Some News and an Announcement

Hello all,

We’ve been planning for quite a while to switch our online store to a new platform, and that move is finally happening this week! The old Miva Merchant shopping cart software did the job over the past eighteen or so years, but we’re excited to be moving to something more modern and intuitive for our customers.

This week we’ll be moving the majority of our items and categories to the new store, and once it’s activated, we’ll let everyone know. Some of the items we don’t intend to move will remain on in the old store at deep, blow-out discounts.

Once the new storefront is up and running, we’ll resume our weekly sales, and we’ll also resume bringing in new CDs, something we’ve had on hold for quite a while as we relocated our physical headquarters across town. The transition will be a gradual one, and we’ll keep everyone informed of the incremental steps along the way until we’re completely shifted over to the new store, and the old store is shut down.

We’re excited to be completely rebuilding a new online shopping operation from the ground up, and look forward to a more streamlined, user-friendly and functional Hypnos store! And, as always, we thank you for your continued patience and support as we tackle this next big project.

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