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News and information not directly related to our own releases, or the music we sell in our store, but nonetheless of interest to the average Hypnos listener.

Numina’s Deception of Reality Featured on StillStream

News from (and about) Numina:

“The Deception of Reality” is the featured album at StillStream for the month of February 2013!

StillStream has this to say about the latest album:

“A hauntingly deep journey, The Deception of Reality is highly recommended. Numina conjures up huge harmonic spaces that reverberate and breathe so naturally that the five tracks sound as if they composed themselves from some stratosphere in another dimension. Heavy use of pads and silky synths executed with great finesse glide alongside light melodic encounters that make this album one to spin over and over again.”

Our thanks to StillStream for supporting this great ambient artist!

Shipping Charge Increases on Hypnos Store

We haven’t changed rates in the last decade or so, but due to significant rate hikes from US Postal Service, our rates (see below) go up today, Jan 27, 2013 on the Hypnos Online Store

US shipping $4.00 per order (any quantity)
Canadian shipping $6.00 per order (any quantity)
Europe/UK shipping: 1-3 CDs $10.00 per order, 4+ CDs $18.00 per order
Japan/Australia/NZ shipping: 1-3 CDs $11.00 per order, 4+ CDs $19 per order

We regret imposing these increases on our customers, and realize that some of you, especially those overseas, will by necessity order less often. We can only state again that these higher rates represent only a small part of the rate increases passed along to us by USPS, and in many cases it will cost us double or even triple these amounts to actually send your packages, especially for larger orders.

Star’s End and Space Music Feature

Check out this feature about Chuck van Zyl, Star’s End radio, and the Gatherings concert series in Philadelphia:

Art: Star’s End and Space Music

My experiences at the Gatherings (in the audience to see Vidna Obmana, and on stage with Dave Fulton and Jeff Pearce) were highlights of my ambient music life. Philadelphia is a special place for this kind of thing, and Chuck is the biggest reason.