Coupon Code Reminder and Update

Hello all,

It’s getting on toward the end of the year already, and we wanted to give everyone a reminder about the coupon discount codes that are good for use at the old Hypnos store:

CODE: 15PCTOFFANY (15% off any size order)

CODE: 25PCTOFF100 (25% off any order over $100)

CODE: 35PCTOFF250 (35% off any order over $250)

These codes are all good through the end of the year and can be used as many times as you like during that time, after which the old store will be shut down for good.

Though we’re feeling a little nostalgic about the closing of the old store after so many years, we’re very excited to be able to begin focusing all our attention on our brand new (and extremely snazzy-looking) SOUNDSWIM store! In the past we’ve carried a stock of up to 2,000 items, and now we’re looking to not only give the store a nice facelift with improved technology, but also to start carrying a more narrowly focused catalog of items, which we’re eager to begin offering as soon as our transition is complete.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all who celebrate, and thanks very much for your continued patience throughout the many changes we’ve been undertaking. Here’s to new and exciting musical adventures in the coming year!

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