Weekly Sale: One and Two Copy Items #1

It’s spring cleaning time here at the Hypnos/Soundswim Headquarters, and we’re clearing out some of our inventory in order to make room for new product! This week we’re bringing you the first of many “one and two copy” sales, where we’re marking down items we only have 1-2 copies left of in stock. The low prices are good through April 29th or while supplies last, so visit SOUNDSWIM soon before some of these extremely limited items are gone from our shelves forever!

Alio Die & Mariolina Zitta – La Sala dei Cristalli –Regularly $13.99, right now just $9.99
Le Sala

Six sides digipak.

“Using selected sound materials from Sonorous stones, Stalactites, Bats calls, Flutes, Field recordings collected by Mariolina Zitta in different caves in Liguria a Sardinia, Italy, processed and edited by Alio Die.
In “Lithos” the drones are played by the authors on a set of long stones that goes in resonance, caressed by a bathed hand, by the same principle of the crystal’s glasses.
A very immersive and obscure traveling, an underground meditation with a ritual touch, in accord with the “natural sound”, despite the sampling and multieffect techniques used here. A deep listening experience.” –aliodie.bandcamp.com

“La Sala Dei Cristalli” is strongly meditative work of Alio Die & Mariolina Zitta that takes each listener into the breathtaking underground world of unforgettable and miraculous sculptures and sceneries.” –Richard Gurtler

Amir Baghiri & Wee Bandits – A Brief History of Light (ltd cdr) –Regularly $7.99, right now just $5.99
brief history

On A Brief History Of Light “Amir Baghiri and guests mix mesmerizing floating textural electronica and high tech chill-out/down tempo music.” -CD Baby

Faryus and Vadim Bondarenko – Quiet Songs from Misty Places –Regularly $9.99, right now just $7.99

Frail and delicate ambient atmospheres, clusters of rarefied piano notes lying on discreet drones, soft and evanescent clarinet riffs, suggesting and catching natural sounds… Light and ethereal pastel-colored musical plots… Eight tracks, one hour of suspended and quiet sonic passages. –Silentes

Aglaia – Otherworldliness –Regularly $13.99, right now just $9.99

Digipak. “Suspended atmospheres, a mix of ageless sounds are the essence of Otherwordliness. Sounds that meet along border lines, beyond wordly dimension. Every moment is incomprehensible, every space is far, it becomes horizon when it comes in contact with the eyes, every fragment of life is a sound that it gets lost into infinite. We can only listen.” –aliodie.com

Ian Boddy – Phoenix –Regularly $7.99, right now just $5.99

“Phoenix was Boddy’s third vinyl album and the first to be released on his private label Something Else Records, prior to the creation of his DiN label. Guest musicians included a drummer, singer and saxophonist and it is probably Boddy’s most rock orientated album. It was premiered at the 1985 UK Electronica festival in Sheffield and Boddy was joined on stage by David Berkeley who helped on concert keyboard duties for several years.” -din.org.uk

Emmanuele Errante – Humus–Regularly $13.99, right now just $8.99

777 copies worldwide, printed with soy inks on recycled paper, sewn, sealed in wax and numbered.

“Errante’s sound is soothing, organic, drifting, and at the same time present in the now. The textures within the soundscapes are carefully laid out, like a crisp white table cloth saved for a special occasion. The music within Humus is more than just a selection of layered ambient pads and smoky dream states. Intelligent design and production looms just around the corner, ready to reveal itself just as you float away.” –headphonecommute.com

Rudy Adrian – Desert Realms –Regularly $11.99, right now just $7.99
desert realms

Rudy Adrian’s DESERT REALMS explores the spectacular stillness and vast landscape of the American Southwest desert through eleven beautifully crafted and deeply serene soundscapes. Explains Rudy, “I was fortunate to spend a weekend exploring The Arches and Canyon Lands National Parks in Utah, USA. My tour guides were electronic musician Robert Carty and his partner Patricia Sandoval, who showed me a number of their favourite locations in the North American desert. On returning to New Zealand I became interested in creating music inspired by that journey.” Rudy’s compositions are by themselves both vast and serene, but an additional level of emotion is provided by the poignant and moving flute expressions of Nick Prosser on a few of the tracks. Prossers stirring musical statements interact with Rudy’s vast soundscapes, filling the spectacular sonic vista with just the right amount of life and feeling; reminding the listener that although the desert realms may appear at first stark and barren, they are in fact full of life and captivating beauty.

The Circular Ruins + Off The Sky – We All Fall Down –Regularly $9.99, right now just $7.99
fall down

Everything you would expect from these two contemporary talents. Complex atmospheres, strangely rhythmic, hauntingly melodic … a rare treat. -dataobscura.com

Max Corbacho – Breathstream –Regularly $13.99, right now just $9.99

“Seven atmospheric spaces built with synthetic textures and floating harmonies. A smooth journey through deep interior spaces, as if we were floating deeply immersed in a long, quiet, spacious breathing.”

Mathias Grassow – Elixir –Regularly $9.99, right now just $7.99

“ELIXIR was composed in the mid 90’s and re-mastered in 2006. Three Long-form ambient drone tracks made with various synths, mixes and samples.” –databloem.com

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