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We’ve been going through our shelves and have recently come across some items that either never made it into the new store or somehow managed to become deactivated during our big move, so we’ve re-added them and are offering them this week at a discount. Sale prices are good through September 22nd or while our limited supply holds out!

Frank Bretschneider & Peter Duimelinks ‎– Fflux –$7.99
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“Anyone familiar with the music of Frank Bretschneider or Peter Duimelinks will know that these two are experts in the field of glitch-spinning propulsive minimalism. Bretschneider has made his mark via some genre-defining releases on Raster Noton, both under his own name and as Komet, while Duimelinks is probably best known as a member of Goem. Throughout this very fine album, the two artists set about sculpting truly beautiful micro-rhythms, shifting around in conjunction with streams of high frequency digital hiss. The levels of detail and texture are extraordinarily satisfying despite being so sparsely pieced together, and if you’re fond of either artist’s back-catalogue you’re sure to enjoy this glitch masterclass.”

Ron Boots – Area Movement –$7.99
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“As the album title might suggest, all titles on it are more or less connected with or inspired by special places on earth, such as the two-fold ‘Serengeti’ or beautiful sonics of ‘The Grand Banks,’ which reflect Ron’s love for nature, big plains or remote environments.

Overall, the cd contains the typical Boots music with, as always, some excellent sequencing in which warm textures and rhythms blend with keen sequencing.

A surprising piece is found at the end of the album, as it contains a vocal cover version of the classic Kansas-song ‘Dust in the wind,’ which features Ron singing (!).
Ron also played this joyful song at a concert in a small theatre in Eindhoven.

All in all, ‘Area Movement’ breaths a warm and moody atmosphere in all its veins.” –Sonic Immersion

Marma – Thanos Chrysakis –$7.99
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“Marma is nearly half hour long electroacoustic piece, recorded in 2011 and presenting one of the best compositions by the artist. For this work, he extensively uses electronic devices, acoustic sounds and field recordings.

Thanos Chrysakis’ output consists of composition, performance, and installation. He was born in 1971 in Athens, residing for the last 12 years in the UK. His work has appeared on various independent labels, and events in several countries while since 2007 he operates the Aural Terrains label. He composes for electronics, acoustic instruments and environmental sounds, focusing on the structural and aesthetic capacity of sonic matter. His works were selected at the international competition De musique et d’art sonore electroacoustiques de Bourges 2005 and in 2006 at the 7th international electroacoustic competition Musica Viva in Lisbon. His current performing projects are collaborations with Wade Matthews, James O’Sullivan, Dario Bernal- Villegas, and Jerry Wigens.

The music on this cd breaks the boundaries between experimental electronics, electroacoustic, glitch, microsound and ambient, as myriades of colliding sounds coalesce and interact in a minimal, abstract sonic dramaturgy.”-Monochrome Vision

Austere – Eco –$6.99

“The second in our trilogy of Steve Reich’s ‘Process Musick’ pieces. Should appeal to fans of ambient and minimalism (ala Reich & Eno) alike!” –Austere

Asymmetrical Head – Feeling Sorry for Inanimate Objects –$6.99
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“FSFIO is the product of a broad range of stylistic influences ingeniously fused together into a primarily rhythmic based abstract electronic album. Head nodding dancehall rhythms lead into disjointed electro rhythms for double jointed breakdancers. Cutup melodies and expertly designed effects. Atmospheric ambience and noise. Dubstep style bass acompanied by proccessed viola. Subtle touches of etheral female vocals. Puddle splashing pop and lock fills. A fantastically crafted and original album.

Feeling Sorry For Inanimate Objects comes packaged in experimedia’s custom signature three panel folding tall slim pack and is protected in a clear poly sleeve.”–aheadmusic.bandcamp

Artificial Memory Trace – Ama_Zone1: Black Waters –$6.99
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“This album is basically the report about the trips to Brazil during 2007-2008. Everything you can imagine, from airport recordings and street noise to the environmental recordings of bees, bats, frogs etc, also the sounds of boat, campfire, underwater etc. Mostly unedited, these recordings are presented here as is, with some of them just transposed to have been heard by human ears. A kind of meta-reality, which is not accessible for those who never visited this part of the world.

Slavek Kwi is sound-artist, composer and researcher whose main interest lies in the phenomena of perception as the fundamental determinant of relations with Reality. He has been fascinated by sound-environments for the last 30 years, focusing on electroacoustic sound-paintings. These complex audio-situations are created mainly from site specific recordings, resulting in subjective reports for radio-broadcast, ‘cinema for ears’ performed on multiple speakers, sound-installations integrated into the environment and performances. Interested equally in free-music research as part of social investigations and employing the space-time and any objects it contains as instrument. His works oscillates between purely sound-based and multidisciplinary projects. From the early nineties Slavek has operated under the name Artificial Memory Trace. He facilitates also experimental sound-workshops with autistic children and those with learning disabilities. The workshop technique places emphasis on extensive listening and the stimulation of creativity through observation and the support of natural tendencies. Slavek Kwi was born in former Czechoslovakia, has been living 14 years in Belgium, from October 2000 he is based in Ireland.” –

encomiast – Transit Bed –$6.99

“Transit Bed begins in a haunted theater in an old mining town, moves briefly to a small apartment in Boulder, lounges with a group of familiar strangers in a garage on the outskirts of town, ponders the nature of human ‘progress,’ and finally ends up at a dive bar in downtown Denver, among friends both new and old.” –

Brian Grainger – The Fieldtriqp Reconstructions –$7.99
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“Twelve ambient pieces ‘reconstructed’ from various released and unreleased Fieldtriqp songs. Originally released at Milieu Music on a limited edition CD-R issue of 100 copies, without a catalog number. ” –

Flax Harmonade – Flax Harmonade –$6.99
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“Flax Harmonade is a collaborative project between Brian Grainger and Lee Batchelor, themselves better known as Milieu and Scup Bucket. This album was their first and only release, recorded between 2004 and 2006, and released on a limited edition CD-R at U-Cover in Belgium in Autumn of 2006. Influenced by all manner of playful braindance and classic bedroom electronic music such as early Aphex, Global Goon, Ovuca, the Mike & Rich album and Cylob, among many others, Flax Harmonade is closer to the acidy melodic dance music of Milieu’s Polypsilon or Academy Stripes, and was fairly out of character with his audience in 2006. As such, the FH album went somewhat under the radar of many fans, and even now we’re betting that many of you have never even heard of it.” –

Between Interval – The Edge of a Fairytale –$7.99
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“The Edge of a Fairytale, the first new music from Between Interval since 2006’s Autumn Continent, delivers eleven deep and powerful soundscapes characterized by mystery and wonder, and inspired by questions that have obsessed humans throughout the ages.

Stefan Strand, Between Interval’s sole creative force, explains, ‘Curiosity about the origin of life, the history of mankind and our universe is a classic theme, and I felt that I had finally reached a point where I needed to let it strongly influence my music.’ Strand elaborates,  ‘There are many religions and beliefs in this world. There are stories and tales that are thousands of years old about mythological characters, creatures and places. To me, letting these tellings influence our lives, without knowing the truthfulness behind them, means that we’re living on ‘the edge of a fairytale’ – between the known and unknown.'”

Between Interval – Autumn Continent –$7.99

AUTUMN CONTINENT is a superbly crafted blend of Space Ambient and Electronic Downtempo. Provocative subterranean explorations are balanced with a sense of light from an otherworldly perspective. BETWEEN INTERVAL has created an atmosphere that is organic, accessible, and thought filled without the clichés of most electronic music today.

Coma Virus – Hidden -$6.99
Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 11.44.21 AM

Project by former Tangerine Dream member Paul Haslinger, with assistance from Thomas Dimuzio and Loren Nerell. Haslinger is also collaborating with Brian Williams on the new Lustmord album, METALLOID.

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