Price Reductions

We’ve cut prices this week on a handful of our HYPNOS label items. Follow the links to read/listen/buy, and be sure to keep an eye out for more markdowns in the coming weeks!

Viridian Sun – Solar Noise –$5.99

Viridian Sun – Perihelion –$5.99

Viridian Sun – Infinite In All Directions –$5.99

Vidna Obmana – The Contemporary Nocturne –$5.99

Vidna Obmana – Landscape in Obscurity –$5.99

Various – Message From a Subatomic World –$5.99

Various – Echoes of Polyhymnia –$5.99

Various Artists – Weightless, Effortless –$5.99

Various Artists – The Other World (2CD) –$6.99

Various Artists – Sounds Of a Universe Overheard –$5.99

Tom Heasley – Where the Earth Meets the Sky –$5.99

Saul Stokes – Washed in Mercury –$5.99

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