Soundswim Used & Single Copy Items


Hello everyone,

We wanted to be sure to bring your attention to the USED & SINGLE COPY section of the new SOUNDSWIM store.

This area of the store is going to be different in that it’s going to be stocked with a little bit of everything: ambient, electronica, non-ambient, new stuff, old stuff and out of print items (sometimes valuable). The catch is that there’s only going to be a single copy of each item in stock, so you’ll need to grab them before they’re gone forever!

We’ll be adding new items on a regular basis, and we’ll be posting reminders about it for you from time-to-time. We think this part of the store is going to be pretty neat and interesting, so check out the USED & SINGLE COPY category soon to see what we’ve got on offer so far, and be sure to check back regularly for newly-added items!

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