Sale: Gianluca Becuzzi, Bruno Sanfillipo, offthesky & More

Hello all,

This week we’ve got some items on sale for you that have either never been in the SOUNDSWIM store or somehow never made it into the new store after our move, but inventory is extremely limited, so be sure to grab them soon!

Juxta Phona & Offthesky – !Escape Kit! –Right now just $6.99
escape kit

Juxta phone and offthesky are two very different coins – the former contains beats and strange electronic rhythms and the latter is a melodic acoustic affair… the glue that holds these two together is mr. jason corder who plays vibraphone/guitar for the rag-a-muffin’ acid jazzish trio known as juxta phona and who also headway’s the progressive acoustic outfit offthesky. when he decided to produce the second juxta phona record (the first of which has not actually been published as of yet), his productions and atmospheric elements permeated the mix… this making this record a right slpit – not quite 100% beats/treats and acid jazz feats like the juxta phona have aimed to carve and not quite the somber melodic micro toned ambience that offthesky parades. it’s as if you added orange juice and apple juice (with a little rum)… tossed it in a blender, and out came… !escape kit!.

Ian Hagwood – The Great Allure –Right now just $6.99

Limited to 150 copies.

Packaged in Experimedia’s custom signature six panel folding tall-slim pack and is protected in a clear poly sleeve.

“Experimedia presents the latest addition to Ian Hawgood’s growing body of work, ‘The Great Allure’. A very personal and heartfelt album, ‘The Great Allure’ amasses six passionate movements into a tribute to the memories of traveling by train. Inverted pianos wrapped in a blanket of distant fog seen peering through a train window dripping with wiped away condensation. Forehead against glass with a melancholy gaze towards the passing landscape. Broken voice and hand claps layer subtle nods to Reich.”

Gianluca Becuzzi/Luigi Turra – In Winter –Right now just $6.99
Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 8.44.28 AM

Gianluca Becuzzi is known for his projects Limbo, Kinetix and Noise Trade Company. Luigi Turra is a composer of musique concrete, whose main interest is the musical balance between silence and the tactile perception of sound. “In Winter” was recorded 2008-2010, with Becuzzi mostly taking care of field recordings and programming, and Turra playing acoustic guitar and piano. Light as the snowflakes that entitle them, these nine compositions offer dreamy atmospheres that rely on minimal structures and evoke visions of lonely and lazily wintry landscapes. Music for the heart and the mind, delicate representations of quiet moods translated into harmonic sequences that combine environmental synthesis with influences of a refined sophistication. Comes in an outsized gatefold sleeve.

Bruno Sanfillipo & Max Corbacho – Bioma –Right now just $7.99
Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 8.51.56 AM

“The initial idea for (this album) was born after making various field recordings in different places in the Spanish province of Tarragona during the spring of 2010. One year later, the composers crafted the electronic soundscapes and effects seperately from each other to enrich this natural kaleidoscope of sounds.

It all ended up in this continuous 59-minute ‘real living, mesmerizing breathing system.’ This very calming and slowly evolving environmental recording immerses and surrounds the listener with sustained bell sounds, infinite loops and an almost uninterrupted string of singing birds. The second half of the album takes on a bit more experimental/abstract shape, although it turns up harmonic again from the 45-minute mark.” -Sonic Immersion

Billy Gomberg & offthesky – Flyover Sound –Right now just $7.99
Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.12.48 AM

“Flyover Sound is a collaboration between offthesky and Billy Gomberg. Various guitar and processed recordings were passed back and forth over a period of a year until eventually this record came to be.” –

Alison Wait – Dove Esistono Solo I Ricordi –Right now just $6.99
Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.18.18 AM


“File under: Dark Ambient. Alison wait is the gift of the past. Remembrances of long gone days. Childhood memories amplified through the glass of melancholy. A journey hand in hand with what has been and will never return. Dark ambiences melt with guitars & lush synths – come with us to the place where Alison Waits us.” –

Chessmachine – Live in Los Angeles –Right now just $6.99
Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.20.39 AM

“LINE is proud to present Live in Los Angeles by the collaborative performance project CHESSMACHINE by Richard Chartier (US) and Ivan Pavlov (aka COH) (RUS).

A certain humor shapes the conceptual dialectics of the CHESSMACHINE live experience. Their interplay suggests the historical confrontation of East and West; an austere and chilling tete-a-tete over the chessboard that reconstructs the somber milieu of a bygone Europe, even as it conveys a kind of absurdist levity through the rehearsed performance of these roles. The use of MAC and PC computer operating systems by Chartier and Pavlov, respectively, becomes the late-20th century manifestation of classic Cold War combatants. Through their engagement, a process of sonic and aesthetic displacement unfolds, such that one player’s strategic manipulation of sound begins slowly to affect and then determinatively shape the compositional technique of the other. CHESSMACHINE‘s live performances take place in real time with color coded staging, uniforms, lighting, and video projections designed by Russian-American installation/video artists Evelyn Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand.

This live recording of Chessmachine took place on February 25, 2005 at REDCAT in Los Angeles.” –

Audela – NBPN –Right now just $6.99
Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.24.27 AM

“7th installment in the Black Death Series.

‘Nocte Caelum’ was recorded in 1992.
‘Phenomen’ is based on field recordings (various locations, mid ’90s) and recorded in 1994.
‘Betablock’ is based on source material provided by Beta Two Agonist in early 2008 and was recorded in 2008 and 2009.
‘Nadek Pashes’ is a reworked version of ‘Naked Shapes’ (previously unreleased) which was recorded in 1994.

All tracks produced, shaped and imagined by Audela. Tracks 1-2-4 saved from the DATS by Plague. Subtly mastered by Joost Carpentier. Recommended to play with headphones at low volume.” –

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