiring, but always open to personal interpretation. The balance between musicians is gracefully maintained, where neither the electronics nor the strings are ever overly pronounced as to withdraw the listener from the intoxicating, spellbinding trance which The Marmalade Balloon invokes. The future will certainly take this musical act on a variety of different presentations, but with their strong understanding of musical space and development, we’re confident that they’ll be a favorite for years to come. ”
–Jordan Volz, The Silent Ballet

“Once all the synths and sequencers have echoed out and it is time to return to Earth, STAR’S END turns to The Marmalade Balloon (36’42”), a smart, artfully constructed EP by Mico Nonet. Played on conventional chamber instruments (viola, cello, oboe, french horn) plus a well-hidden synthesizer, this work combines the idea of ambient music with the sophisticated sensibilities of the classical quartet. The most difficult part of this undertaking was in directing the virtuosic talents of four seasoned orchestra musicians towards a music that achieves a sustained atmosphere – away from the familiar climax and release of their repertoire. The Marmalade Balloon succeeds in maintaining a gradual coalescence throughout. Somber thematic workings move with deliberate slowness as this group carefully strides towards a sense of quiet musical contemplation. Through a unique intuition, the musicians leave enough room not only for one another, but for silence as well. The result is an incredibly beautiful and elegant music, so fragile that at any moment it may dissolve into thin air.”
–Chuck van Zyl, Star’s End Ambient Radio

LISTEN to “Hammock” from this album.

Shane Morris & Mystified – Epoch
–Regularly $13.99, right now just $8.99

“Two talented composers of ambient-atmospheric soundscapes, Shane Morris & Mystified, have joined forces to create Epoch, the first installment of a trilogy about prehistoric time and evolution. Epoch is a conceptual album of deep, resonant, atmospheric drone soundscapes based around life during the Mesozoic era of Earth’s past; a time long before people, when great reptiles walked the planet, prospered, and ultimately ceased to exist.

The album uses a heavy emphasis on winds and bass percussion instruments to create a sonic environment that might reflect some of the sounds that occurred 200 million years ago, and while the instrumentation for Epoch is indeed limited to all acoustic instruments, including trombone, didjeridoo, vibraphone, bass drums, scissors, and assorted percussion, these sources were then processed heavily with electronics into the primeval sonic environments heard on the album.

Throughout Epoch, Shane Morris & Mystified guide the listener through remarkably vast and wonderfully organic soundworlds that unfold in chronological order, where each track acts as a sonic portal offering glimpses into the distant past, and illustrating the gradual persistence of evolution itself. -spottedpeccary.com

LISTEN to a preview from this album.

Ixohoxi & Numina – Starfarer’s Tales, vol.1 (cdr)
–Regularly $11.99, right now just $7.99

“This is the first collaboration between these two distinguished American ambient composers, both known for their remarkable soundscape music. They’ve now joined forces which have led to this album (which has Poul Anderson sf-novel “Starfarers” as core inspiration) that won’t disappoint any fan of long-drifting textural music. Each of the four lengthy tracks is able to take you on a journey through time and space, offering an almost immediate dreamy, hypnotic atmosphere after the play-button has been touched. The opening track “Terraformers” reminded me a little of the excellent ambient-stuff which Vidna Obmana & Steve Roach have done years ago, as it carries the same strong impact of static rhythms, beats and vast space textures surrounding it. A furthermore hypnotic feel starts shimmering on the horizon as soon as the second track “Orbiting the Holont” floats off. The third track “Shaman of Tahir” shows some tiny signs of foreboding through the shimmering layers of sound, but the closing track “Cloudland” takes you gently away on another extensive drift of overwhelming atmospheres leading into the distant unknown… –sonicimmersion.org

LISTEN to “Shaman of Tahir” from this album.

Opium – Algorithms
–Regularly $7.99, right now just $4.99

A stunning new offering by Opium. Classically elegant and extremely refined ambient music. Multi-dimensional sounds that are warm and enveloping. An emotional travelogue, starting dramatically, then taking the listener down a slower path, comfortably easing you into a long and fascinating sonic trip, where the sounds grow wide and large, and finally crumble inward, then regenerate, returning for another phase. A new sonic alchemy, and an entirely new world of soothing sounds for the adventurous listener to visit.

LISTEN to “ECHO OFF” from this album.

Francisco Lopez – With/In
–Regularly $11.99, right now just $7.99

“Created by Francisco López with original sound matter recorded from body, clothes and immediate surrounding space during ritual whirling by Valentina Lacmanović. As subtle as the almost invisible image that appears on the back cover, this work translate the dancer’s breath and movements into music. One of the most interesting concepts in López later works and surely one of the best entries in his ever-growing discography. Francisco López is internationally recognized as one of the major figures of the sound art and experimental music scene. For more than thirty years he has developed an astonishing sonic universe, absolutely personal and iconoclastic, based on a profound listening of the world. Destroying boundaries between industrial sounds and wilderness sound environments, shifting with passion from the limits of perception to the most dreadful abyss of sonic power, proposing a blind, profound and transcendental listening, freed from the imperatives of knowledge and open to sensory and spiritual expansion. He has realized hundreds of concerts, projects with field recordings, workshops and sound installations in over sixty countries of the five continents. His extensive catalog of sound pieces (with live and studio collaborations with over 150 international artists) has been released by more than 300 record labels worldwide. He has been awarded four times with honorary mentions at the competition of Ars Electronica Festival and is the recipient of the Qwartz Award 2010 for best sound anthology. Since 1999 Valentina Lacmanović has researched dances from different cultures through their ritual, folk, classic, and contemporary aspects. From 2001 onwards, her work has been focused on the creation of dance-theater and multimedia performances where Eastern and Western worlds meet. She has worked intensively on creating performances inspired by dances of trance and collaborates with artists from various disciplines. Profound research into dances of trance and ritual versus performing spaces since 2003 gave new direction to her work as an art director and performer. Her investigations into whirling dance led to insights into its origins and practice extending beyond Sufi meditation that supply an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration and contemporary creativity, ultimately resulting in the project Shedervish, which marked an important change in her artistic development.” -www.silentes.it

WATCH a bit from WITH-IN, an immersive sound and movement experience created and performed by Valentina Lacmanović and Francisco López.
Organic/bodily sounds are turned into a sonically defined space that are controlled and manipulated during the performance by means of live mixing, spatialization and detailed equalization. Repetitive character of the movement (constant whirling) and the intentionally reduced visibility of its perception are setting aside the usual contemplation in order to give rise to a sense of movement as vibration, merging with sound.

Michael Mantra – A/B
–Regularly $6.99, right now just $4.99

“Two long tracks of obscure drone-based atmospheres. Layers of slowly morphing sound-streams. Electronic waves, natural ambient feedback, deep rumbles, distant echoes of metallic clattering masses in motion… An unbelievable sonic trip into the deepest darkness.”

LISTEN to “A M” from this album.

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